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Information for Inbound Students

Welcome to the College of Humanities! Our areas of study include Archaeology, Art History and Visual Culture, Classics and Ancient History, Drama, English, Film Studies, the Foreign Language Centre, History, Liberal Arts, Modern Languages and Theology and Religion.

We are looking forward to you coming to study with us and we hope this page gives you some guidance on how to choose our modules and it helps you put together your study plan.

For all new inbound students arriving in September 2017, we will be available to meet you in Freshers' Week (the week beginning Monday 18th September), when you can come and see us if you still need to confirm your Humanities modules. 

Furthermore, for all new inbound students based in the College of Humanities, we will be holding a compulsory Welcome Talk at 9.30am in Queen's on Monday of Freshers' Week (18th September), which you will need to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!


One semester students must take 60 Exeter credits. This is equivalent to 30 European credits (ECTS). Be careful not to take modules that run over both terms (highlighted in purple as Terms 1 and 2)

Full year students must take 120 Exeter credits (60 ECTS). We strongly recommend that you take 60 Exeter credits per semester as this will give you a balanced workload.

Most of our modules are either 15 or 30 Exeter credits. You would therefore usually take 2-4 modules per semester. 

When choosing the modules you would like to take, please check carefully the terms of tuition, the number of credits and any pre-requisites required.

Understanding course codes

The letters at the start of each course code represent the subject area. In the College of Humanities, these are:

  • ARC– Archaeology
  • AHV – Art History and Visual Culture
  • CLA – Classics and Ancient History
  • DRA– Drama
  • EAS– English
  • EAF– Film Studies
  • FLB/FLC/FLF/FLG/FLI/FLJ/FLS - Foreign Language Centre 
  • HIC - History (Penryn campus, Cornwall)
  • HIH - History
  • LIB - Liberal Arts
  • MLF/MLG/MLI/MLM/MLP/MLR/MLS/SML - Modern Languages
  • THE - Theology and Religion
  • TRU - English (Penryn campus, Cornwall)

The initial number indicates the level of the course unit – EAS1037 is a first year module in English; whereas CLA3010 is a third year module in Classics and Ancient History.

Modules coded TRU and HIC are respectively English and History modules taught at the Penryn campus in Cornwall. Please only select these modules if you are studying at Penryn during your time here. You cannot study at both the Exeter (Streatham) and Penryn campuses.

Choosing modules

When choosing modules, we recommend you read the general information here first and also check with your home university which departments you can choose modules from. 

Students should only choose modules within the departments with which their home university has an agreement.

For example, if the agreement between Exeter and your home university is through the department of Modern Languages (referred to as "Modern EC Languages" within the Erasmus programme), then you must choose modules from this department.

A full list of modules taught within the College of Humanities can be found here. However, please remember that the College cannot guarantee the modules you have been allocated until you have arrived at Exeter. 

Furthermore, please read the following guidance concerning modules in each department. We do ask that when you complete your Study Plan during your application, you provide us with a list of at least 6 requested modules per semester in order of preference. This will help us when we are allocating your modules.

