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Name: Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
Postal address: County Hall
Pegs Lane
Town: Hertford
County: Hertfordshire
Post code: SG13 8EJ
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114 documents found for Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies:

Code Description Date Keywords
Misc IX/73877

will of Sandiland Drinkwater of Fleet Street, hosier, with reference to share in ship of war of Penryn lying in Falmouth harbour, ??


sheriff's writ, Norfolk, for levy of wheat, malt, herrings as victuals for sailors in Admiralty etc., c.1339

1339   food fish grain navy
Halsey family papers (D/EH1)

includes F20, correspondence with Admiral Sir Richard Wells, 1887-8;

1887 - 1888 navy
Halsey F73

Thomas Edgar Halsey, HMS Curacao, 1918

1918   navy ships
Halsey F72

Revd Gerald Halsey, HMS Emperor of India, Home Fleet, 1916-17;

1916 - 1917 navy ships
Halsey F41-68

Lionel Halsey, HMS Agincourt, Mediterranean Station, 1887, HMS Triumph, Cape Station, 1888-9, HMS Raleigh, Cape Station, 1889-91, HMS Mercury, China Station, 1892-3, HMS Ramillies, Mediterranean Station, 1893-4, HMS Crescent, North America and West Indies Station, 1895-6, HMS Crescent, North America and West Indies Station, 1896-7, HMS Powerful, North America and West Indies Station, 1897-1900, HMS Diana, Mediterranean Station, 1901-2, HMS Good Hope, Cruiser Squadron, 1902-4, HMS Powerful, Australia Station, 1905-8, HMS New Zealand, a Commonwealth & Empire tour and Baltic patrol, 1913-15, HMS Iron Duke, Baltic patrol, 1915-16, HMAS Australia, Baltic patrol, 1918, HMS Renown, on world tours with the Prince of Wales, 1920, 1921-2, 1925;

1887 - 1925 navy ships
Halsey F22-40

Arthur Halsey, onboard HMS Triumph, Pacific Station, 1885-8, HMS Rover, Training Squadron, North America and West Indies Station, 1888-9, HMS Boadicea, India Station, 1891, HMS Bellerophon and HMS Partridge, North America and West Indies Station, 1891-2, HMS Pelican, North America and West Indies Station, 1893-5, HMS Bruizer, Mediterranean Station, 1896-8, HMS Philomel, Cape Station, 1898-1901, HMS Cressey, China Station, 1901-4 and letters from TE Ruddock, Ministry of Shipping and HE French, Captain of SS Korno, 1918;

1885 - 1918 ships Caribbean

copy will of Robert Williams, of Manor Park, with ships in the East India trade, 1814


draft agreement and agreement regarding Chancery suit relating to shares in the General Coote, 1815

1815   ownership

bargain and sale of shares in the Canton, 1810

1810   ownership

assurance policies of the Canton, Princess Armelia, Phoenix, 1810-11

1810 - 1811 insurance ships

certificate of registry of the Canton at the port of London, 1808

1808   ownership

three account books of General Coote, East Indiaman, 1780-5, containing tradesmen's bills and accounts for two voyages, with lists of crew and their pay

1780 - 1785 ships receipts travel wages

correspondence of Shaw Savill & Albion Co. Ltd regarding bookings for Mrs Culling Hanbury onboard SS Tainui, 1893

1893   Companies ships

accounts onboard SS Tainui at South Africa, 1893

1893   ships

letter of S. Winefeld to G. Chester regarding bargain and sale of wages as made out on a ticket `for service on HM ship the Lincoln', 1698

1698   correspondence navy
DE4307, 4315c, 4346, 4904-6

letters of Radcliffe family including references to Admiral Rodney's invasion of Le Havre and Admiral Hawke at Quiberon Bay, 1755-60

1755 - 1760 correspondence navy battle operations

letter from Edward Radcliffe regarding a man of war in Jamaica, 1728

1728   correspondence ships Caribbean
DE 4228

letter of William Radley of Greenwich to Ralph Radcliffe of Hitchin on behalf of the Commissioners of the Royal Hospital for Seamen, 1 June 1737

