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Name: Hull City Archives
Postal address: Hull History Centre
Worship Street
Town: Hull
Post code: HU2 8BG
Telephone: 01482 317500
Web address:,686290&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

90 documents found for Hull City Archives:

Code Description Date Keywords
DMLC Humberside Law Centre: legal papers relating to fishermen's compensation claims 1980 - 2002 mariners

records of Hellyer Brothers, trawler owners, late nineteenth century - c.1970, St Andrews Dock, including Devon Fishing Co. Ltd, Caledonian Fishing Co. Ltd, Lock Fishing Company of Hull, Ltd, Prince Fishing Co. Ltd, Kingston Steam Trawling Co. Ltd

1970   Companies

records of the Hull Fish Merchants Society, including minutes, 1954-76, registers of members, 1954-76, cash books, 1954-77, ledger, 1954-77, papers relating to its dissolution, 1973-6, etc.

1954 - 1977

records of Associated Humber Lines, printed publicity leaflets, 1946-71, note: a thirty year closure rule applies.

1946 - 1971 illustrations

papers relating to the Docks Bill, 1925

DPC 1/61-94 Port of Hull: shipping registers 1905 - 1994 harbours

records of Charles Ware & Sons (Hull) Ltd, suppliers of stack nets, etc, 1903-66, note: a thirty year closure rule applies

1903 - 1966 Companies equipment

records of the Hull Fish Merchants Club, Ltd, 1901-53

1901 - 1953
DBN Newton Bros.

records of Newton Bros. and Holiday Ltd, Humber Stores Ltd, ship suppliers of Prince Dock Side, including ships' orders, supply accounts, order books, insurance papers, receipt books, mid-twentieth century

1900 - 1999 Companies shipwrights builders

photographic albumn of the Gamecock, fishing vessel, c.1900

1900   illustrations boats
DFRH Richard Henry Hobbs, manager of Humber Steam Trawling Company and director of Newington Steam Trawlers: ledgers, receipts and drawings 1896 - 1933 waterways

records of Thomas Hamling & Co. Ltd, trawler owners, c.1890-1980, including papers relating to inshore fishing enterprises in Scarborough and Bridlington, Hull Fishing Vessel Owners Assocation and associated organisations, Fish Producers' Orga

1890 - 1980 Companies

Hull trawlers' crew lists and running agreements, 1884-1902

1884 - 1902 ships trade

papers of C.D. Holmes & Co., comprising particulars of propellers supplies, 1869-93, calculations of engine power of various ships and misc. notes, late nineteenth century, volume of statistics and calculations

1869 - 1893 Companies
DPC 1/50-60 Hull shipping registers: fishing vessel registers 1869 - 1989 boats

letter of condolence from Hull Seamens' and General Orphan Asylum on the death of J.R. Pease, 1866

1866   correspondence mariners welfare health

title deeds to the Victoria Dock estate, 1863-

1863   ownership

records of the Hull Seamens and General Orphanage, comprising minutes, letter books, financial papers, annual reports, photographs, etc., also Hull Mariners Church Sailors Society application book, 1857-65

1857 - 1865 mariners welfare illustrations

letter by J.B.G. to John Pickering regarding passage to America, 20 March 1849

1849   correspondence emigration

papers of the Humber Conservancy Commission, including 1/5-16, papers regarding election of commissioners to represent shipowners of Hull, Goole and Grimsby, 1899-1967, and 1/21-32, lists of the shipowners, 1907-67; 2/1-8, minuters of the Wreck Re

1838 - 1967

plans of public undertakings deposited with clerk of the peace including 4-114, 1838-1929, docks and piers; 14, promenade, 1845

1838 - 1929

papers sent to W.B. Wrightson, MP, regarding support for action by Hull shipowners, 1831


emigration card relating to the voyage of the Tranby from Hull to Swan River, Australia, 9 September 1829

1829   travel

draft letter from the Corporation and Trinity House to the chairman of the Dock Co., 1825


log of whaling voyage from Hull to Greenland, 1820-1, and specification of a cargo shipped from St Petersburg

1820 - 1821 fishing Russia

legal papers regarding rent of ferries, 1817

1817   boats

legal papers regarding compensation for the destruction of property in a riot against the press gang, 1816

1816   disobedience impressment recruitment

misc. legal papers regarding Barton and New Holland Ferries, 1816-31

1816 - 1831

Council committee minutes include Dock Affairs Deputation, 1842-3, Dock Company Culverts sub-committee, 1851, Dock Deputation, 1887-8, Docks and Parliamentary, 1858-61, Dock Room Enquiry, 1836, Docks Vesting Committee, 1860, Ferry Boat Dock Commit

