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Name: Warwickshire County Record Office
Postal address: Priory Park
Cape Road
Town: Warwick
County: Warwickshire
Post code: CV34 4JS
Telephone: 01926 738959
Web address:

160 documents found for Warwickshire County Record Office:

Code Description Date Keywords
777/32-9 papers relating to insurance, memoranda of fittings, notes, bill for moorings and storing of the Nocturne, Chichester Yacht Club, 1940-44; 1940 - 1944
791/12 receipt regarding private cabins on SS Hantonia from Southampton to Havre, 30 October 1928; 1928   ships routes Europe
Billiard room, drawer 3, 25 (p.95), 5 coloured drawings of ships, including one entitled `The Boxton frigate - Captain Vavashon - 1782'; 1782   illustrations
Box 457 BB 841 collection of bonds for raising money for the Providence Island Company, 1636-60; 1636 - 1660
Box 579 (pts 6 & 7) appointment of Henry, Viscount Maynard, as Vice-Admiral of Essex, 19 July 1827 & 5 February 1838; 1827 - 1838 navy recruitment
Box 676 (2) appointment of John Serres at Marine Painter to his Majesty, 20 November 1793; 1793   navy recruitment
Box 677 (28) includes letters from the Admiralty to W.J. Thomas, December 1875; 1875   correspondence navy
Box 726 including letters to Earl of Warwick regarding Bristol and Poole Harbour Railway, 1846; 1846   correspondence transport ports
Box 728 (85) letter from Royal Western Yacht Club, Plymouth to Lord Warwick, 7 April 1897; 1897   correspondence

correspondence including 69, letter to Charles I relating the commercial negotiations between the French and Italians with Algeria and Tunisia regarding the export and import of goods, in Italian, 72, petition to the Doge of Venice for the release of Giuseppe Giannocelli from the galleys, c.1630;

1630   King Africa trade Europe

letter from Joseph Hopkinson, at Surat, to Sir William Fylden, at Persia, regarding news of ships in the East Indies, including Bantam and the islands of St Lawrence, 7 February 1631/2;

1631 - 1632 correspondence Asia

letter of the Countess of Buckingham to her grandson the 2nd earl of Denbigh with reference to his father's voyage as Ambassador to the Moguls, 1631;

1631   correspondence royalty travel Asia

letter books of the 6th Earl of Denbigh, including 32, from Thomas Pye, Vice-Admiral, Barbados, 18 December 1766, 34, letter to Sir Edward Hawke, Lord of the Admiralty, 18 April 1767; 43, from John Cowater, Captain of the Marines at Hampton Court, 14 July 1767, regarding Admiral Pye and the West Indies, 115, letters to Admiral Feidling, 22 & 26 January 1768, n.d. & from Sir Edward Hawke, 23 January 1768, 144, from Thomas Pye, commanding H.M. Squadron at the Leeward Islands, 9 March 1768, 146, from Lieut. William Feilding at Plymouth barracks regarding voyage on HM Frigate Jason to the West Indies, 10 May 1768, 149, from Lieut. Thomas Underwood onboard the Vulture at Antigua, 8 April 1786, 166, letter of Thomas Pye, 12 August 1768, 200, to Capt. Charles Jackson of the Marines, 26 April 1769, 214, to Sir Edward Hawke, 24 June 1769, 224, from and to Thomas Pye, 10 & 14 August 1769, 256-7, to and from the Earl of Hillsborough, 23 June & 11 July 1770 regarding American news and sending Halifax's fleet to Boston, 261, from Thomas Pye, 1 September 1770, 264-5, regarding impressment of men for the fleet to north America, September 1770, 266, to and from Philip Stephens, 29 September & 6 October 1770; 272, of William Burlton with reference to the dispute between Britain and Spain over the Falkland Islands, 24 November 1770; 281, to the Earl of Rochford regarding the sailing of Admiral Harland's fleet, 17 March 1771; 298, from Revd Thomas Fountaine, with reference to the Spanish prohibition of British ships of war in their ports, 24 August 1771; start page 236

1766 - 1786
C8/25 account of William III's voyage to England, 1688, in French; 1688   travel King

Civil War letters of the Earl of Denbigh, including volume one, 22, bill of lading of the Elizabeth and Dorckus, 1643;

1643   correspondence ships

news of English shipping and `pirates' of Algiers, at Livorno, 1638;

1638   Africa piracy

marriage settlement of the daughter of Sir Hyde Parker, 18??