1737   correspondence welfare health illness

St Stephens' certificate of bans of marriage under Naval Marriages Act, 1908

1908   navy weddings
D/P12 8/1

paper regarding making of rates to raise two men to serve in the Navy, 1795

1795   recruitment

parish register with names and amounts of contributors for the redemption of English seamen taken by the `Turks', 1539-1750

1539 - 1750 mariners prisoners

accounts of privateering venture, 1789


records of Samuel Greg of Belfast and Westmill, merchant and shipowner, 1811-24, comprising four journals and ledgers

1811 - 1824

newspaper cuttings on the Titanic, 1912

1912   media ships wrecks

misc. service and other papers of Capt. William Grimstone, R.N., 1870-1900

1870 - 1900 navy

`journal and remark book' of William Grimston, commander R.N. on HMS Trafalgar, 1870-1

1870 - 1871 diary navy ships

letter from Coke to Lord Grimston regarding press-ganging in Norfolk, 1778

1778   correspondence impressment recruitment navy
D/EV F208

photocopied illustrated account of voyage of William Grimston to the Mediterranean, 1880

1880   travel Europe

letters from Esther Seebohm regarding her voyages on SS Portugal, SS Tanjore, SS Tewfik, SS Himalaya, 1902

1902   correspondence travel ships

letters of Hilda Seebohm regarding her world trip onboard SS Egypt, SS Arratoon Aptar, SS America Marie, SS Hong Kong Maru, 1903

1903   correspondence travel journeys ships

volume of correspondence of W. & E. Tuke, 1730-1823, including letter from R. Jones onboard the Pigon with account of voyage to USA, 1788

1730 - 1823 ships travel Americas

letter from Elizabeth Tuke to her daughter Esther comparing bathing at Lowestoft to Aldborough, 1813

1813   correspondence leisure swimming

extracts from Mary Pryor's letters regarding voyage to USA, 1798

1798   correspondence travel America

letter of Evelyn Charlotte describing sinking of the Commerce, 1850

1850   correspondence ships wrecks

petition to the Court of Directory of the South Sea Company from Arthur Upton seeking appointment as commander of small ship, c.1728, with account of his career from 1726

1726 - 1728

register of Levant Company orders, 1693-1719

1693 - 1719

ship's articles of officers and crew of the Delaware, schedule giving names and ranks of seamen, 1746


profit and loss of voyages since 1725 and balance of John Radcliffe's books, 1726

1725 - 1726 travel accounts finances

account by Thomas Butcher being a list of ship's crew, showing date of entry and monthly wage rates on the Jane for Ralph Radcliffe, 1715

1715   mariners ships

inventory of the Jane lying in Amsterdamn river, 1714/15

1714 - 1715 ships wrecks cargo

letter describing loss of the Thames in Tripoli harbour, 1753

1753   correspondence ships wrecks
D/ER/B1-390 & C1-560

business, and some personal, papers, mostly correspondence of the Radcliffe family, traders, shipowners and factors in Aleppo, relating to trade throughout Europe, c.1700-70, including exports of silk, bills for freight, wharfage, etc., insurances of family ships, bills of sales of ships, some in Italian

1700 - 1770 cloth fabric invoices

commissions of James Killigrew, 1689-94, to HMS Dragon, HMS Duke, HMS Sapphire, HMS Crown, HMS York, HMS Plymouth (see also DE 4367-8, 4370-1)

1689 - 1694 navy ships

order of sailing of Spanish fleet with sketches of named ships, c.1788

1788   illustrations

seamen's register certificate of Thomas Ley, 1696

1696   mariners
D/EP F89

orders to desist from pressing men for Navy, received as orders in Privy Council by Earl Cowper, as Lord Lieutenant of Herts, 1711

1711   impressment recruitment
D/EP F78

notes on finances & general state of Navy, methods of promotion, officers' pay, etc, 1721

D/EP F56

letter from Francis Russell concerning his appointment as agent for Commissioners of Sick & Wounded Seamen at Plymouth, 1706

1706   correspondence recruitment health welfare
D/EP F56

letter from first Earl of Uxbridge with footnote concerning postponement of inquiry in Parliament into Navy affairs, 1721

1721   correspondence navy investigation
D/EP F344

copy of letter from George Collet, British Consul in Geneva, regarding the Royal Cowper, 1780

