Past conferences and events

The Centre for Translating Cultures organises a variety of talks, conferences, workshops, lectures and symposia. Our past events are displayed below. Please see our main conferences and events page for information on upcoming events.

Past events

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9 May 201816:00

Modern Humanities Research Association Lecture: 'The Realm of Dreams: Impressions from a Journey through its Cultural and Literary History'

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29 September 201710:00

Translation! Festival

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Exeter Phoenix, Exeter Library and RAMMAdd this to your calendar
27 September 201712:00

Heteroglossia in/and Translation

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Streatham Court 0.28Add this to your calendar
22 March 2017

Romancing the truth: vernacular history and the origin of fiction.

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Queens Building LT7.1 + 7.2Add this to your calendar
7 - 8 September 2015

VI International Conference of the Association of British and Irish Lusitanists (ABIL)

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Reed HallAdd this to your calendar
31 July 201414:00

Dialogues or Entanglements: Sino-British Interaction in Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism

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Amory B316Add this to your calendar
2 July 201413:00

Iberian Transitions Workshop

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IAIS Building/LT1Add this to your calendar
23 - 25 June 2014

Reading across Cultures: Global Configurations of Reception, Adaptation and Transmission

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University of Fudan, ChinaAdd this to your calendar
16 - 18 December 2013

Swann at 100/Swann à 100 ans

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Reed HallAdd this to your calendar
16 October 201316:00

Russian Poetry Translation Workshop

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Queens Building MR1Add this to your calendar
5 June 201316:00

Adventures in translation: the attraction of impossibility

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Queens Building LT1Add this to your calendar
31 May 201310:00

Translations Across Time: The return of the 19th century female prostitute on screen

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Queens Building MR2Add this to your calendar
9 May 201313:30

Workshop on Language Contact in Immigrant Contexts

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27 March 201315:00

Is Italian on the move in Toronto?

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Northcote House Council ChamberAdd this to your calendar
27 March 201313:30

'1913 and the Arts in Europe' Colloquium

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Forum Exploration Lab 1Add this to your calendar