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Name: Pembrokeshire Record Office
Postal address: The Castle

Town: Haverfordwest
County: Pembrokeshire
Post code: SA61 2EF
Telephone: 01437 763707
Web address:

272 documents found for Pembrokeshire Record Office:

Code Description Date Keywords
Board of Trade Board of Trade: marine maps  
D/Allen/3/56 Correspondence & accounts regarding `Milford Lights', 1758-99 1758 - 1799 Trinityhouse Lighthouse

Insurance policy of the Laura, yacht, 1876

1876   Yachting Legal

Milford Haven Dock and Railway co: records


Papers regarding Sherborn, Jamaica, 1775-82

1775 - 1782 Trade Commerce Accounts

Credentials & safe conduct for a journey to New York, 1782

1782   Passenger Travel Legal
D/CAR/141, 144-5

Papers, plans & correspondence regarding Carew R.N. Airship Station, 1915-24

1915 - 1924 FAA RNAS Navy Air

Fragment from merchant's account book of receipt for 36 parcels of tin containing 2,844 pieces from Joseph Goodshaw loaded onto the Horsam, Capt. Payton Nalson commander, for delivery to Edmund Crowe, chief of Gombroone, 9 Sept. 1706

1706   Trade Commerce Accounts

Notes on cost of a voyage of Priscilla of St Davids from Haverfordwest to Bristol, 1751

1751   Trade Commerce Travel Passenger

List of Pembrokeshire Quakers who emigrated, 1683-1711

1683 - 1711 Emigration

Souvenir dinner menu of the Coronation Naval Review, 1911

1911   Navy Social Stationery

Poster of the notice of sale of hull etc. of John & Betsy, sloop, stranded at Goodwick, 1801

1801   Illustration Wreck Advertisement

Papers regarding naval appointments of Lewis Davies to the Sapphire, 1818, the Rose, 1826, the Ariadne, 1827 & the Dido, 1836

1818 - 1836 navy officer personnel correspondence

Ships' log books, 1892-1911

1892 - 1911 Administration

Logbooks of the Colburga, barque of Maitland, Nova Scotia, from New York to Sydney, Singapore, Boston, Portland, Buenos Aires & Havre, 1892-3; from New York to Buenos Aires, Barbadoes, Florida, Rio De Janeiro & Turks Island, 1903-4;

1892 - 1911 Navigation

Shipping register of James Higgon for culm for Nolton haven, 1844-9

1844 - 1849 Trade Commerce Accounts

Case & opinion regarding bankruptcy, May 1901

1901   Shipbuilder Shipowner

Conditions of sale & other papers of the Ann of Lulford harbour, 1875

1875   Shipping Shipowner
D/LLC, 825

Accounts regarding Fullerswood plantation, Jamaica, of James Rowe, 1825-37; 842, list of St James estates & proprietors, post 1833; 896, accounts for St Austins, 1845; 815 passim, various papers regarding Sunderland estate, Jamaica, 1811-50

1811 - 1850 Slavery trade Commerce Sugar

Certificate of registry of the Anne & Bettey, square-sterned sloop, owners of New Quay, 1814; bill of sale of the Anne & Betty, 1818

1814 - 1818 Registration Shipowning Shipowner
D/LP/945 & 956

Fragment of account for St Anne's lights, 1758; note of the Allen family regarding St Anne's lights, 17 October 1770

1758 - 1770 Trinityhouse Lighthouse

Papers of the Milford Haven Conservancy Board (later Port Authority), 1960-84

1960 - 1984 Administration Accounts

Records of Milford Docks Company comprising papers of 1, Board of Directors: D/1, minutes, 1874-1962, D/2, copies of minutes, 1928-31, 1939-55; D/3, agenda books, 1923-7, 1959-61; various committee minutes, 1887-8, 1912, 1916, 1927, 1957-9; direct

1874 - 1962 Administration Accounts Legal
D/MDC Milford Docks Co. Ltd: additional records including minutes and letter books 1880 - 1959 Companies correspondence

Milford Dock Company byelaws & regulations regarding shipping, 1902

1902   Legislation Fishing

Papers of the Saundersfoot Railway & Harbour Company, 1831-1933, including minute books, correspondence, plans for intended pier or breakwater, conveyances

1831 - 1933 Administration Accounts Legal

Papers of the Milford Haven Estate, including letter books, accounts, rentals, 1862-1944

1862 - 1944 Legal Correspondence

Milford Haven Port Authority: plans of Milford Docks 19th-20th cent.

