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Name: Hampshire Record Office
Postal address: Sussex Street

Town: Winchester
County: Hampshire
Post code: SO23 8TH
Telephone: 01962 846154
Web address:

297 documents found for Hampshire Record Office:

Code Description Date Keywords

Naval Ordnance Museum archive, Gosport, inc. Admiralty Fleet Orders, Torpedo papers, dates??

  navy weapons armoury
Jervoise xxxvii7

munitions for the Jacob of Ipswich, n.d.;

  ships weapons armoury
QI38/235 & 312

? of smugglers sent to city bridewell, ??, date??


? of burials of Lymington smugglers, ??dates

  deaths smuggling

Sherborne St John, emigration to Canada, ??date


south Australian regulations for emigration of labourers, n.d.


sketchbook, inc. seascapes, charcoal, pencil and some water colours, n.d.;


sketchbook, inc. of ships, pencil, n.d.


plans of proposed London docks, n.d.


design for a floating customs' wharf, n.d.

  development construction

`expenses of the parishes of Bishopstoke, Nursling Chilcomb, Moreskal, Twyford and Owlesbury to provide men for the navy, n.d.


Southampton Marsh Improvement Bill, ??date


collection of framed documents, photographs of documents and of portraits of various members of the Adams family of Buckler's Hard and their descendants with biographical and family notes appended

  illustrations paintings
86M99 Sir Owen Aisher, yachtsman: yachting papers incl. boat plans, log books and correspondence relating to Americas Cup (17 boxes, 9 vols).   leisure sailing races letters

Dyer family, surgeons, of Ringwood: additional records including journal of a voyage to Madras by Samuel Dyer (1802) and genealogical information on the Dyer, Tripp and related families of Iwood in Congesbury and elsewhere 19th-20th cent.

  medical India Madras
Consistory Court of Winchester and Winchester Archdeaconry Court

containing over 7,000 mariner's wills from the sixteenth century onwards?

1500 - 1599

f.120, Portsdown beacon, 1551-67

1551 - 1567 communications coastal defence

letters, lists of men, etc., inc. defense of south coast during rebellion of Sir Thomas Wyatt, 1554-79

1554 - 1579 correspondence security

lease for messuage and tenement in Micheldever with agreement for annual payment of 5 barrels of herrings to be carried from Southampton, 1561

1561   fish

description of `monstrous fish' taken at Grimsby, Lincolnshire, 1563

1563   fishing

construction of fortifications at Portsmouth, 1566, 1677 ??

1566 - 1677 development building security defence coastal
Photocopies 415, 417, 520/1-5

copies of Corsini correspondence.  see ??. regarding Southampton, 1587, 1590

1587 - 1590

, fragment of court record concerning Mathew of London, 80 tons, 1587-8

1587 - 1588 ships

memorandum letter book of the Deputy Lord Lieutenant, 1588-1628

1588 - 1628

copy memorandum concerning beacons, 1589

1589   communications coastal defence security

accounts of John Leigh, paymaster of the Isle of Wight fortifications, 1597-8

1597 - 1598 finances coastal security defence fortifications
Jervoise xx50

preparations against a Spanish invasion & conditions in Portsmouth, 1599; xx55, beacons, 1599;

1599   battles war security defence communications coastal
Jervoise xx25-7

reports on the Spanish Fleet under Parma;

1600 - 1699 Armada
Jervoise xx88

report of battle at Gravelines, 1600;

1600   war

maritime drawings of ports & havens in East and West Indies, the Mediterranean, Canary Islands and England, nineteenth century copies of seventeenth century originals which ?? belonged to Edward Barlow.  printed in Basil Lubbock, Barlow's Journal of his Life at Sea (1934) and now held at the National Maritime Museum, section 6:JOD/:15 1/2 ft. See Roger Knight, Guide to the Manuscripts check this.

1600 - 1934 illustrations Caribbean Europe

albumn containing misc. naval papers, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

1600 - 1799 navy
15M50/467, 489

accounts of seawall works at Barking, Essex, c.1600

1600   coastal defence erosion

maritime drawings of ports & havens in East and West
Indies, the Mediterranean, Canary Islands and England, nineteenth century
copies of seventeenth century originals which possibly belonged to Edward
Barlow.  printed in Basil Lubbock, Barlow's Journal of his Life at Sea
(1934) and now held at the National Maritime Museum, section 6:JOD/:15
1/2 ft. See Roger Knight, Guide to the Manuscripts

1600 - 1934 illustrations Asia Europe
Jervoise xx83

beacons, 1601;

1601   communications coastal defence security

letter ??, 1615

1615   correspondence

MS volume, inc. extracts of documents relating to the examination of the river from Southampton to Winchester of 1618, nineteenth century

1618 - 1899 waterways

responsibility for upkeep of seawall at Barking, Essex, 1619-20

1619 - 1620 coastal erosion defence

repairs to seawall at Dunskoote?? Marsh, Barking, Essex, 1623

1623   coastal erosion defence maintenance

payment in Winchester City coffer accounts for clothing poor boys going to Virginia, 1625

