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Name: Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service

Formerly Bedfordshire Record Office. Established 1913. See Guide to the Bedfordshire Record Office (1957), Guide Supplement (1966), Guide to the Russell Estate Collections for Bedfordshire and Devon to 1910 (1966).

Principal collections: Payne Papers, including material relating to West Indian plantations, late eighteenth to early nineteenth centuries

Postal address: Riverside Building
Borough Hall
Cauldwell Street
Town: Bedford
County: Bedfordshire
Post code: MK42 9AP
Telephone: 01234 228883
Web address:

222 documents found for Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service:

Code Description Date Keywords

Four poems regarding the Titanic, July 1912

1912   Wreck Poetry

Poem by Revd R. Atherton on Nelson centenary of Battle of Trafalgar, 1905

1905   navy poetry

Dance invitation, 1927, and portrait and snapshot photographs relating to the Canadian Navy, 1920s

1920 - 1929 navy Canada social

Letter regarding burial at sea, 1902

1902   navy death committal

Account by David Odell, HMS Verulam, submarine on Haifa Patrol, regarding encounter with ship carrying illegal Jewish immigrants, 1948

1948   Palestine navy blockade

Photograph of five people on a ship, 1890s

1890 - 1899 Personnel Naval Mariner Passenger

Mementoes, comprising painting, menu card and Christmas card, of HMS Mauretania, while hospital ship, December 1915

1915   Navy social stationery

Photograph of launching of HMS Neptune, 1933.

1933   navy shipbuilding illustration

Discharge certificate, 1902.

1902   Personnel Mariner

Naval Air Service Training Manual (1914)

1914   navy publication

Account of the Titanic disaster, April 1912

1912   Wreck

Programme of sports on a voyage of the Arlanza from Southampton to Buenos Aires, 1924

1924   Passengers Entertainment


Papers relating to New Brunswick, 1860s-1888, including shipping

1860 - 1888 Canada

Menu for Soldiers', Sailors' and Airmens' Families Association (SSAFA) dinner and dance, 1954

1954   navy social

Letters of Evelyn Chaldecott mainly from India, 1907-18, including accounts of voyage on the SS Kaiser-I-Hind.

1907 - 1918 Travel Passenger Voyage

Holiday photographs at Blackpool, Eastbourne, c.1930.

1930   Travel Pictures Lancashire Sussex

Photographic albums of Revd W. Hewetson of Bedford including of seaside holidays, c.1911-22.

1911 - 1922 Travel Pictures

Postcard of the Titanic, pre 1912

1910 - 1912 Wreck Art Photograph Memorabilia

Reprint of paper of 1797 regarding execution of Richard Parker for mutiny, twentieth century

1797   navy sentence legal
Z128/39 Drawing of steel-protected cruiser to be called the Brilliant, 1926 1926   GA Plans Warship

Sketch of upper deck plan of HMS Bouncer and Snap, gunboats, c.1870

1870   navy plans drawings
Z128/20 Sketch of upper deck fittings of HMS Nimble, gunship, c.1870 1870   navy plans drawings
Z 678/2-56

Includes holiday accounts of travels throughout Scotland, Ireland and Bermouth, 1952-75, with transparencies.

1952 - 1975 Travel Correspondence Photographs
Z 462/1-30

Travel letters of George and Ann Duncombe of their tours in England and to France, 1813-44, with mention of development of Brighton.

1813 - 1844 Correspondence Europe Ferry

Bequest of shares in two ships, 1759

1759   `Will

Album of photographs (including site plan) charting the construction of the Royal Naval Airworks at Cardington and related papers, 1917

1917   RNAS

Printed cabin plan of the twin screw SS Llandaff Castle, 1934

1934   Drawing GA

Photographs of W.H. Allen steamship turbines, etc., c.1880-1947

1880 - 1947 Engineering Propulsion Illustrations

Accounts regarding bills of sales of ships, 1811

1811   Commercial Partnership Shares

Sea Scout records, 1945, 1963

1945 - 1953 Youth
X550/18/13 Soldier's journal of travel from Gold Coast to Sierra Leone, 1946 1946   Diary Military

Minute book of Committee to take measures to counter mutiny at the Nore, 1797-9

1797 - 1799 Navy Discipline Personnel Administration

Certificate of service of Richard Summerland, 1812.

