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Name: Shropshire Archives
Postal address: Castle Gates

Town: Shrewsbury
County: Shropshire
Post code: SY1 2AQ
Telephone: 01743 255350
Web address:

31 documents found for Shropshire Archives:

Code Description Date Keywords

file of papers relating to the visit of Sir Offley Wakeman and Mr Goodber to NATO and SHAPE in September 1955

1955   security weapons

correspondence of Lord Powis regarding presentation plate to HMS Shropshire, 1929

1929   navy ships

ball in aid of British Sailors' Society, 1926

1926   welfare navy leisure

diaries of Captain G.D. Owen, onboard HMS Achilles, 1914, and HMS Royal Sovereign, 1920

1914 - 1920 journals navy ships

share certificates of Anne Lloyd Jones of Hanwood in Eastbourne Shipping Company, 30 August 1898

1898   ownership

letter from HM Customs House to Captain Hoskens at Ellenglaze regarding stamps worth 4/8 for unclaimed wreck on manor of Ellenglaze, 17 May 1882

1882   correspondence

account of proceeds of sale of wreck for district of Padstow for 1876-7, 1878

1876 - 1878 ownership Cornwall

letters and papers between James Mackintosh and L.R. Price concerning cargo of curango bark to Southampton on the Pacific Steam Navigation Company steamer San Carlos, 1871

1871   correspondence trade imports ships

papers relating to John Edwards of Great Ness, mainly certificates of examinations and appointments to the navy, 1863-72

1863 - 1872 recruitment

letter with reference to proposal for Admiralty Transport Board, 1861

1861   correspondence navy

diary by R.A. Slaney of Walferd Manor, Nov. 1861 - March 1862, overseas

1861 - 1862 journal

letters from Commander Hugh Dunlop to L.R. Price, HMS Challenger, regarding naval policy and Mexican affairs, 1856-62

1856 - 1862 correspondence navy ships Americas

diaries and journals of L.R. Price, 1852-71, including account of voyage to Vera Cruz, 1852, news of shipping during Mexican crisis of 1862, voyages to England, 1862, 1865, 1867, holiday in Brighton, 1878, voyage from London to San Francisco, 1871

1852 - 1878 travel Americas

correspondence of Mr Stafford Price and his wife Margaret between themselves and others, including voyages to and from England, Italy, travel to Mexico, steamers and packets, loss of the Tweed in 1847, voyage from New Orleans to Le Havre via New York, 1847, first half of the nineteenth century

1847   travel Europe Americas wrecks ships

accounts by L.R. Price and Emile Balbian of the shipwreck of the Tweed, steamer, on the Alacranes Reef while on voyage from Southampton to Vera Cruz, 1847

1847   ships travel Americas

subscription list for providing suitable testimony to the chief mate of the Emilio in the resuce of survivors of the Tweed, 19 April 1847

1847   ships wrecks

diary of George Jones, Portsmouth, 1845-6, mention of the passage of Dr Bushell of Hartford, Connecticutt, on the Victoria to Boston, April 1846 'a good speciman of American'

1845 - 1846 journal travel doctor medical Americas ships

letter from Philip Snape at London to his uncle Revd R.J. Davies at Aberhafesp with news of his emigrating to Australia, 6 May 1837

1837   correspondence

papers of the Coalbrookdale Company including conditions of contract for supplying British iron to the East India Company, 16 January 1822

1822   trade metal construction

letter of W. Sandys to his wife Eliza at Lanarth, Cornwall with reference to the Port of London Society, Naval and Military Bible Society, 9 May 1821

1821   correspondence navy religion
S.P.L. Deeds 17017

letter from Rowland Hunt of Shrewsbury to John Mytton of Halston including an account of the life of his son John Hunt, midshipman on the Barfleur, 1 March 1806

1806   correspondence ships
S.P.L. MS 2740

logbook of HMS Cambrian, 1798-1801

1798 - 1801 navy ships

correspondence of Joseph Brame, British Consul at Genoa, 1794-7, including letters from Horatio Nelson, 1796 and description of the Battle of Cape St Vincent, 1797

1794 - 1797 navy Europe operations war

letter books and letter of Ralph Leeke, paymaster at Islamabad and resident at Tipperah, under the East India Company, 1778-85

1778 - 1785 correspondence Asia Pakistan

diary of a gentleman, 1775, girls dancing a country dance, finish.

1775   journal leisure

letter from J. Stanley, HMS Lowestoft, St Kitts to Thomas Stanley, Buildwas Abbey, with references to loss of the Ottley, his being made surgeon on the Lowestoft, taking French and Spanish prizes, 10 January 1747

1747   correspondence navy ships Caribbean Colonies wrecks medical doctor

letter from J. Stanley to Thomas Stanley with news of arrival at Spithead and of the Deptford, Dolphin, Harwich, voyage from St Helena, death of two boys, 25 August 1746

1746   correspondence ships travel Americas

letter from Robert Watkins at Plymouth Sound to William Lutwyche, Wenlock, Shropshire, with news of the Yarmouth, Eastern Squadron, 31 August 1746

1746   correspondence ships navy

[nb new number to be LB11/??], information of Richard Stott against Charles Chetwynd for spreading false rumour about the naval engagements in war with the Dutch, c.1665

1665   navy battles operations
Acc. 7143

Ludlow ship money: ship money roll


Scotland shares in harbour A,