Photo of Professor Chloe Paver

Professor Chloe Paver

Research supervision

Postgraduate Supervision since 2001

  • PhD, ‘The Aestheticization of Green Ideas in German Literature', Simon Meacher, 1999-2003, 2 years' University of Exeter funding, one year's AHRB funding.
  • PhD, ‘Narratives of Change and Continuity: Theatre Institutions in East Berlin and Brandenburg in the Transition to the New Germany', Elizabeth Catling, 2000-2005, funded by the University of Exeter.
  • PhD, ‘Erfundene Welten, Modelle der Wirklichkeit. Eine hermeneutisch-rezeptionsästhetische Analyse von Christoph Ransmayrs Romanen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von „Morbus Kitahara"', Markus Spitz, 2000-2005, funded by the University of Exeter.
  • PhD, ‘Academic and Cultural Institutions in the Fiction of the GDR and the New Germany', Morven Creagh, 2004-2008, AHRC-funded.
  • Dr Paver has also supervised 15 MA theses on various aspects of post-1945 German literature and culture, including translation studies.