1780   correspondence Switzerland navy ships
D/EP F343

copy of document regarding restoration of the Royal Cowper after capture by the French, c.1780

1780   navy ships
D/EP F342

accounts and correspondence regarding Lord Cowper's share in the Tartar and the Earl Cowper (formerly the Royal Hiberian), privateers, in Levant, 1780-1

1780 - 1781 ships piracy
D/EP F327

letters to Lord Cowper's steward regarding receipt and dispatch of goods ordered, 1774-80

1774 - 1780 correspondence cargo trade
D/EP F310/46

letters concerning Lord Cowper's purchase of shares in privateers, & news of these ships, 1780-4

1780 - 1784 correspondence ownership privateering
D/EP F310/39

letters relating mainly to privateers in which Lord Cowper had shares, 1780

1780   correspondence piracy
D/EP F182

notes & draft resolutions on Navy debts, etc., various notes & figures regarding building ships for foreign powers by Lord Cowper in preparation for debate, 1721

1721   finances construction
D/EP F17

letters of attorney to William Cowper to enable him to receive naval prize money and pay, 1722

1722   correspondence navy
D/EP F16

assignment of share in new vessel at Rotherhithe, 1680

1680   ownership

misc. papers of the Earl of Bath, 1701-5, including fo.19, account relating to repair and enlarging of the quay at Bideford, Devon, 1701-3

1701 - 1705 maintenance development ports harbours

correspondence relating to administration of Earl of Bath's estates in Devon & Cornwall, 1702-1713, including proposal to fortify Lundy Island and erect lighthouse there

1702 - 1713 development building security defence coastal

account for transport of the coach of the Earl of Bath from Holland, 1711

1711   travel Europe

account of the 9th, 10th, 11th voyages of the earl of Cumberland and his exploits at Puerto Rico by William Middleton, 1595-8

1595 - 1598 travel journeys Americas

apprenticeship indenture of William Berwick to Richard Barton, shipwright, Deptford, 1804

1804   training construction shipbuilding

copy of the will of William Sharp, of Woolwich, Kent, late Inspector of shipwrights, 1867


printed Parliamentary and cabinet papers including navy estimates, 1852, 1858, report of Royal Commission, 1859

1852 - 1859

general information regarding Herefordshire Navy League, Sea Training Home, 1920-30

1920 - 1930 education

respondentia bonds, receipts and correspondence of Daniel Giles jun., merchant & shipping broker, 1771-1837

1771 - 1837

assignment by way of mortgage and accounts between Capt. William Lyttleton and Christopher and Richard Puller of bills of sale regarding the Polly of 147 tons, 1784-8

1784 - 1788 ownership

letters from Louisa Puller to her family with account of voyage to India of 1823, 1823-38

1823 - 1838 correspondence travel Asia
D/EGd 27080(131)

agreement regarding single share in the Convex Lights and Lights Royal, 1695

1695   ownership

postcard of the Cutty Sark in

Falmouth harbour, c.1930 

1930   ships

letter copies in William Baker's hand concerning chances of survival of naval post-captain, n.d.

  correspondence navy

letter from Charles Drake to his sister Matilda concerning HMS Drake, 1821

1821   correspondence navy ships

letters from William Baker to his son Robert regarding Admiral Duckworth's voyage, 1807

1807   correspondence navy travel

letters from William Baker to son William on Admiral Duckworth's victory at St Domingo and other naval matters, 1806

1806   correspondence navy battles operations

letters from William Baker to his daughter with references to Admiral Duckworth and naval matters, 1799

1799   correspondence navy operations

letter from William Baker to Lord Spencer regarding Admiral Duckworth, 1799

1799   correspondence navy

letter from Lord Spencer, Admiralty, to William Baker concerning Admiral Duckworth, 1799

1799   correspondence navy

letters from William Baker to his wife on frustrating journey to find HMS Orion and son Edward, 1794

1794   correspondence travel navy ships

letters between William Baker and Captain Duckworth of HMS Orion, 1793

1793   correspondence navy ships

letters from William Baker to his wife concerning son joining HMS Orion, 1793

1793   correspondence navy ships
D/EBKC 58/7 & 57/10-23

letters from William Baker to his son Charles regarding naval service and serving onboard HMS Drake, 1821-2

