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Name: Isle of Wight Record Office
Postal address: 26 Hillside

Town: Newport
Post code: PO30 2EB
Telephone: 01983 823820
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letter from the Public Record Office respecting the responsibility for administering the various acts relating to harbours and inshore navigation, 17 December 1971

1971   correspondence Laws ports

Trinity House: drawings of Isle of Wight lighthouses and buoys c. 1970-80.

1970 - 1980 lighthouse
I.W.C.C., 410

includes minutes for the Hovercraft Terminal Sub-Committee, c.1968-74

1968 - 1974

logbooks kept by John M. Morriss, of Yarmouth, of the Shengena of Wight of Cowes, yacht, 1968-75 (two volumes) & 1976-82 (seven volumes), with sketches

1968 - 1982 illustrations

programme of conference on `Transport between the Isle of Wight and the mainland', 16 April 1966


press report of the closure of J.S. White & Coy, shipbuilders, Cowes, 1965

1965   newspapers construction
Bay 124 Treasurer's account (1935-53); 1935 - 1953 finances
AC 2003/21 Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Brook station: weekly machinery log books 1933 - 1943 rescue defence

accounts and reports of the Cowes Ferry Committee, 1931

Acc. 2005/83 Yarmouth Harbour Commissioners: records including accounts and estimates 1925 - 1968 ports
Bay 126

Ventnor UDC Pier, Gardens and Parks Committee, 1920-8

1920 - 1928

details of SS Wear built by J.S. White & Company Ltd for John Saunders Ltd of Sunderland, 1920

1920   ships
Bay 122 Wages Account Books (1937-52) and Accounts (1916-45); 1916 - 1952 finances

letter from Sir R. Ellis Cunliffe, solicitor, to John H. Oglander, 23 February 1915, regarding legal case concerning Seaview foreshore rights (extensive details)

1915   correspondence coastal access

letters from Joan Hennard to her mother Frances Oglander regarding her voyage to the Far East, including Penang, Singapore, Shanghai and Nagasaki, onboard the Norddeutscher Lloyd, 1910

1910   correspondence travel ships Malaysia China Japan

surrender of lease of land at Foreland Field, Bembridge by the Admiralty, 25 March 1909

1909   navy

conveyance of land for coast guard station, Bembridge Down, with map, 1903

1903   illustrations
AC2002/122 Cowes shipping registers of fishing boats 1902 - 1989
Bay 125 Cowes Ferry Committee ledgers (1901-42); 1901 - 1942 accounts

Extension Pier papers, 1901-14, 1923

1901 - 1923

declaration of ownership of 16/64th part of the Neptune, pilot cutter, by Arthur Thomas Davis of Seaview, 14 March 1901

1901   ships

letter from A. Damant to Cowes Ferry Committee regarding infringement of ferry rights, 11 August 1901

1901   correspondence

out-letter book of manager of Cowes Ferry Committee, October 1901 - 18 August 1907

1901 - 1907

estimate of traffic on Cowes floating bridge, 10 October 1901


weekly wage account book, Cowes Ferry Committee, 1901-1911

1901 - 1911 prices

ledger of accounts due (special accounts) of the Cowes Ferry Committee, 1901-55

1901 - 1955 finances

ledger of accounts due of the Cowes Ferry Committee, 1901-27

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1901 - 1927

declaration of trust of 1/16 share in pilot cutter Neptune of Cowes owned jointly by Arthur Thomas Davis, Trinity Pilot, Emma Charlotte Caws, Caroline Amelia Burden and Ellen Louisa Davis, 1901

1901   ownership ships

rough estimate of traffic on floating bridge, Cowes, c.1900

1900   transport

piece of land, etc, at Bembridge lately occupied by the Coast Guard, with plan, 10 June 1899


photographs, newspaper cuttings and service of dedication regarding the `Tennyson' Sea Mark on Freshwater Down, 6 August 1897

