Photo of Professor Chloe Paver

Professor Chloe Paver

Research interests

Chloe Paver welcomes enquiries about postgraduate supervision (MRes, MPhil and PhD degrees) in topics related to:

  • Museum exhibitions and memorial sites commemorating the Third Reich
  • Cultural memory
  • Representations of the Third Reich in German and Austrian fiction and film
  • Fiction since the Wende

Dr Paver is undertaking the first wide-ranging investigation of historical exhibitions about the National Socialist era, the GDR, and their legacies. This research, which has already resulted in the publication of eight articles and chapters, takes account of the social and institutional forces that shape these exhibitions and of the ways in which they display the material traces of the past. She is currently pursuing various avenues of enquiry: the relationship between the fringes and the establishment in exhibition work; the staging of 'trash' for exhibition; and the exhibition of East Germany outside eastern Germany.

Dr Paver spent the year 2006-07 as a Humboldt Fellow working under the supervision of Prof. Aleida Assmann at the University of Konstanz and gave papers both there and at the University of Vienna. In 2007 she completed a monograph for OUP: a study of the ways in which recent German and Austrian literature and film approach the subject of the Nazi past, and of the ways in which we study these approaches. With Prof. Bill Niven of Nottingham Trent University she has edited a volume of articles, Difficult Pasts: Memorialisation In Germany Since 1945.  This is the first major collection of research into the diverse memorials to Germany's various ‘pasts' and  shows how both the memorials themselves and our ways of conceptualizing them have diversified over the last few decades.  Chloe Paver received a British Academy small grant to enable research visits to Germany to complete this work.