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Name: Lincolnshire Archives
Postal address: St Rumbold Street

Town: Lincoln
County: Lincolnshire
Post code: LN2 5AB
Telephone: 01522 782040
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136 documents found for Lincolnshire Archives:

Code Description Date Keywords

ledger with entry and departure of ships from Boston Dock, 17 October 1909 - 14 August 1919

1909 - 1919 wharfs ports sailings
Worsley 37

account of voyage by Sir Richard Worsley off France and Italy, 1769-70

1769 - 1770 travel Europe

 notebook of Henry Winn, 1845-6, with reference to the Lifeboat regatta and meeting of the Wainfleet branch of the Shipwrecked fishermen and mariners Society at Skegness

1845 - 1846 rescue welfare

papers regarding purchase of Old Lifeboat House, Skegness, 1914


conveyance of share of the Elizabeth & Sarah of Grimsby, 17 February 1737

1737   ownership

regulations for students' admission to Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, 1821

1821   education navy training

guide card for visitors attending the foundation stone ceremony at Grimsby new docks, 18 April 1849

1849   events ports wharfs

correspondence of Lord Nugent, Mr G. D'Eyncourt, and Edwin C. D'Eyncourt on HMS Rapid regarding conditions in the eastern Mediterranean and Corfu, 1832-4

1832 - 1834 navy ships Europe

letters to Charles Tennyson, 1804, with mention of the auction of a ship at Grimsby

1804   correspondence

letters to Charles Tennysonm, 1827, with mention of Lord Yarborough's yacht being built at Portsmouth

1827   correspondence boats

letters to Humphrey Sibthorp, 1798-1806, including from his brother Henry with naval news

1798 - 1806 correspondence navy
Sher plans H/94, 113 & 126

plans of New Boat house and parlour, Hob Hole coast guard station, and repair of banks

  maintenance coastal erosion
Sher plans H/80

plan of new slipway at Thompson's Shipyard, Boston, nineteenth century

1800 - 1899
Sher plans F/32

plan of repairs to Fosdyke coast guard station, 1896

1896   maintenance
Sher plans C/76

plan of repairs to Frieston coast guard station, 1892

1892   maintenance
Sher plans C/36

plan of coast guard station, 1866

Sher plans B125, 144 & 166

plans of Boston docks

  wharfs ports harbours
Sher plans B/70, 72-4

plans of Boston Harbour Comm. relating to coastal erosion


misc. papers relating to Grimsby, mainly mortgages and bills of sale of the Brittannia, John Bull, Waverley, Killarney, Anglesey, Sirdar, Khedive, 1895-1900, 1902, with memorandum of association and certification of incorporations of the Meadows Steam Fishing Company, Ltd, 1901

1895 - 1902 ships fishing ownership

27 boxes of crew lists and running agreements, Boston, 1863 - 1913 and Gainsborough, 1863-81

1863 - 1913 mariners trade

14 boxes of fishing vessel crew agreements, 1886-1913


1886 - 1913 mariners
ORM 19/1-6

leases relating to Skegness and Winthorpe with reference to coastal erosion, 1818-48

1818 - 1848
Munson 28/7

papers regarding convict ship to Van Dickman's land, 1846

1846   prisoners emigration
MSR/Boston Boston shipping registers (addnl): account books. 1800 - 1999 trade commerce
MSR/BOSTON Boston Port: appropriation book 1855 - 1989 harbours

Boston shipping register: registers of sea fishing boats at port

1902 - 1988

printed report on the state of Wainfleet haven, September 1814

Monson 31/1-38

journals of Thomas Thistlewood, 1748-65, including voyages to and from Jamaica, accounts of daily life on the Egypt and Bread Nutt Plantations, Westmoreland, Jamaica and voyage to the Netherlands

1748 - 1765 travel Caribbean Colonies
Monson 3/VI/3/3

receipt for payment of ship money by Randolph Sparrow, alderman of Richmond, York, 1637/8

