PhD Student topics

Since 2012, a large number of PhD students have passed through the NIAS – Exeter programme. Their PhD titles can be found here:

Students in Archaeology

2015 Batch

  • Kathryn Bonnet, Supervisors: Prof. Sharada Srinivasan (NIAS) Dr. Gillian Juleff (UoE)
    Project Title: The Kandyan and Kerala Blacksmiths: an Assessment of Repertoire and Skills using Archaeological Fieldwork, Ethnometallurgy, Microstructural Analysis and Experimental Re-Enactment

2014 Batch

  • Kausalya Gunasena Supervisors: Dr. Gillian Juleff (UoE) and Prof. Sharada Srinivasan (NIAS)
    Project Title: Cultural, Technological and Ideological Exchange: Sri Lanka - South India Interaction from a Personal Adornment Perspective during the Proto-historic to Early Historic Periods.

2013 Batch

  • Debanjan Mitra, Supervisors: Prof. Bruce Bradley (UoE) and Prof. Anindya Sinha (NIAS)
    Project Title: Study of Cognitive Implications on Stone tool Technology of the Belan, Son and Middle Ganga Valleys, India, from circa 60kyr – 10 kyr

  • Jemma Singleton, Supervisors: Dr Linda Hurcombe (UoE) and Prof. Sharada Srinivasan (NIAS)
    Project title: Connecting the Dots with Rock Art: A Regional Study of Rock Art Sites in South India to Identify Cultural Interaction between Humans and the Landscape.

2012 Batch 

  • Brice Girbal Supervisors: Prof. Sharada Srinivasan (NIAS) Dr. Gillian Juleff (UoE)
    Project Title: The Legend of Wootz: The Technological and Archaeological context of Crucible Steel Production in Northern Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, India

  • Alice Lowson Supervisors: Dr.Smriti Haricharan (NIAS) Dr. Gillian Juleff (UoE)
    Project Title: Routing out Portable Antiques

  • Tathagata Neogi Supervisors: Prof. Sharada Srinivasan (NIAS) Dr. Gillian Juleff (UoE)
    Project Title: Ritual, Memory and Material Culture: Charting the Archaeometallurgical Record through the Lives of the Last Iron Workers of Northern Telangana, India

Students in Drama

2016 Batch

  • Malavika Priyadarshini Supervisors: Prof. Carol Upadhya (NIAS) Dr Hillman
    Project Title: Political Performance and Space in Student Protests in India

  • Sonia Wagh
    Project Title: The Body of Words: A Social History of Sex and the Body in Medieval India

2015 Batch

  • Aparna Mahiariya Supervisors: Dr Shivali Tukdeo (NIAS) Dr. Jerri Daboo (UoE)
    Project Title: Understanding Politics, Aesthetics and Performances: A Study of the Development of Street Theatre in Delhi, India

2014 Batch

2013 Batch

  • Rebecca Savory, Supervisors: Dr. Jerri Daboo (UoE) Dr Shivali Tukdeo (NIAS)
    Project Title: Performing identities in a “hybrid space”: flash mobs in contemporary urban India

2012 Batch

  • Sharanya Murali, Supervisors: Dr. Stephen Hodge (UoE) and Prof. Carol Upadhya (NIAS)
    Project Title: Performing Ethnographic Encounters: Walking in Contemporary Delhi
    PhD Awarded in 2016

  • Sabina Sweta Sen, Supervisors: Dr. Jerri Daboo (UoE) Prof. Sangeetha Menon (NIAS)
    Project Title: When our senses dance: Sensory-Somatic Awareness in Contemporary Approaches to Odissi Dance in Indiatemporary Odissi dance
    PhD Awarded in 2016

  • Swati Arora, Supervisors: Dr. Cathy Turner (UoE) Prof. Narendar Pani (NIAS)
    Project Title: Performing Delhi: Understanding the Street through Marxist, feminist and ritual theatres