1625   welfare America emigration Colonies
Jervoise xxxvii46

reconveyance of mariners from Surrey to Portsmouth, 1626;

Jervoise xxxvii61

Privy Council's order regarding beacons, 1626;

1626   communications coastal defence security
Jervoise xxxvii75

Privy Council's order inc. directions on impressing mariner of Isle of Wight, 1626;

1626   recruitment navy impressment
Jervoise, includes (44M69)

extensive papers on military preparations, late sixteenth century and for the Isle of Rhe, 1627, inc. muster books;

1627   operations
Jervoise xlviii25-6

Privy Council's order regarding impressing seamen, 1627;

1627   recruitment navy impressment
Jervoise xxxviii159

boats for transporting men to Isle of Wight, 1627;

Jervoise xxxix23

impressed seamen for relief of Isle of Rhe, 1628;

1628   recruitment navy impressment
Jervoise xxxix38

apprehension of mariners, 1628;

1628   recruitment navy impressment
Jervoise xxxix.43

watching of beacons, 1628

1628   communications coastal defence security

Crown grant to Mary Wandesford, widow, of Hampshire foreshore, 1628; 2, plan, 1858

1628 - 1858 rights

letter patent regarding marshlands off Hampshire coast, 1628

1628   environment development
3/G/ 193/1-10

papers relating to the carriage of timber for the Navy, 1631-2;

1631 - 1632 construction materials wood

loose sheet in Swanwick manor courtbook of a presentment for the building of a boat, 1631-1889

1631 - 1889 construction shipbuilding

papers relating to timber for the navy, 1634;

1634   construction materials wood
Photocopy 288/22-33

precepts and assessments at Christchurch, 1634-9

1634 - 1639

rate and assessment for the county of Southampton for collecting and levying, 1636-9

1636 - 1639
Photocopy 271

Titchfield hundred lists, 1637


list of emigrants from Weyhill, 1638

1638   emigration
Photocopy 459

`an account of what money received and have disbursed... castles and forts in the Isle of Wight', 1638

1638   finances coastal security defence fortifications

Hinton Ampner shipmoney with account, 1639


bills of sale of 1/8 of 1/16 part in the Discoverie of London (formerly the Confidente), 21 April 1642; 1/8 part of the Recovery, 25 April 1642; 1/24 part of the Peregrine of London, 4 August 1648 (2), 1/16 part, 1 April 1650 & 1/24 part, 1 March 1652; 1/8 part of the Ralph, 1 March 1652

1642 - 1652 ownership ships

bill of sale of 1/48 part of the Peregrine of London, 300 tons, 1 April 1650

1650   ownership ships

rates of pay, late seventeenth century

1650 - 1699 finance wages

grant by Charles II to John Tippetts and his heirs of the office of shipcaulker or place of master shipcaulker and maker of ships and boats in Portsmouth dockyard, 1660

1660   King construction shipbuilding

appointment of Capt. Robert Swanley, mariner of London, at Deputy Governor of Newfoundland, 1665

1665   America promotion

lease of Lymington saltmarsh and agreement for employment of saltmaker, Lymington, 1670

1670   manufacturing

title deed bundles include those for salterns at Oxey, Pennington and Keyhaven Marshes, 1673-1842

1673 - 1842 manufacturing

partnership agreement of victuallers to the Royal Navy, 24 November 1676

1676   supplies food
18M54, Coffer2/Box A/Packet K papers and letter regarding Samuel Heathcote's business affairs with East India Company, inc. Dantzig, Rottersam and Leyden, 1684, 1725, with subscription list to Poplar Hospital belonging to the East India Company, 1725; business papers relating to Portugal, Venice, Russia, early 18th century 1684   trade Europe

declaration by Matthew Cadwell senior, London merchant, that William Dawsonne is the owner of a sixth part of the Returne, whose cargo of negroes was taken or destroyed by the Spanish and that he, as trustee for the sixth part, will pay to William Dawsonne any proceeds that come to him from it, 18 February 1686

1686   ships slavery piracy

declaration of the cargo of negroe slaves onboard Returne which was attacked by the Spanish, 1686 & 543, Charity, 1696

1686 - 1696 slavery ships
18M54, Box 1, packet B

deed of sale of the Levant Merchant to Samuel Heathcote, 1692

1692   ownership

letter from Samuel Heathcote regarding lack of success in trade with Jamaica, 1692;

1692   correspondence Caribbean

bond of two sailors of Northam, 27 October 1694

1694   mariners

three customs bonds for landing coastal goods, 1695, 1744, 1745

1695 - 1745

includes copies of letters from Samuel Heathcote to John Locke regarding trade and customs duties, 1695

1695   correspondence goods

letter regarding trade and policy, 1695;

1695   correspondence

release by Lancaster Syms, commander of the Charity, of all actions, bills, bonds, debts, etc., which he ever had against William Dawsonne, 24 September 1696

1696   ships
27M63/46-52, 54-66, 69-84

leases for salterns, salt pans and saltworks.  also leases to saltboilers in this collection.  Pennington and Lymington, 1696-1837

