Dr Adam Horsley


I am currently the convenor of three modules across all undergraduate levels. My teaching reflects my general interest in 17th-century French literature and history, and incorporates the latest findings from my research.

MLF2070 - 'Violence and Virtue: Early Modern French Theatre' (second year) 

"Among the best modules I have had the opportunity to take at university"
"By far my favourite. I enjoyed every bit of the lectures and seminars"
"This module was a joy and I wouldn’t change a thing" 

This second-year module begins with a concise history of theatrical genres, spaces and audiences before studying plays by the three great playwrights of the age: Pierre Corneille, Molière and Jean Racine. The module's most recent cohort were unanimous in awarding this module module maximum marks for its organisation and overall running in anonymous online feedback. 

MLF3079 - 'Sex, Subversion and Censorship: Libertine Literature in Seventeenth-Century France' (final year)

"I would strongly recommend this to anyone looking for a module that is more engaging than most"       
"The feedback given was better than any module I have ever done in the past"  
"It is very motivating to have a professor who clearly is passionate about the course texts and who genuinely enjoys the teaching aspect of the job. It really does make a difference to the atmosphere"

In this research-led module I offer students an alternative to the polished and classical image of le grand siècle. The module covers the poetry of Théophle de Viau and François Maynard - on whom I have published a number of studies - as well as the Confessions of Jean-Jacques Bouchard and Molière's Dom Juan. This module is  supplemented by my archival and wider historical research on printing practices, material bibliography and the criminal justice system in early-modern France. The module's most recent cohort unanimously awarded the module maximum scores for being well-organised and running smoothly, the level of support offered, and their satisfaction with their experience on the module. 

MLF1017 - 'The Making of Modern France' (first year)

This module (which will run for the first time in the 2019-20 session as a team-taught module) provides students with an overview of French history from the time of Joan of Arc through to the French period of decolonisation. Whereas lectures cover historical themes, events and figures, seminars are used to explore these themes through the compositional analysis of art works as well as literary texts. 

Modules taught