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Name: Surrey History Centre
Postal address: 130 Goldsworth Road

Town: Woking
County: Surrey
Post code: GU21 6ND
Telephone: 01483 518737
Web address:

54 documents found for Surrey History Centre:

Code Description Date Keywords
PA Children's Committee Minutes vol 1, pp83-4

list of training ships compiled for Public Assistance Children's Committee, 1932; pp118-19, reference to the Exmouth, training ship, 1932

1932   education apprenticeships

assessments, national levy for building and equipping 30 ships of war, 1677-83

1677 - 1683 construction navy

Marine Society notice regarding pauper boys for merchant and Royal navies, 1805

1805   welfare trade navy recruitment
L.M. 997

Council's warrant to Deputy Lieutenants for Surrey to levy money for lodging demobilised sailors on their way home from Portsmouth, 30 June 1626

1626   mariners
L.M. 1591

, 1748-1831, collection of misc. Admiralty papers, many missing, including 1591, summons from the Admiralty to Sir W. More, Vice-Admiral, 24 May 1574; 1740, Admiralty warrant to Warden of Cinque Ports regarding apprehension of R. Roates of Sussex, 1574; 1748, writ to John de Roches, Admiral of the West and others, ordering restitution of ships and goods to Brittany, 16 December Richard II; 1774, appointment of W. Lusher of Thackham to be Vice-Admiral of the rapes of Arundel, Bramber, Lewes, Pevensey and Hastings, 4 October 14 Eliz.; 1786, view of all vessels, masters and able men within the rape of Chichester, 14 January 1569 (now Folger Library 104); 1787, commission to the Vice Admiral of Sussex regarding piracy, 8 June 1577; 1793, copy of a Royal signet to Lord Clinton & Say, High Admiral, ordering detention of vessels for royal service, 18 July 4 Eliz; 1794, list of mariners in towns and havens between Arundel and Emsworth, 21 July 1569; 1795, articles of instruction for the Vice-Admirals for the preservation of trade, late sixteenth century; 1796, inventory of a ship found on the high seas and taken into Selsey harbour, 29 March 1583; 1797, extent of the Admiralty jurisdiction of the honour of the baronages of Lewes and Bramber, sixteenth century; 1798, list of articles taken out of the sea within the Admiral's jurisdiction, c.1600; 1799, paper regarding right of wreck of Bramber rape, n.d.; 1810, note of poor persons relieved monthly by Trinity House, February 1621; 1819, lists of mariners, n.d.; 1830-1, papers concerning lighthouses in Norfolk, ?early seventeenth century

1569 - 1831
L.M. 1331/69

remarks of Mr Sacheverell's upon the King's message and regarding vote on supplies for the Fleet, temp. Chas.II

  Royalty navy
L.M. 1331/37

note about the utility of a lighthouse recently set up at Dungeness which appears to be threatened by a Parliamentary Bill, n.d.

  communications navigation
L.M. 1327/40

unfinished account of a life of Nelson, n.d.

  navy battles
L.M. 1327/32-8

naval logbooks, etc. of Henry More Molyneux, comprising 32, logbook of HMS Revenge kept by Henry More Molyneux, midshipman, February - October 1807; 33, logbook of HMS Revenge, January - September 1810; 34, logbook of HMS Tonnant, September - April 1812; 35, logbook of unnamed ship, 1816; 36, account of a voyage from England to Newfoundland via Ireland onboard HMS Horatio, with notes on Lisbon and Tangier, 1815; 37, account of a voyage during the Napoleonic wars, n.d.; 38, part of an account of a voyage onboard HMS Horatio to China, India, etc., n.d.

