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Name: West Sussex Record Office
Postal address: County Hall
West Street
Town: Chichester
County: West Sussex
Post code: PO19 1RN
Telephone: 01243 753600
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Certificates of the service of Mathew Buckle as Captain's

 servant, Able-Seaman, and Midshipman from 4 February 1777 to 10 November

 1789. - ref. - date: 28 November 1788-10 November 1789



1777 - 1789 mariners

Land Drainage Records,, correspondence with the Admiralty regarding damage to Medmery and Felpham Sluices, 1908-10

1908 - 1910 Admiralty, Drainage

Admiralty charts of the eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea, 1811-72

1811 - 1872 Charts
Ac 13455 Shoreham and Littlehampton shipping registers: additional shipping registers and files 1855 - 1993
Acc 11,037/5 Littlehampton Harbour Board: records 1863 - 1986 ports
Acc 11919 Board of Trade: marine maps for West Sussex, 19th-20th Cent. 1800 - 1999 charts commerce
Acc 12869 Register of sea fishing boats for Shoreham 1916 - 1989
Acc 12869 Register of sea fishing boats for Littlehampton 1902 - 1989
Acc 12875 Port of Littlehampton: customs seizure record of the boat Campaign 1847  
Acc 13306

Shoreham and Littlehampton harbours: records

1857 - 1985
Acc 15194

Robinson family, mariners and shipowners, Littlehampton: additional papers and photographs, 19th-20th cent.

  seamen shipowners
Acc 15666

Shoreham harbour: coasting bonds 1694-5.

1694 - 1695 bonds harbour port
Acc. 12643 Shoreham and Littlehampton: shipping registers 19th-20th cent. 1800 - 1999

Robinson family, mariners and shipowners, Littlehampton: papers and photographs, 19th-20th centuries.

  seamen mariners shipowners Sussex

Shoreham harbour: additional records relating to dredgers and log of Middle Pier 1932-49.

1932 - 1949 port harbour dredging
Add Ms 10845-6

Certificates of appointments of William Donald as surgeons on HMS Dispatch, 1805, HMS Curacao, 1811

1805 - 1811 Navy, Service
Add Ms 12395

Conveyance of shares in the Prosperity of Chichester, 25 June 1828

1828   Ships, Ownership
Add Ms 13298

Letters to Robert Russell, 1789-92, inc. from John Dryden, at Gravesend, concerning the Arnold Polly and the Triton, 1789

1789 - 1792 Shis and Shipping
Add Ms 13449

Minute book of Slindon branch of the Navy League, 2 March 1910 - 18 September 1969

1910 - 1969 Misc, Navy League
Add Ms 1374

Logbooks of Vice-Admiral William Stanhope Badcock Lovell, 1814-20, Vice-Admiral William Stanhope Badcock Lovell, 1814-44

1814 - 1844 Navy, Logbooks
Add Ms 1374-94

Navy papers of William Stanhope Badcock, 1805-59, inc. account of battle of Trafalgar on HMS Neptune, 21 October 1805; orders, copies of appointments, 1805-46; notice of election to Royal Naval Club of 1765, 1838; memorandum on impressment,

1805 - 1859 Navy
Add Ms 13831-48

Papers relating to Henry Courtney, 1807-46, inc. certificates of service, 1807-41; ms essay on three types of naval officers, 1830

1807 - 1846 Navy, Service
Add Ms 14352

Notebook of inventories and valuations inc. h, of the George, ketch of Littlehampton, 21 March 1889

1889   Ships, Ownership
Add Ms 1474

Admission ticket into funeral procession from the Admiralty to St Paul's Cathedral of Vice Admiral Horatio Viscount Nelson, 9 January 1806

1806   Navy, Funeral, Nelson
Add Ms 1476/1-31

Records relating to smuggling offences on Sussex coast, 1826-7, comprising informations, notes of evidence, affadavits

1826 - 1827 Customs
Add Ms 15405-23

Letters, notes and plans of Thomas Forrest, navigator, 1760-2, mostly relating to west coast of Sumatra inc. 5-6, letters to Thomas Phipps, relating attack by the French on Bencoolen, 16 July 1760, relating his command of the Bonetta, 30 De