1696 - 1837 manufacturing

letter regarding the establishment of merchant companies by an act of Parliament, 1697;

1697   correspondence trade
11M49/F5, fols 11v, 12-14r

correspondence of Charles, 1rst Duke of Bolton, regarding felling timber in the New Forest for the Navy, 1697

1697   royalty wood construction

notebook of Samuel Heathcote inc. notes on travels, customs duties, trade with Portugal, notes on East India Company bonds, 1699-1704;

1699 - 1704

account of sugar shipped to London from St Christophers, eighteenth century

1700 - 1799 cargo trade

correspondence of the May family inc. references to trade with Portugal, 18th and 19th centuries

1700 - 1899 Europe

account of the capture of the Island of Banda, East Indies, eighteenth century

1700 - 1799 colonisation Asia

fragment of an eighteenth century navigational work, Cape May, New England,

1700 - 1799

receipt for ordnance and uniforms, 1707

1707   navy

schedule of charges for the castles and forts of the Isle of Wight, 1707

1707   finances coastal security defence fortifications

receipt for ordnance and uniforms, HMS, 1707

1707   navy bills

notes on actions to be taken regarding the old and United East India Companies, c.1708;


a bill for the harbour of Catwater, Devon, 1709

49M68/353-4, 357

leases of salterns or salthouses at Shafleet, 1709-19

1709 - 1719 manufacturing
11M49/F8, F26, F36

appointments of the Dukes of Bolton as Vice Admiral of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, 1714, 1759, 1803

1714 - 1803 navy recruitment

certificate, and other papers, requesting safe passage home for shipwrecked mariners, 1717


? of smuggling by Norton of Southwick, 1718-23

1718 - 1723

letters inc. news of South Sea stocks, 1718

1718   correspondence
273, 275-6, 278-9

correspondence regarding subscriptions to South Sea Company shares, 1720;


lease of High Sea Saltern, Pennington, 1723

1723   manufacturing

wills of mariners from the Adventure, shipwreck, 1724

1724   ships deaths

an account of goods imported at London, Southampton, Portsmouth, Cowes and Poole by merchants trading in or near Lymington, many of which were sent to Lymington 'coastways'.  Tabulates name of ship, ports of origin and entry, nature of cargo, 1729-37.  Also, annual totals of coal duty received at Lymington, 1726-33.

1726 - 1737 trade mining fuel
8M57/19, 21

prosecution of Robert Blachford for evading customs duties, 1728-9

1728 - 1729 crime debts

reservation of a seat for retired naval officers, Gosport chapel, 1736

1736   navy servicemen religion
Dioc. of Win. I.Misc1/2/A/189

?? of Portsmouth dockyard, 1737


note on the state of the Georgia Trust and the colony, 1738-9

1738 - 1739 America Colonies

papers relating to Paul and Louis Ourry, 1740-82

1740 - 1782

correspondence regarding New River Company shares, 1746;


pay account book of Lt Col. Powlett's Company of Marines, 1747-8

1747 - 1748 finance navy

pass for shipwrecked mariners from the Speedwell to travel safely home, 1748

1748   ships

decorative cartouche of shipbuilding scene, on map, 1750

1750   illustration construction

right of gathering pebbles, ??Godswill, 1752

1752   foreshore coastal erosion

map of Titchfield manor and various other places, Hampshire with illustrations of ships and boats in the Solent, 1753


bill of sale by John Burnsell of Merston, Arreton, gent., to James Urry of Brading, mariner, of the Dove, sloop, for 100, January 1755

1755   ownership ships

roll of papists' estates inc. a saltern at Milford, 1755

1755   ownership manufacturing

papers relating to Admiral Thomas Dumaresque and his brother William Dumaresque, 1756-1831

1756 - 1831 navy

statement of status of Christchurch haven as a creek belonging to port of Southampton, 16 April 1763


title deeds to Calshot saltworks, 1764-1830

1764 - 1830 ownership Companies
104M97 Camper & Nicholsons Ltd., yacht builders, Gosport: deeds. 1770 - 1954 Companies, boat construction

printed petition of Southampton merchants regarding bill for regulating trade of grain, c.1772


unexecuted deed of sale by James Day of West Cowes, merchant, to John Hollier, late of Northwood, but now of Dorset, yeoman, of the Amity, sloop, for 200, 28 March 1776

1776   ownership ships

bill of sale of the Algernon, a sloop of 21 tons, lying in Southampton river, by William Richards of Hythe, shipbuilder, to Col. James Douglas of Hooke, ??Hants., esq., for 231 7s 6d, 6 November 1776

1776   ships ownership
29M67/ 1

bill of sale of one quarter share of the Duke of Cumberland, sloop, 1778; 2, bill of sale of moiety of the Diana, with details of the building, registration and launching, 12 April 1799; 3, bill of sale of 1/16th part of the Success, 18 December 1802; 4, bill of sale of moiety of the Diana, 1809