  • Many Level 2 and 3 Archaeology modules have pre-requisites, so please check carefully each module description.
  • ARC2003/2004/3003/3006 are not available to exchange stuents as students start working on these modules in the summer before arrival
  • ARC3611 is only available to students who have previous experience in Archaeology.
  • AHV2005 is not available.
  • There are pre-requisites on a number of Level 2 and 3 Language modules.
  • For Level 3 modules, some previous knowledge of the subject is required.
  • Due to the popularity of Drama modules, please read all of the information below and consider carefully the modules you request.
  • Please only choose Drama modules if you are a Drama major student and your home university has an agreement with the Drama department.
  • If you wish to come and study at Exeter for the full year, it is possible to take all 120 credits in Drama at Level One. Alternatively, it may be possible to take 120 credits in Drama at Level Two but module choice will be limited. However, you are able to request modules in other departments as well; we have a number of modules related to Drama in departments such as Art History and Visual Culture, English, Film and Modern Languages that are often very popular with Drama major students.
  • You must choose all your Drama modules at the same level. For example, if you are studying at Exeter for the full year, you cannot choose two modules at Level 1 and two and Level 2. 
  • You must choose one theory (seminar) module per semester. It is not possible to choose only practical (studio) modules. 
  • Level 2 practical (studio) modules are only available in Term Two (Semester Two).
  • Level 3 modules are only available in Term One (Semester One).
  • English modules are extremely popular so we will do our best to allocate you the modules you request but, as with other disciplines, we cannot guarantee these choices.
  • If English is not your first language, we strongly recommend you choose Level 1 or Level 2 modules. 
  • If English is not your first language, we suggest that you also look at the modules available in our INTO centre. These are modules in English language and are extremely useful for improving your level of English to help you cope with the demands of contributing orally to your seminars and with your written assessments. More information can be found here.
  • If you are a European student, please check the Erasmus agreement that your home university has with Exeter. If the agreement is with Modern Languages, then we cannot guarantee you English modules at the Streatham campus. As such, you should choose your modules in the Modern Languages department or, alternatively, we can offer you English literature modules at our Penryn campus.
  • There is more availability of English modules at our Penryn campus in Cornwall. These module codes begin with the code TRU. We strongly recommend you consider applying for Penryn. It's a fantastic place to study English in a small friendly campus with a close-knit community in an extremely beautiful part of the UK. If you need to enrol onto English modules for your home university programme, there will be a stronger chance of getting these English modules at Penryn.
  • However, please remember that it is not possible to take modules at both the Streatham campus and the Penryn campus.
  • If you would like to study a language in the Foreign Language Centre (FLC) you will need to demonstrate your ability and experience in that language. To help us with this, we ask you to complete the Foreign Language Centre Module Registration Form‌ as part of your application.
  • If you are only at Exeter for one semester, it is possible to take FLC modules for just that semester. The modules will be worth 15 credits each.
  • If you are a complete beginner in a language, you must join the Beginners class in Term One. It is not possible for beginners to join classes in Term Two.
  • Level 3 modules run across both terms. Therefore, if you are only studying with us for one term, you must choose modules at level 1 or 2.
  • If you are coming to study just for Term Two, we cannot guarantee modules (particularly at Level 2), so please could you give us a selection of choices.
  • History modules are extremely popular so we will do our best to allocate you the modules you request but, as with other disciplines, we cannot guarantee these choices. As such, please remember that we have a number of modules historically-related modules in other departments such as Archaeology, Art History and Visual Culture, Classics and Ancient History, Modern Languages and Theology and Religion that are often very popular with History students.
  • You can also choose from History modules at our Cornwall campus in Penryn, where there can often be more availability on modules. These module codes begin with HIC. However, please remember that it is not possible to take modules at both Exeter and in Cornwall.
  • Unfortunately, it is generally not possible to take Liberal Arts modules.
  • If you are from a European university, you will probably need to take modules in Modern Languages. Please check the Erasmus agreement that your home university has with Exeter.
  • The Modern Languages department does not include English. For more information about English modules, please see the English section on this page.
  • The third letter in each module code refers to the language of the module. MLF = French, MLG = German, MLI = Italian, MLM = Mandarin Chinese, MLP = Portuguese, MLR = Russian, MLS = Spanish. However, SML refers to modules not connected to just one language and these modules are available to students from all language background. 
  • Within each language, there are modules on linguistics, literature and culture.
  • Please check carefully the pre-requisites for each module
  • Generally, you will need to have some understanding of the language if you would like to take a module in that language. This is necessary for Level 2 and 3 modules. However, Level 1 modules might be fine for complete beginners - please check to be sure.
  • Many of the modules in Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese and Russian do not require previous knowledge of that language.
  • Native Italian speakers cannot request MLI1055.
  • The following modules are not available to native speakers of the respective languages: MLF3111, MLG3111, MLI3111, MLS3111. Instead, these students are strongly encouraged to take the following: MLF3101a, MLG3101a, MLI3101a, MLS3101a.
  • Please check the term of the module. Please note that it's not possible to study a language module (e.g. MLG2052 or MLF1001) for only one semester. However, you can do this with the modules in the Foreign Language Centre (please see the separate section).
  • If you are not a language student at your home university, we ask you to choose language modules from the Foreign Language Centre (and not in Modern Languages)

The information on this page is intended to give you some guidance on how to request modules. However, please be aware that the availability and specifications of modules may be subject to change between now and the start of teaching. The timetable is not finalised until near the start of your semester, so it is not possible to confirm the exact timings of classes until then.

We do our very best to give you the modules you request, but we cannot guarantee them until you have arrived at Exeter. So if a module which you are planning to take is no longer available, or you have clashes on your timetable, don't worry! It is possible to change modules before and during the first two weeks of term. If you need to do this, you can come and speak to our Study Abroad team for more information and we will try to help you. 

For any enquiries, or for further guidance, please contact us at humanities-studyabroad@exeter.ac.uk or alternatively you can telephone us on +44 1392 724505.