1800 - 1899 finance dowry

diary of Revd & Hon. Edward Seymour-Conway of his tour in Scotland, ??n.d.

CR114A/297-344, 348, 350-1

naval records of Lord High Admiral Seymour, 1773-1802

1773 - 1802 navy

journal of a journey from Gibraltar to Morocco, c.1777

1777   diary travel Europe Africa
CR114A/300-7, 400-2

logbooks, 1773-1801, 1800-14

1773 - 1814 ships

correspondence and papers relating to a proposed expedition against the Pacific coast of Spanish America to have been led by Lord Hugh Seymour, includes papers about a similar expedition of 1780, 1779-96

1779 - 1796 exploration travel

papers regarding coastal defences, 1797


hydrographic chart showing fleet, 1797

1797   navy navigation
CR114A/330, 351, 329, 387

printed account of mutiny of the Hermione, 1797 & evidence &c that proposed on the Renommee, 1798, etc.; depositions, crew lists on Hermione; collection of papers regarding mutiny at Spithead, including petition, 1797; account of mutinous behaivour on HMS Hero at Portland, 1859

1797 - 1859 ships navy
CR114A/369-72, 400-74

naval records of Sir George F. Seymour, c.1808-65

1808 - 1865 navy
CR114A/386, 798

rights of Newfoundland fishing, c.1852-c.1860

1852 - 1860

list of charts owned by Sir George F. Seymour, c.1830


accounts and notes of visits to places in the Pacific Station and on the east coast of South America, 1845-8

1845 - 1848 travel

chart to and from north America, 1840 and of HMS Collingwood in South Seas, 1844-8

1840 - 1848 navy ships

chart of Bermuda, 1852

1852   Caribbean Americas

list of plans and charts in papers of North American and West Indian naval station, c.1850

1850   navy Caribbean

naval charts, c.1772-c.1858

1772 - 1858 navy

volume of naval charts, 1792-3

1792 - 1793 navy navigation

track of fish protecting fisheries, Bay of Fundy, 1853


plan of proposed submarine telegraph cable between Ireland and Newfoundland, 1856


naval correspondence of Henry G. Seymour, 1829-60

1829 - 1860 navy

maps of property in Prince Edward Island, 1768-1844

1768 - 1844

correspondence on harbour master at Surinam, 1799-1805

1799 - 1805

letter book of Admiral Sir George Berkeley, addressed to naval and military officers, 1806-12

1806 - 1812 correspondence navy servicemen

misc. papers on naval affairs, 1795-1848

1795 - 1848 navy operations

Bishop of Llandaff's thoughts on the French invasion, post 1798

1798   battles coastal security defence

observations on HMS Columbine, 1827

1827   navy ships

prospect of Auckland from the sea, c.1850

1850   New Zealand

letters on blockade of Alexandria, 1882

1882   correspondence

papers of Dartmouth Royal Naval College, 1862-71, including references to HMS Brittania and the problems of disease among the cadets, boy's progress reports

1862 - 1871 navy education ships illness

withdrawal of merchant shipping bill, 1875


bills of sales of 2 ships to S. Flavel, 1889

1889   ownership

letter from W. Kerry regarding the large number of intended emigrants from county Kerry to the United States, c.1882

1882   correspondence Ireland emigration

letter concerning rewards for the apprehension of deserters, 1738

1738   correspondence navy

letter concerning rewards for the apprehension of deserters, 1738

1738   correspondence recruitment

photostat of letter from the Simonds off Georgia, 1736

1736   ships America correspondence

travel diaries and journals of the Newdigate family, notably Sir Roger Newdigate's diaries (A582-637) for the years 1751-1806.