1778 - 1809 ownership ships construction

burial of Hugh Baggs, press-gang sailor, at Lymington, 1781

1781   deaths impressment navy recruitment

notes on naval impressment, 1781

1781   recruitment pressganging

three boiling pans & a messuage built on land belonging to the saltern, Butts Saltern, 1781

1781   ownership manufacturing

printed circular letter from Duke of Bolton to all deputy lieutenants and JPs regarding seeking `straggling' seamen, 29 June 1782;

1782   correspondence navy recruitment impressment

list of those killed and lists of French and British in naval actions, 1782

1782   deaths navy mariners battles

plans of Portsea Island and Gosport, c.1783, 1846

1783 - 1846

narrative of operations used in attempt to raise the Royal George, 1785

1785   ships wrecks

engraving by W. Birch of Portsmouth and the Masts of the Royal George, 1 June 1789

1789   illustration ship

ink and wash sketches of sailing ships, 1790

1790   illustrations

appointment by the Governor of the Isle of Wight to William Shotter of Grange to be one of the deputies in the office of the Admiralty, 1793

1793   navy recruitment

letters regarding Lt James Brook, R.M., of Plymouth, Devon, inc. naval news and report of his brother's death, Port Royal, Jamaica, 1794, and a copy of his last Requests regarding his effects, August, 1796 and letters from Robert Dolling, chaplain, and William Maude, purser, regarding his death, Cape of Good Hope, July 1798, 1794-1803 [nb not all letters are fit for production]

1794 - 1803 correspondence navy Caribbean

Quarter Sessions County Hall and Incident Account Book, includes payments for subsistence of sailors of the Halsewell, an East India ship, and payments for carrying Navy Quota Act into execution, 1795-9

1795 - 1799 legislation finance mariners

letters and papers relating to the Vice-Admiralty of the Isle of Wight by Thomas Orde, 1796, 1801

1796 - 1801 correspondence navy

plan of London docks, 1796


Quarter Sessions General Account Book includes accounts for expense of carrying Navy Act into execution, 1796

1796   finance legislation

forms of service in Thanksgiving for sea victory, 19 December 1797 and 1798; 624, form of service in Thanksgiving for end of French war, 1814

1797 - 1814 battles religion

MS Pocket Book being the `Journal of a voyage from London to Monte Video, Rio de la Plate, South America, in the Missionary ship Duff of London, Capt Robson. bound for Otaheite, begun December 20 1798', also contains a diary in Africa, 1808 and a diary of a trader or missionary in Africa, 1807-8

1798 - 1808 travel

journal of voyage of missionary ship to south America, 1798 and diary in Africa, 1807-8

1798 - 1808 diary travel religion

logbooks of Admiral Sir William Parker of HMS Stork, 1799-1801; HMS Alarm, 1802; HMS Amazon, 1802-7

1799 - 1807 navy ships

grant of crest to the arms of Admiral Sir Robert Calder, 1799

1799   navy emblems
Parliamentary Deposited Plans

plans of docks, piers, wharfs, etc., in Hampshire and Isle of Wight, nineteenth century

1800 - 1899 development

printed resolution of a meeting held at the Guildhall, Winchester, to open a subscription to purchase herring for the general public and the poor, 29 December 1800

1800   fishing welfare

sketch books of Mrs Anne Sturges Bourne, early nineteenth century,

1800 - 1850 illustrations

Wales, inc. some unnamed coastal views, pencil, 1800; 

1800   illustrations

elevation and view of the Esplanade on the southern beach of Hayling Island, early 19th century

1800 - 1850

microfilm of log books of Captain William Parker of HM Sloop Stoke?? and HMS Amazon, 1800-05

1800 - 1805 navy ships
88M99 Board of Trade: marine maps rel to Crown foreshore and navigation in tidal waters (119 rolls) 1800 - 1999 charts coastal

Phillimore family of Shedfield: additional naval, domestic and estate reords, 19-20th cent.

1800 - 1999 navy

defense measures, 1801

1801   security

letters concerning naval service of Admiral George Curry Lempriere, 1801-46

1801 - 1846 correspondence navy

measures for defense of coast, 1801, 1803

1801 - 1803 security erosion

letter describing the Battle of Copenhagen, 1801

1801   correspondence war navy

bill of sale of the Thomas and Ann, 18 February 1802

1802   ships ownership

indenture of apprenticeship of Thomas Lackham of Poole, Dorset, to John Richards of Gosport, shipbuilder, for 7 years, 6 May 1802

1802   recruitment training construction shipwright

correspondence of George Tierney, inc., 8c, from Sir George Barlow inc. reference to India and gunboats, 1807; 19, from Thomas Coutts offering congratulations on appointment as Treasurer of the Navy, 1803; 33, letters of Charles, 2nd Earl Grey, naval affairs inc. Copenhagen, prize money, 1807-9; 50, letters of Sir Thomas Maitland, inc. Indian naval affairs, 1807, 1810; 59, letter of R. Richards on Metcalfe, with Lord Valentine's `Red Sea Observations', 1807

