Photo of Professor Nuria Capdevila-Argüelles

Professor Nuria Capdevila-Argüelles

Professor in Hispanic Studies and Gender Studies


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Telephone: 01392 724266

Professor Nuria Capdevila-Argüelles graduated in 1995 with a Licenciatura in Filología from the University of León (Spain). She completed an MSc and a PhD in Hispanic Studies at the University of Edinburgh and spent her postdoctoral research period at Oxford University where she was the holder of the Queen Sofía Junior Research Fellowship (1999-2002). She spent  three years working as a permanent lecturer in Hispanic studies at the University of Lancaster before joining the University of Exeter in 2005. She is now Professor of Hispanic Studies and Gender Studies. She is aso Director of Impact for DML.

Professor Capdevila-Argüelles has published extensively in the fields of Gender Studies and Hispanism on both sides of the Atlantic. Her first book Challenging Gender and Genre in the Literary Text (UPS 2002) was published in USA.  Her books, Autoras inciertas (2008), He de tener libertad (2010) (  and Artistas y precursoras (2013) ( have all won awards from the Spanish Ministry of Education (Dirección General del Libro y Bibliotecas).

Professor Capdevila-Argüelles joined in 2014 the network of experts producing the series Colección Obra Fundamental, with the prestigious Fundación Banco de Santander. This is a series of critical editions of materials coming from private archives, published in paper and digital format with analyses by important writers and critics such as Juan Manuel de Prada, Domingo Ródenas, Jordi Gracia and Ana Rodríguez Fischer. Together with María Jesús Fraga she has completed a critical anthology on Elena Fortun and Matilde Ras, El camino es nuestro,  (Fundación Banco de Santander, Colección Obra Fundamental, 2015)  An e-book version of this best-selling anthology can be purchased at Click her to learn more about El camino es nuestro, Her second work with them, De corazón y alma,  an edition of the much awaited letters between Carmen Laforet and Elena Fortún prepared with Carmen and Silvia Cerezales Laforet, came out in January 2017.

Professor Capdevila-Argüelles also co-directs the collection Biblioteca Elena Fortún,  Editorial Renacimiento, She has recently completed the critical introductions for Celia madrecita, Celia institutriz, two of the most important titles of Fortún's famous Celia series. She is also the author of the extensive critical edition of Fortun's unpublished novel Oculto sendero. For more information on this revival of Spain's most famous children's author, see,

She has supervised doctoral and postdoctoral research in the areas of modern and contemporary Hispanic Studies, Feminism and Gender Studies. She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.