1751 - 1806 leisure
CR136/A241-4, A255

diary of war at sea, correspondence and list of ships at war, 1755-7

1755 - 1757 battles journal navy
CR136/A241-4, A255

notebook of orders, dispatches, lists of Admiralty ships, naval preparedness and state of ships, 1755-7

1755 - 1757 navy operations

diary of Francis Newdigate, July - August including a trip to Boulogne and Dieppe in the Cutter Vigilant, 1835

1835   journal travel Europe ships

diary of Francis Newdigate, including visits to Dover and Portsmouth, with an account of a voyage onboard the Vigilant from London to Southampton and Portsmouth, April - September 1839

1839   journal travel ships

diary of Francis Newdigate, containing a tour from London to Dover, Ostend, Bruges, Dunkirk, Calais and Blackheath, October - November 1837

1837   journal travel Europe
CR136/A283 diary of a tour including trip from Edinburgh to Manchester via the West Coast, 1766 1766   leisure

diaries of Sir Lynedock Gardiner regarding voyage to Guinea, 1854-

1854   journal travel

notebook of copies of 25 letters of Henry Newdigate to his father, from leaving Portsmouth to arrival in India, 1857-8

1857 - 1858 correspondence travel

`A Scots Declaration relating to the late execution of Capt. [Thomas] Green', 1707


reference to fleet, George Byng, Visct Torrington, 1706

1706   navy

correspondence of Admiral Sir James Scott, Leamington, 1849-50

1849 - 1850 navy

letter from Admiral Lord Nelson, 1801

1801   correspondence
CR1596/Box 96

assignment of debts of Thomas Brittain, boatman, prisoner in Warwick gaol, 1798

1798   mariner

press reports of Henry Warriner's steam boat The Firefly, 1841


memorandum regarding William Bishop's boatman's encroachment on John Philip's land, 1834

1834   disputes

programme of Arthur Sutcliffe's entertainers at Llandudno, 1919

1919   leisure
CR1680/28-9, 30

verses addressed to Ellen Burgess on her departure for Australia, 1848; diary of voyage from Port Adelaide to London, March - June 1882; F. Bostock's album of pressed specimens of seaweeds, sent from Australia, 1882

1848 - 1882 emigration travel journal

report and correspondence on presentation of an early launch engine to the Science Museum Catalogue of Science Museum sections on marine engines and boilers referring to launch engine above, 1915, 1916, 1926

1915 - 1926 construction engineering

commission & letter respecting quarantine of vessels, South Carolina, 1773

1773   correspondence America

misc. papers, including notes on prisoners sent by Q.S. to army & navy, navy acts, 1773-1837

1773 - 1837 servicemen recruitment

copy letter from Whitehall regarding John Fletcher, transported to New South Wales in 1819 for 14 years

1819   correspondence Australia emigration

travel journal, possibly of Lady Sophia Newdigate, of a tour through southern England, c.1748, including a visit to Portsmouth and account of a trip onboard the Charming Sally to Cowes

1748   travel ships

papers of Greville of Warwick Castle, including Box 393 (1)(xx, xxii) two letters about the Navy Board, immoral sailors and Milford Haven, 1792, n.d. (eighteenth century);

Box es 457 to  M1018-22 under separate entries

1792   correspondence discipline

volume entitled `Orders for the Navy' being a proposed administration of the navy, 1600


five volumes of the accounts of Sir Fulke Greville as Treasurer of Marine Causes, 1599-1603, including accounts for Chatham, Deptford, Woolwich and Portsmouth

1599 - 1603

account of goods and merchandise taken in a carrick St Valentine of Lisbon by Sir Richard Leveson, & sold & delivered from Leaden Hall, London, by the Commissioners, November 1602 - January 1603, luxury goods and buyers are given; account of expenses at Plymouth

1602 - 1603 ships Europe trade

diary of a cruise to Iceland and Norway, 1936, with photographs

1936   journal leisure Scandanavia illustrations

reference to trial of John Byng, Admiral, 1757

1757   crime prosecution navy

letter from Liverpool containing shipping news, 1820

1820   correspondence

admiralty charts of Vancouver Island, 1865 and of Oyster & Telegraph Harbours, 1865

