Staff profiles

Academic Staff
Dr Susana Afonso Senior Lecturer in Portuguese (Language contact, variation and change. Cognitive linguistics and construction grammar)
Ms Ana Belen Angulo Rufs Associate Lecturer in Spanish (E&S)
Dr Marion Bernard Associate Lecturer (Associate Lecturer (E&S))
Ms Caroline Blay Associate Lecturer in French (E&S) (Penryn)
Professor Michelle Bolduc Professor in Translation Studies
Dr Zoë Boughton Senior Lecturer in French (The sociolinguistics and dialectology of French)
Dr Jonathan Bradbury Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies (Golden Age Spanish literature; Spanish prose miscellanies of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries)
Professor Simon Breus Associate Lecturer in French
Dr Katie Brown Senior Lecturer in Latin American Studies
Professor Nuria Capdevila-Argüelles Professor in Hispanic Studies and Gender Studies (Modern and contemporary Spanish feminism, particularly representations of generic and sexual ambiguity and the relationship between woman and nation)
Ms Maria Castillo-Ahuir Associate Lecturer in Spanish (E&S)
Dr Hadaya Chisholm-El-Saad Associate Lecturer in German (E&S)
Professor Aidan Coveney Associate Professor of French Language and Linguistics (Variation and change in the French language)
Professor Fiona Cox Associate Professor of French and Comparative Literature (Reception of classical literature, especially Virgil and Ovid, in literature and culture since the nineteenth century; contemporary women’s writing in French)
Professor Sonia Cunico Director of Language (E&S) (Italian)
Christopher Day Associate Lecturer (E&S)
Dr Enrique del Rey Cabero Lecturer in Hispanic Studies (E&S)
Alice Farris Lecturer in Italian (E&S)
Professor Sally Faulkner Assistant Deputy Vice Chancellor (Europe), Professor of Hispanic Studies and Film Studies (Spanish-language cinema including peninsular and Mexican film ; Spanish TV; literary adaptations in cinema and TV; film under the Franco dictatorship; middlebrow cinema)
Professor Derek Flitter Professor in Hispanic Studies (Spanish Romanticism, nineteenth- and twentieth- century Spanish intellectual history and poetry, the recovery of historical memory in Spain)
Dr João Florêncio Senior Lecturer in History of Modern and Contemporary Art and Visual Culture
Ms Clementine Force-Izzard Associate Lecturer in French (E&S)
Dr Juan Garcia-Precedo Deputy Director of Language Teaching, Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies (E&S)
Dr Damien Gaucher Lecturer in French (E&S)
Dr Francesco Goglia Senior Lecturer (Italian) (Multilingualism and language contact in Italian immigrant communities)
Florence Gomez Lecturer (E&S)
Dr Ting Guo Senior Lecturer in Translation (Chinese) (The role of translators and interpreters in the context of wars and political crises in China)
Professor William Higbee Professor in Film Studies and Programme Link Manager for the London Film School Partnership (Representations of Marginality and Ethnicity in French cinema since 1980)
Dr Thomas Hinton Senior Lecturer in French (French and Occitan literature of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries)
Dr Danielle Hipkins Professor of Italian Studies and Film ((Post)Feminism and Italian film)
Dr Eleanor Hodgson Lecturer in French
Professor Katharine Hodgson Professor in Russian (The twentieth-century Russian Poetic Canon, before and after the collapse of the USSR)
Miss Amy Hopkins Associate Lecturer in Chinese (E&S)
Mr Juan Hoyos Associate Lecturer in Spanish (E&S)
Ms Beatriz Iglesias Alonso Associate Lecturer in Spanish (E&S)
Professor David Houston Jones Professor of French and Visual Culture (The visual legacy of conflict, trauma and testimony in French culture. Visual archives and installation art)
Yuliya Kostyuk Associate Lecturer in Russian (E&S)
Dr Jane Lee Associate Lecturer in French (E&S)
Dr Emily Lygo Senior Lecturer (Russian) (Russian poetry of the Soviet period; Soviet Literary Politics and Policy; Literary translation in Russia; Anglo-Soviet Relations)
Dr Eliana Maestri Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies
Dr Muireann Maguire Senior Lecturer in Russian (Nineteenth- and twentieth-century Russian literature. Cultural reception of science and scientists in Russian and Soviet culture. Tolstoy’s classicism; childbirth in Russian literature)
Dr Richard Mansell Senior Lecturer in Translation (Hispanic Studies) (Translator strategies and translation history (Spanish))
Dr Ettore Marchetti Lecturer in Italian (E&S)
Dr Ana Martins Senior Lecturer in Portuguese (Portuguese feminism and Lusophone postcolonial cultural studies)
Dr Melisa Moore Senior Lecturer (Hispanic Studies) (Latin American cultural studies. Politics, Poetics and Visual Culture in 1920s Peru)
Isabel Moros Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies (E&S)
Christian Mossmann Lecturer in German (E&S)
