Photo of Dr Richard Mansell

Dr Richard Mansell

Research interests

Literary translation in the UK

My current research focuses on literary translation market in the UK, analysing how publishers choose which texts to translate, what makes a literary translation successful, and the resilience of the market. This project is at an early stage and so far I have interviewed representatives from the across the industry: translators, publishers, funding organisations, agents, booksellers and the media to begin to identify trends and key relationships that determine the success of a literary translation.

Translator strategies and translation history

Another area of my research is investigating translator strategies and translation history. I approach translator strategies from the point of view of interdependencies of features at a micro-level and how translators negotiate the representation of a source text and the demands of the target system, and reference to translation history is used to situate these strategies in their historical and cultural contexts and infer the contextual influence on the translation process.


I am also a translator between Spanish, Catalan and English. In the field of literary translations I have translated short stories by Terenci Moix and Imma Monsó amongst others, and poems by Miquel Costa i Llobera and Blai Bonet into English. I also translated Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and Much Ado About Nothing for the stage to critical acclaim, collaborating with Balearic production companies.

In other fields, I have translated for the Balearic and Valencian autonomous governments, Catalan and British publishers, and various artistic and cultural organisations. I also translate academic work from Spanish and Catalan into English to facilitate its publication in international English-language journals. In part because of this professional activity, I am a firm believer in the link between practice and research in translation.