1800 - 1999 docks harbour port authority

Papers of the Milford Port Sanitary Authority, including regulations & circular regarding cholera, plague & yellow fever on ships, 1907

1907   Legal Administration Health

Draft land conveyance to Admiralty at Johnston, 24 November 1954

1954   Contract Legal Property

Papers of Coastal Fisheries (Western) Ltd, 1948, 1954; 445-58, papers of Don Trawling Co. Ltd, 1940-55; 507-30, papers of Goodleigh Fisheries Ltd, 1932-58; 634, report on Norrard Trawlers Ltd, 1955; 635, papers of North Eastern Trawlers Ltd, 1949;

1932 - 1958 Fishing Infrastructure Legal Financial

Papers regarding Fishguard Harbour Improvement Company, comprising list of shareholders, 1906, correspondence & paper regarding transfer of shares, 1906-26

1906 - 1926 Port Docks Development

Bill of sale of 9/64th share of the Gleaner of Fishguard, 20 December 1825

1825   Shipowner Shipping
D/RIP William Davies 2/44

Paper regarding bequest of the Young Eagle, 1800

1800   Shipping Will

Letters regarding repairs to sea wall in front of Eaton Hall, 1928

1928   Environment
D/RKL/356 & 737-53 Correspondence & misc letters & vouchers of Cleddau Fishery Board, 1947-9, 1930-46 1930 - 1949 Fishing Regulations Legal

Papers regarding National Association of Fishery Boards, including Executive Committee, 1930-1; posters, 1938-9; rules adopted at AGM, February 1933

1930 - 1939 Fishing Regulations Byelaws

Correspondence of Messrs Hancock & Westenborg, 1922-4

1922 - 1924 Fishing Infrastructure

Papers regarding collision of the SS Emmanuel & the steam trawler William in Ramsey Sound, 1925-6

1925 - 1926 Accident Salvage

Papers regarding estate of W. Kinnard, fishmerchant, 1926-8

1926 - 1928 Fishing Infrastructure Legal Financial Will

Correspondence of Messrs G Webber & Son of Billingsgate with W Hunt of Milford, 1922-3

1922 - 1923 Fishing Infrastructure Legal Financial

Papers regarding sale of two coal barges, 1926-7

1926 - 1927 Shipowner Shipping
D/RTM/1/223 Papers of Messrs Rawlings & Company, Milford Haven, 1927 1927   Fishing Infrastructure Legal Financial

Papers regarding unpaid blacksmith's work on boats, 1927

1927   Repairs Boatyard

Papers of Ernest Wood, Milford Haven, 1928-39

1928 - 1939 Fishing Infrastructure Legal Financial

Correspondence regarding claim for compensation of Iago Steam Fishing Company Ltd, 1923-4

1923 - 1924 Fishing Infrastructure Legal Financial
D/RTM/1/361 & DX/174

Receipted bills from Bristol Steam Navigation Company, 1878-9

1878 - 1879 Shipowner Shipping Accounts

Papers regarding loss of M/V Arravale wrecked off Ireland, 1930

1930   Wreck Salvage

Letters of the Milford Haven Ice Company regarding debt of Cuxwald Steam Fishing Company, 1922-3

1922 - 1923 Fishing Infrastructure Legal Financial

Letters regarding bad debt of West Coast Ship Repairing Company, 1923

1923   Shiprepair Legal Accounts

Letters regarding Great Grimsby Coal, Salt & Tanning Company bad debt, 1923-4

1923 - 1924 Trade Commerce Accounts

Correspondence & other papers regarding collision of the Charles Boyes, steam trawler, & the Tempest, schooner, Millford Docks, 8 January 1924

1924   Legal Correspondence Fishing

File regarding sale of Neyland Ice Factory including sale particulars & ground plan, 1935-6

1935 - 1936 Fishing Infrastructure

Correspondence regarding loss of the Scarborough Castle, 1923-4

1923 - 1924 Wreck Insurance

Dispute over infringement of patent, 1934-5

1934 - 1935 Fishing Regulations Legal

Summons for using prohibited method of fishing oysters at Wexford, 1924

1924   Fishing Regulations Legal

Correspondence regarding claim for damages, 1924-5

1924 - 1925 Fishing Regulations Legal

Papers regarding summonses of various skippers to appear in Ireland for illegally fishing within defined limits, 1924-5

1924 - 1925 Fishing Regulations Legal

Papers regarding alleged violation of patent trawling gear, 1923-6

1923 - 1926 Fishing Regulations Legal

Dissolution of partnership of fish sellers in Milford Haven, 1922-5

1922 - 1925 Fishing Infrastructure Legal Financial

Minutes of protest regarding mishaps on voyages, 1881-1958

1881 - 1958 Wreck Insurance

Mortgage & sale of the Emma Ernest, brig of Bristol, 1879

1879   Shipbuilder Shipowner

Rules, regulations & charges made by Milford Docks Company for use of patent slipway, c.1906

1906   Legal

Photograph of docks with trawlers, n.d.

