BA/MLibArts Liberal Arts

Why study Liberal Arts at the University of Exeter?

  • Innovative, interdisciplinary programme following an international model
  • Equips you with an exceptionally wide range of critical, quantitative and linguistic skills highly valued by employers
  • Enables you to build a bespoke pathway of study with the Major of your choice
  • Study abroad options in USA, Asia, Australasia and EU
  • Integrated Master’s option

Liberal Arts is not a subject of study itself but an approach to study in the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences. Its premise is that in-depth study of a single subject is most effective when it is combined with a breadth of experience of the concepts, methods and debates which connect all forms of academic enquiry. Across the world, Liberal Arts graduates are recognised as exceptionally well equipped with a unique blend of specialist knowledge and a wide-range of analytical, communication and computational skills.

Our Liberal Arts degree is a ground-breaking interdisciplinary programme intended for ambitious students aiming for high-profile, competitive careers. It offers a 4-year integrated Master’s qualification with the widest intellectual scope, as well as opportunities for international study and work experience.

You will plot your own pathway through the programme. You will identify an area of specialisation – a subject, or a theme – which will be your Major; alongside this you will have the opportunity to explore subjects which connect with, or contrast, your major. You will develop new, or extend existing language and quantitative skills and gain experience of a wide-range of working environments with our network of employer partners.


Liberal Arts brochure

Download the Liberal Arts brochure (pdf) for Undergraduate study.