Photo of Professor Chloe Paver

Professor Chloe Paver

Associate Professor in German


Extension: 4338

Telephone: 01392 724338

My current research centres on German and Austrian history museums, considering the museum as one a range of social practices for dealing with Germany's fraught 20th century. Much of my work focuses on material culture. The objects that remain from a historical era (and the much smaller group of objects that find their way into the museum) determine to some degree what stories can be told about the past. In educating the public about Germany's dictatorships, German and Austrian history museums have to deal with both material excess and material lack: mass ideologies, mass experiences, and mass death, on the one hand, produce large numbers of objects; while the destruction, fracturing, theft and displacement of the victims' objects leads to gaps and voids. My work investigates how a range of museum types, many of very recent foundation, deals in different ways with these issues. In the case of the former East Germany I consider also the role that museums are playing in the ‘growing together’ of East and West anticipated by Willy Brandt in 1989 and still arguably incomplete. I welcome enquiries about postgraduate and postdoctoral research in this area and in the broader area of German cultural memory.

I teach modules relating directly to my research questions (in particular ‘Dictatorships on Display: History Exhibitions in Germany and Austria’) but I also teach more widely across various eras of German literature and film. I have considerable experience of teaching in the MA Translation programme and have supervised numerous masters dissertations.