1637 - 1638
Monson 28A/14/12

letter from John Hallett regarding the Fort St George, 2 September 1749

1749   correspondence ships
Monson 25/6/50

fragment of document relating to a son in the navy, Lincoln, 1740

Monson 21/XII/10

paper regarding absence of Mr Gatehouse and lack of coastguard on Lincolnshire coast, n.d.

  security coastal
Monson 21/I/17

list of French ships lost at Aboutier Bay, late eighteenth century

1750 - 1799 wrecks battles navy war
Monson 11/5

vouchers, 1738-47, including account of goods on the Providence for Gainsborough

1738 - 1747 cargo ships trade

accounts of John Dawtry concerning the King's wars by sea, 1513

1513   battles navy
Misc. Don. 143/7

letter regarding cost of sending son as midshipman, c.1826

1826   correspondence recruitment
Misc. Don. 143/1-2

letters to William Marshall on East India man, 1810

1810   correspondence
MISC DON 1237 HM Customs and Excise, Port of Boston: records relating to customs and excise, including instructions from the Customs House and Whitehall, London and miscellaneous papers 1690 - 1875 harbours
MISC DEP 606 Enchanter, barque: crew and cargo records. 1870 - 1889 barge mariners trade commerce

Gainsborough, 2 shipping registers, 1841-79, transaction book, 1841-54


1841 - 1879

registers of vessels, 1824-37

1824 - 1837 registration

transaction book, 1855-1926, covering ships registered, 1836-98

1836 - 1926 registration

register of steam boat certificates, 1856-1909

1856 - 1909 registration

2 registers of fishing boats, 1869-1901

1869 - 1901 registration

ships' registers, Boston, 4 registers, 1827-92

1827 - 1892 registration

letters regarding bill to improve port of Boston, 1776

1776   correspondence harbour legislation development

letter from C. Burrell Massingberd, 2 July 1828, with request for details of shipwreck association

1828   correspondence welfare

letters of Lincolnshire Shipwreck Association, 1825-51

1825 - 1851 correspondence welfare

letters and notes concerning right of wreck at Croft and Skegness, c.1675, with note of the Prosperous of Scarborough wrecked near Ingoldmells, 12 September 1671

1671 - 1675 correspondence ships

assessments for ship money at Ketsby and South Ormsby, 1677-8

1677 - 1678

agreements of Elizabeth Hyrne and her sons Burrell Massingberd and Henry regarding their shares in merchandize to be sent to South Carolina on the True Love, 27 September 1723

1723   ownership trade Americas ships

letter from John Booth to C.B. Massingberd regarding danger to foreshore of removing gravel at Ingoldnells, 9 January 1832

1832   correspondence coastal erosion
M.M. 11/1/49

letter from John Booth to C. B. Massingberd regarding use of a house at Skegness as refuge for shipwrecked persons, 1831

1831   correspondence welfare
M.C.D. 1132

extracts from deeds regarding lighthouse at Winterton, 1656-92

1656 - 1692 communications navigation

registration list of 37 river and canal craft, 1795-1801 [access restricted]

1795 - 1801 waterways boats
Lindsey Dep Plans 1/63

plan of Lincolnshire Estuary Amendments and Wainfleet Harbour Improvements, 1851

1851   waterways ports development
Lindsey Dep Plans 1/149

plan of harbour and dock of the North Sea Fisheries, East Lincs., 1883

1883   ports wharfs fishing

transcripts of papers relating to the navy, eighteenth century, with navy financial account for 1701-10

1701 - 1710

book of official papers concerned with armed forces, 1689-1701, including revenue related to the navy

1689 - 1701 navy finances

book of official papers concerned with navy victualling and debt, 1671-97, n.d.