1812   Personnel Naval Mariner

Prize list of the Polyphemus, post 1806

1806   Navy Administration

Pay allotment by marine of HMS Polyphemus to his mother at Harrold, 10 November 1806

1806   navy personnel

Records of United Services Club, Ampthill, 1920-63

1920 - 1963 society

Deeds regarding Robert Jackson, Royal Navy Captain, 1821

1821   navy wills personnel officers
X328/5,15, 17

Papers regarding Ampthill man impressed into Navy, c.1807

1807   Navy Administration Personnel Recruitment

History and letter relating to HMS Oakley, 1942-51

1942 - 1951 navy correspondence

Picture of lighthouse and section through it, nineteenth century

1800 - 1899 Navigation Art Plans Drawings

Personal papers of Capt. Richard Bastard, 1819-59 (also see Mic.83, withdrawn papers, 1798-c.1850)

1819 - 1859 Correspondence Diary

Logbook of the Sir William Bensley carrying male convicts, 1816-18.

1816 - 1818 emigration transportation

Watercolour of three-masted ship, nineteenth century

1800 - 1899 Art

Dedication album and correspondence relating to HMS Bedford, 1903-5

1903 - 1905 commissioning navy photograph

Copy administration of William Travell, late seaman on HMS Veteran, July 1807.

1807   Mariner Property Possessions

Printed address to navy regarding feared French invasion, 1803

1803   navy napoleonic correspondence

Maps and charts of English Channel, Spain, Mediterranean, east coast of South America, Gulf and Windward Islands, 1789-1800.

1789 - 1800 hydrographic survey cartographic

Letter books of HMS Quebec, 1799-1800, HMS Leviathan, 1803-4, HMS Nereide, 1801, HMS Cumberland, 1801-3

1799 - 1804 Correspondence Navy

Order book of HMS Thunderer, 1801, HMS Quebec, 1799-1800, HMS Nereide, 1801-2, HMS Cumberland, 1801

1799 - 1802 Navy Administration

Muster book of HMS Leviathan, n.d.

1790 - 1810 Navy Administration Personnel

Muster book of HMS Cumberland, c.1802

1802   Navy Administration Personnel

Fair copy of rough log of HMS Milford, 1809-10

1809 - 1810 Navy Administration

Fair copy of rough log of the voyage of HMS Africa to the Plate estuary, 1806-8

1806 - 1808 Navy Administration Navigation

Rough log of HMS Leviathan, 1805

1805   Navy Administration

Fair copies of rough log of HMS Cumberland, 1802-3, HMS Leviathan, 1803

1802 - 1831 Navy Administration

East India Company records including 8a-b, index sheet to letter book, 1795

1795   Correspondence Commerce Trade

Printed notice requiring volunteer from four North Bedfordshire parishes for the navy, late eighteenth century

1780 - 1799 Navy Administration Personnel Recruitment

 Letter regarding shipping of ten carts to Glasgow from Fife, 1854

1854   Correspondence Freight

Account of honeymoon in Jersey and Guernsey, 1909

1909   Marriage
WY 1000

Bundle of correspondence of William Stuart relating to travel in Europe and Near East, 1846-90.

1846 - 1890 Voyages Asia Passenger

Paper regarding H.M. ships to provide asylum for fugitive slaves, 1876

1876   navy slavery

Papers concerned with removal of Sir Spencer Robinson from Admiralty office, 1871.

