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Name: Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre

Formerly Wilshire and Swindon Record Office.

Postal address: Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre
Cocklebury Road
Town: Chippenham
County: Wiltshire
Post code: SN15 3QN
Telephone: 01249 705500
Web address:

52 documents found for Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre:

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Royal Navy Store Depot, Copenacre: photographs and papers, 1940-95.

1940 - 1995 Wiltshire stores arms armaments

papers relating to of Mrs Mildred Mary Bruce's power boat activities, 1920s - 1930s, including bundle of misc. correspondence and accounts relating to the running of Southern Speed Boats of Littlehampton, Sussex, 1929; conversion of an ex-Admiralt

1929 - 1949 yachts powerboats

Programmes and photocopies of diaries of reminiscences of cruises on HMS Renown and Revenge, etc., c.1920-30

1920 - 1930 naval diaries

commission to William Huyshe Yeatman-Biggs as lieutenant in the RN. Volunteer Reserve, 20 March 1915

1915   navy recruitment

service record of able seaman Wm George Harry Hind, 1911-33, 1941-6

1911 - 1946 navy service

correspondence about four months trading in the Orange Free State and Basutoland, 1897-8

1897 - 1898 trade commerce Africa

Correspondence and papers concerning the loss of the Drummond Castle, with Harold Stephens and family aboard, 1896

1896   wreck casualty

Book of counterfoils of tickets to New York, Cleeland, Philadelphia, Quebec, St John, Montreal, Halifax, giving details of emigrants, port of embarkation, ships, etc., 1883-1920

1883 - 1920 Emigration

Letters from Charles Nicholas Paul Phipps while at Rio de Janeiro, and then on a tour round the coast of south America to Panama, subsequently to Jamaica and New Orleans, 1866-9, with a diary to the tour, October 1867 -February 1868

1867 - 1868 Correspondence travel

scrapbook recording in detail the naval career of Admiral Sir Richard Poore, 4th bart. (1853-1930), includes some original documents and press cuttings, 1865-1917

1865 - 1917 navy
137/bundle 137

packet containing c.50 Ms notes and drawings, mainly concerning military and naval inventions, naval architecture, firearms, tactics and public buildings, by John Provis of Chippenham, mid nineteenth century

1850   navy

Account book including lists of emigrants on ships for Quebec, 1842-52

1842 - 1852 Emigration Canada

business papers of Heyworth, Phipps & Co., of Liverpool, trading with South and Central America, especially with Brazil, in coffee, bananas, etc., with branches at New York and New Orleans, 1839-1910

1839 - 1910 trade commerce fruit
3437 L.C.H. Tonge, Captain: naval journals and logbooks relating to time in Burma and China seas. 1839 - 1854 navy diaries travel seamen Asia

Diaries of Robert Montagu Poore, including visit by steamer to St Petersburg, 1832

1832   diary travel

Circulars relating to emigration to Australia, 1831-6

1831 - 1836 emigration Australia
77/102-13, 122-3

Letters regarding emigration to America including references to steerage, 1830-5

1830 - 1835 emigration America

bound typescript transcript of the journal of Capt., later rear-Admiral, Armar Lowry Corry (1793-1855), 1830-1, 1833, 1835

1830 - 1835 navy diary

 seven letters referring to a sugar plantation belonging to the Broome family, Demerara, South America, 1815-27

1815 - 1827 correspondence trade colonial
1332/box 49

includes four papers relating to the disposition of prize property captured in Java, 1811 (East India Company)

1811   trade commerce prize

Printed circular letter from Thomas Owen, agent to the London Underwriters and to the Postmaster General at Waterford, proposing the construction of a harbour at Porthdinlleyn, Carnarvonshire, 1804

1804   ports

bill of lading for goods shipped by John Lawrence & Co. aboard the Hussar from Venice to Liverpool for Messrs Humble, Holland & Co., 1803

1803   commerce trade

Signals and Instructions for Ships under Convoy, printed, belonging to Robert [?]Wetherby, master of merchant ship Zephyr of Ellesmere Port, 1803

1803   trade shipping

printed sale catalogue, belonging to Michael Pool, of goods for auction at the Customs House, Liverpool, 1803

1803   trade commerce

 account of Messers Humble, Hurry & Holland, merchants of Liverpool with Campbell Brown of Antigua, 1801

1801   trade colonial commerce

letter from the regulating officer at Southhampton to the Mayor about a deserter from his Majesty's ship Royal Lion, 1798

1798   navy recruitment

 interest account of Messrs Humble, Hurry & Holland, merchants of Liverpool with Heywood Sons & Co., 1797

