Staging Conflicts: Spanish Romantic Drama (MLS3068)

15 credits

Spanish Romantic drama came to the stage at a crucial point in national history, when Spain had recently been occupied by Napoleon’s armies and when constitutional liberalism had come to the fore as an ideological force; ‘liberal’ as a political designation first coheres in the course of the Peninsular War. The age was dominated by political conflicts and the emergence of a radical questioning of traditional values and societal structures.

You will consider in detail the intimate challenges enunciated in plays first performed between 1835 and 1844, embedded in a world where orthodoxies of all kinds were being questioned in the light of post-revolutionary experience and where a new and modern literary and wider aesthetic sensibility was in the process of development.

In order to study this course, you will need to have successfully completed MLS2001 at Level 2. It is particularly recommended to those of you wishing to pursue the pathway initiated with MLS2060 at Level 2.