1803 - 1810 operations ships weapons
29M67/ papers of William Waller

inc. 5, notebook containing accounts of port dues and cargo on a journey on the Diana from Southampton to Waterford, 1805-6; 6, notebook containing memoranda and accounts of port charges, cargo carriage and sea journeys between Southampton and Cornwall, 1805-7, 1812-14; 7, account book of William Waller of Burlesdon mainly for timber, hoops, coal, etc., 1805-29; 8, memorandum of monies paid by William Waller for 18 timber purchased by auction, April 1812; 9, letter from John Rowling, Flushing, Cornwall, to Captain William Waller at Burlesdon enclosing money for goods sold to Mr Williams at Falmouth, 9 June 1815; 10, memorandum book of William Waller mainly of goods purchased, sold and shipped and of money received, 1818-19; 20, 22 & 25, papers, inc. sale of shares and accounts, concerning the Diana, 1819-30; 24, account involving the Friendship, 1829; 28, valuation of 1/3 share of the Friendship, 7 February 1831; 61-2, papers involving the Friendship at Millbrook, 1830

1805 - 1831

family letters of Samuel Knollys inc. references to impeachment of Viscount Melville, the Terrible commanded by Lt Henry Paulet, 1805

1805   correspondence ships navy recruitment royalty

letter with news of the Battle of Trafalgar, 1805

1805   correspondence war navy

Mayoral order for distribution of beer to Winchester inhabitants to celebrate Trafalgar victory, 1805; 66, copy of loyal addresses to King on occasion of naval victories, 1805

1805   alcohol war battles navy

commissions of G.O. Lempriere in the Royal Navy, 1807-46

1807 - 1846

deed of covenant, inc. Charles Powell Hamilton of Hambledon, Vice-Admiral of the Red Squadron of the Fleet, in a larger partnership of medicine against yellow fever, 13 July 1807

1807   navy disease
Dioc. of Win. I.Misc1/2/A/197

dispute regarding chaplain of Portsmouth dockyard, 1809-12

1809 - 1812

papers of John Poore, inc. statements of service on HMS Fisgard, 1809; logbook of HMS Ville de Paris, Paris, Rodney and Milford, 1810-14; papers about Royal Naval school, early to  mid-nineteenth century; appointment to rank of Commander in Navy, 1872

1809 - 1872 navy ships education recruitment

inc. views of Falmouth in Cornwall, featuring ??passenger vessel, pencil, 1811-12;

1811 - 1812 illustrations

France, inc. views of some vessels, charcoal, c.1812, also one sketch of Amsterdamn, 1855;

1812 - 1855 Europe illustrations

papers concerning Ralph Fenick of the Coal Exchange, London, 43, four papers relating to the Mary of Sunderland, a brig built at Sunderland in 1812, 1819 & 1820; 44-5, assignment and transfer of mortgage of the Autumn of Sunderland, 1826, 1833; 46, assignment of the Henry of Sunderland, 1833; 47, assignment of the Silksworth of Sunderland, 1843

1812 - 1843 ships ownership

Navy timber cultivation in Woolmer Fair, 1812

1812   wood construction

sketchbook of southern Italy, Sicily and Malta, inc. drawings of the coast, castles, ships, pencil, 1814-15;

1814 - 1815 illustrations Europe
16M64, F3

photograph of portrait of John Adams, who was shipwrecked and drown aboard the Sulterton, off Berrow, Somerset, 1814

1814   illustration deaths ships

sketchbook, inc. of Florence and La Havre, pencil, 1815;

1815   illustrations Europe

?? of Portsea Island dockyard workers, 1815

1815   labour
Q.O.30 f.203d

?? of wreck of vessel lying at Yarmouth, 1816


printed objections of the Dean and Chapter of Bristol to the Bristol Harbour Bill, c.1818


Hambledon, assisted passage to Canada and America, 1819, 1834

1819 - 1834 emigration welfare

first annual report of the Portsmouth Auxillary Naval and Military Bible Society, inc. rules and lists of `contributors', 1820

1820   navy religion

letter from D. Anderson of Alresford to Mr Simpson of Froyle concerning a journey to the Isle of Wight by coach, foot (between Winchester and Southampton) and steam packet (Southampton to Cowes), 21 August 1821

1821   correspondence travel
115M88 papers of Augustus Phillimore

1822-97, Rear Admiral & Richard Fortescue Phillimore, 1864-1940, Vice Admiral

1822 - 1940 navy

notice to G.P. Jervoise, M.P., to attend committee on the Bristol Harbour Bill, 29 March 1822


letter concerning conveyance of saltern at Lymington to the bishop of Winchester, 22 October 1822

1822   correspondence

printed copy petition of merchants, ship owners, traders and others connected with the Port of London to the House of Commons in support of commercial wet docks at St Katharine's Dock, 1824; letter from the directors of the London Dock Company, 22 February 1825, enclosing statement about projects for forming additional wet docks in the Port of London, 1825; notices sent to G.P. Jervoise of meetings concerning the St Katharine's Dock Bill, March 1825