Professor Katharine Murphy Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies and Comparative Literature (Spanish and English Modernists; Comparative Literature, knowledge exchange and transnational connections; Naturalism and regenerationism; Spanish post-war fiction)
Professor Fabrizio Nevola Chair in Art History and Visual Culture (Public space, urban identity and the representation and perception of community groups within cities in Early Modern Italy. The street as social space across history)
Professor Luciano Parisi Associate Professor of Italian literature (Nineteenth- and twentieth- century Italian literature and contemporary Italian culture)
Professor Chloe Paver Associate Professor in German (German museum exhibitions and memorial sites; cultural memory; representations of the Third Reich in German and Austrian fiction and film; fiction since the Wende)
Professor Melissa Percival Associate Dean of Global, Professor (French, Art History and Visual Culture) (Art, literature and the history of ideas of the French eighteenth century)
Dr Ben Phillips Lecturer in Russian (E&R)
Dr Natalia Pinazza Lecturer in Portuguese Studies (Lusophone and Latin American Culture) (E&S)
Dr Sabrina Rahman Lecturer in Art History and Visual Culture (E&R)
Dr Lucy Rayfield Lecturer in French (E&S)
Dr Lucie Riou Associate Lecturer in French (E&S)
Dr Alessia Risi Associate Lecturer in Italian (E&S)
Professor Hugh Roberts Professor of French Renaissance Literature (French Renaissance Literature; gossip, nonsense and obscenity in French Renaissance texts)
Ms Tatiana Romero Associate Lecturer in Spanish
Dr David Rosenthal Associate Research Fellow
Dr Isabel Santafé Associate Lecturer in Hispanic Studies (E&S)
Professor Ricarda Schmidt Professor in German (Education and violence in the work of Heinrich von Kleist; intermediality in 20th-century German literature; 20th-century German women’s writing, particularly GDR literature; early 20th-century writing; gender in the work of Heinrich von Kleist and E.T.A. Hoffmann)
Dr Maria Scott Senior Lecturer in French (French literature of the nineteenth century, particularly Baudelaire's poetry and prose poetry and the novels of Stendhal; thinking about the visual, about gender, and about reading/reception from the nineteenth century to the present)
Dr José Carlos Tenreiro Prego Lecturer in Spanish (E&S)
Dr Maria Thomas Senior Lecturer in Hispanic/Latin America (Anticlerical violence and iconoclasm in 1930s Spain)
Dr Helen Vassallo Senior Lecturer (French) (Contemporary women's writing in French and the legacy of the Algerian War of Independence)
Ms Ana Villoslada Associate Lecturer in Spanish (E&S)
Professor Gert Vonhoff Associate Professor in German (German Poetry from 1750 to 1850 and the development of prose writing; Friedrich Schiller)
Ying Wang Associate Lecturer in Mandarin (E&S)
Professor Adam Watt Head of Modern Languages, Professor of French and Comparative Literature (Marcel Proust; French Poetry of the late nineteenth and the twentieth century; literary and poetic translation)
Dr Yan Wen-Thornton Lecturer (E&S)
Dr Zhiguang Yin Senior Lecturer in Chinese
Dr Sun Young Yang Associate Lecturer in Korean
Samir Zarqane Associate Lecturer in French (E&S)
Dr Yue Zhuang Senior Lecturer in Chinese, Art History and Visual Culture (The philosophy of Chinese landscapes and European interaction with Chinese landscapes)
Professor Ulrike Zitzlsperger Associate Professor (The culture and literature of twentieth-century Berlin, particularly in the 20s and 90s; the phenomenon of the Department Store)
Research Staff
Dr Adam Horsley Postdoctoral Research Fellow (British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow in French (Early-modern French literature and history))
Dr Cathy McAteer Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Mr Edward Mills Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Helena Taylor Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Early modern French literature; classical reception; women's writing)
Emeritus Professors
Professor Keith Cameron Emeritus Professor
Professor Malcolm Cook Emeritus Professor of French
Professor Susan Hayward Emeritus Professor
Professor Richard Hitchcock Emeritus Professor
Professor James Kearns Emeritus Professor of French
Professor Martina Lauster Emeritus Professor
Professor Alan Robertshaw Emeritus Professor
Professor Lesley Sharpe Emeritus Professor
Professor Martin Sorrell Emeritus Professor
Professor W Edgar Yates Emeritus Professor
Honorary University Fellows
Don Boyd Honorary University Fellow (Honorary Professor)
Cristina Burke-Trees Honorary Research Fellow (Honorary Research Fellow)
Dr Roger Cockrell Honorary University Fellow (Honoary Research Fellow)
Mary Coghill Honorary Research Fellow (Honorary Research Fellow)
Dr Mark Davie Honorary University Fellow (Honoary Research Fellow)
Professor Shaoxin Dong (Honorary Professor)
Dr Cynthia Gamble Honorary University Fellow (Honorary Research Fellow)
Dr Timothy Reeve Research Fellow (French) (Honorary Research Fellow)
Sam Smiles (Honoary Professor)