French undergraduate modules

These French modules were available to undergraduate students during the current and previous academic years. While they are representative of the choices which will be available to you during your degree, you should note that modules may change depending on the research interests of staff.

Level 1

Module Credits
An Introduction to French Thought 15
French Cinema from the New Wave to the Present Day 15
French Language 30
French Visual History 15
Love and Death in French Culture 15
The French Language Present and Past 15
War and Conflict in French Literature 15

Level 2

Module Credits
Contemporary French Film: Issues and Debates 15
Crime and Punishment in French Fiction 15
Dread and Delight: Portraying Passions in Early Modern French Literature 15
East is East? Cross-Cultural Encounters in Medieval French Literature 15
Evolution of the French Language 15
Freedom and French Realism 15
French Language Written and Oral 30
Intimate Spaces of the French Enlightenment 15
Provoking Thoughts - French Literature & Philosophy From the Renaissance to the 20th Century 15
Telling Stories: Narrative Strategies in 19th and 20th Century Fiction in French 15
Varieties of French 15

Level 3

Module Credits
Advanced French Language Skills 30
Contemporary French Visual Culture 15
Dialectology in France 15
Evolution and Revolutions in Nineteenth- Century Painting in France - from Jacques-Louise David to Claude Monet 15
First-Person Outsiders in Modern French Literature 15
French Language Written 15
Proust's A La recherche du temps perdu 15
Sex and the Text: Gender and Authority in Late Medieval France 15
Sociolinguistics of French 15
The Invention of Modern Love in the Middle Ages 15
Unhappy Families? Deviance and Order in Early Modern French Literature 15
Writing Women and Strange Monsters 15