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Name: North Devon Record Office
Postal address: Library and Record Office
Tuly Street
Town: Barnstaple
County: Devon
Post code: EX31 1EL
Telephone: 01271 388607
Web address:

132 documents found for North Devon Record Office:

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Misc. papers relating to the Bideford Ship Company Ltd, 1986-7 [closed access]

1986 - 1987 Ships Shipping

Minutes and correspondence of North Devon Lifeguard Committee, 1972-3


1972 - 1973 Rescue

Notebook containing, inter alia, reminiscences of John H.A. Stucley's naval training at Dartmouth and career, late 1970s

1970 - 1980 Navy Education
B155/20 Menu for Championship Regatta dinner, 1955 1955   Leisure

Misc. papers regarding the Lynmouth flood of 1952, inc. correspondence

1952   flood

Programme for Championship Regatta, Plymouth Amateur Rowing Club, 1950

1950   Leisure

Notes, transcripts, drafts, etc., by Stanley Thomas for book on The Nightingale 1950s

1950 - 1959 Ships Shipping

Corporation of Trinity House: plans of lighthouses: Bideford, Lundy and Lynmouth 1950-99.

1950 - 1999 lighthouse

Minute book of Braunton Shipowners' Mutual Insurance Association Ltd, 1946-59

1946 - 1959 Ships Shipping Insurance

Copy greetings telegrams, HMS Lauderdale 1944

1944   Navy

Extracts from diary of Jack Freer of HMS Stevenstone April to November 1944

1944   Navy Operations

Correspondence regarding Bideford shipping, 1942-7

1942 - 1947 Ships Shipping

Papers of Barnstaple and Bideford Port Health Authority, inc. inspector's records of inspections, 1939-88; reports of port medical officer of health, 1940-76; bundle of correspondence, 1949-89

1939 - 1989 Mariners Health Welfare

scrapbook of press cuttings in Admiralty case of owners of SS Devonia vs corporation of Bideford, 1937


1937   steam legal
4347/1 Journal of John H.A. Stucley, midshipman, on the Malaya, Ramillies, Furious, Wren, Royal Sovereign, Foresight, Leander and Fame,1934-6 1934 - 1936 Navy diary

Midshipman's journal of Colin C. Lowry, 1929-31, with misc. service papers

1929 - 1931 navy service papers

Letters and sketch plan regarding hospital ship at Barnstaple, c.1927

1927   Mariners Health Welfare
B99/1 Copy of statement of liabilities and assets regarding the Hansen Shipbulding and Ship-Repairing Co. Ltd of Northam, 1925 1925   Ships shipbuilding
2006 Acc 18

Bideford ships' registration papers, 1925-92.

1925 - 1992 ships registration documentation
B272/1-3 Papers relating to H.M. Customs, Appledore comprising statements of trade, 1961-83, register of seamen, 1935-64, wreck books, 1919-82 1919 - 1982 Customs
B155/1-15 Programmes for Bideford regatta, 1919-55, and for Appledore and Instow regatta, 1926, 1955 1919 - 1955 Leisure Yachting

Journal of B.R. Bickford containing notes on flags and pendants used in naval signals, 1915-16

1915 - 1916 Navy Papers, WW1

Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Appledore branch: minutes, reports, accounts and papers, 1914-2001.

1914 - 2001 lifeboat coastguard Devon

Correspondence regarding Association for the Efficient Watching of our Coast, 1910-11

1910 - 1911 Rescue
3318 add Barnstaple shipping register 1910 - 1987 trade commerce

Records of North Devon Yacht Club, inc. lists of members, 1909-65, race records, 1909-85, financial accounts, 1975-85

1909 - 1985 Leisure
B261/1-36 Papers of Captains GG and HGG Clarke of Braunton, inc. ships' account books, 1909-22, financial papers relating to the CFH, Democrat, Result, St Austell and other ships, 1927-33, papers relating to the British Sail 1909 - 1931 Ships Shipping

Account book of the Braunton Shipowners Mutual Insurance Association, 1908-45

1908 - 1945 Ships Shipping insurance
682/0 Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen, Barnstaple: register of sea fishing boats 1903 - 1988

Papers of J.B. Reed and Co. relating to transport comprising 1, correspondence regarding the purchase of the Leader, ketch of Hull and shipments, 1897-8; 2, insurance policies and premium certificates, 1898-1904; 3-8b, receipted bills, bi

1897 - 1925 Trade Commerce

certificates of Royal Humane Society for preventing drownings, 1893-6

1893 - 1896 Mariners Health Welfare

District register of Royal Navy ratings, c.1892-1925; return of engagements, discharges, etc., of Naval Reserve officers and men, 1920-49

