Photo of Dr Lucie Riou

Dr Lucie Riou


Originally from Brittany, I graduated from Rennes 2 University. I first gained a BA (2005) in English Language, Literature and Culture and French as a Foreign Language Teaching Methodology. Then I completed an MA (2007) in Language Teaching Methodology (French and English) and Linguistics (Research) at the same institution.

During my MA, I had the opportunity to teach French in the Netherlands for six months. After my studies, I moved to Glasgow, where I worked as a French teacher in various institutions (primary and secondary schools, Alliance Française and Glasgow University) with students of different ages and needs. In 2009, I obtained a PhD bursary from the University of Exeter to carry out research in the field of French linguistics, and I continued to teach French language over the course of my doctoral programme. I have recently completed my thesis on Sociopragmatics (Applied Linguistics, 2013). The focus of my work was politeness phenomena in French between friends. In 2013, I was appointed Associate Lecturer (E&S) in French, in the Department of Modern Languages, where I now contribute to the development of French programmes, and teach French language and culture. I also work in the Foreign Language Centre where I teach at intermediate and advanced levels.