1871   resignation personnel

Papers regarding cruelty on the high seas and murder of merchant seamen on ships between England and the USA, 1857-9

1857 - 1859 Crime Punishment Torture

Journals of Samuel Whitbread II of Grand Tour to Scandinavia including 2, with reference to export of Norwegian timber to England, 1784

1784   Travel Diary Trade Commerce

Navy estimates annotated and indexed by Samuel Whitbread III, 1860-1

1860 - 1861 navy finance

Whitbread family papers comprising misc. legal evidence used in naval cases, late eighteenth century

1770 - 1799 Court Legal

Whitbread family papers relating to wharfingers and Wet Docks Act, 1810

1810   Legislation

Paper regarding 250 privateers waiting for prize money seized by press gang, 1810

1810   Navy Administration Personnel

Paper regarding British sailors enlisting in American forces, 30 March 1813

1813   Navy recruitment USA

Petition of West India merchants regarding pressing of officers, 13 April 1809

1809   Navy Administration Personnel Press Recruitment

Whitbread family papers relating to the Navy, 1797-1815, including relating to naval news relating to West Indian affairs, mutiny at Spithead, war with America, Plymouth breakwater, pay and prize money, promotions, petitions, cases of Peter Wilson

1797 - 1815 Navy Operations
W1/4947, 4988-5005

Whitbread family papers relating to convict hulks, 1810-14

1810 - 1814 Correspondence Prisoners

Whitbread family papers relating to the slave trade, 1795-1815, including account of treatment on British ships, 1814, account of capture of slave ships

1795 - 1815 Commerce Slavery

W1/3877-962, Whitbread family papers relating to America, 1800-1814, including relating to trade

1800 - 1814 Commerce Trade

Whitbread family papers regarding Privy Council, 1780-1812, mainly relating to trade, particularly overseas, including lists of ships, export and import accounts

1780 - 1812 Commerce Trade Government

Letter with account of Trafalgar, 14 April 1810

1810   navy correspondence

Whitbread family papers relating to prisoners of war, 1800-15, including 2708-24, Dartmoor prison, 1805-15, notably 2714, account of Inspector of Naval Hospitals, 1810

1800 - 1815 Legal Napoleonic
TW 397

Letter from Nicholas Lawrence who travelled to Morocco, 1590

1590   Trade Commerce Travel Correspondence
TW 317

Money left for ransom of son, a captive in `Barbaria', 1570

1570   Piracy Privateering
TCKempston 9/1/12

Correspondence regarding shield commemorating adoption of HMS Thorn by Kempston, 1978

1978   navy
SY 245 Travel diaries of Emily Starey of Highgate including to Folkstone, 1871, 1872, North Wales, 1874, Isle of Wight, 1875. 1871 - 1875 correspondence

Declaration of trust reciting conveyance held in trust for brother while overseas, 13 April 1614.

1614   Mariner Property Possessions
Stuncat 484/1

Will of James Talbot, naval pensioner, Bedford Regiment, 1901

1901   navy personnel ratings

Service papers, 1918-26

1918 - 1926 navy personnel

 Poster regarding sinking of the Lusitania, 1915

1915   Propaganda art

Travel diaries of Mary Louisa Smyth of Edworth including to Folkstone, 1907, Lyme Regis, 1910, North Wales, 1912, Cromer, St Leonards on Sea, 1914, Torquay, 1915, Bude, 1916.

1910 - 1916 Devon Kent Norfolk
SJ/iv/a(3)misc Shipping accounts, showing freight charges, regarding Island of Grenada, 1805-6; inventories and accounts of West Indian estates with lists of named slaves, 1788-9 1788 - 1789 Slaving Plantations Slavery

Letters from Henry Badcock, 1849-51, including relating to voyage to Australia.

1849 - 1851 emigration correspondence
SA 706

Copy of petition to House of Lords relating to French privateers at Lundy Island, 1738

1738   Piracy Privateering

Paper regarding money for two boys who enter the merchant navy, 1646-7

1646 - 1647 Recruitment Appentice

Lease and release relating to William Shotbolt, late of Madras, merchant, deceased, 1733

1733   Correspondence Will

Bill of sale of 1/16 share in the Queen then on voyage to East Indies, 5 May 1768

1768   Commercial Partnership

Person drowned on steamship voyage from Liverpool to Beaumaris, 1831

1831   death
R Box 401

 Duke of Bedford vouchers and accounts for holidays to Brighton, Worthing, Bognor Regis, 1823, 1824.