1897   illustrations

lease for 21 years between Sir John Stephen Barrington Simeon, Swainston House and Thomas, George, Henry and Charles Paskins, fishmongers of West Cowes (and all members of Thomas Paskins & Sons Ltd), 29 September 1893

1893   fishing

fountain pier, west cowes, lease for 23 years, with 2 plans, 4 January 1893


satirical drawing, by Harry Furniss, of Ryde Pier and travellers, 7 October 1891, which appeared in Punch

1891   illustrations publications

three letters from Edward Bush, Ventnor coastguard to Harbottle Estcourt regarding proposed signal station on Bembridge Down, 1890

1890   correspondence security communication

photographs of floating bridge, Cowes, 1890, c.1900

1890 - 1900 illustrations transport

letter regarding right to foreshore and the Coast Guard, 25 August 1888

1888   correspondence coastal

lease, with plan, between W.G. Ward, of Northwood Park and Edmund Granville Ward of Weston Manor, Freshwater, & Isle of Wight Oyster Fishery Company Ltd, 25 February 1882

1882   fishing

letter from Leila Calthorpe to Florence Glynn, 26 January 1880, regarding the departure of 15 year old boy for Devonport to join HMS Northampton

1880   correspondence navy ships recruitment

letter of J.W. Fardell to his brother John H.O. Glynn, regarding Seaview Pier, 4 April 1879

1879   correspondence development

letter of William A. Glynn to his brother John H.O. Glynn, regarding Sea View Pier and steamboats, 26 April 1879

1879   correspondence

letter of William A. Glynn to his brother John, regarding shares of the Seaview Pier Company, 6 July 1879

1879   correspondence ownership
OG/CC/1077-83, 1242, 1607

letters of the Oglander family regarding Seaview Pier Company, 1879-81

1879 - 1881 correspondence

papers of the Seaview Pier Company, including reports, plans, letters, list of shareholders, telegrams, contracts, leases and agreements, 1879 - 1925

1879 - 1925

minutes of Seaview Pier Company, 1879-1914

1879 - 1914
BRS 411

letter from Leonard Blake to Ruffin Blake, onboard the Forfarshire bound for New Zealand, 8 July - 8 September 1879

1879   correspondence ships

letter from Florence Glynn, Hotel Belle Ile, Caddinabbia, Lago de Como, Italy to her mother, describing the livery of the boatmen, 11 November 1879

1879   correspondence clothes

letter of John H.O. Glynn, Royal Victoria Yacht Club, Ryde, to Miss Florence C. Somerset, London, 15 March 1879, with reference to the Club

1879   correspondence leisure

reprint (1896) of survey of Solent, 1879-80, showing soundings and sewage pipes

1879 - 1880 waterways sanitations

lease for 21 years between Sir John Barrington Simeon, Swainston, and Isle of Wight Oyster Fishery Company, for newly erected plot at Newtown near the church, 30 January 1877

1877   fishing

1 MSS copy and six printed copies of memorandum of association of Seaview Pier Company Ltd, 18 December 1877, with one endorsed with a rough plan showing the Alleyn and the Mermaid docking

1877   ships ports harbours

letter of John O.H. Glynn to his brother William, regarding proposed pier and railway line, 23 January 1876

1876   correspondence transport

plan with photograph of paddle steamer, West Cowes, 8 January 1876

1876   illustrations ships

letter of William Anthony Glynn to his brother John, regarding plans for a railway pier at Seaview, 31 December 1875

1875   correspondence transport

account of voyage from England to New Zealand, 1875

1875   travel

fountain pier, west cowes, lease for 21 years, with plan, 5 May 1874


printed letter from Frederick Gale, Westminster, to Sir Henry Oglander of Nunwell, with information that an application has been made to Parliament to bring in a bill under the title Brading Harbour Improvements, Railways and Works and to pass an

1873   correspondence Laws ports development transport coastal

letter of Edwin John Harvey, Admiralty Law Agent, Portsmouth, to John H.O. Glynn, London, 8 November 1873, regarding foreshore rights