1892 - 1949 Navy Papers Reserves

Records of P.K. Harris and Sons, Appledore shipbuilders, 1891-1963

1891 - 1963 Ships Shipping shipbuilding

papers of HM Customs and Excise, Barnstaple, relating to Appledore Customs House, inc. correspondence, 1932-58; records of seizures, 1860-1961; charts and plans for proposed public works (piers), 1886-1953

1886 - 1961 customs

Photocopies of poems by James C. Harding of Appledore on wrecks from 1885 to 1912

1885 - 1912 Wrecks
683/0 Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen, Bideford: register of sea fishing boats 1884 - 1988

Brixham Seamen's Orphan Boys' Home prospectus, 1883

1883   Mariners

Technical drawings of James Goss, Barnstaple shipbuilder, 1882-6

1882 - 1886 Ships Shipping shipbuilding

letter from Joseph Risdon with plan of wall to prevent sea encroachment at Westward Ho! and rough sketches of sea defences, 1877

1877   harbours

Notes by H.H. and R.P. Chope of Hartland, inc. accounts of wrecks, 1871-c.1900

1871 - 1900 Wrecks
2239Badd8/111 Envelope of misc. papers on shipyards inc. sale particulars for shipbuilding yard, Northam, 1868, mortgage of the John and Ann of Braunton, 1875, prospectus, plan, etc. of Bideford and Bristol Channel Ship-Building and Shipping Co. Ltd, 1878 1868 - 1878 Ships Shipping shipbuilding

Crew lists of the Ellen Martin, Maria and Psyche of Bideford, 1863-90

1863 - 1890 Ships Shipping Crew

HM Customs and Excise, Barnstaple (addnl): register and appropriation book

1855 - 1986
3319/3 HM Customs and Excise, Bideford (addnl): registers, appropriation and transfer books 1855 - 1993

Account book of the Rhea Sylvia, 1853-67

1853 - 1867 accounts

Copy of memorandum of agreement with John Stanbury as to wreck and insurance of Woolacombe, 26 March 1852

1852   Wrecks

Misc. papers inc. letter on the improvement of Combe Martin harbour, c.1845

1845   Ports Harbours

Misc. prospectuses, 1845-6, inc. of London, Rotterdam and Harlingen Steam Schooner Shipping Co.; Metropolitan and Brighton Sea Water Conveyance Co.; Sutton Harbour and Dock Co., Plymouth; Monzani's Patented Ships' Life and Shore Boat Co.

1845 - 1846 Ships Shipping
1142B/SS/4 Solicitors' papers relating to shipping comprising agreement for sale of the Alert ,smack of Barnstaple, 1842; certificate of registration of the Lilly of Barnstaple, 1846; bill of sale for mortgage regarding the Betsey of 1842 - 1863 Ships Shipping

Correspondence relating to Capt. Henry Gribble and his travels in the Far East in the 1840s

1840 - 1850 Mariners
50/11/181/1-5 bundle of papers concerning emigration to Australia and New Zealand, 1837-9 1837 - 1839 Emigration

Shipping registers for Bideford, 1786-1897, and register of transactions, 1836-1908

1836 - 1908 Ships Shipping Registration

Petition to House of Commons from inhabitants of Barnstaple, Bideford and area in favour of River Severn improvement, c.1835

1835   Ports Harbours

Extracts from diary of R. Ellis, Bideford merchant, inc. lists of exported goods, account for provisioning the William bound for Prince Edward Island, 1840, dimensions of spars for a vessel being built at Bideford, 1840, calculation for mea

1833 - 1852 Mariners

Bundle of letters from Lieut. Obadiah Newell, Plymouth, to J.B.P. Chichester, Arlington Court, on naval, family and estate matters, 1831-2

1831 - 1832 Navy

Shipping registers for Barnstaple, 1824-1906, and register of transactions, 1831-1940
1831 - 1940 Ships Shipping Registration

Plan of proposed harbours, Combe Martin bay, c.1830

1830   Ports Harbours

Extracts from letter books, port of Ilfracombe, 1827-9

1827 - 1829 Ports Harbours

Two parliamentary bills, plan and book of reference by James Green, surveyor, and other papers relating to proposed road and harbour scheme, Combe Martin, 1827-37

1827 - 1837 Ports Harbours

Certificate of registry of the Nightingale at Barnstaple, 1825

1825   Ships Shipping Registration

Journal of Browne Smith, 1824-7, regarding navy duty on the Tagus Portugal and aboard the Aurora