1760 - 1761 Navigation
Add Ms 1548

Letter book by F.A. Maxse, Captain of HMS Ariel, 1856-7

1856 - 1857 Navy, Book
Add Ms 16635

Log of the Arundel, 1774-5

1774 - 1775 Ships and Shipping
Add Ms 18008

Cutteford family papers inc. commissions to John Cutteford to office of waiter and searcher for Bristol, 1656-62

1656 - 1662 Customs
Add Ms 18405

Diary of a voyage on a cargo boat calling at ports in Holland, France, Malta, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Rumania, 1962

1962   Trade
Add Ms 19543

Apprenticeship indenture of shipwright at Harvey's yard, Littlehampton, 1902

1902   Ships, Construction
Add Ms 19552-3

Three pairs of French gloves, possibly eighteenth-century, thought to have been smuggled and newspaper cutting, mid-twentieth century

1800 - 1950 Smuggling
Add Ms 2256

Log of the Lord Eldon possibly by Richard Halstead, 1810-12

Goodwood Ms 823, bundle of documents relating to amendment of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1854

1810 - 1854 Ships and Shipping
Add Ms 2256, Goodwood Ms 1169

Collection of letters inc. description of the St Antoine, a Spanish ship sheltering in the island of Barra, n.d., in French

  Ships and Shipping
Add Ms 22657-71

Papers relating to Worthing lifeboat, 1855-75

1855 - 1877 Rescue, Lifeboats
Add Ms 24089

Letter from William Austin, pilot at Shoreham to Mr Blacker at Worthing regarding apprentice sailor, 1839

1839 - 1939 Mariners
Add Ms 24113

Printed account of the murders of William Galley and Daniel Chater, customs officers, 1749

1749   Smuggling
Add Ms 2559

Copy letter book and precedent book of Capt. W.G. Luard of the Reserve, 1867-71

1867 - 1871 Misc, Letter book
Add Ms 29013

Printed address concerning floating light vessels and buoys presented by John S. Enys to Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society, nineteenth century

1800 - 1899 Lighthouses
Add Ms 29016

Printed programmes for Cornwall County Fisheries Exhibition, 1893

1893   Fishing
Add Ms 29203

Family letter book inc. fo.17, copy account of dispute with excise officers over alleged smuggling of tea, 1802

1802   Smuggling
Add Ms 30296

Travel journal to Egypt, Palestine and Greece, 1880

1880   Leisure, Travel
Add Ms 30297

Notes of a journey to Scandinavia, 1-10 October 1887

1887   Leisure, Travel
Add Ms 30302

Certificate presented to Elizabeth Tudor by the Putney branch of the National Federation of Discharged and Demobilised Sailors and Soldiers, 1919

1919   Mariners, Welfare
Add Ms 30830-2

Insurance certificate for the Nasa de Graca, 1739; insurance policies for the Grantham, Wager and the Prince Edward, 1745-57; deed of share of the Grantham, 1746

1739 - 1757 Ships and Shipping, Insurance
Add Ms 31481

Business letters, in Spanish, concerning mercantile affairs in Argentina and Uruguay, 1861-73

1861 - 1873 Trade
Add Ms 31483

Letters from Owen Scripps Tudor in Buenos Aires to his family regarding development of mercantile business in Argentina, 1862 [also see 31485, 34646-9]

1862   Trade
Add Ms 3208

Customs officers' valuation of 93 casks of foreign brandy found near Chichester, 27 October 1764

1764   Smuggling
Add Ms 32762

Photocopy of letter from Richard Biddulph, Lord of the Manor of Lancing, to John Browne with mention of ship's hulk in river, 11 June 1754

1754   Navigation
Add Ms 35323

Plan of the building of the Arun yacht Club, Littlehampton, 1960-2

1960 - 1962 Leisure, Yachting
Add Ms 35949-60

Title deeds and related papers regarding land on which was built eight cottages, storehouse and armoury for the Bognor coast guard service, 1829-72

1829 - 1872 Coastguard
Add Ms 35964

Journal by Major Ainsworth of a voyage on the SS Reina del Mar from Liverpool to Valparaiso, 1964