  Illustration Fishing Ports Harbours Wales

Claim by Long Liner Fleck regarding damage to trawling lines, 1922

1922   Fishing Regulations Legal

Accounts regarding Steam Liner Fleck, 1922

1922   Trade Commerce Travel Correspondence

Correspondence concerning an improvement to trawling gear, 1928-34

1928 - 1934 Fishing

Account of arrest of French crabber for illegal fishing & recommendation, n.d.

  Fishing Regulations Legal Poaching

Sale notice of the Triumph, fishing schooner, Milford Haven, 1909

1909   Shipowner Shipping
D/RTM/100 Papers regarding refusal to supply non-local ships, 1925 1925   Fishing Regulations Legal

Timetable & administrative arrangements for ceremony naming Tenby lifeboat, 2 June 1956

1956   RNLI

Admiralty charts, 1860-1943

1860 - 1943 Cartography Navigation

Memorandum & articles of association of the Essex Steam Trawling Company, Ltd, 1919

1919   Fishing Infrastructure Legal Financial

Byelaws of Milford Haven harbour, 1960

1960   Legal Administration

Report on ice factory at Burton, 1934

1934   Fishing Infrastructure

Letters form W. Macfarlane of London, shipping agent, for Richards & Co., to extend operations to the Far East, 18 October 1876 - 12 June 1883

1876 - 1883 Trade Commerce Shipowner

Letters regarding possibility of investing in a firm trying to set up a line of steamers between Milford Haven & New York, 1876

1876   Shipowner Shipping Transatlantic

Memorandum & articles of association registers of directors, correspondence, etc. regarding Fish Trades Protection Association, 1912-17

1912 - 1917 Fishing Infrastructure Legal Financial

Papers re use of trawlers as minesweepers & patrol vessels, 1912-17.

1912 - 1917 Navy STUFT Requisitioning

Assignment of shipbuilding yard at Pembroke Dock, 1921

1921   Legal

Partnership agreement of steam trawlers, 1920

1920   Fishing Infrastructure Legal Financial

Agreement to carry on business of fishmerchants, 1921

1921   Fishing Infrastructure Legal Financial

Agreement to lease oyster beds at Milford Haven, 1871-2.

1871 - 1872 Fishing Regulations Legal

Publicity poster for Milford Docks Company, c.1870

1870   Illustration Advertisement

Correspondence, draft conveyance etc. of Castle Hall sale to the Admiralty, 1933-4

1933 - 1934 Property Contract Legal
D/RTM/MHE/801 Receipts for quay dues paid at Milford by Capt. Hamlyn, 1867-72, abstracts of Milford harbour tolls & dues, 1877-81 1867 - 1882 Port Administration Accounts

Letter from Board of Trade regarding importance of signals on lighthouses, 1878

1878   Trinityhouse Lighthouse

Bill of sale of shares in Claudia, schooner, & Anne, brig, 1872

1872   Shipbuilder Shipowner

Bill of sale of shares in Anne, brig, & Harmony, schooner, 1872

1872   Shipbuilder Shipowner
D/RTP/3/393 & 408

Correspondence of Great Western Railway regarding Fishguard Harbour Improvement Company, 1922-7, 1928-30

1922 - 1930 Docks Harbour

Probate papers of Arthur Devonald Reynolds, of Haverfordwest, death on munition ship at Victoria Dock, Bombay, 1944-51

1944 - 1951 Will Legal Seaman

Reports of Cleddau Fishery Board & subsequent summonses, 1924-8

1924 - 1928 Fishing Regulations Legal
D/RTP/4/16, page 53

Sketch showing proposed rocket, apparatus shed, Tenby, 1883

1883   Lifeboat RNLI Illustration
D/RTP/4/35, page 58 Papers of the Board of Trade approving lease regarding enlarged rocket house for Tenby station, 1884 1884   RNLI Lifeboat

Crew account of expenses from Sheerness to Cardiff & thence to Genoa, 1916

1916   Personnel Mariner
D/RTP/5/337/5 Release of trusteeship of the estate of Maria Browning, widow, whose estate included the Milford Haven, smack, Auroria, brig, John, schooner, all of Milford Haven, 26 January 1872 1872   Shipowner Shipping

Notice of SS Talbot sailing from Carmarthen to Bristol via Tenby with fares, times, etc., c.1862

1862   Timetable Passenger Ferry

Volume regarding Phillipsfield estate, Jamaica, including lists of slaves & stock, March 1832