1824 - 1827 Navy

Shipping register for Ilfracombe, 1824-37

1824 - 1837 Ships Shipping Registration

Rules of the Mariners Union Society of Clovelly, 1823-38

1823 - 1838 Mariners

Large bankers box 2 (3), envelope of papers relating to harbour shipping and navigations at Barnstaple, Bideford and Appledore, including Taw Shipyard plan, 1920, with photocopy and two photograph; envelope of nine disbursements accounts of the

1820 - 1828 shipping

Accounts of the Newton brig, 1816

1816   Ships Shipping

Maps of areas of jurisdiction of ports of Barnstaple and Bideford taken from atlas, c.1815

1815   Ports Harbours

Order from Sir Edward Pellew for a survey of the Swallow 1813

1813   Navy

Official letters, commissions, certificates, etc. relating to naval service of Lieut. John P.B. Chicester, 1812-28, inc. a mess book, 1814-15, statement of dimensions of mast and yards of the Pandora

1812 - 1828 Navy Papers

Statement of James Lord Gambier, Admiral of the White Squadron, regarding public employment, 1 July 1812

1812   Navy

Bill of sale of the Hope of Bideford, 1812

1812   Ships Shipping sale

Bill of sale of 1/8 of the Favre of Barnstaple, 1811

1811   Ships Shipping

Assignment of the Eliza, sloop of Bideford, 1809

1809   Ships Shipping Registration

Letter from McCarthy and Brown of London to Capt. Twokig, 7 December 1807, regarding sale of the materials of the General Suwano wrecked at Bude

1807   Wrecks

Certificate of discharge of Thomas Smith, late surgeon of HMS Peterell , 1807

1807   Navy

Power of attorney regarding salvage of the Rigby 1806

1806   Wrecks

Register of Bideford shipping, June 1805 - 1813

1805 - 1813 Ships Shipping Registration
B689-1 HM Customs and Excise, Barnstaple: customs house bonds, leases and commissions 1804 - 1870
Cann Box 1/2b/5

Insurance certificate for church bells on the Nautilus from Bideford to London, 1803

1803   insurance

Memorandum of private signals from Admiral Lord Keith, 1800

1800   Navy
R2379A/Z38/56/2 Articles of the Maria privateer, 1800

1800   Piracy Privateering

Plan of ports of Bideford, Barnstaple and Ilfracome, showing out-stations and dependencies, nineteenth century

1800 - 1900 Ports Harbours

Ts notes by Marshall Edwin Harris, including copy of nineteenth-century notes by Henry Watts on shipping

1800 - 1899 shipping

Bond of indemnity regarding the Aurora, 1798

1798   Ships Shipping
Cann Box 1/25b

Bill of sale of the Friendship brigantine of Appledore, 1798 & bond for faithful service of agent to Barnstaple and Bristol Shipping Co., 1854

1798 - 1854 sale shipping

Account for building Little Quay, Barnstaple, 1796

1796   Ports Harbours Quays
North Devon Atheneum

Four scale Navy plans of HMS Naiad 1795

1795   Plans

Papers relating to Charles Besley Gribble's account of meeting Napolean on St Helena, notes on Gribble's voyages, 1788-1801, notes on voyages of Capt. Henry Gribble, 1818-32, notes on voyages of Charles Besley, 1826-c.73

1783 - 1873 Mariners

Legal papers regarding quayage at Barnstaple, 1779, 1789

1779 - 1789 Ports Harbours Quays

Letter from A. Keppel to Vice Admiral Lord Shuldham, Plymouth, regarding men for the spy tender, 1778

1778   Navy Recruiting

Bundle legal documents, 1769-1804, inc. papers relating to vessels owned by the Hogg family

1769 - 1804 Ships Shipping legal
B149/2 Marriage settlement with a quarter part of the Sally brig, 1768

1768   Ships Shipping
2364M/E1 Volume of estate accounts, with accounts of voyages made by the Elizabeth, sloop, 1768-71

1768 - 1771 Trade Commerce

Account books of the Sally and Albion, 1767-1815

1767 - 1815 accounts Shipping
R2397A/Z60 Account Book of the Sally, Snow and Albion brigantine, 1767 - 1815 1767 - 1815 accounts shipping commerce

Incledon family papers inc. FC1-25, collection of letters with naval news, 1754-1804

1754 - 1804 Navy

Ts of account of the burning of the Nightingale in 1754

1754   wreck
Cann Box 1/2b/4

Pass for the Swallow , brigantine, 1753

1753   pass shipping

Ms book entitled `The Island of Lundy', with journals of visits in 1752 and 1787, c.1787 yachting

1752 - 1787 Leisure

Incomplete account of George Crocker of Bristol to the owners of the Barum, inc. purchase of provisions and customs and pilotage fees at Cork, 15 June 1752