1671 - 1697 food finance

book of official reports, mainly printed, concerned with telegraphs and mails, 1853-74, including reports of steam navigation companies, memoranda and letters, contracts

1853 - 1874 communications postal

volume of official printed reports and memorada relating to customs and the Isle of Man, nineteenth century, including mail contract, 1883

Johnson II/2

log of the Natal Star from London to Durban, 1865-9

1865 - 1869 ships Africa
Johnson II/1

log of the Windsor Castle, East India Company ship, on voyage from London to Colombo, Bombay and return, 1862-3

1862 - 1863 trade travel Ceylon India
Jarvis V/B/2-5

drawings of ships and places visited while on military service, including Heligoland, the Needles, Falmouth, St Maur, Madeira, Palma, Mayo, Bonavista, the Cape of Good Hope, St Helena, the river Plate, Cork, 1805-7; journal of the troops on the Lord Nelson, 1 January 1807 - 22 April 1807; rhyming account of a day on the Active transport at sea on its voyage to Buenos Aires, n.d., part of a daily journal on board a troop ship, June 1807

1805 - 1822 illustrations navy Americas ships
Jarvis IX/5/7

draft letter from James Gunman denouncing attempts to supplant him as collector of lights, possibly of Dover, 2 February 1792

1792   correspondence communication
Jarvis IX/5/6a

letter from John D'Oyly, Customs House, London, to James Gunman, with accounts due to various lighthouses, Kent, etc., 11 January 1792

1792   correspondence communication navigation
Jarvis IX/5/5/3

appointment of James Gunman as collector of duties on prize wines, 1744

1744   alcohol cargo customs
Jarvis IX/5/5/1

appointment of James Gunman as collector at Dover of duties for enlarging Ramsgate and Sandwich harbours, 9 September 1773

1773   ports development
Jarvis IX/4/16

letter from J. Angell to Christopher Gunman regarding lighthouse project, place unknown, late eighteenth century

1750 - 1799 correspondence communication navigation
Jarvis IX/3/8

letter of Edward Wyvill to the navy commissioners with a list of Dover port officers and salaries, 20 February 1699

1699   correspondence
Jarvis IX/3/6

warrant from the victualling office to Lord Orford to honour a bill of exchange for beef for the navy, 1698

1698   food meat
Jarvis IX/2/1-45

papers of James Gunman, 1696-1757, including service papers of James Gunman, 1696-1703; lines of battle drawn up by Sir Cloudesley Shovell, 17 September, 16 December 1706; printed order by George Prince of Denmark regarding manning of ships, impressment of fishermen, 1707; naval orders

1696 - 1757 navy war recruitment
Jarvis IX/1/1-5

journals of Christoper Gunman, 1662-85, including of HMS Oxford, 1663, HMS Orange, 1666, HMS Reserve, 1667-8, the Anne, 1669-71, HMS Prince Royal, 1672, Anne, 1675-7, HMS Mary, 1677-7, HMS Mary, 1679-85, with papers regarding shipwreck of the Gloucester, 1682

1662 - 1682 navy ships
Jarvis III/B/4/1

account book with accounts of prize ship St Barbara, 1711


inventory of John Chambers, mariner of Gainsborough, on HMS Bedford, 1707-8

1707 - 1708 navy ships
Flinders 1-3

two diaries of Mathew Flinders, 1775-1802, and letters from his son on HMS Investigator, imprisonment by the French, general news of the navy

1775 - 1802 journals correspondence navy ships prisoners

bundle of letters from General Sir Henry Fane to Vere Fane, 1835-9, with reference to voyage to India

1835 - 1839 correspondence travel Asia

diaires of Col. Francis Augustus Fane, 1848-84, including 2, to Gosport and Isle of Wight on his yacht, voyage to the West Indies, 1849; 3, West Indies voyage and return to England, 1850; 4, voyage to New York on the Niagara, 1851; 6, voyage from Quebec to New York and England, 1853; 7, voyage to India from Southampton on SS Sultan and the Hindostan, 1854; 8, voyage to England, 1855; 9, voyage on the Enchantress, yacht, 1856; 10, voyage to India, 1857; 12, voyage from India on the Alma, shipwrecked near Aden, voyage to Marseilles on the Candia, sailing on the Enchantress, yacht, 1859; 13, voyage on the Pera from Gibraltar to Engand, 1860; 14-15, naval affairs at Gibraltar, 1861-2; 17-19, voyages to Malta, Quebec and return to England, 1864-6; 30, on the Mauritania, yacht, to Southampton, Portsmouth, Rye, Cowes, 1877; 31, voyage on SS Mohammed to Algiers, 1878; 36, voyage from Hull to Norway on the Dominico, 1883