1824 - 1825 parliament development correspondence

circular letter of the Seamen's Hospital Society, 1825

1825   welfare correspondence health

bankruptcy of Good & Son, shipbuilders at Hythe, 1825

1825   debts finances Companies shipwrights

printed answers to statements by John Harvey favouring new harbour at Lowestoft, Suffolk, with printed statements against developing Norwich as a port, 1826

1826   ports development
55M72/T 57

assignment of two sixty-fourth parts of shares in the steam vessel The Glasgow, 1830; 58-62, assignment of shares in Solent Sea Steam Packet Company, 1841-55; 63, share certificates for the Solent Sea Steam Packet Company, 1841; B1, outgoing letter book of the Solent Sea Steam Packet Company, 1841; B2/1-2, advertisements for steampacket Brunswick and the Sir Francis Drake, sailing between Southampton, Devon and Cornwall, c.1850

1830 - 1850 ownership ships Companies correspondence

vestry meeting to consider proposals to send emigrants to Canada, 1831; vestry meeting to consider raising rate to assist emigration with subsequent suggestion of a private subscription, 1841

1831 - 1841 emigration

Alton, money given for emigration to Canada & New York, 1832

1832   Americas

reference in Alton parish ?? regarding policy on assisting emigration, 1832

1832   welfare

letters from E. Pearce in Augusta, Australia, describing his first experiences to his mother in Winchester, 1832-3

1832 - 1833 correspondence emigration

Amport, ??, family to Canada, 1833

1833   emigration

resolution to assist passage to Jamaica and not on men taking money on false pretences, Old Alesford, 1834

1834   Caribbean Americas emigration travel

printed notice, vestry held to consider raising money to defray expenses of those trying to emigrate, 1834, & resolution to raise 90 for same purpose, 1848

1834 - 1848 welfare emigration

?? emigration to New South Wales, 1834

1834   Australia

?? emigrants from Rockborne to Sydney, 1834

1834   emigration Australia

printed plans by S. Wyatt, comprising design for a floating custom's wharf by J. Cary, engraver, n.d.; plan of proposed London Docks compared with proposed docks at Isle of Dogs, J. Cary, engraver, n.d.; plan of proposed docks at Isle of Dogs, J. Cary, engraver, n.d.; military, marine and topographical survey of the Isle of Wight, by James Clarke, Newport, 1834

1834   engineering illustrations construction development

Fawley, money given (2 per adult, 1 per child) for emigration to Jamaica, 1835

1835   Caribbean Americas

Fawley, agreement regarding emigration to Jamaica, 1835-6

1835 - 1836 Caribbean Americas

map of Hayling island and surrounding area, Hampshire, showing sands, rocks, sandbanks and ferry routes, 1835

1835   illustrations

deed of sale with certificate of British Registry, of the Transit, lying in Southampton Water, built at Shaldon, Devon in 1835, 5 December 1839

1835 - 1839 ownership ships

letter to churchwarden and overseers of Monk Sherborne advancing 200 for defraying costs of emigration of the poor, 1836

1836   correspondence welfare
Photocopy 555/17

vestry minute regarding emigration from ??Woolston, 1836-8

1836 - 1838

agreement to lend 4 per emigrant at four per cent interest to be repaid within 5 years, 1836; resolution to raise 72 to assist emigration, 1838; application to assistance emigrants to New York, 1841

1836 - 1841 America

Micheldever list of assisted emigrants to Canada, 1836

1836   emigration welfare

typed transcripts of letters of W.G. ??Broughton regarding his work as first bishop in Australian settlement, 1836-49

1836 - 1849 correspondence emigration
38M48/131/ 1

prospectus of the Solent Sea Steam Packet Corp., for furnishing means for a daily communication between Lymington, Yarmouth, Cowes, Ryde, Portsmouth & Southampton, October 1840??; 2, notice of first general meeting of subscribers, 11 November 1840; 3, printed partnership deed, 29 October 1841

1840 - 1841 Companies publications

Easton, assisted passage to Canada and America, 1841

1841   emigration welfare

??agreement to persuade ??Broadhunt, a notorious preacher, to emigrate as his family are a burden to the parish due to his long terms of imprisonment with application to Poor Law Commissioners for 64, 1841

1841   minister emigration

bill of sale of the John, with detailed description, 9 September 1841

1841   ownership ships

travel diary to the continent inc. Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece and Turkey, sailing from Blackwall aboard the Columbine Steamer, 1842-3

1842 - 1843 journal Europe ships

Aldershot Church of England Soldiers and Sailors Institute: records including minutes, accounts, visitors books and photographs, 1842-1971.

