VI International Conference of the Association of British and Irish Lusitanists (ABIL)

VI International Conference of the Association of British and Irish Lusitanists (ABIL)

University of Exeter, 7-8 September 2015
Reed Hall

This conference will bring together established and early career researchers, as well as postgraduate students, coming from UK and Ireland, Europe, Brazil, North America and Mozambique, interested in discussing any aspect of Lusophone cultures and histories, from the medieval period to the present. The global theme of the conference is "De/formations: Illegitimate Bodies, Texts and Tongues." The conference program may accessed here.

The Association of British and Irish Lusitanists (ABIL) is an international association of University teachers and researchers in all areas of Lusophone Studies. ABIL is committed to enhancing the participation of postgraduate students in the events and life of the organization, and this year it offered financial support to a selection of postgraduate students presenting papers at the Exeter conference. ABIL gratefully acknowledges the support of the Anglo-Portuguese Society in sponsoring travel grants for UK-based postgraduates presenting papers at the Exeter conference.

More information about ABIL may be found on its website.

Our three confirmed keynote speakers are Mozambican author Luís Bernardo Honwana, Professor David Treece, Camoens Professor of Portuguese at KCL, and Professor Anna Klobucka, Professor of Portuguese and Women's and Gender Studies at UMass Dartmouth. More information on each of them is available here.
The conference will celebrate three distinct anniversaries. One of the dates that will be commemorated is the 10th anniversary of ABIL. Another is the 50th anniversary of the publication of We Killed Mangy-Dog and Other Stories, a hugely influential collection of short-stories oublished in 1964 by Mozambican writer Luís Bernardo Honwana. The ABIL conference will also commemorate the 600th anniversary of the Portuguese invasion of Ceuta (1415), a historical landmark seen today as the first action of Portuguese maritime empire leading to the Iberian voyages of Portuguese maritime expansion, and responsible for setting up a Portuguese (and European) culture of writing about these territories. As the earliers moment of Portuguese maritime expansion, it stands as a priviliged standpoint from which to critically examine narratives of contact, presence and change throughout the Lusophone world.

The conference will include a panel dedicated to postgraduates and early career colleagues, with publishers' talks and a session on "How to enter the job marked in the UK and the US."

Local organizers are Dr Ana Martins and Dr Susana Afonso in Portuguese studies.

Registration for the conference has now closed, but please contact the local organizers if you would still like to get involved.

Visit the conference website for more information, and follow our updates us on facebook.

The Exeter conference acknowledges the generous support of Instituto Camões, The Anglo-Portuguese Society, The University of Exeter, and ABIL.