1964   Leisure, Travel
Add Ms 36255

Letter from Richard Carver to John Newland regarding two casks of oil claimed as wreck of the sea, 1791

1791   Wreck
Add Ms 38528

Commission of Frank Richard Pagden Pepper as Temporary Surgeon Lieut. in R.N.V.R., 2 July 1940

1940   Navy, Service
Add Ms 38596

Deed of messuage inc. Ambersham manor fishery, 1737

1737   Fishing
Add Ms 39854

Series of papers of William Hall, comprising correspondence, memoranda, verse and probate records, 1811-40, fo.29, discovery of casks of brandy

1811 - 1840 Smuggling
Add Ms 40441

Recollections of James Hooke of Southwick, 1886, with mention of press gangs, the harbour and shipping

1886   Navy, Recruitment
Add Ms 41265

Bill of sale of the Corsair, 1853

1853   Ships, Ownership
Add Ms 45621

Volume of returns of service of Worthing lifeboat, 1914-29

1914 - 1929 Rescue, Lifeboats
Add Ms 45626

Navy Office list of HM Royal Navy, 1812

1812   Navy
Add Ms 45627

Ts of case documents relating to Aran fisheries dispute in Sussex Summer Assizes, 1900

1900   Fishing
Add Ms 46757

Royal Navy recruiting leaflet and Admiralty booklet, 1939-43

1939 - 1943 Navy, Recruiting
Add Ms 47720

Household sundry account of St Margaret's College, East Grinstead, with G. Brown, fishmonger, 1928-33

1928 - 1933 Fishing
Add Ms 48196

Book of newspaper cuttings relating to the history and natural history of Sussex, 1867-76, inc. smuggling

1867 - 1876 Smuggling
Add Ms 556

Legal brief regarding obstruction in river Shoreham to shipbuilding and trade, 1737

1737   Navigation
Add Ms2609-18

Papers relating to Customs comprising Custom's Officers' appointments for the prts of Arundel and Chichester, 1803-25; report by JonGipps, commander of the Hawk, revenue cutter at Littlehampton, on the methods of smuggling from the Channel

1803 - 1825 Customs
Add Mss 11601/2

Conveyance regarding the Favourite of Cowes, 8 April 1820

1820   Ships, Ownership
Add Mss 13459-60 & 13509

Leases with mention of Crown grants of half wrecks in Isle of Selsey to Lord of Manor, 1613, 1634, 1759

1613 - 1759 Wrecks
Add Mss 25104-161

Records of the Solent Sunbeams inc. general files, 1949-78; subject files, 1923-79

1923 - 1979 Leisure, Yachting
Add Mss 2558

Logbooks of HMS Centaur, 1851-2 & HMS Bonetta, 1852-3

1851 - 1853 Navy, Logbooks
Add Mss 29011-12

Paper by John S. Enys on ancient Mediterranean trade with Cornwall and illustrated map of coast, nineteenth century

1800 - 1899 Trade
Add Mss 29894-900

Records of the Solent Sunbeams, comprising general files, 1979-81; subject files, 1977-9

1977 - 1981 Leisure, Yachting
Add Mss 30020-55

Papers of Tudor, Moore and Co., general merchandise, trading from London with South America, 1863-1904

1863 - 1904 Trade
Add Mss 32943-6

Papers of Robert Horne Penney of Southwick, ship owner and manager, 1858-79, inc. account book, 1858-79; ship management agreements, 1868-77; ships' accounts, 1873-5; schedule of ships, 1877

1858 - 1877 Ships, Ownership
Add Mss 47025-43

Papers of Sussex Piscatorial Society, 1891-1978, comprising minute books, loose minutes, menu card, regulations

1891 - 1978 Fishing
Add Mss 47099-352

Papers of R.H. Penney & Sons, merchants and shippers, 1824-1958, inc. 47100, account book, 1824-7 with notes of insurance policies, shares of steam boats, moieities of the Jessamine, Adur, Spry, Trial, Menodora