1823 - 1824 Leisure Seaside Beach Hampshire
Q.S.R. 1816/217, 219

Settlement examination of man who served in Creole frigate and merchant vessel, 1816

1816   navy personnel
Q.S.R. 1812/199

Gaolers' bill taking James Read to London for naval service, 1812

1812   navy recruitment press
Q.S.R. 1812/140

Settlement examination of Hungarian man who served in Navy, 1812

1812   foreigner navy
Q.S.R. 1787/9-10

Order and paper to Lord Lieut. for searching for straggling seamen, 1787

1787   Navy Administration Personnel Dissertion
Q.S.R. 1781/38

Paper regarding illegal return of impressed man, 1781

1781   Navy Administration Personnel
Q.S.R. 1731/86

Examination of Italian sailor impressed in Navy 1731

1731   Navy Administration Personnel Recruitment
Q.S.R. 1730/73

Examination of sailor who was captured by pirates in the Azores, 1730

1730   Piracy Privateering
PO14 p.8

Renold assessment for building ships, 1677

1677   navy

Pym family log book of Lady Evelyn, yacht, on voyage to Norway from Southampton, 1880; Albania and Corfu via Brindisi, 1880; Ireland via Cowes, Devon and Cornwall.

1880   Yachting Tourism

Printed rules of Royal Yacht Squadron, 1891.

1891   Yachting

Sheet 5, includes 3 humorous menus of SS Toshi, 1891

1891   meal

Paper regarding Nelson's victory at the Nile, 1798

1798   Napoleonic Navy

Sheet two, bill of fare of SS Pekin, 1891

1891   Menu Catering

Paper regarding HMS Bedford, 1905

1905   navy correspondence
PM 2745-87 Merchant account books of Dutch and East Indian trade, 1737-62 1737 - 1762 Trade Commerce Accounts
PLPB/W 1818/48

Will of Thomas Bradshaw, late 1st Lieutenant of HMS Pearl, with etching of sea scene, 1818.

1818   Art
PLBP/W 1830/46

Will of John Bates, Private Marine, HMS Blake, 1830, with engraving.

1830   Mariner Art
P89/28/2 (Ravensden) Certificate of appointment of Revd A. Copinge as a friend of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Help Society, November 1900 1900   navy personnel ratings
P85/5/13(viii) Collection in church for the Titanic Disaster Fund, 1912 1912   Wreck Appeal

Shefford overseers' accounts including help to sailor, 1794-1809

1794 - 1809 navy

Note of three Cardington boys, aged 10-11, entered on HMS Lion, 1781

1781   recruitment navy juvenilles

Form of prayer for victory obtained over the French by Admiral Nelson, 1 August 1798

1798   navy religion France
P38/1/20/3 Form of prayer for victory obtained over the Dutch, 1797 1797   navy religion Holland

Precept for general search for idle men in Renhold, 1795

1795   press recruitment navy

Sketch of sea-going ship etched in parchment cover of parish register, eighteenth century.

1700 - 1799 picture art illustration
P.C.Stotfold 9/1

Certificate regarding HMS Balsam adopted by Stotfold during Warship's Week, 1942

1942   navy

 Letter regarding sinking of Otranto, 18 October 1918

1918   Wreck
OR2386/4 p.9

Paper regarding discovery of location of HMS Anson, 1902

1902   navy wrecks
OR2386/4 p.18

Letter regarding Nelson and the Battle of the Nile, present deficiency of the navy, 1893

1893   navy napoleonic correspondence

Printed transcript of letter from Edward VI to Sir Barnarby Fitzpatrick with itinerary of progress to Portsmouth, Southampton, etc. with mention of defences, on 22 August 1552.

