Photo of Professor Emma Cayley

Professor Emma Cayley

Research supervision

Postgraduate Supervision (since 2001)

  • PhD French, 'Didactic Thinking and Practice in Anglo-Norman 'Para-Literature', Edward Mills. Second supervisor (Oct 2016-).
  • PhD Modern Languages, 'Conceptualizing Nature', Russ Sanchez. Second supervisor (Jan 2015-), Marie Curie CIG funded studentship.
  • PhD French, 'Connecting the Medieval to the Modern: Gaming and Social Networking in Medieval France and England,' Peter Knowles, First Supervisor from Oct 2012 (CDA with Antenna International, London).
  • PhD Medieval Studies, 'A critical edition and commentary on John Trevisa’s Gospel of Nicodemus’, Philip Wallinder, Co-supervisor from Oct 2010.
  • PhD Medieval and Film Studies, ‘Re-creation and Representation: The Middle Ages on Film', Andy Elliott, Co-supervisor from May 2007. Funded by Exeter. Andrew Elliott has since secured a full-time academic post at the University of Lincoln, and has published his thesis as a monograph with Macfarland (Remaking the Middle Ages: The Methods of Cinema and History in Portraying the Medieval World).
  • PhD Medieval Studies, ‘The Symbolism of the Tomb in Medieval Literature and Culture', Naomi Howell, Co-supervisor from October 2006. Funded by AHRC.
  • MPhil French, ‘Historical and Biblical Models in Chrétien de Troyes' Romances', Andrew Clark, Co-supervisor from Jan 2004. First supervisor from Oct 2004. MPhil awarded December 2005.

Internal examiner for PhDs:

Antonella Liuzzo-Scorpo, ‘The Idea of Friendship in the literary, historical and legal works of Alfonso X of Castile [1252-84]’, June 2009. Antonella is now lecturer in Medieval History at the University of Lincoln.

Tamsyn Rose-Steel, ‘Citation and Allusion in the Fourteenth-Century Motet’, July 2011. Tamsyn is currently a CLIR Fellow at Johns Hopkins University, US.

Damien Gaucher, 'The acquisition of French by native speakers of English: the case of the form and function of the sequence aux (PRES) + past participle in oral production', October 2013. Damien is now a Lecturer in French at Exeter.