Photo of Dr Angus Finney

Dr Angus Finney

Research interests

1. International film Industry beyond Hollywood (see The International Film Business: A Market Guide Beyond Hollywood, Routledge, 2010 (Ist Ed.), 2015 (2nd Ed.)

Issues: Disruption, Co-operation and co-production, Financing sources, Project Management, Creative Management, Cognitive Bias.

Currently working on paper with Dr. Allegre Hadida, Judge Business School, Cambridge University on Mental Models and High Velocity industries.

2. Chinese film industry (Book deal: SHOOTING DRAGONS: A Market Guide to the Chinese Film Industry, Routledge, delivery 2019). Also subject is central to upcoming research grant bids via Exeter 2017-18.

Issues: Government Policy, Censorship and Ratings, Studing Change, Organizational behaviour, Business Cultures, Co-operation and Co-production, Financing Sources, et al.

3. CREATIVITY - Currently working on new interdisciplinary MA in 'Creativity' for School of Humanities