1752   Trade Commerce
B1/1765 appointment of officer for duty on salt as collector of subsidy of tonnage and metage, 1751 1751   Emigration

Barnstaple quay repair account, 1750

1750   Ports Harbours Quays

Photocopies of scale Navy plans of Childers , sister ship of HMS Weazle of the late eighteenth century

1750 - 1800 navy shipbuilding

oath of allegiance of Barnstaple Customs and Excise Officer, 1742

1742   Emigration

Papers regarding cargo of hard soap, Appledore and Barnstaple, 1738-9

1738 - 1739 Trade Commerce
B1/2032 & 2204-11 bonds and contracts regarding transportation of felons to Virginia or Maryland, 1727-92 1727 - 1792 Emigration

Printed notice for keeping `The Walk', Barnstaple, clear of casks, bales and idle persons, 1714

1714   Ports Harbours Quays
B69/38 & add3/1

Letter and account book of a London merchant, 1704-5 & 1705-11, mainly with Francis Arundell at Leghorn and also throughout England and the continent

1704 - 1711 Trade Commerce
48/25/10/6-9 summary book, abstract of title and correspondence with Admiralty relating to ownership of fisheries, weirs and rights of wreck, Heanton Punchardon and Braunton, c.1700-1848, with plan of fisheries, c.1850 1700 - 1850 fishing
50/11/66-100 papers on Chichester estate in Wales, notably 70, tithe account books of the Chichester estates, inc. list of Aberystwyth fishing boats and tithes payable, 1730; 85, bundle of papers, some legal, on disputes over tithes of Llanbadarn Fawr and Llanfih 1700 - 1714 Fishing

Extracts from letter book, port of Barnstaple, eighteenth - nineteenth centuries

1700 - 1900 Ports Harbours

Map of old and new quays at Bideford c.1690

1690   Ports Harbours Quays

Account book of Benjamin Smale, merchant of goods carried inc. from Bideford, Topsham, Swansea, Dublin, Milford, Oport

1687 - 1690 Trade Commerce

Two copies of statement regarding limits of port of Bideford in 1676, 1801

1676 - 1801 Ports Harbours
3704M/SS/W1-12 Letters,accounts and misc. papers relating to wrecks on Croyde, Saunton and Putsborough Sands 1668 -1936 1668 - 1936 Wrecks

Account of wool shipped to London, 1668

1668   Trade Commerce
B1/1733 bond regarding Edward Kettlewell and Grace Stevens of Montserrat, two children, sent in the Forteene from the West Indies, 26 November 1658 1658   Emigration

Barnstaple Corporation order regarding bags of imported wool from Wales, Ireland or any other `infected place' and plague, 2 September 1651

1651   Trade Commerce
B1/1730-1 & 1735 papers regarding fishery and nets, 1649-50 1649 - 1650 Fishing

Letter from Andrew Turner, senior, to Robert Phipps, merchant of Exeter, complaining of losses caused by Parliamentary forces and navy, 6 September 1647

1647   Navy Operations

Letter from Governor of Exeter regarding French trade, 1637

1637   Trade Commerce
B1/4024 & 621

Copy order from Board of Trade regarding French trade with Western ports and account of monies paid attending French ambassador regarding London merchants' grievances, 1636-7

1636 - 1637 Trade Commerce

Probate will of Thomas Heywood of Northam, mariner, with bequest of quarter of William of Northam, 1633

1633   Mariners

Deed of arrangement concerning wool bought in Ireland, regarding merchants of Minehead and Bristol, 1632

1632   Trade Commerce

papers regarding enquiry into weirs on river Taw, c.1627-30

1627 - 1630 Fishing

Copy of orders and articles concerning payment of harbour dues in 1603, c.1700

1603 - 1700 Harbours

grant of arms to John Hawkins for `courageous worthy and famous entreprises... into the unhaunted parts of Africa and America', 1566

1566   Exploration

Notes and ts copy on Bristol Channel shipping recorded in Welsh port books from 1560 to 1603

1560 - 1603 shipping trade
B1/619 extract regarding legal case of unwholesome fish in market, 1547 1547   Fishing
B1/905 printed resolution at Exeter, accepting government's supply of herrings to the poor due to the high price of corn, 1500 1500   Fishing

Corporation petition regarding remitting narrow cloth custom, 1423, with transcript of 1774

1423   Trade Commerce
H/20/1 notes on smuggling in north Devon by Graham Farr, twentieth century   Smuggling

Box of twelve scrapbooks by Basil Kennelly on north Devon maritime themes, mid-twentieth century, with original photographs and postcards of ships (index)

  merchant pictures