Photo of Professor Aidan Coveney

Professor Aidan Coveney

Research supervision

Postgraduate Supervisions completed since 2006:

  • (2nd Supervisor) MRes on ‘Levelling in Metropolitan French', Sophie Nicholson, 2007.
  • MRes on 'Aspects of Negation in Neostandard Italian', Anne-Marie Obretin, AHRC-funded, 2008.
  • (2nd Supervisor)  MRes on 'Guernsey Norman French', Helen Simmonds, AHRC-funded, 2008.
  • MRes on ‘The Sociolinguistics and Pragmatics of Left Subject Dislocation in Spoken French', Tom Clissitt, 2009.
  • (2nd Supervisor) MRes on 'Francais populaire', Charlotte Fry, 2009.
  • (2nd Supervisor) MRes on 'Phonological Variation and Change in Alsatian French', Katharine Pipe, 2010.
  • (2nd Supervisor) PhD on 'Channelling Change: Evolution in Guernsey Norman French Phonology', Helen Simmonds, 2012.
  • (2nd Supervisor) PhD on 'Language Maintenance and Attrition in the Venetian-Italian Community of Anglophone Canada', Claudia Bortolato, 2013.
  • PhD on 'Variation syntaxique dans le francais multiculturel du cinema de banlieue', Laurie Dekhissi, 2013.
  • PhD on 'The Agreement of the Past Participle in Spoken French as a Sociolinguistic Variable: Production and Perception', Damien Gaucher, 2013.
  • PhD on 'Le desaccord et la critique entre amis: strategies d'adoucissement dans le discours pre-conflictuel', Lucie Riou, 2014.
  • (2nd Supervisor) PhD on 'Accent Levelling in the Regional French of Alsace', Katharine Pipe, AHRC-funded, 2014.
  • (2nd Supervisor) PhD on 'The Pragmatic Particles ENFIN and ECOUTE in French Film and TV Dialogue', Marianne Connors, AHRC-funded, 2017.
  • PhD on 'A Sociolinguistic Profile of Gallo in Eastern Brittany', Adrian Chrimes, AHRC-funded, 2017.
  • PhD on 'Variation in the Use of Prepositions in Quebec French', Elizabeth Latimer, AHRC-funded, 2017.
  • (2nd Supervisor) PhD on 'Phonological variation, perception and language attitudes in the (Franco-)Belgian borderland', Sarah Foxen, AHRC-funded, 2017.