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Photo of Dr Helene Street

Dr Helene Street

Associate Lecturer (E&S)


01392 724472

I am an Associate Lecturer in the Foreign Language Centre.

I hold undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the Universities of Paris Panthéon-Assas (Paris 2) and Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris 1) in law and political science as well as a masters qualification in teaching French as a Foreign Language from the University of Tours.

I arrived in England many years ago and started my teaching career at the University of Liverpool while completing my doctorate which was funded by a scholarship from the French State Research Council (CNRS). I then worked for 14 years at the University of Bath where I taught a large variety of courses in French politics, French business and French language, mainly to students enrolled on the International Management and Modern Languages degree programme.

I also taught for 2 years in the Law Faculty of the University of Exeter, on the Double Maitrise de droit programme. (French constitutional law and French Administrative law lectures and seminars)

I have been working at the FLC at the University of Exeter since 2011, teaching every level of French language (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Courses) and between 2016-20, I  also taught final year oral and written classes in the Modern Languages department.

I have been involved in creating and delivering a French language course at B1 level for the Ministry of Defence.

I have done translation work (English to French) on various university academic projects.



You can find more information on my current teaching responsibilities by clicking  on the teaching tab above.





I am currently teaching and convening 2 modules in the Foreign Languages centre:

French Advanced 1:

This module is suitable for students who have obtained a minimum of a B grade at A level or equivalent. This module develops all four core language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as advanced grammatical and lexical structures.

French for Business:

This module is an advanced module designed for students who have completed 2 years of study of the French language after their A level in French (or equivalent) and have possibly spent a year abroad in France. In this module, we concentrate on learning about French business terminology and the French business and economic environment using a wealth of authentic material.

These modules have pages on ELE which you can consult and you can also come and see me to discuss them during my office hours in Term 2, or via email.


Modules taught