Modern Spanish Poetry: The Search for Meaning (MLS2064)

15 credits

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer (1836-1870) and Juan Ramón Jiménez (1881-1958) produced, in different periods, poetry concerned with the status and mission of the poetic act. Bécquer’s verse is affective, lyrical and emotionally charged, while that of Jiménez, equally simple in form, has profound philosophical content. Both consciously communicate and reflect upon what poetry itself means to them and how they respectively pursue its elusive meanings in a striving towards beauty and truth. In the work of each the written word offers an opportunity to reach outside of their here and now and, with an acute sense of an intuitive truth informing their creative work, touch the infinite. The written poetic word, invested with transcendent meaning, attains the status of the ultimate signifier and is a means of making sense of human experience and aspiration.

 In order to study this course, students will need to have completed successfully either MLS1001 or MLS1056 at Level 1.