1552   correspondence travel

Diary with mention of round Isle of Wight trip stopping at Ryde, 29 May 1883.

1883   travel

Letter mentioning sighting of German submarine in mouth of Solway firth, August 1915

1915   UBoat

Account by Gurney Gow of journey to Orkney, the Shetlands, 1891.

1891   travel diary

Account by Frederica St John Rouse-Boughton of Larden of travels including to North Wales, 1860, Aberystwyth, 1863.

1860 - 1863 travel correspondence

Visit by Mr Ortebar to Aberdeen, Inverness, 1861.

1861   travel correspondence

Account by Frederica St John Rouse-Boughton of Larden of travels including to North Wales, 1860, Aberystwyth, 1863

1860 - 1863 travel correspondence

Travel diary of Richard Ortebar to France, and Italy and Constantinople, 1856.

1856   Correspondence Europe Ferry Turkey

Reference to Henry Ortebar about to embark on ship under Captain Jones, 1812

1812   navy recruitment
OR2223/5 & 8

Paper regarding promotion of Orlando Orlebar, 1811 - c.1815

1811 - 1815 navy personnel

Print of Battle of Porto Bello, 1743

1743   Art Navy

Poem regarding War of Jenkins Ear, mid-eighteenth century

1739 - 1748 Poetry navy

Letter relating journey to Netherlands, 1829.

1829   Correspondence Europe Ferry

Letter from John Orlebar on HMS Larne in Jamaica, 1834 (also see 466A-B)

1834   navy correspondence

Account of Lord Bridport's victory over the French, 1795

1795   navy napoleonic correspondence

Account of start of sea voyage from Calais, 1785.

1785   France Travel Correspondence

Account of sea voyage to France, 1785.

1785   Europe Ferry Travel

Letter with mention of sea bathing at Southampton, 1784.

1784   bathing correspondence

Description of journey to Port Patrick and boat trip to Ireland, 1783.

1783   Travel Ferry Scotland

Account of travels from Newcastle, mid eighteenth century.

1725 - 1775 Correspondence

Account of travels from Dublin to Carlisle, eighteenth century.

1700 - 1799 Scotland Ireland Ferry
OR1770 Letter with mention of shipping bill, 1787 1787   Correspondence
OR 958

Copy Privy Council order regarding apprehension of straggling seamen, 1759

1759   Navy Administration Personnel Dissertion

Letter regarding Henry Osborn's naval rank, 1747.

1747   navy officer personnel correspondence

Letters of Admiral Sir George Byng including on leaving Admiralty, 1710-26.

1710 - 1726 resignation

Estimates for carriage of timber from Chicksands to Lyon, 1739.

1739   navy

Service records of those who enrolled at Bedford and Luton from 1914-18

1914 - 1918 Personnel Naval Mariner Enlistment

Pilotage Handbook (1906-17), Printed Admiralty Charts, 1927

1906 - 1927 navigation

Paper regarding release of man from pressgang, 1778

1778   navy press
M10/2/246, p.102

Paper regarding unsuccessful highwayman handed to press gang, 1761

1761   navy recruitment press

Letters of Christian Russell to his wife with references to naval officer, 1756-63 (see 10/2/246 pp24, 29)

1756 - 1763 navy correspondence

Panorama of Nelson's defeat of French at the Nile, 1 August 1798.

1798   picture art illustration
LL 19/2

Travel diaries of Mary Anne Brooks of Flitwick including to Liverpool, 1845, north Wales and Liverpool, 1847

1845 - 1847 travel correspondence

Diaries with entries on travel to South America and South Africa, 1903-4.

