Dr Damien Gaucher


I have been a teacher of French language since 2007, when I started as a teaching assistant at Glasgow University. My prior experience of language teaching had been with English language, in France and in Germany, where I was accredited the CELTA degree.

Since 2007 I have been committed to providing an excellent learning experience to students, notably by working on the following matters:

  • curriculum development - finding and adapting material and resources to help students develop their advanced language skills and their ability to analyse documents.
  • e-learning development and reinforcement - more specifically, development of online exercices and tests, with a particular emphasis on the quality of online proactive feedback.
  • development of teaching practices - finding the most appropriate ways to lead the students towards effective and personal learning.

The sociolinguistic approach is paramount to the content covered in the language classes. Distinctions between spoken and written features of French language, but also between the formal and informal sub-varieties of these two domains constitute one of the recurrent elements of my teaching practice.

Modules taught