1832   Slaving Plantations Slavery

Papers, accounts & correspondence of the Royal Diadem, 1868-85

1868 - 1885 Trade Commerce Shipowner

Papers regarding naval service of Richard Evans, 228-42, including 228, letter of 1881 regarding service certificates from the Brisk in 1863 to the Aurora in 1875; 229, list of ships that were served on from 1860 to 1892; 230, co

1860 - 1903 Navy Officer Personnel Correspondence Wreck
D/TE Papers of John Tasker & the Evans family of Upton Castle including of John Tasker, employee of the East India Company at Bombay, containing 1-5, letter books 1791-6; 3, marine order books, 1791-5; 6, notebook containing lists of ships & dimen 1791 - 1796 Trade Commerce Shipowner Legal

Bill of lading for 20 casks of butter shipped from Milford Haven to Bristol by David & Paul Starbuck, 28 August 1819

1819   Trade Commerce

Bill from Alexander F. Ridgeway to Thomas Mathias Davies for arranging a voyage for his son Cornelius Davies & equipping him for the sea, February & March, 1835

1835   Apprentice Indenture

Letter from Emily Alicia Davies to her son Vaughan regarding her daughter travelling onboard a sloop in St Brides Bay to St Davids, 27 July 1847

1847   Travel Correspondence

Apprenticeship indenture of Vaughan Palmer Davies of Brrom Hill, parish of Dale, with Capt. William Bickford of the Worcester, barque, of London, 12 March 1844

1844   Apprentice
D/WIL/149-50 Letters from William Mortimer to his parents at Trewellwell, St Davids, regarding his voyage as a surgeon on an East Indiaman & life onboard, 1804 1804   Travel Correspondence Medical

Correspondence of Capt. D. Jenkins, Dinas Cross, regarding Gwalia Shipping Company Ltd, 1923/4 (see also 4/10)

1923 - 1924 Trade Commerce Shipowner

Fishguard Regatta accounts, 1919

1919   Yachting

Notebook regarding manure cargo carried by the Rapid, 1895-6

1895 - 1896 Trade Commerce Accounts

Logbook (partial) of the Princess Royal of Milford & Cardigan, 1871-2

1871 - 1872 Administration

Records of James Vaughan, coal & general merchants of Milford Haven, comprising ledger noting named ships & letterbooks, 1893-1909

1893 - 1909 Trade Commerce Accounts
DB/28 Papers of the Milford Haven Ice Company Ltd, 1920-89 1920 - 1989 Fishing Infrastructure
DB/29 Misc papers of the Milford Haven Fish Trades Protection Assoc. Ltd, comprising press cuttings, 1937-74; photograph, c.1920; register of directors, 1934-64; papers of Merchants (Milford Haven) Ltd, 1945-64. 1920 - 1974 Fishing Regulations Byelaws

Accounts of the Cardigan Mercantile Company Ltd, 1790-1973, including 14 & 17, letters referring to sea voyages, 1826-7

1826 - 1827 Trade Commerce Shipowner

Insurance policy of the Dinas Joanna, 27 July 1914

1914   Legal Administration

Account book of the Sally, brig, owned by Lewis Thomas, with reference to being built at Aberystwyth, coastal & Irish voyages, 1796-1824

1796 - 1824 Shipbuilder Shipowner
DB/42 Papers of the Milford Haven Dock & Railway Company, 1860-1978, including papers of the Board of Directors, shareholders, shares, deeds & agreements, correspondence, accounts, plans, misc papers 1860 - 1978 Harbour Port Docks Development Legal

Papers of the Milford Haven Shipbuilding & Engineering Company Ltd including memorandum & articles of association, summary of capital & lists of shareholders, copy of special resolutions, resolution of liquidation & related corresp

1873 - 1887 Shipbuilding Specifications

Receipt counterfoils book of the Milford Haven Dry Dock Company Ltd, 1923-8

1923 - 1928 Accounts

Minute book & private ledger of the Milford Haven Fishmeal Company Ltd, 1941-65, 1966-7

1941 - 1967 Fishing Regulations Legal

Misc papers of the Milford Haven Trawler Owners Association Ltd, 1938, 1962, 1970, 1977

1938 - 1977 Fishing

Damage book of R & JH Rea, Ltd, tugboat operators of Milford Haven, 1960-72

1960 - 1972 Insurance Reapirs

Misc papers of the Milford Docks Company, including report on Pembrokeshire coalfields, 1955; postcards of Fishguard Haven, 1907, 1911, n.d.; pamphlets, 1908, 1922, 1974; memorandum of landings from RMS Mauretania at Fishguard, 1909; Company notep

1907 - 1984 Administration Accounts Legal

Notebooks of vessels trading at Porthgain, 1908-18

1908 - 1918 Trade Commerce Accounts

Notebooks of weights of barges carried by ships, Porthgain, 1916, 1927-8, 1930-2

1916 - 1932 Trade Commerce Accounts

Plan of Porthgain harbour, 1902

1902   Chart Map

Brochure for `Shipping World' Yearbook, 1943

1943   Publicity

Insurance papers regarding the Lord Exmouth, 1897-8

1897 - 1898 Legal Administration

Photograph of Fishguard Lifeboat (sail & oar boat) & crew, n.d.


