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Professor Ricarda Schmidt

Research supervision

I am open to discussing research proposals on any relevant subject given my research expertise. I am especially happy to consider working with candidates with interests in the following areas: Heinrich von Kleist, E.T.A. Hoffmann, German literature around 1800, 20th-century literature, gender issues, intermediality, dreams. Any candidates who are interested in working with me should send me a 500 word outline of their proposed research topic and a copy of their CV so that I have the basic information I need to decide if I can/want to supervise the project, the suitability of the candidate, and to begin engaging with the applicant if these requirements are met.

Research students

Postgraduate Supervision since 2005

  • MRes on 'Philosophical Inspirations for Violent Fiction: Kleist's Fictional Exploration of Key Issues in Rousseau's Philosophical Thinking in "Das Erdbeben in Chili", "Der Findling" and "Die Verlobung in St. Domingo"', Steven Howe, 2005-06, passed with distinction. AHRC-funded.
  • PhD thesis on 'Philosophical Inspirations for Violent Fiction and Drama: Heinrich von Kleist and Rousseau', Steven Howe, 2006-10, AHRC-funded.
  • PhD thesis on '"WOHNEN IN GOYAS LETZTEM RAUM". Eine intermediale Poetik des Entsetzens - Die Zitierung von Goyas Pinturas Negras in Ingeborg Bachmanns Roman Malina', Verena Timmerer, 2006-12 (part-time).
  • PhD thesis on 'Die Repraesentation der Salome-Figur in Deutschland und Oesterreich zur Jahrhundertwende', Sina Stuhlert (Bristol), 2018-