Staff profiles

Hispanic Studies Staff
Ms Ana Belen Angulo Rufs Associate Lecturer in Spanish (E&S)
Dr Jonathan Bradbury Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies (Golden Age Spanish literature; Spanish prose miscellanies of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries)
Dr Katie Brown Lecturer in Latin American Studies
Professor Nuria Capdevila-Argüelles Professor in Hispanic Studies and Gender Studies (Modern and contemporary Spanish feminism, particularly representations of generic and sexual ambiguity and the relationship between woman and nation)
Dr Guillem Colom-Montero Lecturer in Hispanic Studies (E&S)
Professor Sally Faulkner Associate Dean for International Development, Professor of Hispanic Studies and Film Studies (Spanish-language cinema including peninsular and Mexican film ; Spanish TV; literary adaptations in cinema and TV; film under the Franco dictatorship; middlebrow cinema)
Professor Derek Flitter Professor in Hispanic Studies (Spanish Romanticism, nineteenth- and twentieth- century Spanish intellectual history and poetry, the recovery of historical memory in Spain)
Dr Juan Garcia-Precedo Deputy Director of Language Teaching, Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies (E&S)
Dr Richard Mansell Senior Lecturer in Translation (Hispanic Studies) (Translator strategies and translation history (Spanish))
Dr Melisa Moore Senior Lecturer (Hispanic Studies) (Latin American cultural studies. Politics, Poetics and Visual Culture in 1920s Peru)
Isabel Moros Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies (E&S)
Professor Katharine Murphy Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies and Comparative Literature (Spanish and English Modernists; Comparative Literature, knowledge exchange and transnational connections; Naturalism and regenerationism; Spanish post-war fiction)
Dr Isabel Santafé Associate Lecturer in Hispanic Studies (E&S)
Dr Maria Thomas Senior Lecturer in Hispanic/Latin America (Anticlerical violence and iconoclasm in 1930s Spain)
Ms Ana Villoslada Associate Lecturer in Spanish (E&S)