1824 - 1958 Shis and Shipping
Add Mss 47315-28

Papers relating to Shoreham Harbour Trustees, 1841-1958

1841 - 1958 Ports and Harbours
Add Mss 48233-9

Papers of Alfred John Hoare, inc. service certificates, 1897-89; personal account of naval service, 1879-88; photograph of HMS Active, c.1885; letter regarding Mediterranean tour, 1886; certificates of competence, 1887-9

1879 - 1889 Navy, Service
Add Mss 6471

 - date: 6 September 1837

   (a) The Worshipful William Calverley Curtiss, Doctor of Laws, and

 Surrogate of Councillor Sir John Nicholl, kt., Doctor of Laws,

 Lieutenant of High Court of Admiralty (of which Court he is Official

 Principal and Commissary General and Special and President and Judge);

 (b) John Billing, Samuel Carden and Benjamin Bishop, the masters,

 owners, and crews of the smacks Philippa, Susanne and Kitty, and

 salvors of the ship Helene; (c) John Lindegren and Arnoldus Vanden

 Bergh, claimants, on behalf of the owners, of the said ship Helene

1837   navy ships
BO/WO 12/2-3

Contracts for removal of pill boxes, gun emplacements, cube defences on Worthing seafront, 1945

1945   Coastal Defence
BUCKLE/161  'Return of Men and Boys who have volunteered for Continuous

 Service in H.M. Navy belonging to HMS Valorous.' - ref. - date: 31

 December 1854

   Records name, rating, age, height, character, and ability as seaman.

   [others of interest in these papers]

1854   naval ships mariners
CE 3/3/1-2

Littlehampton registers of fishing boats, 1869-1902

1869 - 1902 Ships Registation
CE 4/1/1-6

Shoreham registers of ships, 1821-37, 1848-74

1821 - 1874 Ships, Registration
CE 4/2/1

Shoreham transaction register of ships, 1828-82

1828 - 1882 Ships, Registrations
CE 4/3/1-2

Shoreham registers of fishing boats, 1902-16

1902 - 1916 Ships, Registration

Arundel registers of ships, 1824-55

1824 - 1855 Ships, Registrations

Chichester register of ships, 1837-52

1837 - 1852 Ships , Registration
Cobden Ms 203

Misc. collection of papers inc. newspaper advertisements for steam-packet vessels (Liverpool to Belfast) and Royal mail steamships, mid-nineteenth century

1840 - 1860 Ships, Packets
Cobden Ms 214

Extracts from journal of travels from Heraut through Russia, 1843

1843   Leisure, travel
Cobden Ms 227

Copy of statement sent by John F. Crampton to the U.S. Secretary of State concerning neutral shipping, 21 April 1854

1854   Misc, Statement to US
Cobden Ms 232

Printed judgement of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council regarding appeals of the Franciska and the Johanna Maria, 1855

1855   Misc, Judgements
Cobden Ms 243

Letter from Liverpool Chamber of Commerce to Earl Russell regarding the building of the Alabama, 1863

1863   Ships, Construction
Cobden Ms 386

`The Sailor's Grave' lines on Lieut. William Williams, 11 February 1832

1832   Mariners, health
Cobden Ms 446-9 Diary of a journey from London to Cairo Constantinople, Gibraltar and Cadiz, 1836-7, with notes on shipping and trade 1836 - 1837 Leisure, Travel
Cobden Ms 479-86

Papers of Richard Cobden relating to the Far East, inc. printed memoranda about ships in Chinese waters, 1844-50

1844 - 1850 Misc, Memos, Chinese shipping
Dicoesan Records EpI/55/1-276

Sussex Vice-Admiralty Court Papers, 1638-88, comprising  foreshore rights

1638 - 1688 Foreshore rights
Goodwood Ms 1150

Parchment covered-book with naval signals, c.1800

1800   Navigation
Goodwood Ms 1189

Admission ticket for the Portsmouth Grand Testimonial Banquet in honour of offices and men of the British Army, Navy and Royal Marines engaged in former Russian war, 16-17 September 1856