1848 - 1884

papers and travel journals of General Sir Henry Fane, 1834-8, with account of voyage to India, 1835

1835   travel Asia

memoranda on various subjects by John, 10th earl of Westmorland, 1780-2, mostly concerned with naval affairs in North America, including notes on the war, two list of ships lost, 1780, comparison of numbers of ships, 159 and 1781, notes about ship building, return of numbers of ships of the line at Jamaica, Leeward Islands, North America, 1780-1

1780 - 1782 navy battles wrecks construction Caribbean colonies

journals of Millicent Mary Chaplin, 1838-40, including voyage from Liverpool to New York on the Cambridge

1838 - 1840 travel Americas ships

reminiscences of William Vere Reeve King-Fane, including of his voyage around the world in 1893

1893   travel

letter from Charles Goldspink at Melbourne regarding death of his wife Charlotte from measles on the Bangalora, 1880

1880   correspondence disease ships

letters of W.D. Fane regarding his continental tour, 1855, including voyage from Southampton to Le Havre, voyage on steamer off Italian coast

1855   correspondence Europe travel
Fane 6/10/6/B

minutes of meetings of the Mercantile Law Commission, 1853-5

1853 - 1855

certificate concerning prize ships relating to the Caesar, formerly L'Union, 12 April 1810


mathematical formula to calculate a ship's burthen, mid to late eighteenth century

1750 - 1799

copy of naval instructions by Philip Durrell to store ships sailing up the St Lawrence River, 24 April 1759

1759   navy

landing certificate of the Chapman, coal ship, at Wainfleet, 8 August 1715

1715   fuel

registration of William Remmer in navy, 22 December 1696

Dixon 22/4/9/p222

ledger, 1871-93, with the Shipwreck Association, 1873-93

1871 - 1893 welfare
Dixon 22/4/4/f.123

general ledger with subscriptions of the Shipwreck Association, 1861-71

1861 - 1871 welfare
DIXON 21/5/5/22

note of the crew of the Richard

  mariners ships
DIXON 21/5/5/21

copy of the Louth Times reporting the launching of the Richard at Donna Nook, 14 December 1878

1878   newspapers ships sailings

book of official reports, mainly printed, relating to the Mercantile Marine Fund Enquiry, 1888-98

1888 - 1898

bond regarding exporting cargo of beans currently at Grimsby in the Charity of Bridlington, 1691

1691   trade ships food
Cragg 5/3/79

copy petition to the House of Commons, c.1627, with reference to decay of trade

1627   Parliament
Cragg 5/3/1/9-10

copies of enrolment cases relating to goods and a wharfinger at Gainsborough, 1813, 1821

1813 - 1821 customs
Cragg 5/3/1/15

bond of Michael Martin of Gainsborough to discharge goods, 1813

1813   customs
Cragg 5/3/1/14

bond of George Clayton of Grimsby to discharge goods, 1691


report on Bradey haven, Isle of Wight, 1803

BRA 833/35/6

certificate of taking a prize by HMS Clyde, 1800

1800   navy ships
BRA 833/35/5

pass for the Mary and Ann Snow of Dartmouth, 1766

1766   ships
BRA 833/33/7

bond of George Clayton, Grimsby merchant, and Samuel Johnson, Scarborough mariner, to deliver cargo of barley to British port, ?

  trade food grain

papers regarding Gainsborough struggle for independence, 1833, etc.