1903 - 1904 Correspondence
Li/Lib B 1/19/7 (88)

Correspondence regarding problems over discharge of James Newbery, 1813

1813   discharge navy
Li/Lib B 1/19/7 (42)

Note by Sir Robert Inglis regarding Lieut. Briscoe who died on the Nellish, c.1820

1820   discharge navy
Li/Lib B 1/19/7

Nineteenth century autograph collection with references to South Sea Co. shares, 1717-1720s

1717 - 1729 Travel Commerce Trade Diary

Accounts by Thomas Phillip, 3rd Lord Grantham, of yachting trip from Cowes to Plymouth, with visits ashore in Devon and Cornwall, 1813, and of travels from Edinburgh to Inverness followed by voyage in yacht to Inner Hebrides and northern Scotland,

1813 - 1829 Pleasure Tourism

Account by Lady Henrietta Cole of travels from Holyhead to Yorkshire, 1803.

1803   travel correspondence
L30/9a/2/169, 173 & 175

Letters from Marchioness Grey to Mary Gregory including relating to trial of Admiral Byng, December 1756 - January 1757 (see L30/9a/3/2 & 7)

1756 - 1757 legal correspondence

Accounts of tours by Marchioness Grey to East Anglia, 1750, Scarborough, 1752, Taymouth, 1755.

  Correspondence Travel Yorkshire

Letter regarding career of Admiral J.S. Yorke, c.1780-90

1780 - 1790 navy personnel officers

Letter regarding Brighton and sea bathing, 1764

1764   bathing correspondence

Letter with description of sea bathing around Southampton, 1751

1751   bathing correspondence

Letters regarding sea bathing at Taymouth, 1764

1764   bathing correspondence

Description of Channel crossing, 1691.

1691   Travel Ferry Europe France

Letter regarding possible chaplain for Plymouth Docks, c.1759

1759   navy officer appointments personnel correspondence

Letter from Lady Anson regarding naval commissions, c.1740-50s.

1740 - 1760 navy officer personnel correspondence

Letter regarding action of Sir E. Hughes against the French in India, 2 September 1782.

1782   Correspondence

Letter regarding capture of the Dolphin packet boat by the Dutch, December 1782

1782   Mail Prize Privateering Correspondence

Letters regarding passenger services between Dover and Calais, October 1782.

1782   travel correspondence

Resolve of Suffolk and other countries to build ships of war by voluntary contribution, October 1782.

1782   navy shipbuilding

Correspondence relating to the Newfoundland fishery, 1782-3.

1782 - 1783 whaling colonial

Letter regarding action of Dutch ships on Swedish and Danish coast, 1782.

1782   navy Holland correpondence

Letter regarding action taken regarding Dutch privateers, 1782.

1782   navy Holland correpondence

Paper relating to area of Newfoundland for French fishing, 1783.

1783   whaling colonial
L29/564/13 Letter regarding capture of the Elbe by the Dutch, 1783. 1783   navvy correspondence prizes

Claims by East India Company when Hinde Cutter seized at Rio de Janeiro, 1782

1782   legal correspondence

Letter regarding use made by Dutch merchants of neutral flags, 1782

1782   Correspondence Disguise

Letter regarding Dutch capturing British vessels, 1782.

1782   navvy correspondence prizes

Letter regarding Danish convoy taken by three privateers, 1782.

1782   navvy correspondence privateering

Paper relating to French gains in Newfoundland, 20 February 1783

1783   fishing colonial

Report on trade with Ireland, 1785

1785   Commerce

L29, papers of William Robinson including 187-341, as Commissioner of Trade and Plantations, 1754-1783, notably concerned with Africa, America, Honduras, Portugal, Board of Trade; 342-546, as Ambassador to Spain, 1760-77, including summaries of na

1754 - 1783 Diplomatic Commerce Correspondence
L list 149

Note of cost of alterations of the Mermaid, nineteenth century

1800 - 1899 Shiprepair Modifications
L List 148

Notebook of list of names of naval officers to be interviewed at Admiralty Board, April 1835.

1835   personnel
JN 70-90

Papers of Sir H.C. Janes relating to world travels, including photographs, maps, 1937-67.

1937 - 1967 Correspondence

Arrangements for John St John to travel to Batavia in East India Company's ship as an apprentice, 1719

1719   Indenture
HY 939-42

Diaries and misc. papers regarding travel to Holland and Italy, 1698-1714.