1815 - 1935

Andrew Marvel, Davis Straits, 1831; Brunswick, Davis Straits, 1825-29; Cumbrian, Davis Straits, 1826-7; Eagle, Davis Straits, 1830; Exmouth, Greenland, Davis Straits, St Petersburg, 1824-5; Laurel,

1812 - 1852

private ledger of J.C. Pease recording share holdings loans to private individuals and ownership of ships, 1809-18

1809 - 1818 ownership

papers relating to the application of Edward Shacklock for admission as a freeman, 1809-26, including orders of good conduct issued by commanding officers, 1810-21, orders issued to Shacklock as master of the gunboat Rambler, 1813-14, certi

1809 - 1826

Hull Dock Co. accounts and shareholders list, 1804

1804   Companies ownership

Hull ships registers, 1804-1902

1804 - 1902

files of papers relating to particular matters including 2-3, calls from the Dock Co. to make financial contributions towards the construction of Humber Dock, 1805-7, 1803-9; 7/1-9, accounts relating to the beast market sold to the Dock Co. for th

1803 - 1828 Companies development wharfs

papers relating to a scheme to build fishing smacks to bring fresh fish to Hull, 1802

1802   construction

misc. printed papers relating to Hull Dock, 1802-77

1802 - 1877 wharfs

papers relating to the Docks Bill, 1800-02, including copies of minutes of meetings of the delegates of the Corporation, Trinity House and the Dock Co., 1801-2, minutes of the Dock Co., 1801-2, copies of Corporation Minutes, 1800, 1802

1800 - 1802 Companies
DBH T.B. Holmes & Co. Ltd., marine engineers, Hull: records 1800 - 1999 Companies design construction

records of Earle's Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. Ltd, including 1, notes on events in the history of the firm, 1858-80; 2, title deeds, 1798-1894; 3, schedule of documents regarding the Dock Co., 1858-81; 4, plans of land, 1858-78; 5, estimates

1798 - 1894 Companies ownership construction

register of canal boats plying between Hull and other places, c.1795

1795   trade

papers relating to the hire of ships for transport by the Comm. of H.M. Transport Office 1795 comprising fourteen printed charter parties and accounts


notice, minutes, attendence lists, etc., relating to a public meeting regarding dock expansion, 1793

1793   wharfs development

subscription to a bill for the extension of the dock, 5 March 1793

1793   development

accounts of dues received from coal ships, 1792-1803

1792 - 1803 cargo trade

papers regarding profit on dock shares, 1789

1789   ownership wharfs

correspondence to Mr Hesleden of Barton from Hull Dock Co., 1789

1789   Companies

papers of William Wilberforce, including 5, letter from William Bedford on HMS Royal Sovereign regarding mutiny of Channel Fleet, 21 April 1797; 9, letter from Lord Chatham regarding naval promotions, 25 September 1789

1789 - 1797 correspondence navy ships

papers regarding the dock extension, 1786-8, including 24-79, misc. correspondence [also see BRS/20]

1786 - 1788 development wharfs construction

misc. papers relating to Hull Dock, 1784-94

1784 - 1794 wharfs

misc. business records including 1, ledger accounts attributed to Benjamin Hesltine, insurance broker of Hull, 1803-16 and of John Hudson, 1824-6; 2, ledger accounts of Joel Foster, merchant and shipowner of Hull, 1783-1820; 3, account of the N

1783 - 1836 ships travel Canada Americas

volume containing copies of legal case papers including land sales to Dock Co., 1780-1, customs dues, 1776-81

1776 - 1781 Companies levies

letter to John Grimston regarding voyage from New York to England, 5 November 1776

1776   correspondence travel America

misc. papers regarding Corporation shares in the Hull Dock Co., 1773-1806

1773 - 1806 ownership

legal papers regarding ownership of the haven, 1762


correspondence of the Maister family of Hull including 199, from Capt. William Cawley regarding voyages in the North Sea, etc. onboard the Unicorn, 1795; 149, 178, letters from George Dawson regarding Hull Dock, 1792-3; 123, 133, 174-6, 209

1756 - 1870 travel wharfs India impressment

includes certificates relating to shipments of salt lost at sea, 1755-1815

1755 - 1815 cargo

10, accounts of bridge dues, 1737-42, 1836

1737 - 1836

misc. papers relating to plantations, and slaves, in Antigua, Montserrat, Jamaica, Barbadoes, Nevis, 1733-1853 (also see DDX/33-5)

