Dr Guillem Colom-Montero

Lecturer in Hispanic Studies (E&S)


Extension: 4577

Telephone: 01392 724577

Twitter:  @GuillemCM

My research focuses on contemporary Peninsular literature and culture, with particular focus on Catalan Studies, theories of nation and nationalism in Spain, masculinities and gender, and transnational cultural approaches to tourism in Spain. My PhD in Hispanic Studies, awarded by Bangor University in 2015, analysed the work of Catalan author Quim Monzó in the context of post-Franco Catalan and Spanish politics. The current strands of my research include the preparation of my first monograph, which expands on my doctoral research on contemporary Catalan culture, and the development of my new project on transnational approaches to the cultures of tourism in the Spanish Mediterranean. 


I regularly comment on Catalan and Spanish politics on British media. Here is a sample of my recent participation on different BBC programmes commenting on the political crisis in Spain resulting from the Catalan Referendum held on the 1st of October 2017:

- Wednesday 4 October, 2pm, live interview on BBC World Service's programme BBC Newshour: listen to my appearance here or listen to the full programme here.

- Tuesday 3 October, 6am, interview on BBC5's 'Up All Night': listen to my appearance (from 03:44:40) here

 - Thursday 5 October, 8:15am, interviewed live by Alex Wester on BBC West Midlands: listen to my appearance (from 2:17:40) here

- Tuesday 10 October, 9am, live interview on BBC Cumbria: listen to my appearance (from 10:05) here.

- Wednesday 11 October, 8:20am, live interview on BBC West Midlands: listen to my appearance (from 2:21:20) here.