Papers regarding John Evans, deceased, swept overboard from the SS Cairn Gowan, 1899-1901

1899 - 1901 Drowning

Papers of Capt. J. George Trevine regarding SS Thornond, 1921

1921   Trade Commerce Accounts

Copy of verses on departure of Nehemiah & Elizabeth Thomas for Australia, 1841

1841   Emigration Transportation Poetry

Various papers referring to the Angle lifeboat, including minute book of Milford Branch, cash books of Milford & Angle Branches, correspondence, report sheet, regulations, returns of services, 1881-1968

1881 - 1968 Rescue RNLI

Video cassette of the launch of the Lady Rank, lifeboat, 1987

1987   Rescue RNLI

Committee minutes of the Milford Haven Sailor's Rest, 1928-50

1928 - 1950 Welfare
DX/1/6 & 159/36

Postcards of Haverfordwest Fish Market, 1907, n.d.

1907   Fishing Illustration Photograph

Postcards & photographs of Docks, Milford Haven, c.1972

1972   Photograph Illustration Ephemera

Travel diary of voyage to Egypt onboard SS Cathay, November 1888 - January 1889

1888 - 1889 Passenger

Letters regarding relative merits of Fishguard & Milford Haven, 1838-45

1838 - 1845 Harbour Port Docks Development

Postcard of SS St Patrick in Fishguard, n.d.

  Illustration Liner

Apprenticeship indenture of fitter at the Pembroke dockyard, 1902

1902   Navy

Papers of James Benjamin Clarke, carpenter on HMS Cressy, 1914

1914   Navy Administration Personnel

Great Western Railway instructions regarding working in Fishguard Harbour on occasion of visit of RMS Lusitania, 1909

1909   Liner

Copy of layout plan of SS Menna, n.d. & of SS Magdalen, n.d.

  Drawing GA

Postcards of Fishguard Haven, Pembroke quay, Saundersfoot Harbour, Tenby beach, HMS Warrior, n.d.

  Illustration Fishing Ports Harbours Navy Wales

Report on Milford Haven Docks, 1881

1881   Administration

Byelaws of Milford Dock Company, 1896

1896   Legal

Publicity leaflet regarding New York & Milford Haven Steamship Company, 1894

1894   Transatlantic Passenger Advertising
DX/166/1 Description of wreck of American ship on Pembrokeshire coast, 1856 1856   Salvage Stranding

Report on the port of Milford Haven by the Milford Haven Conservancy Board, n.d.


Fish Trades Year Book containing legal notes, 1913

1913   Fishing Infrastructure

Photographs including of Andromeda, HMS Clio, RMS Lusitania, HMS Nautilus, HMS Victory, 1897-c.1931

1897 - 1931 Illustration Navy Liner

Photographs & papers regarding naval career of A.C. Arnold, c.1890-1912

1890 - 1912 Navy Administration Personnel

MSS description of naval training, c.1891, with photograph of HMS Nautilus, training brig, n.d.

1891   Navy Education Training Illustration

Photograph of HMS Victory, c.1931

1931   Illustration Navy

Views of the Milford Haven docks, c.1900

1900   Illustration Photograph

Postcard of Tenby Fish Market, c.1900

1900   Fishing Illustration Photograph

 Plan of Saundersfoot harbour, c.1920

1920   Chart Map

Letter from RNLI, 1909

1909   Rescue Lifeboat

Two copies of testimonials written to honour the Panama Pilots by merchant navy captains, c.1940


Diary of AC Folger with references to shipping of Milford, 1806-11

1806 - 1811 Ports Mercantile Trade

Timetable of Neyland-Hobbs Point Ferry, n.d.


Letter to AVW Stokes describing fishing in Germany, 1904.

1904   N.Sea

Letter from A.J. Davies enroute to Australia, 1883

1883   Emigration Transportation Correspondence

Letter regarding voyage to Sydney in the Rialto, 1883

1883   Travel Commerce Trade Diary

Book of press cutting on naval matters, particularly Portsmouth & Pembroke dock, 1822-1925

1822 - 1925 PR Illustrations Photographs navy
DX/4/34 Fishermerchant's ledger, Milford Haven, 1906 1906   Fishing

Sale of Burton ice factory, 1914

1914   Fishing Infrastructure

Diary of William Griffiths describing his voyage to Minicoy & his building lighthouse in Ceylon, 1882-3

1882 - 1883 Travel Correspondence

Photograph of three Llangwm fisherwomen, n.d.