1842 - 1971 shelter charity

resolution to raise 30 to defray expenses of 3 poor persons seeking to emigrate, Selbourne, 1843

1843   welfare emigration

Quarter Sessions General Account Books, include accounts regarding maintenance of deserters and Admiralty prisoners, 1844-90

1844 - 1890 finance navy

warrants for Commissioners for executing the office of Lord High Admiral regarding properties to be purchased for enlarging Portsmouth dockyard, 1845

1845   navy development

bundle of papers relating to the Hythe and Southampton Steam Ferry Company, Ltd, 1856-61, inc. monthly statements, balance sheets and letters, prospectus, 1847; 33, papers relating to the Hythe Hard Company, 1845-65; 34, copy of letter from Thomas Goater to A.G. Renshaw regarding the proposed Hythe Pier, 1872

1845 - 1872 Companies finances correspondence

entry regarding family emigrating to Australia, 1848


diary of a cruise from England to Greece via Cherbourg, Gibraltar, Carthagena, Palermo and returning via Naples and Valentia, 1849-50

1849 - 1850 journal Europe

land at ??, 18??, 1849


a map of the New Forest which shows timber intended for the navy's use, 1849

1849   illustrations wood construction shipbuilding

articles of co-partnership between George Dunlop and Adam Schales, both of Southampton, shipping agents and commission merchants, 31 July 1849


book of notes and sketches in pen and ink by Gilbert Redvers Heathcote, inc. sailing ships, late nineteenth century

1850 - 1899 illustrations

ink drawings and doodles probably by Gilbert Redvers Heathcote, inc. of sailing ships, late nineteenth century

1850 - 1899 illustrations

Royal National Lifeboat Institution papers, 1850, 1913-20s

1850 - 1920

letters regarding trade with America, 1851, 1853

1851 - 1853 correspondence
65A05 Mary Greene: journal aboard ship Resolute (5 vols.) 1851 - 1852 diaries travel

emigration expenses of William Bicknell and family, Selbourne, 1852


papers regarding emigration of family to New South Wales, 1854

1854   Australia
16M64, O1-3

appointments of John Adams as assistant paymaster on HMS Amethyst, 1856, and HMS Diadem, 1857, and certificate of service and conduct aboard HMS Amethyst, 1856-7

1856 - 1857 recruitment navy ships finance

papers relating to the Christchurch fishery, 1857, 1871

1857 - 1871 fishing companies

notes by G.R. Heathcote on the navy and relative ranks of officers in the army and navy, c.1860s - 1870s

1860 - 1870

business and general correspondence inc. letter of protest from A.B. Forwood to the Principal Secretary, Foreign Office, on capture of the Adela, 1862

1862   correspondence ships government

certificate of service of Charles Frederick Stewart in the Royal Navy, 1865-91

1865 - 1891

bundle of printed papers, inc. those of the West India and Pacific Steam Ship Company; prospectus of the Liverpool, Quebec and Montreal Steam Ship Company; report and accounts of the Mercantile Marine Insurance Company Ltd, 1866; small photograph of the Atlantic, steamship

1866   Companies publications finance illustrations

letters of administration of Robert Fry Castle, Lieutenant R.N., who died at sea on board HMS Captain, 6 November 1874

1874   navy death ships

sketch book, possibly of Eleanor Bonham Carter, inc. of Helford River and Falmouth seascape, Cornwall and Bonmeval ?? in Le Tilleul, watercolour, c.1875

1875   illustrations

letter describing a trip to the Channel Islands, 1876

1876   correspondence travel

?? of land formed from deposits of mud on Elson Hard, Gosport, foreshore, 1879

1879   coastal

printed notice not to carry away sand, shingle, gravel or ballast near or within Langstone harbour, 1879

1879   coastal erosion

papers relating to the harbour, 1881-1900, n.d., inc. correspondence principally from Frank Ricardo, 1881-2, n.d.

1881 - 1882 ports

testimonial and correspondence to Sister Bellas Storey, head nurse, Royal Hospital, Plymouth, 1882-5

1882 - 1885 medical health
19M62/papers of Sir Arthur Bower Forwood

inc. 25, letters from Lord George Hamilton, first Lord of the Admiralty, 1885-90; 29, six letters of congratulations on appointment as Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty, 1886; 40, bundle inc. newspaper cutting of speech at Liverpool on naval defence, 1893 and debates on navy estimates, 1894 & 1895, list of figures relating to shipbuilding expenditure, 1889-93, copy of letters regarding manning and minute regarding the Training Squadron, letter regarding insurance of mercantile marine, notes on evidence to Manning Committee, n.d., summary of minutes of evidence to the Report of the committee to inquire into the manning of British Merchantships, 1895, Report on Memorial presented to the Admiralty by workmen employed in dockyard and victualling yards, 4 Dec. 1890; 41, notes on the Navy, 1891-2; 42, files on navy expenditure, pay, building, 1888-93; 43-5, correspondence and bundle of official memoranda regarding the Navy; 54, letter to Sir Dudley Forwood on alterations to the articles of association of the Mersey Steamship Company, 21 August 1902

1885 - 1902

papers of the Castle Yacht Club, Calshot, 1889-1947, inc. 1, minute book of Annual General Meetings and Committee, 1912-47; 2, bank account books, 1889-1933; 6, printed rules and regulations of the club, with lists of members and racing calendar, 1889-1937; 10, racing record books, 1933-9; 11, visitor's book, 1889-1922

