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ADLAM, Henry. On and Off the Flight Deck: Reflections of a Naval Fighter Pilot in World War II. [vii], 237p., illus., index. Barnsley: Pen & Sword Aviation, 2007. ISBN: 184415629X.

An engaging memoir. He entered pilot training in 1941 at Gosport and went on to fighter training at Yeovilton. He joined 890 Squadron that October. They brought Wildcats back on an escort carrier, then joined Illustrious for an Arctic convoy trip followed in mid-1943 by the Mediterranean and support for the Salerno landings. After returning to the UK and leave, they went to Ceylon in London. After training on Unicorn they joined Atheling. After a bout of appendicitis he transferred to 1839 Squadron on Indomitable and a period of intense operations with the Pacific Fleet. In April 1945 he returned to the UK and joined the new Colossus as a Deck Landing Control Officer and flight leader with 1846 Squadron, returning in her to the Far East.