1807 - 1816 navy ships travel Americas Africa Portugal Asia
L.M. 1087/2/21

business accounts of Thomas Molyneux, comprising stocks and shares, shipping and other insurance, 1691-3

1691 - 1693
L.M. 1087/2/1-2

alphabetical lists of ships with ports of destination and sums insured, 1691-2

1691 - 1692 saillings trade
L.M. 1084/23-4

list of Ship Money payments in Kent and acquitance for Ship Money collected by Sir Thomas Henley, 1637, 1640

1637 - 1640
DG 7 International Whaling Commission, International Decades of Cetacean Research: whale assessment surveys records   fishing oceanography
DG 2,3 International Whaling commission (addnl)  

agreements for reception of Surrey boys into the Cornwall, school ship, 15 January 1890 - 30 June 1920

1890 - 1920 training apprenticeships
CC115/4/10a-c, 10g

papers relating to Surrey boys and the Akbar, reformatory school ship and Nautical School, Heswall, Chester, 1904-13

1904 - 1913 navy education training apprenticeships

letter concerning agreement for Surrey boys and the Mount Edgcumbe, industrial training ship, Plymouth, 5 December 1908

1908   correspondence apprenticeships

correspondence relating to JP's administration of matters concerned with the armed forces, 1781-1817, including relating to deserters

1781 - 1817 navy military

Corporation Account with reference to relief for pressed sailors and their families, 1771

1771   mariners welfare

papers relating to the travels of William Bray in Wales and England, including Norfolk, north-east England, 1781-1826

1781 - 1826 leisure

letters to William Bray from R. Waddilove while touring in Spain, 1771

1771   correspondence travel Europe

journal kept by William Bary of his travels through Britain, 1756-1818, including many coastal towns

1756 - 1818 diary leisure

two copies of letter from Privy Council to George, Lord Onslow, Lord Lieut. of Surrey regarding impressment of seamen, 7 May 1790

1790   correspondence pressganging recruitment navy

printed impressment order from Admiralty Office to Sheriff of Surrey, 17 October 1770, letter and order from Privy Council to Richard, Lord Onslow, Lord Lieut. of Surrey, regarding impressment, 12 October 1770

1770   pressganging navy recruitment

account of a journey through Palestine from Aleppo, 4 July - 19 September 1678

1678   travel

Cornwall family of Burford Lodge, Elstead: additional records including deeds, housekeeping book and correspondence on the death of Rear Admiral Sir John Cornwall 1691-1904.

1691 - 1904 deeds correspondence family officer
7832 Harry Daley, policeman and merchant seaman: notebooks and memoirs relating to early life in Lowestoft and Dorking c.1910-25, c.1950-69 1910 - 1969 mariners
6729 More-Molyneux family of Loseley Park (addnl): family and estate papers, incl. papers of Sir William More (1520-1600), Sir George More (1553-1632) and Admiral Sir Robert Henry More-Molyneux (1838-1904), c.1506-1935. 1506 - 1935
663/pieces 20, 37, 41

papers regarding levying for transport of Sussex timber for the navy, 1619, 1632

1619 - 1632 wood construction shipbuilding

two letters of Admiral Balchan, 1739, 1742

1739 - 1742 navy correspondence

printed testimonials of 21 naval captains in support of Admiral Keppel, c.23 September 1779

1779   navy

letter of Lord Seaforth to Mr Coulthurst concerning delivery of pirates to England, 15 November 1805

1805   correspondence piracy


insurance policies for the William, Gallant, Vrouw Anna, Jonge Vrouw and the Avery, 1809-11

1809 - 1811 ships

letters of the Fletcher family of Chiswick House, Middlesex, 1799-1853, notably Joseph Fletcher jun., naval surgeon, from the Mediterranean, including Syracuse, 1807-14, with naval news, inculding Malta, Egypt, Copenhagen

1799 - 1853 correspondence navy medical doctor Europe Africa

photograph of naval cadet, Chatham Yard, 1959

1959   navy

bill of sale of shares in the Diligence of London, 8 July 1663

1663   ownership

papers relating to prize money, concerning Negapasan and Trincamate, 1781-8; Pondicherry, 1778; Goree, 1779-89, Rachael Mobareck, 1781; Chinsurat, 1781-93; misc. papers, c.1780-1800