1856   Navy, Service
Goodwood Ms 154-6

Papers relating to smuggling, 1740-50, inc. misc. papers regarding tea running near Elmer Sluice in Middleton; letters and papers regarding smugglers' attack on the Poole Customs House; papers relating to the murder of Thomas Carswell, Hastings ex

1740 - 1750 Smuggling
Goodwood Ms 212


Memorandum on `Ignorance and Mismanagement in the conduct of the naval department', 1779

1779   Misc, Mismanagement
Goodwood Ms 250

Volume of accounts, 1782-98, inc. of P.S. Bruff, commander of the sloop Goodwood

1782 - 1798 Ships and Shippping
Goodwood Ms 655-9

Parliamentary letters and papers inc. relating to Sea Apprentices Bill, 1833

1833   Mariners, Service Papers
Goodwood Ms 679

Bundle of mostly printed papers relating to the Commission to Inquiry into naval and military promotion and retirement, 1838-9

1838 - 1839
Goodwood Ms 854

Bundle of misc. papers inc. 8, memorandum by H. Corry on the navy, December 1867

1867   Navy, Papers
Goodwood Ms E322

Marriage settlement with reference to land reclaimed from sea in Selsey, 1705

1705   Coastal Erosion


   FILE - Miscellaneous papers concerning smugglers and smuggling. - ref. -

 date: 1745-Nov 1749, nd

   Includes notes in the Duke's hand on tea running by armed smugglers near

 Elmer Sluice in Middleton, April 1745; papers about a robbery by

 smugglers at the house of William Wakeford near Woolmer, Hants., in Aug.



1745 - 1749

   FILE - Letters and papers - ref. - date: Dec 1747-March 1749/50, nd

   Relating to the attack by smugglers on the Customs House at Poole,

 Dorset, in Oct. 1747; to the murder the following February at Harting of

 William Galley, sen., customs officer, of Southampton, and Daniel

 Chater, shoemaker, of Fordingbridge, Hants., who were endeavouring to

 bring them to justice, and to the capture and conviction of the


1747 - 1750 correspondence crime


   FILE - Papers - ref. - date: March 1749-Aug 1750, nd

   Relating to the murder by smugglers of Thomas Carswell, an excise riding

 officer, at Hastings, in Dec. 1740, and of Michael Bath, a dragoon

 guard, near Sea Place, Goring, in Jan. 1743/4, and the murderers'

 subsequent apprehension and conviction.

1749 - 1750 crime prosecution
Harris 960

Account of varieties of corn exported from England, Christmas 1748 to Christmas 1750, with note of ports

1748 - 1750 Trade
Harris 961

Account of the quantity of brandy and spirits imported into England, Christmas 1751 to Christmas 1758

1751 - 1758 Trade
Harris Ms 969

Book of watercolours, early nineteenth century, inc. of mouth of the Exe estuary, Hull harbour

1800 - 1850 Illustrative
Harris Mss 757-99

Deeds relating to plantations and slaves in the West Indies, 1730-75

1730 - 1775 Trade, Plantations
Hawkins Mss PD1-239

Sketches, watercolours, engravings and other illustrations relating to the Aegian Islands, mainly early nineteenth century, inc. of sailing ships

HC, Chichester Harbour Records

Chichester Harbour Records, c.1940-72, relating to administration, finance, leases, licences, agreements, purchase of land, buildings and equipment, harbour management, marinas, sailing clubs, etc.

1940 - 1972 Ports and Harbours
LH, Littlehampton Harbour Records

Littlehampton Harbour Records, inc. minutes, commissioners oath books, correspondence, general account books, cargoes and vessels dues, 1733-1927

1733 - 1927 Harbours
Lyons Papers

Lyons Papers, part of the Arundel archives, comprising firstly, papers of Admiral Sir Edmund Lyons, including diaries, 1819-53; engagement books, 1837-57; letter, order and dispatch books, mostly 1853-8; correspondence files, 1815-58; logbooks, 18

1776 - 1887 Navy, Papers
Maxse 300

Unclassified collection of papers, inc. relating to the Bristol Dock Company, n.d.

