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SMITH, Myron J. World War II at Sea: A Bibliography of Sources in English. 3 vols., index. Metuchen: Scarecrow, 1976. ISBN: 0810808846 (v. 1) 0810809699 (v. 2) 0810809702 (v. 3)

The three volumes of this work are, 1: European Theater, 2: Pacific Theater, 3: General Works and Special Studies. Each is subdivided into half a dozen broad headings which are further subdivided into topics; each volume has an index, the third being cumulative; each topic has a brief historical introduction. Some of the 10,000 entries are annotated briefly. The bibliography includes books and journal articles, some government documents and unpublished theses. It is an enormous and essential tool, but betrays its American origins in some obvious howlers concerning British items, nor is it comprehensive, being weak in wartime and immediately post-war publications.