1873   correspondence navy

Chancery report of dispute between Isle of Wight Fishery Company Ltd v. Alderman and Burgesses of Newport regarding pollution of oyster beds in Medina river, 20 November 1873

1873   environment

photograph of SS Chimborazo, 1871

1871   illustrations ships

agreement regarding bankruptcy of Henry Goodall, shipbuilder, 1871

1871   finances debt

lease for 21 years between W.G. Ward of Northwood Park and Hugh Colin Smith of Hayes Wharf, Cornwall Simeon of Winchester, & Robert Few of Covent Garden, regarding rearing oysters on Saltings, Lucks or Lakes Island, Marshlands, and Mudlands on

1869   fishing

surrender of lease of 15 February 1869, for west side of Medina river, Northwood, used as an oyster bed, between Hugh Colin Smith of Mayes Whard & Robert Few, gentleman of Middlesex and W.G. Ward of Weston Manor, Freshwater, 24 February 1882

1869 - 1882 fishing

two copies of lease for 21 years between Sir John Simeon of Swainston and Hugh Colin Smith, of Hayes Wharf, Surrey, Cornwall Simeon of Winchester and Robert Few of Covent Garden, regarding oyster fishery in Newtown haven, 2 November 1866, with dor

1866 - 1867

letter from William Anthony Glynn, London to his brother H.O. Glynn, regarding gale and loss of two pilot boats, 13 February 1866

1866   correspondence weather wrecks

lease between Sir John Simeon of Swainston and Henry & Thomas Abrook, fishermen of Newton, regarding Newtown oyster fishery, 28 October 1865


fountain pier, west cowes, assignment of lease for 21 years, 1 June 1865


memorandum of Joseph Westmore to take salterns at Shalfleet, 2 April 1865

1865   saltworks

letter of T.R. Brigstocke to Sir Andrew Hamond regarding meeting of Ryde Pier Company, 16 March 1863

1863   correspondence

list of ferry charges, March 1863

1863   prices

letter from Caroline Crawford to John Henry Oglander Glynn, 23 April 1863 with reference to the Ryde ferry

1863   correspondence

plan of piece of land at Brook sold to the government as site for proposed Coast Guard buildings, 1861

1861   security

articles of agreement regarding sale of land for Admiralty, 23 October 1861

1861   navy

letter of George Young to Sir Graham Eden Hamond, 2 July 1861, soliciting his allocation of new shares in Ryde Pier Company

1861   correspondence ownership

comprises demand and receipt for 10% deposit on new shares in Ryde Pier Company, 30 September 1861; proxy of dowager Lady Hamond to Sir Andrew Snape Hamond in Ryde Pier Company shares, ?1862; circular letter regarding meeting, March 1863

1861 - 1863 ownership finances

letter from William Anthony Glynn junior to Mr Elridge, May 1861 with reference to journey from Ryde to Portsmouth

1861   correspondence travel

correspondence, drafts, opinions, etc, regarding conveyance of land at Brooke, to Admiralty, 1860-1, with draft conveyance, 1861

1860 - 1861 navy

counterpart leases for 7 years of watch house and boatmen's house, Brook, 27 February 1858

1858   coastguard

fountain pier, west cowes, lease for 2 years between (1) William George Ward, of Northwood Park, and (2) Captain David Corke & Joseph Clarke, both of Southampton (part owners of steamboats plying between Southampton, Portsmouth, West Cowes and


letter from William Anthony Glynn, junior to his father, 6 June 1858, regarding steamer voyage from London to the Isle of Wight

1858   correspondence travel ships

precis of documents with plans, negotiations, conveyances, etc of Ryde Pier Company - Joint Railways, 1856-94

1856 - 1894 development transport
AC 2001/136 Cowes Registry of Shipping: records (12 vols) including register of ships, annual returns, fees, deeds, index of ships, droit books. 1855 - 1989
8M57/137-60, 202-13

correspondence of Charles Mansfield regarding travel in South America, notably with Charles Kingsley regarding voyage to Paraguay, the San Vincente, 1852