Maxse Ms 162-74

Naval papers of F.A. Maxse, 1846-75, inc. certificates of entry, good conduct, examinations and appointments, papers relating to retirement, 1846-75; log of HMS Raleigh, 1846-9, Kestrel, Hydra, Hydra, Pandora, 18

1846 - 1875 Misc, Maxse Papers
Maxse Mss

See `An Index to the Correspondence of Leopold J. Maxse and Katharine his wife, 1876-1932' held at the office for details relating to letters concerned with the Royal Navy, 1908-26, Navy League, 1909-15

1876 - 1932 Misc, Maxse Correspondence
Maxse Mss 25, 27-9

Papers relating to co-partnership of John and Philip Vaughan as West India merchants the Colchis estate, 1814-36

1814 - 1836 Trade
MF 60

Microfilm of West Sussex Gazette with information relating to the Friend, first Selsey lifeboat, 1861

1861   Rescue, Microfilm, Lifeboats
MF 708

Papers of Sir William More of Loseley, Vice-Admiral for Sussex, 1559-99


1559 - 1599 Vice Admirals
MF 740

Microfilm of journal by Charles Mitford of tour on the continent, 1816

1816   Leisure, Travel
Mitford Ms 36

Journal of tour through the Continent inc. Malta, Sicily and Ionian Islands, 1840-1

1840 - 1841 Leisure, Travel
Mitford Mss 1146-53

Misc. papers regarding Shoreham harbour, 1873-87, inc. correspondence, notices and printed statements of accounts of Shoreham Harbour Trustees

1873 - 1887 Ports and Harbours
MP 10

Report of legal investigation made in 1927 into foreshore rights in West Wittering

1927   Courts
MP 11

Extracts from Diocesan records concerning foreshore rights

MP 1180

Photocopies of letters with reference to Sussex smuggling in 1855; service on Owers lightship in 1898

1855 - 1898 Smugglers
MP 1188

Dissertation by R.C. Treweeks on coast erosion in West Sussex, 1940

1940   Coastal Erosion
MP 1248

Thesis on Sussex smuggling, 1974

1974   Smuggling
MP 1433

Photocopy of indenture by Shoreham Customs Controllers regarding 93 casks of brandy

MP 1510

Copy of reminiscences of Joseph Robinson of Pagham and Littlehampton regarding smuggling and shipping, 1917 [also MP 2216]

1917   Smuggling
MP 1539

Ts copy of notes on tariff reform by Joseph Robinson of Littlehampton compiled c.1906

1906   Customs
MP 1608

Advertising leaflet for Royal Navy, twentieth century

1900 - 1999 Navy
MP 174

Facsimile of Armada report from the English Mercurie

  Coastal Defence
MP 1759

Copy of permit concerning confiscated contraband spirits from Shoreham, 1764

1764   Smuggling
MP 1889

Handbill advertising two Grand Benefit Concerts in aid of the Titanic Relief Fund, Bognor, 24 April 1912

1912   Mariners, Welfare
MP 2067

Ts of will of John Locke, fisherman of Littlehampton of 1556

1556   Fishing and Whaling
MP 210

Notes on the career of Captain James Alms

MP 2146

Poster of the timetable of the London-Honfleur via Littlehampton scre steamer service in 1869

1869   Misc, Timetable
MP 2171

Photocopy of the membership list and rules of the Dell Quay Boating Club, 1934, statement of accounts, 1933

1933 - 1934 Leisure, Yachting
MP 2232

GCE A Level thesis on Royal Navy in the eighteenth century, 1984

1984   Navy
MP 2514

Notes on the pleasure boats and ships owned by the third and fourth earls Egremont, 1983

1983   Leisure, Yachting
MP 2729

Copies of documents relating to the Galley and Chater murders by smugglers, 1748-9

1748 - 1749 Smugglers
MP 2970

Extracts from PRO records inc. of seamen's tickets issued at Arundel in 1845 and from the Muster Book of the Camelion, revenue cutter

1845   Coastguard
MP 3139

Service papers of George Russell as Wortham and Elmer coastguard boatman, 1839-51

1839 - 1851 Coastguard
MP 3209

Copy letter from James Grevett, master of the Attossa, to his wife Charlotte, 25 February 1891