1865   navy
CR2017 papers of the Earls of Denbigh, including correspondence, seventeenth century, including C1, letter with reference to voyage to the East Indies, c.1623; 1623   travel India

journal of the future 8th earl whilst on a voyage from Spain to Italy, 1838-9

1838 - 1839 diary travel Europe

diary of a trip to Norway by Cecilia, Countess of Denbigh, including an account of her son's supposed drowning, 1897

1897   journal death Scandanavia

diary of a trip to Malta and Italy by Cecilia, Countess of Denbigh, 1904

1904   journal Europe leisure

diary of the Hon. Hugh Feilding onboard ship, October - December, n.d.


typescript account, possibly by Ginger Tufnell, onboard HAMS Tiger of a battle when the Nottingham and the Falmouth were sunk, August 1916

1916   ships wrecks war

memorandum respecting business partnership of R.C., R.H. & S. Soutter, 1839, 1862, sailmakers and dealers in ships' stores, accounts, etc., 1839

1839 - 1862 Companies construction finance

printed directors' reports and balance sheets of the Anglo-Ionian Steam Navigation Company Ltd, 1863-4

1863 - 1864 finance

valuation of contents of ship, including rigging, anchors, etc., 1821


naval papers of Admiral Thomas Shirley, 1777-91

1777 - 1791 navy servicemen

bundle of papers regarding the French invasion scare, 1803

1803   battles coastal security defence

bundle of naval commissions of James Robertson, comprising to the Crescent as Second Lieutenant, 1762; to the Spy, as Commander, 1768; to the Dispatch, as Commander, 1771; to the Hound, as Commander, 1776; to the Amphitrite, as Commander, 1809

1762 - 1809 navy recruitment

patent granted to Charles E. Amos for invention of apparatus for supporting ships during repair, 1858

1858   construction maintenance engineering

letter of Revd Arthur George Sewallis Shirley, vicar of Stinsford, Dorset, reference to young man learning sheep farming in Dorset before emigrating to Australia, 10 May 1839

1839   correspondence

letters of Revd James Shirley, rector of Frettenham, Norfolk, 1841-69, including 6-7, references to holidays at Great Yarmouth and Cromer, including Sunday's `vast rush of people from Norwich' to Yarmouth, mention of the pier, 1856; 18, including reference to 800 visitors from East London arriving by steam boat to Great Yarmouth each week and their alleged living on the beach, September 1869

1841 - 1869 correspondence leisure

letters of Louisa Shirley at Kilmarton, including references to damage to pier by hurricane, mid nineteenth-century

1800 - 1899 correspondence weather

ship's galley ranges: price list from J. Gould & Son, ironmongers of Devonport, late nineteenth century

1850 - 1899 Companies construction shipbuilding

letters from James Backhouse, a Quaker missionary enroute to & during stay in New South Wales, describing fellow companions on voyage, 1831, 1835

1831 - 1835 correspondence religion Australia travel

papers belonging to Fetherston-Dilke of Maxstoke Castle, including

Bundle 16, 3, (p.22), papers of Capt. Thomas Dilke, mainly referring to his naval career, c.1816-37, including receipts for bullion carried in the eastern Mediterranean in his sloop

1816 - 1837 navy service

reference to Admiral Lord Nelson in will of William Suckling, esq., of St Pancras, Middlesex, 1799

1799   navy

reference to and report of voyage by Capt. C.J. Phipps in 1773

1773   travel

advice `to a painter for drawing the history of our naval actions... in answer to Mr Waller', Breda, 1667, MS verse

1667   navy

rough plan of fleet before landing at Alma, 1854, & other papers of Major-General G.W. Waller, 1856-91

1854 - 1891 navy operations

timetables & guide book to the Glasgow, Belfast & Bristol Channel Steamers, 1894

1894   waterways transport

shipping licence from Le Havre, 1812

1812   Europe trade
CR3990 J.A. Evans: diaries whilst serving as a radio operator on SS Atlantic and SS Chemong 1938 - 1943 journals mariners ships

business papers of George Philips & Co., comprising letter books, journals, ledgers, banker's book, bill books and receipt book, 1801-24, concerned with trade to the Continent and north America, including references to marine insurance