1781 - 1793 ships

certificate of death of Lt. C.B. Yonge onboard the Seahorse, 1807

1807   navy ships

papers relating to Sir Richard Cowper and the Vice-Admiralty of Devon, 1612-14; comprising 2, commission from Lord High Admiral to bring ship with captive Turks from Salcombe, Devon to Southwark, 20 January 1614; acquitance by Irbrand Derrickson, owner of the Swan of Amsterdam, to Sir Richard Cowper for receipt of his ship etc., 12 December 1612; 34, a note of charges incurred in landing goods brought into Plymouth in a Spanish ship and there taken into custody, n.d.; 37, acquitance by John Hichens, late master of the Swan of Amsterdam for 60, 1612; 38, copy letter from Lord High Admiral to bring to London a ship now at Dartmouth, 1612; 39a-b, two account relating to the Lion Dior of Rochelle signed by Thomas Hardwen, 1612; 40-4, financial papers regarding the Swan, 1612; 45, note of money disbursed for the Lyon Dor, c.1612

1612 - 1614 navy prisoners

financial papers regarding Devon coastal adventurers in Newfoundland fishing trade, eighteenth century, comprising lists of names of persons aboard on named vessels, notes of money due, misc. information on individuals

1700 - 1799 Americas ships

appointment of Sir Benjamin Hallowell as Vice-Admiral of the White, 19 July 1821

1821   navy ships
212/89/5, 419

papers mainly relating to sugar plantations including 5, two receipts for passage money, including for the Venus to Barbados, 1818, 1821; 7, receipted account and a certificate of the registration of slaves, 1830; 14-15, two financial accounts, including of freight of sugar, 1840-1

1818 - 1841 Colonies Caribbean slavery trade cargo

misc. correspondence of the Howard family including 2, letter from Sir Edward Paget onboard the Glasgow from Falmouth to Ceylon via Cape Town, 4 December 1821; 9, letter from Harriet Brouncker, with news of son's appointment to the Isis, 1823; 11, letter from Mr. N. Dodson, Rome, referring to sending goods onboard the Williams, brig, from Leghorn to London, 1823; 17, letter from Sir Edward Paget, Ceylon, with news of shipping, passage of family, 1823; 108, letter from Henry Howard, Carlisle, concerning voyage to Scotland by steam vessel, 1824; 134 & 135, shipment of goods from and to Liverpool, November 1824

1821 - 1824 ships Africa travel

marriage settlement of Rear Admiral James Murray, 1851

1851   navy

diary of Martin S. Ware's voyage to Newfoundland, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand via California, June 1911 - April 1912

1911 - 1912 journal travel Americas Pacific

diary of Ursula and Edith Mary Ware's tour in Italy and return to England, 5 May - 7 August 1914

1914   journal travel Europe

bundle of six papers regarding protection of river Wey bargemen from impressment, c.1780, including two lists of barges and men

1780   waterways pressganging recruitment navy

counterparts of bargain and sale with schedules of deeds annexed including references to lighthouses at Winterton and Orford, 1688

1688   communication navigation

logbook and journal of Commander E.C. Tufnell, 1904-1907, illustrated with sketch maps, sectional drawings of ships

1904 - 1907 navy illustrations

accounts of ten cargoes of coal in the Tinmouth Castle from Tynemouth to London, December 1776 - November 1777

1776 - 1777 fuel ships trade

bill of sale of 1/3 part of the Two Friends, brigantine, between two London merchants, 24 May 1751

1751   ownership

copy bond in 200 of John Hopton Forbes to pay 125 per annum at the Royal Naval College, Portsmouth, for his nephew Algernon Stuart Austen, 29 September 1828

1828   navy education
101/1/97 bargain and sale of 1/8 part of the Prince of Wales, late called the Lizard, of

263 tons, 10 March 1715, between two London merchants


letters of marque to James Carpenter of the Richmond, 170 tons, 9 December 1758

1758   ships privateering