1891   Mariners
MP 3523 Copies of documents relating to Sussex smugglers   Smuggling
MP 3610

Newspaper reports of smuggling west of river Arun, 1761-1981

1761 - 1981 Coastguard, Smuggling
MP 3886

Paper relating to West Sussex warship adoption, 1941-2

1941 - 1942 Navy
MP 491

Certificate of competency of John Anderton Greenwood as Master of own yacht, 1895

1895   Leisure, Yachting
MP 700


Microfilm of part of the journal of Charlotte Elizabeth White on holiday at Bognor and Chichester, 1848

1848   Leisure, Travel
MP 780-1 Reports on Rye and Dover Harbours, Milford Haven fortifications and harbour, 1757 1757   Harbours
MP 859

Notes on HMS Sussex, 1929-49

1929 - 1949 Navy
MP 893

Extract relating to West Sussex of the Royal Commission on Coast Erosion, 1911

1911   Coastal Erosion
MP 980

Copies of documents relating to Ship Money assessments in Chichester

  Navy, Ship Money
Ms 10172

Coloured plan of Sussex coast made by Deputy Lieutenants, 1587

1587   Coastal Defence
Ms 29699

Report of a public meeting held to consider new proposal and amends for reclamation schemes at West Wittering, 1935

1935   Coastal Erosion
Ms 558

File of papers relating to the taking of gravel from Shoreham beach, c.1805

1805   Courts
Ms 821

Goodwood , bundle of documents and some memoranda, mainly printed, relating principally to the Board of Trade and Scottish fore-shores, 1866-8

1866 - 1868 Courts
Mss 966 Unexecuted assignment of mortgage with reference to the Prince of Wales of Arundel, 21 February 1822 1822   Ships, Ownership

Negative of Selsey lifeboat at sea

  Rescue, Lifefeboats, Negative
OH 24

Oral history tape relating to smuggling, 1978

1978   Smuggling
OH 3

Oral history tape relating to smuggling, 1972

1972   Smuggling
OH 3-1

Naval service papers of William Burchall of Bury, early twentieth century

1900 - 1950 Navy, Service
OH 65

Oral history tape relating to smuggling, 1988

1988   Smuggling
OH 7

Oral history tape relating to shipwrecks off coast near Chichester, c.1870

1870   Wreck
Par 142/7/9

Photograph album of Revd Robert Witherby, c.1860s, inc. of Babbacombe Bay, Seville harbour, HMS Algiers at Valetta

1860 - 1870 Illustrative, Photographs
Par 29/1

Declaration of parishioners concerning rights of wreck, 1712

1712   Wreck
Par 384/6/1-2 & 4

Memoranda regarding stocking of rectory fish ponds at Horstead Keynes, 1659-78, 1698, 1722-31

1659 - 1731 Fishing
Parham/Zouche Mss (unlisted collection)

Unlisted Collection inc. letters from Charles Bishop to his family while on HMS Renown, Kent, Hazard, Egyptienne, Muros, in the Channel, Mediterranean, Nova Scotia, etc., 1801-7

1801 - 1807 Navy, Papers
Petworth 1679

Journal of Revd T. Sockett with description of Portsmouth, Isle of Wight, 1805-7

1805 - 1807 Leisure, Travel
Petworth 6318

Bill of sale, building accounts and running accounts of the Egremont, brig of Littlehampton, 1795-7

1795 - 1797 Ships, Construction
Petworth Ms 1762

Letter from Messrs Neate & Pigou regarding release of prisoners for ships, 30 May 1763

1763   Navy, Operations
Petworth Ms 1888

Admiralty instructions to Captain Graves of the Antelope and to the Commander of H.M. ships in America, June 1763, with related papers

1763   Navy, Operations
Petworth Ms 33

Papers regarding privateer taking the Vigilante of Bordeaux to New York, 1763

1763   Privateering
Petworth Ms 35

Petitions or memorials for restoring Rye Harbour, post 1765

1765   Ports and Harbours
Petworth Ms 3934

Photocopies of papers in PRO relating to shipping from 1514 to 1548

1514 - 1548 Ships and Shipping
Petworth Ms 5455

Documents relating to restrictions on the use of ships built in India, 1814-15

1814 - 1815 Ships, Construction
Petworth Ms 69 Misc. letters, inc. from John Barrow regarding Vice-Admiralty of Sussex, 1831 1831   Vice Admirals