1698 - 1714 Correspondence Europe Ferry
HY 830

Paper regarding search ordered for straggling seamen, 1701.

1701   navy dessertion
HW 97/1

Printed prospectus of the South Sea Company, 1720

1720   Commerce Trade

Letter from Revd Henry Higgins with relation of journeys in West Indies, Vera Cruz and the Philippines, 1876.

  Correspondence Travel Mexico Pacific

Letter mentioning Capt. Hancock ready to sail from Portsmouth, 28 January 1815

1815   navy correspondence

Account of great naval fire at Portsmouth, 23 May 1791

1791   arson navy dockyard

Letter with mention of Lord Gambier having destroyed French line of battleships in Basque lands, April 1809

1809   navy correspondence battle despatch

Letter mentioning frigate's sighting of French and Spanish fleets off Lisbon, 10 August 1799

1799   navy napoleonic correspondence
HG 12/10/152-7

Letters from Kenneth Longuet Higgins, Royal Marine, killed in the Dardanelles, 1915

1915   Correspondence Gallipoli Memoirs
FN 1055

Letter book of the Royal African Company, 1727-8 (transcript CRT 180/546)

1727 - 1728 Correspondence Commerce Trade

Trees in Ampthill Park marked for Parliamentary Survey regarding naval use, 1649.

1649   Timber Building Ship Navy
DW 303 Debts owing to a London mercer involved in the Muscovy Company, East India Company and Flemish and Hamburg trade, 1608 1608   Trade Commerce Accounts
D.D.P.49/5/1 p.25

Reference to money given to captives of pirates, 1691

1691   Piracy Privateering

Letter from the Admiralty to Lord St John regarding his request for passage to Corunna or Lisbon in a man-of-war for Ensign St John, 30 June 1813

1813   passenger
CRT 160/113

Photocopy of two posters advertising the White Star Line

1880 - 1930 Adverising PR Art Photographs Illustrations
CRT 150/117

Notes on William Garratt of Roxton, convict transported to Australia in 1840.

1840   emigration transportation

Receipt for picture of HMS Bedford, 1905

1905   navy art painting
CCV54 Receipt for picture HMS Bedford, 1969, painted by W. Fred Mitchell in 1905 1905 - 1969 navy art painting

Timber return by Clerk of Peace for county, c.1808

1808   navy supplies shipbuilding
C.504 Crown grant of office of Registrar of Acts in Admiralty 1698   legal
BS 2093-138

Letters from William Lee Antonie to Edward Arrowsmith and others regarding naval academy, HMS Agamemnon, HMS Amphitrion, 1797-1802

1797 - 1802 navy education correspondence

Scrapbooks containing pictures of ships in the British Fleet, 1897-8

1897 - 1898 navy photographs

Paper relating Sailors' Canteen Committee adopted T.H. Burnard as their patron, 1914-15

1914 - 1915 navy personnel ratings

Letters to T.H. Barnard with thanks for gifts to Sailors' Canteen Committee, 1914-15

1914 - 1915 navy personnel ratings
AQ and X703

Business records of W.H. Allen of Bedford, relating to manufacture of diesel engines etc, 19th-20th century, including naval contracts

1800 - 1950 Navy Engineering Procurement
AD 3273

Account book of London silk merchant, 1648-9

1648 - 1649 Trade Commerce


Advert card for Union Steam Ship Co. Ltd for South Africa, 1889

1889   Advertisement Passenger
A.D. 1083

Letter from Viscount Torrington asking Admiralty for interest for Treasury Office, 1723

1723   navy finance
A.B.P./W 1684/20

Paper regarding Parliamentary tax towards building of 32 men of war, 1678.

1678   navy shipbuilding

Clothing coupons for Instructor Lieutenant Brownridge of HMS Illustrious, c.1948

1948   navy personnel stores rationing

Records of the Willington Depot for making knitted garments for the Royal Navy, 1941-6

1941 - 1946 navy stores clothing