Boston shipping registers: registers of ships (5) and files relating to individual vessels

1892 - 1993
BOSTON BOROUGH Boston borough: records relating to the Boston Harbour Bill and to Boston Docks. 1870 - 1987 ports government legislation
Banks Mss, Lincolnshire Coll. 5/1

folder of misc. papers on Boston with account of wool trade through the port, 1800-1801

1800 - 1801
Banks Mss, Lincolnshire Coll. 3/2/42

letter from Lord Liverpool to Sir Joseph Banks with reference to possible naval action in the Mediterranean, 29 August 1798

1798   correspondence navy Europe operations
Banks Mss, Lincolnshire Coll. 13/3/1-2

Privy Council order, and covering note, regarding straggling seamen, 17 February & 18 March 1756

1756   mariners
Banks Mss, Lincolnshire Coll. 11/1/2

proposals for manning batteries on the sea coast in relation to possible invasion, c.1800

1800   security defence coastal

list of those paying ship money in Algarkirk


petition of shipowners of Gainsborough, 1682


Whitby, 1914


letters of Henry Sibthorp at Gosport and Yarmouth Roads, to his brother Humphrey, 1799, 1803, regarding yachting

1799 - 1803 correspondence leisure

diaries of Col. Francis Augustus Fane, 1885-93, including voyage on HMS Northampton from Cowes to Spain, 1886, trip to Isle of Wight, 1887, 1892, voyage to Canada on the Circassian from Liverpool, 1890

1885 - 1893 journals travel navy ships Europe

personal scrap book of Lord Willoughby D/Eresby, 1902-17, with photographs of HMS Formidable, Venerable, Bellona, Monmouth, c.1909-12

1902 - 1917 navy ships

orders of the Privy Council and other papers regarding straggling seamen, 1734-9

1734 - 1739 mariners

two contracts and two letters regarding Charles Bertie and Flintshire timber for navy, 1694-1710

1694 - 1710 correspondence wood construction shipbuilding

notification of a quitclaim of right regarding property where vessels tie up at Boston, late twelfth or early thirteenth century

1150 - 1250 foreshore
3 Anc.5/97/1-18

studies in fortifications, early eighteenth century, mostly unidentified but including 6, general plan of the Hamoaze and Plymouth, 1718

1718   defence security coastal

bill of sale of the Elizabeth, sloop, possibly of Axholme, 1816

1816   ships ownership

letters from Henry W. Sibthorp while serving in navy, c.1798-1806, including from Portsmouth, Gibraltar, Spithead, Dublin Bay

1798 - 1806 correspondence Europe

Gainsborough Steam Packet Company, 1860-82

1860 - 1882

plan by William Dawson of three proposed harbours at Howth Town, Holyhead and Dunleary, July 1809

1809   ports development

advice of John Guevara to Robert Lord Willoughby on death of his father regarding avoiding owning ships, c.1601

1601   ownership

printed proceedings in court martial of Admiral John Byng, 1757

1757   navy discharge

notification of a lease regarding messuage in Salthaven with empty plot on harbour, 1431

1431   ports

notification of a bond regarding property on harbour, mid-thirteenth century

1200 - 1299 ports

notification of a grant regarding marsh and sea bank with undertaking not to allow to land to flood, mid thirteenth century

1200 - 1299 environment coastal erosion defence

notification of a grant regarding property on Trusthorpe haven, early thirteenth century

1200 - 1250

bonds and conveyances of part shares in various ships to Samuel Mitchell of Leghorn and his son Christopher, 1677-1703

1677 - 1703 ownership
10 Anc357/14

letter of Sir Roger Bertie to his brother Montagu regarding state of war and English naval attacks on the French, 1628

1628   correspondence battles navy
10 ANC/342

naval notebook of the first earl of Lindsey, 1635, with orders to the fleet

1635   navy
10 ANC/341/1

paper regarding service of the earl of Lindsey to the Crown, c.1630, with reference to naval affairs

1630   navy