1852   ships exploration

diary of Charles Mansfield in Paraguay, including his voyage, 1852

1852   exploration travel
AC99/60 Board of Trade: Isle of Wight marine maps (517). 1852 - 1968 charts

lease for 14 years between Revd Robert Sumner, Cornwall Simeon of London & Robert Burleigh Sewell, gentleman of Newport and Henry Abrook, fisherman of Newtown & Thomas Abrook of Newtown, regarding right of having, taking, dragging and gath

1851   fishing

fountain pier, west cowes lease for 14 years, 17 September 1850


account of G.F. Mew C.C. of smuggling in the island, 1850 - 1900

1850 - 1900 crime

print of the launching of the Earl of Hardwicke, whaling bark, from the yard of T&J White, Cowes, 16 January 1850

1850   fishing boats

certificate of exit by the Vice Consul at British Consulate, Brest, for the English ship the Witch to Portsmouth, 14 September 1846


bill of sale of 21/64th parts and 1/3 of a 64th part of the smack or vessel the Rose of Cowes, 27 December 1843, between Richard Caws of Nettlestone, mariner and Edward Chiddey of Bembridge, sailmaker

1843   ownership ships

letter from Major General Henry Oglander, India, to his sister-in-law Lady Maria Oglander, Parnham, includes references to the popularity of the Red Sea Line, 8 December 1837

1837   correspondence
OG/CC/380-1, 386, 391-2, 458, 464

letters from Col. (later Major General) Henry Oglander, Meerut, India, to his sister Miss Fanny Oglander and to his sister-in-law Lady Maria Oglander, 13 September 1833 - 5 December 1839, with reference to Government iron steamers, the Percurso

1833 - 1839 correspondence ships

lease for 99 years for land on White Cliff for erection of watch house, 30 December 1832

1832   customs

letter from Fanny Oglander, Ryde to her brother Col. Henry Oglander, India, with reference to steam packet and the two packets from Portsmouth, 30 June 1832

1832   correspondence travel ships

letter from Fanny Oglander, Ryde to her brother Col. Henry Oglander, India, with reference to voyage in the steam packet and her chaise being towed behind in a boat, 6 July 1831

1831   correspondence travel ships

letter of C. Deare, customs officer at Cowes, to the ?Admiralty, regarding lack and men and facilities to counter widespread smuggling on the island, notes its history since 1830, 2 December 1886

1830 - 1886 correspondence navy crime

letter of Miss Fanny Oglander, Ryde to her brother Col. Henry Oglander, 14 August 1830, with reference to the conclusion of the Cowes Regatta

1830   correspondence yachting
Buckerell and Drew 325B

service record of David Wilson, boatswain of HM Sloop Blossom, 3 May 1830

1830   navy ships

photocopies of four letters regarding cargo being shipped at Cowes, specifically regarding 1 dozen bottles of Madeira and 6 bottles of port, 7 June 1829; bill for porterage, 6 September 1832; instructions on shipment to St Katherines Dock, 1 July

1829 - 1842 correspondence alcohol trade commerce

photocopy and transcript of travel journal of Robert Upperton of Hove of his honeymoon on the Isle of Wight, 3 - 13 May 1826

1826   diary

indented agreement between Daniel List of Fish House, Isle of Wight, shipbuilder and Rt Hon. Lord Yarborough to build a yacht of about 334 tons, 18 December 1824

1824   construction boats

noted of the Albion, Rambler and Egyptian, smugglers, were fired upon and one man wounded, 22 March 1823

1823   ships crime
Z133 p310

letter book with reference to ferry charges, 10 July 1823

1823   prices

misc papers including three bills of sales for vessels, 1821-30

1821 - 1830 ships ownership

p.1, letter book with references to smuggling including, p.1, prosecution of James Simmons and William Linnington, 18 June 1819; p.23, four men prosecuted for smuggling 100 gallons of brandy and 550 gallons of wine, 22 June 1819; p.81, advice to t