  Illustration Fishing

Order of service for memorial services for crews of Richard Crofts & Milford Viscount, crabbers, 1950, 1953

1950 - 1953 Fishing Church Religion Commemoration

List of ships sailing to Porthgain quarries, n.d.

  Trade Commerce

Diary of a seaman on HMS Bristol, 1868-71

1868 - 1871 Personnel Navy

Diary of seamen on HMS Bristol, 1868-71

1868 - 1871 Navy

Photograph of HMS Sultan, c.1876

1876   Illustration Navy

Apprenticeship indenture made between Joseph Rowe of West Hartlepool & Watson Brothers, shipowners, of Glasgow, 8 April 1897

1897   Apprentice

Membership certificate of Henry John in the Shipping Federation Benefit Fund, 19 July 1904

1904   Welfare Pension

Letters & telegram announcing the death at sea on the same day of Captain Rowe & Captain John, 14 May 1918


Poem `The Milford Haven Docks', 1864

1864   Poetry
DX/81/29 & 31

List of travellers on the Melbourne to Sydney, 1887; letters from H.H.S. Bowen to his mother & aunts on his voyage to Sydney, 17 October 1887, 10 January 1888

1887 - 1888 Travel Correspondence Passengers
DX/9/7, pages 12, 33

Scrapbook & notebooks with references to lighthouses, n.d.

  Trinityhouse Lighthouse
DX/93/10 Newspaper cuttings regarding wrecks, 1929 1929   Wreck Salvage

Papers regarding St Davids lifeboat & accounts of the loss of the Gem, 1964

1964   Rescue RNLI Wreck

Letter referring to wreck of the Amity, 1668

1668   Salvage

Papers regarding loss of the Gem & career of S.W. Mortimer & St David's lifeboat, 1910-56

1910 - 1956 Rescue RNLI Wreck

Papers regarding visit of RMS Mauretania to Fishguard in 1909

1909   Correspondence Diary

Correspondence & notes regarding the Skerries, 1924

1924   Trinityhouse Lighthouse

Account of flags landed from the Minerva, Gipsy & Intrepid, 1838

1838   Trade Commerce
Haverford, 698, 700

Receipts by the Mayor for payment on the apple tolls, 20 July & 28 September 1616

1616   Trade Commerce Accounts
Haverfordwest 1163

Letter regarding provision of ships for royal wars, c.1311

1311   STUFT
Haverfordwest 1466-98

Papers regarding river Cleddau improvements, 1842-6

1842 - 1846 Plans Works
Haverfordwest 2166 & 1163

Letters regarding trade of Haverfordwest with Bristol, Gascony & Ireland, fourteenth century

1300 - 1399 Correspondence Commerce Trade

Drawings of Neyland-Hobbs Point ferry boats the Cleddau Queen & the Cleddau King, 1953-62, n.d.

1953 - 1962 Plans

Diary of Thomas Rogers Griffiths of Style, Bosherston, regarding wreck & salvage of the Sea King at Stackpole, 1896

1896   Wreck Insurance

Letters from the Herbert family emigrating from Pembrokeshire to Melbourne, Australia, 1890-4, with references to the Palmerston

1890 - 1894 Emigration Correspondence

Copy papers regarding Nova Scotia Whalers to Milford Haven, 1790-1

1790 - 1791 Whaling Colonial

Programme of ceremony of the launch of RNLB Sir Galahad, 1986

1986   RNLI
HDX/1134/3 & 1124/35

Papers regarding US naval facility, Brawdy, June 1985, c.1987-91

1985 - 1991 USN Navy Wales

Shipping label for goods, c.1830

1830   Trade Commerce Accounts

Copy of Board of Trade Certificate of Master's competency to James Williams, 24 November 1871

1871   Mariner

Photocopy of misc papers advocating a pier & breakwater at Fishguard, 1817

1817   Harbour Port Docks

List of Dutch minesweepers stationed at Milford Haven, 1940-6

1940 - 1946 MCM Holland Minewarfare

Leaflets on various lighthouse, 1985-9

1985 - 1989 Trinityhouse Lighthouse

Copy of fisherman's discharge certificate from Lydian, steam trawler, Milford Haven, 1913

1913   Fishing Seamen

Proposals for lengthening pier at Milford Docks, with estimates of costs, c.1890-1910

1890 - 1910 Harbour Development

Bill to Mrs A Hicks from the Bristol General Steam Navigation Company, 2 April c.1830