   Brief for the prosecution,

   with witnesses' statements, in the case of Rex v. Thomas Spry, Thomas

 Duke, William Meeten and Thomas Trevett, accused of forcibly and

 illegally detaining William Souter and John Morley of Storrington. (2

 copies and draft) - ref. - date: 1805

   Spry and Duke were members of a pressgang based at Littlehampton, the

 other two were said to be notorious smugglers, and the pressing to have

 been set up because Souter stole some tubs of spirits from James Searle

 of Cootham Common, the master smuggler.

1805   navy recruitment alcohol

Navy Act Papers, 1795-7

1795 - 1797 Navy

Navy Act Papers, comprising Quarter Sessions lists of assessed houses submitted by Surveyor of Duties, Treasurer's Account of Fines, 1795; lists of men enrolled, returns of parishes to the justices, justices' certificates of enrolment, 1795, 1796-

1795 - 1797 Navy, Recruitment
R.S.R. Ms 1/75

Letter from John Magee to Thomas Gibson referring to actions between French and British frigates and the fort at Madagascar, 13 July 1845

1845   Navy, Operations
Raper (uncatalogued)

Deeds of the Providence of Southampton, 1801; deed of share in the Port Merchant, and the Manhood (formerly the Friendship), of the the Wittering, 1760-81; bill of sale of the Ann and Elizabeth of Chichest

1760 - 1822 Ships, Ownership
RD/CH 24/3/4

Photocopies of plans showing extent of erosion, 1875-1950, West Wittering to Payham, 1950

1875 - 1950 Coastal Erosion
S.P. 2272

Sale particulars with mention of fishing rights on River Rother at Fittleworth, 1957

1957   Fishing

Collection of c.110 boxes of logbooks, crew agreements and accounts of crews and voyages, relating to 461 vessels of Shoreham and Arundel (later Littlehampton), 1863-1913

1863 - 1913 Ships, Shipping, Logbooks
SH, Shoreham Harbour Records

Shoreham Harbour Records1760-1951, inc. minute books, letter files and books [some records retained]

1760 - 1951 Ports and Harbours
SP 1258

Sale particulars of coastguard station, East Preston, 1895

1895   Coastguard
SP 1317

Sale particulars of shares in Annie, Susie, Maggie, Nellie, sailing barges and the Capitaine, steam launch, 1897

1897   Ships, Ownership
SP 1476

Sale particulars of catalogue of stock of yacht builder, Littlehampton, 1928

1928   Ships, Construction
Standen Mss 136-9 OBE certificate of H.M. Beale for service as Deputy Div. Director of Women's Royal Naval Service, 1919, and other service papers 1919   Navy, Service
UD/BR, 3/1/1 & 3/7/1-2

Minutes of Bognor Regis Pier Committee, 1892-1909, Pier and Band Committee, 1909-10

1892 - 1910 Leisure

Photographs of crew of HMS Una at Horsham, 1943


1943   Illustrative, Photographs
UD/LH 66

Records of Littlehampton Port Sanitary Authority, 1886-1933, inc. minutes, general ledger, financial statements, medical officer's annual reports, sanitary inspector's reports, clerk's correspondence

1886 - 1933 Leisure
UD/LH, 3/3/1-10

Minutes of the Littlehampton Green and Foreshore Committee (later Pleasure Grounds and Foreshore Committee), 1900-1971

1900 - 1971 Leisure
Wiston Ms 4454

Articles of agreement for sale of 800 oak trees for shipbuilding, 17 January 1695

1695   Ships, Construction
Wiston Mss 5495-6

Bundle of letters from J. Mellish from Portsmouth and A. Burnaby at the Prize Office to Charles Goring at the House of Commons regarding payment of accounts and two prize ships at Portsmouth, 27 October 1704 - 1 February 1705, with accounts of Cha

1704 - 1706 Navy, Prizes