1801 - 1824 Companies finance

Royal Commission to Fleetwood Watkins to be Captain of Marines, 1 January 1706/7

1706 - 1707 navy recruitment

journal of a visit to China by Capt. MacIntosh of the Indostan, an East India ship, 1793

1793   diary travel

papers relating to shipping in Valparaiso & Puerto Lemarr, Chile, 1844

1844   trade Americas

proclamation regarding distribution of naval prizes, 1846

1846   navy

assignment by a common carrier of Stourport of his stock-in-trade: named Severn trows and five canal boats, 1850


letter to newspaper written from Winter Harbour, by member of expedition to north of Canada, c.1819

1819   correspondence exploration travel

volume including letter to Henry Buckley from his son onboard HMS Polyphemus, Yarmouth Roads, 1801

1801   correspondence navy ships

letter from sailor on Warren Hastings, East Indiaman, off Gravesend, 1873

1873   correspondence mariners ships

copy of letter from Nelson to his lady, 1798

1798   correspondence Admiral navy

letters describing a hurricane, Jamaica, 1815

1815   weather Caribbean Colonies Americas correspondence

naval correspondence of the Seymour family, 1800-2, 1821-33, 1857-64, 1795-9, 1839-68, 1827-30

1795 - 1868 navy

misc. sketches and plans with small notebook including sketch of the Royal William, eighteenth century

1700 - 1799 illustrations ships

letters from Emperor Woodford including a long description of Madeira, 1809

1809   correspondence Europe Royalty

correspondence and other papers of Sir Alexander George Woodford including journal of a voyage to Gibraltar, 1809 and a letter to his wife on the voyage to Corfu, November - December 1827

1809 - 1827 diary travel Europe

journal of C.J.T. Dormer, starting on board HMS Surprise, 1887-9

1887 - 1889 diary navy ships

commission to mayor of Poole, Dorset, to value & release under bond the Catherine, 1595 [withdrawn]

1595   ships

advice of Lord St Vincent on a career in the navy, 1777, 1780

1777 - 1780 service
Dining Room, Box 23, 6

(p.27), letter of Thomas Randoll to John Fetherstone about son Stephen's sea voyage, 1645; 7, bill for goods bought from Patrick Bamford for Stephen Fetherston before embarking, including tobacco to give to seamen, 1645; 8, letter of Richard Terrie from Amsterdam regarding attack on seamen by the Spanish at Hispaniola, West Indies, 1648

1645 - 1648 correspondence travel cargo trade battles
Dining Room, Bundle 25, 30

(p.35), letter of Stephen Fetherston to his father John regarding voyage to Barbados, 4 September 1645; 54 (p.38), assessment of Ship Money for Packwood parish, 16 September 1640

1640 - 1645 correspondence travel Indies Caribbean

reference in Bedworth parish register to couple's departure for Queensland, Australia, 1862

1862   emigration

copy of printed notice to young women desirous of bettering their condition by an emigration to New South Wales, issued by the Emigration Committee, 1833

1833   Australia
Dressing Room, Bundle 1

(p.68), 8 appointments of Capt. Thomas Dilke to various ships, 1819-52; 2 (p.85), card depicting the north and south lines of mooring of the Grand Fleet, June 1791, with sketches of named British ships, and the names of the captains

1791 - 1852 recruitment navy illustrations

three letters from Will Long, royal marine onboard HMS Bedford at Sheerness, Scheldt & Spithead, 1814

1814   correspondence navy ships servicemen

bill of lading of the Sampson of Bristol by Henry Hazard, master, for George Willys of Fenny Compton, to Boston, Massachusetts, to be delivered to Captain C[?oll]ins, 5 May 1641

1641   ships America

letter from William Dobson to George Lucy, including reference to the capture of Martinique, 9 March 1762

1762   correspondence

letter of Arthur Gregory to George Lucy with reference to the French privateers off the Kent coast, 4 July 1779

