Research projects

Painting for The Salon? The French State, Artists and Academy, 1830-1852

Prof James Kearns is Principal Investigator for the AHRC-funded project 'Painting for The Salon? The French State, Artists and Academy, 1830-1852'. The project explores the role of the Paris Fine Art Salon between 1830 and 1852.

The project aims to replace a limited representation of the Salon's role with the first study of the Salon as a network of relationships bringing together government policy, administrative structures and artistic and cultural practices in an institution for which art was produced, through which it was circulated and in which it was analysed or ignored, sold or returned unsold.

The project will generate a critical mass of new published research (one co-authored book, one co-edited volume of conference proceedings, one co-authored dual-language English/French exhibition catalogue and one PhD thesis) designed to embed the institutional dimension in future art historical research, and an exhibition whose aim will be to educate the public and the wider academic community about the significance of the institutional dimension in cultural and art history.

A three-day conference linked to the project, The Paris Fine Art Salon, 1791-1881, will be held at the University of Exeter, 4-6 September 2013.

A Database of Salon Artists, which is free to access and fully searchable, has been created as part of this project.

This research project is a part of the College of Humanities Visual Culture initiative.