Photo of Professor Nuria Capdevila-Argüelles

Professor Nuria Capdevila-Argüelles


Professor Capdevila-Argüelles has incorporated learning technologies in all her modules. Her  final year ELE sites, MLS3048 and MLS 3037, have been cited as examples of particularly good practice for their interactive design and the diversity of sources used to illustrate the nature of gender studies and the importance of autobiographical acts in contemporary society. Her approach has been described in MACE as “an eye-opener”, “a new way to look at history and modern life”, “highly enlightening”, and “a whole new perspective from which to consider cultural acts”. She has received nominations for Best Feedback, Best Lecturer and Innovative Teaching. These are some of the comments received to support her nominations: “Overall just a fantastic lecturer, she takes the subject into as much detail as possible and makes sure that not only do we, as students, keep up with her, but that we actively participate in the lesson making the topic much more interesting and the course much more rewarding!”; “Nuria is pure inspiration. She is so passionate and genuinely interested in what she teaches that it is infectious. She makes you want to learn and also to do well. Her lectures can be amusing and fun at times but also incredibly moving. She has made my final year feel like going to university was worth it”; “Great choice of unknown texts and authors that the canon have not credited and that I wouldn't have come across otherwise. They are serving as a basis for a new understanding and a different way of approaching this term's modules as well as general every day incidents”; “Efficient module structure where there was plenty of opportunity for debate during student-led lessons”.

Professor Capdevila-Argüelles is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

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