1819 - 1826 crime alcohol

account book for the Falcon, 1817-30

1817 - 1830 ships

attested copy of deed of arrangement of the debt of James Cull of Merston, parish of Arreton, Isle of Wight, 8 May 1816, including four Ryde Pier shares

1816   finances ownership

photocopy of diary of Mr J.R. Glover, secretary to Admiral Sir George Cockburn, written onboard HMS Northumberland when conveying Napolean to St Helena, 1815

1815   journal navy ships

sale of the Fanny, 1815

1815   ships ownership
Blachford 72)

apprenticeship indenture of Thomas Brown, 14, of East Cowes, to Barrington Pope Blachford, of Osborne, as a mariner, 14 January 1814

1814   recruitment
BRS 419

receipt for 107 fleeces of wool, Cowes Customs House to James Blake, 14 June 1813

1813   excise

comprises accounts of Ryde Pier Company, 1815-22; report of directors of Ryde Pier, 1813; printed accounts of Ryde Pier Company, 31 October 1825; list of Ryde Pier Company shareholders, 18 May 1847; byelaws, 1850; list of shareholders and dividend

1813 - 1860 ownership finances

note of sort of people suitable for positions in Cowes Customs Service, 27 July 1811

1811   levies excise recruitment
Blachford 3)

account book of disbursements of the Sybil, notably at Gibraltar, Lisbon, Cadiz as well as Cape St Vincent, Oporto, Ferol and Isle of Wight, 1811-12

1811 - 1812 ships trade commerce

release in fee of salthouse, 31 December 1807

1807   saltworks

lease between Sir Richard Worsley and John Newman, innholder of Binbridge, and leaseof oyster fishing, Brading Haven, 28 February 1805


letter of T.R. Brigstocke to Sir Graham Hamon, 13 May n.y. (nineteenth century), regarding meeting of Ryde Pier Company

1800 - 1899 correspondence

lease of the Salterns, 1 January 1797


release of cottage for laying salt and salt pans, 5 May 1795

1795   saltworks

order by Lord Chancellor for estates in West Cowes, property of T. Gill, bankrupt, former collector of customs at Cowes, tenement between Fountain & Vine Cowes, on petition of Nicholas Ladd, former captain of HM Revenue Cutters, 14 August 1794


copy of lease in fee, includes saltern with 2 pan work with cottage adjoining saltern with 4 pan work, 13 February 1788

AC 2004/85 Cowes Registry of Shipping: additional shipping registers with description ,certificates and correspondence 1786 - 1854 letters

details of the sinking of the Royal George off Spithead, 29 August 1782

1782   wrecks ships

probate of will of John Stephens of West Cowes, mentions salt works at Lymington, Hampsthire, 12 December 1774


photocopies from Longman's Magazine (1902) of the account book of Robert Wheeler of Chale, 1 October 1773 - December 1804, including references to the prices of fish, shipping of copperas and smuggling

1773 - 1902 publications

lease and release includes watchhouses with salterns (1 saltwork with 8 pans, the other with 4), May 1769 (also see WARD/1174)


appointment by Rt Hon. Hans Stanley, vice admiral of the Isle of Wight, of William Oglander as Deputy in the Office of Admiralty, 21 May 1765

1765   navy recruitment service

Cowes Protest Book, 1 October 1755 - 19 February 1763

1755 - 1763

surrender of lease for 99 years, includes salt house and pans, 23 February 1747


lease for 21 years of Watch House, adjoining the Salt Work at Shalfleet, 20 April 1740


counterpart lease for 99 years for a salthouse and salt works on marsh ground near the redoubt at Yarmouth, 8 July 1738


lease between Sir Robert Worsley and William King, fishermen of St Helens, regarding oyster fishing, Brading Haven, 30 September 1736