1830   Shipowner Shipping Accounts

Shipping statistics for Cardigan, Milford & Pembroke for the years 1786-1819, copied c.1987

1786 - 1819 Commerce Trade Government

Notes on lighthouses in Pembroke, Cornwall & in general, ?nineteenth century

  Trinityhouse Lighthouse

Copy of apprenticeship indenture of Thomas Williams of Milford as a mariner to John Kendall of Workington, Cumberland, 18 June 1795

1795   Seaman

Photograph & notes on SS Ibex, 1900, 1988

1900 - 1988 Illusration

Notes on coastal shipments of coal, culm, limestone & grain, 1833

1833   Trade Commerce

Arithmetical exercise book possibly of Mary Ann Thomas of St Ishmael, Pembroke, c.1832-53, includes reference to arrival of London sprat, 1828-32

1832 - 1853 Education

Service certificate of William Jones, R.N., 1903-45

1903 - 1945 Navy Administration Personnel

Letter describing voyage from Plymouth to Pembroke Dock, March 1839 Pembroke dockyard

1839   Navy Administration Navigation

Copy papers of Richard Llewellin of Tregwynt, Granston, 1864-72, including bills for carrying limestone onboard the Mary Ann, 1871

1864 - 1872 Trade Commerce Accounts

Copy list of ships built by J & W Francis of Castle Pill, Milford Haven & of Pembroke Dock, c.1866-1909; copy list of ships built by J. Gaddarn of Neyland, c.1859-70

1859 - 1870 Shipbuilder

Apprenticeship indenture of J. Allen to John Rees, 1875

1875   Shipbuilding

Leaflet on the sailings of White Funnel Fleet from Milford Haven & Tenby, 1963

1963   Ferry Passenger Timetable

Copy of notes on the wreck of the Frolic, steam packet, off Nash Point, Glamorgan, n.d.

  Wreck Salvage
HDX/1364/1 Photocopy of Trinity House petition from Anne Davies of Mailgrove, Cardigan, received 9 January 1850 1850   Navigation

Journal of Dinas coastguard, January - February 1892

1892   Rescue Smuggling Wreck

Copy masters' certificate & ships served, 1814-52

1814 - 1852 Mariner Captain

Copy of service forms of Richard & William Lewis of Llangwm, 1852, 1870

1852 - 1870 Navy Administration Personnel

Posters of the Milford Haven Tall Ships Race, 1991

1991   Publicity Illustrations

List of warships built at Pembroke Dockyard & equipment at closure, n.d.

  Navy Shipbuilding

Various papers deposited by the Milford Haven Ice Company Ltd, 1919-41

1919 - 1941 Fishing Infrastructure

Poster for steamship service from Liverpool to Milford & Pont Talbot, n.d.

  Adverising PR Art Photographs Illustrations

Ten letters to John Williams at Treached, including references to coastal trade, 1790-1802

1790 - 1802 Trade Commerce Accounts

Letters to Robert Fulke Greville regarding shipping, 1809-29

1809 - 1829 Ports Mercantile Trade

Apprenticeship indenture of George Brown to Peter Hancock, shipbuilder, of Milford Haven, 1895

1895   Shipbuilding

Fish abstract book of GWR Milford Station, 1934-62

1934 - 1962 Fishing Transport Railway

Apprenticeship indenture of Charles Nash to Francis Jones of Milford Haven, shipbuilder, 1890

1890   Shipbuilding

Photograph of ferry & pontoon, Neyland, n.d.


Postcard of fishermen's homes near Tenby harbour, c.1880

1880   Fishing Illustration Photograph

Bundle of misc receipts of the Bristol Navigation Company, 1850-60

1850 - 1860 Trade Commerce Accounts

Postcards of Milford Fish Market, trawlers, etc, c.1909

1909   Fishing Illustration Photograph

Postcards of Milford Docks, c.1909

1909   Photograph Illustration Ephemera

Letter with information on measurements & structure of the Darling & alterations to Rival, 1829

1829   Shipbuilding Specifications

Four volumes of illustrated biography of George Williams, staff commander, navigator, R.N., of Pembroke Dock, 1817-69

1817 - 1869 Navigation Hydrography Ilustrations

Notebook of James Nash regarding shipwreck near St Elvis, c.1870-90

1870 - 1890 Wreck Salvage

Port of Cardigan: registers of shipping, 1824-55; registers of transactions, 1855-6

1824 - 1856 Shipowner Legal Mariner

Port of Milford: registers of fishing boats, 1869-1926; registers of ships, 1827-1906; registers of transactions, 1855-1934

