Dr Isabel Santafé

Research interests

Translation of advertising material and Transcreation

My research centres on the translation of advertising material covering various interdisciplinary fields including linguistics, advertising, visual and cultural studies.Through a comparative analysis of Spanish-English pairs of standardised print ads, I explore text-image relationships to demonstrate that the image can communicate as much as written text and challenge the idea that images are not part of the translator’s domain. In my doctoral research I developed a multimodal method of analysis of print ads consisting of different stages integrating visual analysis as a part of the translation process. I have also a particular interest in the concept of ‘transcreation’ to define translation procedures and concepts in advertising.  

Gender stereotypes in global advertising

I am exploring the presence and portrayal of women in international advertising and how both discourse and visual features are used to target women and construct and reinforce global gender stereotypes. I look into the applicability of feminist translation strategies in commercial messages.

The use of translation as a language teaching and learning tool

I am currently investigating new translation methods that can help students to acquire a foreign language through a communicative and intercultural approach that integrates collaborative work and the use of new technologies.

Volunteer translation

Another area of my research, based on my collaborative work with Charity Translators, is to question the role of languages, ideology and social responsibility in volunteer translation for the charity sector. We are also looking into the coexistence of professional and volunteer translators.

More broadly, I am also interested in e-learning and the use of blogs and social media to embed employability in the curriculum.



2018 (8 Feb.) 2nd Valencia/Napoli Colloquium on Gender and Translation. University of L'Orientale Naples. Paper: 'Are You Beach Body Ready? Gender Stereotyping in Contemporary Print Advertising'. Paper co-authored with Professor Emilia Di Martino.

2016 (5 Nov.) 14th Annual Portsmouth Translation Conference. University of Portsmouth. Paper: 'How can we teach students to interact in the online translation industry?'

2016 (7-8 Oct.) Translation and the Creative Industries International Conference. University of Westminster. Paper: 'The invisible role of translation in global advertising' 

2016 (30 June) Third Colloquium on Innovation in Modern Languages Education. University of Bristol. Paper: ‘The Student Translation Business Project: Developing Intercultural Skills in the Global Marketplace.’ (Presented with ML students).

2015 (6-8 Nov.) 5th International Conference Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice (ALAPP). Università degli Studi di Milano. Panel on 'The talk of professional communities and its role in identity-shaping'. Paper: 'The social power of advertising in the construction and distribution of the feminine identity. A case study of beauty and cosmetic ads in UK women’s magazines'.

2015 (7 May) ASPIRE Development Day: Education Matters.University of Exeter. Workshop: 'Work-based Learning and Assessment: the Translation Business Project in HUMS'.

2015 (6 Feb.) European Graduate Placement Scheme Conference. Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain. (Representative for the Exeter MA Translation)

2015 (21 Jan.) Using Technology to Enhance Students’ Learning. College of Humanities in partnership with EQE. University of Exeter. E-assessment and E-marking

2014 (8 Nov.) 14th Portsmouth Translation Conference, University of Portsmouth. Paper: 'Bridging professional practice and education: The Translation Business Project at the University of Exeter'.

2014 (8-9 July)  2nd International Conference on Research into the Didactics of Translation. Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain. Poster: 'Student Translation Agency: Bridging Professional Practice, Collaborative Work and Employability at an Undergraduate Level. A Case Study'.

2014 (13 June) I Colloquium on Innovation in Modern Languages Education, University of Bath. Paper: 'The Translation Business Project at the University of Exeter' (Presented with ML students).

2014 (6 May) College of Humanities. Education Away Day, University of Exeter. 'Translation Agency Simulation Exercise'.

2014 (19 Feb.) Staff Development sessions for Modern Languages, University of Exeter.Teaching Translation: shared suggestions and reflections'.

2014 (12 Feb.) Centre for Translating Cultures, University of Exeter. Paper: 'Do images travel well across cultures? The relevance of visuals in the translation of international print ads as a multimodal process on the translation of images in advertising material'.

2014 (28 Jan.) Modern Languages Department, University of Exeter. Speaker at the Research Stories Event

2013 (1 -2 July) New Research in Translation & Interpreting Studies. Universitat Rovira i Virgili. Paper: 'A Multimodal Method of Analysis to the Translation of Standardised International Print Advertisements'.

2012 (May) 1st International Conference of Non-professional Interpreting and Translation. University of Forli, Italy. Paper: 'Natural Translation in Non-professional Fashion Blogs at the Service of Globalisation'.

2010 (Nov.) 10th Portsmouth Translation Conference. University of Portsmouth. Paper: Translating Images: Images as Part of the Translation Process International Print Advertising Campaigns'.

Research collaborations

I am part of the Lexicography and Lexicology Research Group from the University of Alicante, Spain, directed by Professor Félix Rodríguez González.