1779   correspondence piracy

letter from Messrs Hart and Porter in Naples to George Lucy, concerning the shipping of `two pictures & Vesuvius Table' on the Neapolitan ship the Virgine de Carmine, 24 October 1758

1758   correspondence Italy cargo art

letter of George Lucy to Mrs Phillipa Hayes, with reference to the celebrating the victory over the French fleet off Cape Finistere, 16 May 1747

1747   correspondence battles navy
L6/1440 & 1440

letters of George Lucy regarding bathing at Grumo near Naples, 10 July & 13 December 1757

1757   correspondence leisure Italy

letter of George Lucy regarding the capture of a ship by an Algerian ship, 3 October 1757

1757   correspondence piracy

letter from William Dobson to the Revd John Hammond, rector of Hampton Lucy, including reference to naval victory over Dutch fleet on Dogger bank, 23 August 1781

1781   correspondence navy battles war

notebook containing a diary written by Mary Elizabeth Williams of Bodelwyddan, Flintshire, with visits to Anglesey, 1816

1816   journal

printed petition of shipowners of Newcastle to George Lucy, MP, April 1823

M1017 plan of the West Indies by R. and I. Ottens, Amsterdam, c.1750; 1750   Caribbean

incomplete plans of South America, including the Leeward and Antilles Islands, c.1750; chart of east coast of England from the Humber to Great Yarmouth, printed in London, 1791; chart of the Atlantic published by order of the minister for the service of French shipping, 1786; chart of the Gulf of Gascony, c.1792; part of chart of the Atlantic, eighteenth century

1750 - 1792

papers, including correspondence, of Fortescue of Cookshill, Captain R.N., 1772-1808

1772 - 1808
MI 213

(microfilm of) diary of Sir Fulwar Skipworth, 1628-67, including account of a voyage from Fowey to Barbadoes, 1645

1628 - 1645 journal travel Cornwall Caribbean
MI 257

diary of George Whitlock's voyage from London to New Zealand, 1869

1869   journal travel
MI 351/2, MSS book

17th century, including `Judge Crook's Argument on Shipmoney etc.' (1638)

MI 351/8, item 42

sketch book, including of Dieppe and Rouen, early nineteenth century

1800 - 1899
MI 363

journal of Beaumont Fetherstone of tour to Australasia, 1889-94

1889 - 1894 Australia travel
MSS 367 Chamber of Shipping of the United Kingdom: records including those of predecessor bodies. 1800 - 1999 trade commerce
MSS 370 Shipbuilding and Allied Industries Management Association: miscellaneous records 1975 - 1993 construction
QS94/2; QS96

papers regarding raising money for navy, 1795-7; recruitment papers: Orders in Council regarding collecting straggling seamen, etc., 1776-87

1776 - 1797
QS94/2; QS96

papers regarding raising money for navy, 1795-7; recruitment papers: Orders in Council regarding collecting straggling seamen, etc., 1776-87

1776 - 1797 fundraising

registers (and related papers) of boats, barges and other vessels used in navigable rivers, etc., 1795-6, n.d.

1795   waterways transport
Sitting Room, volume I

(p.51), letters of T. Dilke onboard HMS Asia to brother William regarding movement of ships near Navarino and account of battle, 8 October & 8 November 1827

1827   correspondence navy
Tower bedroom, 41

(p.92), accounts, Admiralty orders, commissions and other naval papers of Capt. Thomas Dilke, including lists of ships in the Turkish, French and English fleets before and after the battle of Navarino, 1828 & sailing instructions for going into the Bay of Fundy to inquire into alleged infringements of a Portuguese schooner carrying 417 slaves, 1837

1828 - 1837 navy Europe war slavery
Upper shelf, 59 (p.104), letter from Capt. John Dilkes onboard the Madras to Lord Spencer offering two foreign birds, 2 October 1800; 1800   correspondence ships livestock
Upper shelf, 60

(p.104), William, Duke of York, from the Admiralty to a lady, declining the present of a collection of insects offered by her husband, 13 June 1828; 1 (pp.108-9), diary of Capt. Charles Dilkes, regarding his service off Spain and in the West Indies, 1812-15

1812 - 1828 navy livestock journal Europe Caribbean