1821 - 1822 correspondence navy ships

letter from the Admiralty to George Jacob Bosanquet concerning prospects of promotion of Lieut. Charles Bosanquet, 1837

1837   correspondence navy career

letter from Admiral Trowbridge to East India Company Chairman concerning breach of the blockade, 1801

1801   correspondence trade

copy of letter from Lord Melville to Vice Admiral Bertie regarding the East India Company and granting a squadron off Cape, 1811

1811   correspondence navy trade fleet

official letter from Lord Canning on breach of quarantine regulations by officers of HMS Brig Hind in Valencia, 1824

1824   correspondence navy ships

copy of petition to the States General from directors and merchants of the Levant and the Mediterranean asking for support against the pirates of Algiers, early seventeenth century

1600 - 1650 piracy Africa
D/E NA/O84

misc. papers including relating to the Dutch West Indian Company, 1633, n.d.

1633   Companies
D/E NA/O58

description of the condition of the drainage, dikes and sea defences in Flanders, 1732; papers relating to a project of the engineer Wiltschut for the opening up and enlarging of a passage for ships, 1734, in Dutch

1732 - 1734 coastal security environment development

certificate presented to Sarratt Parish Council, adoption of HMS Capetown during Warship Week, 1942

1942   navy ships

letter from Miss A.M. Egerton to her uncle regarding Lord Howe's attempt to intercept the French fleet off Brest, 1796

1796   correspondence navy operations

plans of various proposed canals, late eighteenth century, including relating to Liverpool, Bristol and Hull

1750 - 1799 development construction waterways
Acc 3255 Royal Naval Association, Hertfordshire branch: minutes. 1950 - 1978 navy societies

copy of will of D. Poole with shipping interests in R. Douglas, Lancs, 1758-63

1758 - 1763

letters of Vice Admiral Francis Martin-Leake regarding the first world war, 1914-17

1914 - 1917 correspondence battles navy

letters of Vice Admiral Francis Martin-Leake regarding war with China, 1900

1900   correspondence navy battles operations

letters to William Martin-Leake, including one from Admiral Lord Nelson, regarding war with the French, naval supplies, timber, etc, 1804

1804   correspondence navy battles wood

naval pay office cheque due to George Martin-Leake, 1812

1812   navy wages

patent for invention for propelling vessels etc., by means of steam and other power, granted to John Baillie, 1836

1836   engineering

copy will and probate of Sandiland Drinkwater, hosier, of London, with bequest of share in privateer of Penryn in Falmouth, 1779-81

1779 - 1781 ownership

deeds to Norfolk manors including mention of lighthouses at Winterton Ness & Orford Ness, 1698

1698   communications coastal defence

receipts and notes regarding shares of William Lee Totteridge in East Indiaman, 1775-8

1775 - 1778 ownership

shares of William Lee Totteridge in ships and wharf, 1775-8

1775 - 1778 ownership

diary of William Wilshere with description of visit to Portsmouth, 1811

1811   journal

papers regarding sale of Lady Louisa Packer, 1818

1818   ownership

Trinity House certificate certifying Henry Killigrew as a Brother, 1675


warrants to hold court martial to Henry Killigrew, Vice Admrial of the Blue, Commander in Chief of the Thames and Midway, 1684, 1689

1684 - 1689 navy discharge
60281-92 & 60295

warrants for appointment to commissions of Henry Killigrew in royal navy, 1666-83, 1691

1666 - 1691

diaries and travel journals of Charles Willis and William Wilshere, 1824-33, including to Melcombe Regis, Dorset, Charmouth, Lyme, 1811, with description of viewing the Princess Charlotte, with loose sheet which describes a visit to the Exe estuary

1811 - 1833 ships

Royal Proclamation regarding naval volunteers, 1803

1803   navy recruitment

general abstract of Acts of Parliament relating to payment of wages of Petty Officers, seamen, etc, 1792

1792   legislation finance mariners
16357-9 & 16373-7

commissions of John Johnston, 1807-16

1807 - 1816

letters of John Johnston to his mother, 1809-15 including description of Napoleon on HMS Bellerephon

1809 - 1815 correspondence navy ships