WARD 955-6

leases concerning salterns, 1735, 1736

1735 - 1736

lease and counterpart for 99 years for a salthouse and plans on marsh ground near the redoubt at Yarmouth, 9 July 1730

1730   development

bill from William Vesey to Mrs Jane Cole for legal work includes reference to boat hire from Yarmouth, 1715


legal case of John Redston & Edward Falkner v. William Cave, regarding oyster fishery in Claybrooks/Heathfield Luck, 1712


account of voyage from Barbadoes to Virginia, 1712, in which circumstances forced the crew become cannibals

1712   travel Caribbean Colonies America health

, ?? regarding Thomas Smith, sword cutler of Newport, and his lease of oyster digging and fishing in Newtown Haven, 22 December 1711

1711   mariners
Northwood REG4

transcript by Revd John Scott, c.1700, of the general defence survey of Isle of Wight by Francis Knollys

1700   security
8M57 Papers of the Blachford family of Osborne eighteenth - mid-nineteenth century 1700 - 1850 collections

photocopy of contract for the building of the HMS Jersey, a frigate of the 4th rate, for the Navy by George Moore and Joseph Ney, at Cowes, 1696 and delivered 1698

1696 - 1698 ships construction

legal case of Thomas Cooke, gent & John Bowler, gentlemen, v. Alexander Alchorne, gentleman and his wife Margaret, including rights to fishing in Brading, Shanklyn, Bonchurch, St lawrence, Godshill, New Church, and Shorwell (I.W.) and North Ch


letter of Thomas Eyre to John Hawkins regarding hogsheads of white wine saved from wreck, 29 June 1674

1674   correspondence alcohol

description of the bounds of Thorley haven, Isle of Wight, c.1664

1664   environment borders
Oglander 126) letter from Sir Bevis Thelwell to Sir John Oglander with news of the repair of the island's forts and billeting of 2000 soldiers, 22 May 1627; 1627   correspondence defence security army
Oglander 127)

letter from Lord Conway to Sir John Oglander regarding billeting, 22 May 1627

1627   correspondence army defence security soldiers
Oglander 89) letters from Privy Council to deputy lieutenants giving thanks for caring for soldiers driven onto island, 25 January 1626; 1626   correspondence defence security
Oglander 90) commission of Lord Conway making Sir John Oglander commander of the Yaverland company, 28 February 1626; 1626   security defence
Oglander 91) letter from Privy Council to deputy lieutenants regarding soldiers' billetting, 18 March 1626; 1626   correspondence security defence army accommodation
Oglander 92) recommendations by deputy Lieutenants to Privy Council regarding defence, April 1626; 1626   security
Oglander 93) survey of the ordnance in the Isle of Wight, April 1626; 1626  
Oglander 94) letter from Sir Edward Denys to Sir John Oglander regarding the issue of the island's defence and Parliament, April 1626; 1626   correspondence security
Oglander 97-100) letters from the Privy Council to Sir John Oglander regarding rumours of a Spanish invasion, 30 June & 7, 10, 15 July 1626; 1626   correspondence defence security war
Oglander 101) letter from Lord Conway to deputy Lieutenants regarding defence supplies, 20 July 1626; 1626   correspondence security
Oglander 102) instructions of deputy Lieutenants to the centoners regarding their duties, 29 July 1626; 1626   security defence
Oglander 111-12 notes by Sir John Oglander regarding the island's defence, August 1626; 1626   security
Oglander 108 letter from Sir John Watts, commander of the Navy onboard the Red Lion in Portsmouth harbour, to deputy Lieutenants requesting apprehending sailors, 16 August 1626; 1626   correspondence recruitment
Oglander 109) letter from Lord Conway to deputy lieutenants providing for repairs to the island's castles, 19 August 1626; 1626   correspondence maintenance buildings security defence
Oglander 69) orders from Sir John Oglander and Sir Edward Dennis to the centenors for the island's defence, 1625; 1625   security coastal
Oglander 75) list of the island's bands, 18 May 1625; 1625  
Oglander 71) letter from Daniel Norton and Richard James to Sir John Leigh, Sir John Oglander, Sir Edward Dennis and Anthony Erlesfield enclosing copy of letter from Mr Brooke to press men, 27 March 1625; 1625   correspondence security recruitment
Oglander 72) letter from sir John Oglander to Lord Conway regarding defects in the island's defences, April 1625; 1625   correspondence security
Oglande 79) instructions by Sir John Oglander regarding the island's defence, 1625; 1625   security