1827 - 1926 Shipowner Legal Mariner

Records of HM Customs & Excise Receiver of Wrecks, for Milford, March 1920 - August 1986 & for Neyland, November 1938 - December 1958

1920 - 1986 Wreck

Records of HM Customs & Excise Receiver of Wrecks, for Neyland, record of ships' crews, 1914-58; record of ships arriving from a foreign port, 1903-58; record of ships cleared for a foreign port, 1927-58; record of seamen engaged, 1914-58

1914 - 1958 Wreck Personnel Movements Trade

Papers of James Vaughan of Milford Haven, 1863-1907 & ROB/1-168, papers of the Roberts family, 1712-1937

1712 - 1937 Trade Commerce Accounts

Correspondence, deeds, financial papers, plans, papers, directors' reports & shareholders meeting papers, printed material, etc. of the Milford Docks Company, 1870-1935

1870 - 1935 Administration

Papers of the Milford Haven Estate, including conveyances of property & associated papers, tenancy agreements, draft leases, leases & other deeds, correspondence, general estate papers, financial papers & accounts, maps & plans &am

1790 - 1967 Legal

Papers on conference on education for the fishery industry, 1949

1949   Fishing Training

Records of the manager of the Pembrokeshire County Council Ferry, 1949-74

1949 - 1974 Administration Accounts Legal

Papers regarding Pater Steam Trawling Company, 1914-15

1914 - 1915 Fishing Infrastructure Legal Financial

Presentment that Pembroke ferryman overcharged for ferry passage, 1783

1783   Ferry Passenger
PG/7/21/35-41 & 22/25-8

Orders to Union Packet master to return vagrants to Ireland, 1783-4

1783 - 1784 Emigration Transportation

Correspondence regarding leasing of St Anne's Head, alias Milford Lights, 1780-1801

1780 - 1801 Trinityhouse Lighthouse

Arbitrator's award of salvage money for Neptune, 1808

1808   Wreck Insurance

Cash book, correspondence, etc. of William Brown, pilot of Milford, 1823-32

1823 - 1832 Mariner Property Possessions Financial

Order to overseers of Steynton to provide relief for five castaway seamen, 1829

1829   Personnel Rescue

Obstruction of petty constable while recruiting, 1779

1779   Recruitment Navy

Account of master of the House of Correction regarding delivery of Richard Codd to press gang to be sent aboard man of war, 1779

1779   Recruitment Navy

Recognisance to give evidence against those accused of stealing timber intended for a mast, part of the cargo of the Tryall, 1778

1778   Legal Theft Court

Account of William Bowen for Thomas Williams for meeting regarding defence of harbour & county, 1778

1778   Environment
PQ/AC/2 & PQ/RH/1 Minutes of commissioners appointed under Act for regulating oyster, sole & salmon fishing in Milford Harbour & rivers, 1865-73, 1810-65, with register of fishermen under the byelaws. 1810 - 1873 Fishing Regulations Byelaws

Papers regarding meeting of Commissioners to regulate oyster, sole & salmon fisheries in Milford Haven, 1817

1817   Fishing Regulations Byelaws
PQ/C/1/6, PQ/RB Abstract of register of boats on Cleddau, 1795 1795   Shipowner Legal Mariner

Information about bringing stones to Haverfordwest by boat, objections of masters regarding drawbridge and shallow water, etc. 1818-19

1818 - 1819 Navigation Docks

Notes regarding shipping on the Cleddau, c.1920-30

1920 - 1930 Commerce Trade

Records of R.T.P. Williams & Sons, solicitors including 1-137, Office papers; 1/1-853, client's files, 1922-50; 10/1-105, shipping papers, including notorial; 3/1-99, client's accounts; 4/1-140, small groups of papers regarding particular fami

1922 - 1955 Trade Commerce Shipowner Legal
Sheriff's accounts

Including 207, writ from J. Wogan of Buslton by virtue of Admiralty commission to Haverfordwest Sherrif to summon a jury, 8 March 1589; 276, letter from Milford Haven to the Mayor of Haverfordwest regarding duties on the cargoes of two ships bound

1589 - 1846 Legislation Fishing Navigation Ports Salvage Wreck

Papers of the Coastguard stations, comprising 1, permanent station record book, 1924-52; 2-14, logbooks of St Anns Head Station, Dale, 1962-70; 15-19, logbooks of Wooltack Point station, Marloes, 1962-9

1924 - 1970 Rescue Smuggling Wreck

Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen, Cardigan: shipping registers

1855 - 1984
T/SHIP/2 Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Milford Haven: ships registration papers 1858 - 1992
T/SHIP/2 addl Customs and Excise, Milford: registers of fishing boats 1945 - 1988 trade commerce

Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen, Milford Haven: shipping registers

1907 - 1988