All the events are offered on a first come, first served basis and have free entry. No booking is required.

Tours (open to all)

11:00, 12:00, 14:30

Join us for a series of short tours around the RAMM. These will focus on particular objects and artefacts on display in the RAMM that embody the merging of cultures, the transmission of ideas and the hybridity of identity and human communication. The tours will be interactive and enlightening and they will help you reflect on the interplay between translation and objects: What is so special about specific objects? How do they embody and display the layering of time and cultures? Can we identify the key marks they acquire when they cross linguistic and cultural boundaries? A wonderful opportunity to think about cross-cultural translation in a completely new way.

Talk with Tony Eccles (exclusively for Exeter College students)

Tony Eccles, the Curator of Ethnography at RAMM, will give a talk to Exeter College students, giving them expert guidance on the objects on show and fascinating insights into the cultures and customs they embody and represent. There may even be a visit behind-the-scenes to view artefacts not on show to the public!

Workshop (exclusively for Exeter College students)

In these workshops run by Eliana Maestri, translation specialist at the University of Exeter, students will have the opportunity to get more hands-on with the museum's collection. They will be able to handle objects, getting the chance to see, touch, smell some fascinating masks, textiles, beadwork, and more! Through all this, students will engage with exciting ideas of identity, hybridity and transmission … what kind of cultural concepts do these objects embody? Can we trace back their journey through time, countries, continents and cultures? How many places have they visited? Can we guess whether these objects display signs of translation in terms of cultural encounter? And, finally, do these objects keep public and/or private memories alive? Students will be able to reflect on all this in a playful, creative and interactive way through performances and role-plays.

Blog-writing session (exclusively for Exeter College students)

To round up the day, students will spend some time at RAMM writing blog posts that will be published on the RAMM's World Cultures blog or the University of Exeter's Humanities blog. A great way to finish off the day – focusing on one object whose history and journey was particularly intriguing, reflecting on something new they learnt about the transmission of cultures and how this affects their view of translation, or on their overall experience of Translation! Festival.