1733 - 1853 colonies slavery Americas Caribbean

legal papers regarding large fish beached at Brough, 1729


apprenticeship records relating to seamen, 1727-88

1727 - 1788 mariners training

correspondence of Thomas Broadley, 1721-96, including references to trade with St Petersburg, Gothenburg, Stockholm

1721 - 1796 commerce Russia Sweden
BRY/16 (M418)

legal papers regarding Admiralty jurisdiction, 1706-7

1706 - 1707 navy
BRY/15 (M411)

legal papers regarding the Providence captured by French privateers, 1698

1698   ships

 misc. papers including 7, papers relating to defence of Hull, 1803, including 7, list of shipowners; 28, minutes of the Merchants Company, 1693-1700

1693 - 1803 security

papers regarding dispute with the Crown over liability to maintain the banks and jetties near the blockhouse, 1682-93

1682 - 1693 environment

, receipts for money paid by the Corporation including 95, regarding watching Flemish ships, 17 September 1668;

168, building a ketch, 1677;

197, redemption of John Lightly and his company, captives at Algiers, 1679;


1668 - 1834

accounts of dues paid in respect of wine, vineyard and oil in named ships, 1660-1

1660 - 1661 alcohol cargo trade levies

legal papers regarding Scarborough fishermen and payment of tithes, 1654

1654   fishing

papers of the Pease family, originally of Hull, late seventeenth to late nineteenth centuries, including correspondence and financial papers regarding trade with Amsterdam, Gothenburg, Ireland (notably Limerick), also 348-9, bills of sales of the

1650 - 1899 commerce ships travel

records relating to the weighing of lead on transhipment or sale in the port of Hull, including accounts, 1647-1771 (with gaps); ticket books, 1672-77; ledgers, 1655-1711; warrant books, 1672-5; weigh books, 1672-5; day books, 1672-7; shipping boo

1647 - 1771 cargo trade

court book minutes of Worshipful Company of Governors, Assistants and Fellowship of Merchants of Hull, 1647-1700

1647 - 1700

commisions to value the Unity of Hartlepool with an inventory of the ship and cargo, 1644


bonds taken from the masters of ships owned in part or in all by named delinquents to ensure that profits due in respect of delinquents are paid to the appropriate authority, 1644


statements of crewmembers of the Dolphin, 1644, regarding sequestration of Alexander Finlay of Edinburgh, merchant

1644   ships

inventory of the Elizabeth of Scarborough, 20 November 1644

1644   ships

a note of commissions for the sale of ships adjudged prizes in the port of Hull, 1643-4

1643 - 1644 trade

receipt by Lawrence Moyer for money to pay himself and the crew of the Hercules, 1643

1643   ships wages

articles of agreement and other papers regarding export of lead through Hull, 1635-76

1635 - 1676 trade commerce cargo

Ship Money assessments, 1634-5

1634 - 1635

estimate for transporting 2000 men from Hull to the Mase in Holland, 17c

1600 - 1699

 water bailiff records relating to the collection of port dues, include accounts, 1569-1874 (with gaps); out-port accounts for Gainsborough, Keadby, Selby and Goole, 1849-70; bills of entry, 1860-2, correspondence, nineteenth-century

1569 - 1874 levies
JA1 (M.58)

portions of the proceedings of the courts of Admiralty at Hull with a list of fees and rules of procedure and other relative papers, 1565-1675

1565 - 1675 navy

letters and other communications addressed to or sent to, or sent by, the mayor, aldermen and their officers, 1594 - mid-nineteenth century, including 1-25, defence of town and John Paul Jones, 1779; 38-114+, Baltic convoy, naval recuritment, 1780

1444 - 1928

papers of Brigham & Cowan, ships repairers (incorporating the records of Amos & Smith, builders of marine engines, etc., and Hull Central Dry Dock Co.)

  maintenance Companies

papers of Drypool Engineering Co., shipbuilders

  Companies construction

Port of Hull Society's Sailors' Orphan Homes Superannuation and Pension Fund members book, n.d.


plan of proposed Humber Dock, n.d.

  development wharfs

document relating to Searcher of the port of Hull, n.d.


records of EWL, the transport division of Ellerman Lines Ltd (Ellerman's Wilson Line, Thomas Wilson, Sons & Co.) comprising DEW: 1, accounts; 2, agreements for pooling; 3, bills of sale and mortgages; 4, correspondence and other files; 5, inst