1797   trade commerce

three deeds and probate of Benjamin Hopkinson, late of Demerary, South America and Bath, Somerset, relating to Rotterdam plantation, Demerary, 1794, 1795, 1801

1794 - 1801 trade colonial estate

Executor's papers of the estate of Norris and Marshall of Nonsuch, Bromham, including five letters relating to the export of sugar from St Christopher to Bristol, 1783

1783   colonial trade

business papers of the Pool family of Liverpool and Bradon Lodge and Leighfield Lodge in Cricklade St Sampson parish, Wilts, mainly referring to cotton trade, late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries

1780 - 1820 trade commerce

abstract of title to plantation in Figtree and Ginger Land, Island of Nevis, West Indies, 1774-92

1774 - 1792 trade colonial

 papers of Captain (later rear admiral) Charles Fielding dealing with his service in north America, 1772-81, and in the Napoleanic wars, 1803-7.  These mainly comprise orders and related correspondence but also noted are two printed sign

1772 - 1807 navy service papers

 printed account of cotton and muslin goods sold by the East India Company, 1770-1818

1770 - 1818 trade commerce

bill of sale of 1/32 of Fonthill, of 350 tons, enroute from Gibraltar to Jamaica, 1762

1762   ship sale

 six volumes containing accounts of merchandise shipped to India and China, memoranda relating to stores, details of provisions taken on, dimensions of one of the vessels, its masts, rigging, etc., 1747-51, 1751 (2), 1755-6, 1755-7 (voyage fr

1747 - 1757 commerce trade

 letter and account books of Ezekiel and Caleb Dickinson, of Bowden Park, Wilts, including references to Jamaican plantations and sugar and rum trade, 1745-1801

1745 - 1801 commerce trade

 two deeds relating to the liberty and authority of Harwich lighthouse, 1731 & 1752

1731 - 1752 lights navigation

 account book relating to trade in India, 1726-36

1726 - 1736 commerce

 surgeon's certificate discharging seaman from Rochester hospital on being cured of scurvy, 1719/20

1719 - 1720 navy disease

Broad sheet addressed to Lord Dundas, treasurer of the Navy, on recruitment of native troops for service in the West Indies, and conditions of service there, by William Dalrymple. n.d., ?early eighteenth century

1700 - 1750 navy

Printed instructions to George Pley, senior, as collector of customs for Weymouth, and to George Pley, junior, as the same for Lyme Regis, with related bonds, 1668-76

1668 - 1676 Customs
1332/box 50

inventory of the rigging of HMS Foresight, 1666; demand for supply of stores for HM frigate Pearl, c.1664; table of pay of various ranks of naval officer, c.1665

1665 - 1666 navy victualling
1332/box 53

naval papers, mainly relating to the brig Pearl, 1664-1705

1664 - 1705 navy ship

papers of the Commissioner for Dutch prisoners, including order appointing provost marshals and two appointments, 1664, 1672; council order regarding Dutch prisoners from Winchester, 1665; rough summary account relating to prisoners at Porchester

1664 - 1672 navy imprisonment

Papers of the Commissioner for sick and wounded seamen and soldiers, 1664-73, including council's order of appointment, 1664; volume of copies of letters and orders, 1664-6; register of sick and wounded sent to Portsmouth, 25 October 1664 - 29 Sep

1664 - 1673 navy hurt

 papers of Bullen Reymes in capacity of the deputy treasurer for prizes at Portsmouth, 1664-6, including account book in tabular form giving details of each prize ship, 1664; day book, 1664-5; instructions, 1665; two rough account books of th

1664 - 1666 navy prizes
865/434-5 papers relating to Tangier, including journal of Reymes' voyage from England to Tangier to inspect fortifications and stores there, with his return via Lisbon, 12 June - 11 August 1664 1664   navy

Papers relating to George Pley, collector of customs at Weymouth, Dorset, and those of George Pley, junior, collector of customs at Lyme Regis, Dorset, 1660, 1679

1660 - 1679 customs

 trade and estate account books of the Bouverie, including to the Levant, seventeenth and early eighteenth century

1650 - 1720 commercial shipping

 letter book of merchants trading to Alicante, Spain, 1648-52

1648 - 1652 trade commercial

Accounts of the Vice Admiralty of Dorset, c.1640-69, including list of shipping with an analysis of the numbers of different ranks of crew and types of guns, c.1640; an account and memorandum of the vice admiralty, 1641; two orders and two account

1640 - 1669 navy admiralty duties

Mss including notes on `the voyages of Captain John Ley, brother of Sir James Ley, knight of Westburie in Wilts 1601'

1601   voyages