letter of Thomas Rudd to Sir Edward Dennis and Sir John Oglander regarding complaints of bad workmanship in building defence works, 3 July 1624

1624   correspondence construction security
Oglander 55) list of Spanish ships, 1 March 1623; 1623  
Oglander 59) letter of Lord Southampton to Sir John Oglander, regarding the firing of the beacons, 26 May 1623; 1623   correspondence security defence
Oglander 22) letter of Lord Southampton to Sir John Leigh with instructions for the militia, 14 July 1608; 1608   correspondence security defence

draft letter of John H.G. Oglander, to Lord Tennyson, regarding correspondence of Sir John Oglander, early seventeenth century, which includes `a list of proprietors in the Isle of Wight willing to lend his Majesty shipmoney - with their original

1600 - 1699
Oglander 10) receipt for delivery of 100 men, 8 November 1597; 1597  
M/41 fo.52

survey of the number of furnished and unfurnished men in the hundreds of Hampshire, c.1595

1595   security defence weapons
H/IW/54 letter of Privy Council to Lord Lieutenant regarding 3000 men to serve on the Isle of Wight, 26 May 1591; H/IW/54, receipt for soldiers, 8 November 1596; 1591 - 1596 correspondence army

bargain and sale for one newly built boat, between Robert More of Hethe, Hants and William Oglander of Bewley, gentleman, 14 March 1590/1

1590 - 1591 ownership
M/41 fo.16/17

instructions of the centoners regarding the French fleet, 1 September 1586

1586   security invasion
Oglander 4) list of centons in the Isle of Wight with their centoners, c.1584; 1584  
Oglander 5) copy by J.H. Oglander, c.1900, of Sir George Carey's defence instructions, 20 March 1584; 1584 - 1900 security
M/41 fo.18/20

letter of Elizabeth I to Sir George Carey, includes details of ordnance, powder, firearms, etc., 14 February 1583

1583   correspondence weapons defence
M/41 fo.23

warrant regarding powder and defense, 6 August 1574

1574   security weapons
M/41 fo.22

instructions to the master carpenter of Portsmouth regarding timber at Yarmouth castle, March 1561

1561   construction
M/41 fo.28/9

instructions of the Privy Council to Lord Marquis of Winchester and Lord Mountjoy, Lieutenant of Hampshire, c.1560 regarding defence

1560   security

letters patent permitting Richard Worsley to perform duties as Controller of the Port and Town of Southampton through a deputy, 29 April 1560

1560   correspondence customs levies

general recommendations of Royal Survey, 1559


counter roll of Richard Worsley, Comptroller of the port and town of Southampton, 1559

1559   customs

letter of Lord Southampton to Lord Cromwell regarding the defences at Calshot Point and Cowes, c.1537

1537   correspondence security coastal

accounts for the manor of Asheyeye, includes bulwark defences, 1490, 1510, 1522, 1523

1490 - 1523 security coastal
Wykeham's Register

4 February 1395, writ of summons against Thomas Symonde, rector of Freshwater, on a charge of smuggling wool into France & 12 March 1395, citation of Thomas Symonde, rector of Freshwater, to appear to the writ under pain of sequestration

Northwood REG.4

reference to French attack on Isle of Wight, 1377

1377   defence war invasion
Worsley add LXXXIII

right of fishery in Brading Haven settled, 1313

1313   trade
OG/BB Oglander family papers include many papers relating to defence including 1), copy of inquisition taken at Shidham Brigge, regarding beacons and allocation of men for watch;   security communication