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AHR American Historical Review
Alb Albion
alt alternate
Am Nep American Neptune
AQ & DJ Army Quarterly and Defence Journal
ASLIB Association of Special Libraries and Information Bureaux
BIHR Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research
Can His Rev Canadian Historical Review
Can J His Canadian Journal of History
comp Compiled by
DAI Dissertation Abstracts International
EcHR Economic History Review
ed editor or edited by
EnHR English Historical Review
HisAHR Hispanic American Historical Review
HJ Historical Journal (Cambridge Historical Journal)
His Res Historical Research
His Tod History Today
Intell & Nat Sec Intelligence and National Security
IJ Mar His International Journal of Maritime History
IJ Nau Arch International Journal of Nautical Archaeology
IHR International History Review
intro introduction
J Am His Journal of American History
J Asian His Journal of Asian History
JBS Journal of British Studies
J Cont His Journal of Contemporary History
J Econ His Journal of Economic History
JI & CH Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History
J Mar Res Journal for Maritime Research
J Mil His Journal of Military History
J Mod His Journal of Modern History
JRUSI Journal of the Royal United Service Institution or Institute
J Soc His Journal of Social History
JSAHR Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research
J Stra Stu Journal of Strategic Studies
J Trans His Journal of Transport History
J Wor His Journal of World History
MM Mariner's Mirror
Mil Aff Military Affairs
NHS Naval History Symposium (USNA)
NMM National Maritime Museum
Nav Rev Naval Review
NWCR Naval War College Review (US)
Nel Dis Nelson Dispatch
NIP Naval Institute Press
Nor Mar Northern Mariner
Pac His Rev Pacific Historical Review
P & P Past and Present
Traf Chron Trafalgar Chronicle
trans translated by
UP University Press
USNIP United States Naval Institute Press
Vic Stu Victorian Studies
War & Soc War and Society
War in His War in History
W&MQ William and Mary Quarterly
WSS World Ship Society
RFA Royal Fleet Auxiliary
NIP Naval Institute Press
RAN Royal Australian Navy

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