1889 - 1947 yachting finance leisure

notice of annual meeting of the Winchester Emigration Society, 13 March 1890


notes to Mr Park as lord of Hayling manor asking permission to put up bathing tents on south Hayling common, 1890

1890   leisure

sale particulars, Southampton Naval Works, Woolston, 1893

1893   navy
111M87/1p15, 1p21

photo, Sark, c.1900; St Malo bathing place, c.1900; 1p27, six photos, sea and walls, St Malo, 1895; 1p29, photos, inc. of the shore, St Malo, c.1900; 1p31, photo, La Corbiere rocks and lighthouse, Jersey, 1895

1895 - 1900 illustrations channel islands

map of proposed removal of mud from Calshot spit, 1895

1895   illustrations coastal erosion environment

photographs of damage of sea defences at Vent??, Isle of Wight, c.1899-1901

1899 - 1901 illustrations coastal erosion

postcards of Kent coast, early twentieth century

1900 - 1950 illustrations

ink and watercolour maps of Cuba, ??Tumni (West Africa), Windward station of the west coast Squadron (West Africa), East Africa, Arabian Sea & Indian Ocean, the Bights (West Africa), harbour of Port Royal, Jamaica, 20th century

1900 - 1999 illustrations Americas Caribbean
159M88 & 110M89

There are several collections of brochures and leaflets on Hampshire and Isle of Wight hotels and lodging houses, twentieth century, inc.

1900 - 1999 advertisements accommodation leisure holiday

photograph of Open Day for Dresford villagers on HMS Dresford, minesweeper, n.d. [20th century]

1900 - 1999 illustration leisure navy ships

account of sea battle in 1794 off Cape Ushant, twentieth century

1900 - 1999 war navy France

 includes Dalgety family correspondence, 274, includes letter written onboard White Star ship SS Cymric, 1900


includes photographs on sailing ships and coastline, Mentone, southern France, 1901-2; 149, views of ships in bay, Spezia, Italy, n.d.

1901 - 1902 illustrations Europe

printed particulars of the lands and property of the Southsea & Hayling Steam Ferry Company Ltd, offered for sale by tender, by order of the receiver appointed by the debenture holders, 25 April 1902

1902   ownership debts

shipyard, stores and officers at East Cowes, 1902

9M68, /97/1/1-2

letter from Lord Selbourne to Lady Selbourne describing a visit to the Kiel canal on the royal yacht as minister in attendence on King Edward VII, 25 June 1904; /223-32, letter from Lord Selbourne to Lord and Lady Selbourne mentioning the German naval programme, 1908; 276-530, letters from the 2nd earl of Selborne inc. comments on the war at sea, 1914-19, and  /1013-38, inc. a voyage to Africa, 1921-39

1904 - 1939 correspondence travel Crown battles

order of service for launchng HMS Dreadnought, 1906

1906   navy ships

Hamble Quay and Yacht Club, Yachts on the Hamble, n.d.; 37, Moody's boatyard, Burlesdon, n.d.; 42, Burlesdon regatta, 1907

1907   yachting leisure

souvenier programme of Royal Naval Review, 1909

1909   navy publications

copy of letter concerning the loading of sand and shingle off the Woolsingers, 19 March 1909

1909   correspondence coastal erosion

order of service of parade in and of the Mayor's fund for the Titanic disaster, 1912

1912   ship wrecks

papers and plans of Warash hard, 1913

Photocopy 525

description of sinking of ??Empress of Ireland in the St lawrence river, 1914

1914   wrecks ships

photographs of the first battle of the Falkland Isles, 1914

1914   illustrations war operations navy

letter from Hazel Palmer to Lady Laura Ridding, 14 November 1914, includes a description of the discomforts of a troop ship

1914   correspondence navy

photograph of a charabanc?? trip to the seaside from Exton, 1920s

1920   illustrations

correspondence regarding fete held in Winchester for RNLI, 1923-4

1923 - 1924 coastguard lifeboat

account of a holiday in the Isle of Wight, ??1924

1924   leisure

Royal Southern Yacht club members and yacht list, 1925

1925   yachting leisure

of Fairport, Burlesdon with saltings, 1931-52

1931 - 1952

posters, leaflets, including of steamer trips, Bournemouth and Isle of Wight, 1932, n.d.

1932   illustrations advertisements
175M86/P inc. 1/1-26

photographs of paintings, prints and drawings of 19th century sailing ships, 19th century; 3/1-25, drawings of sailing ships, 1936; 5/1-9, photographs of portraits of 19th century naval officers, 20th century; 8/1-2, photographs of ships inc. the Centurion and the Ark Royal, 1942 & not named, 1939

1936 - 1939 illustrations navy

photograph of clock given to Royal Yacht Squadron, 1939 and two letters concerning its origin, 1939

1939   illustrations navy

photographs of Southhampton Docks, 1940-81

1940 - 1981 illustrations

rangefinding plan for a Command Post for 2 naval anti-aircraft guns sited on Calshot Beach, 1940

1940   navy weapons

advertisement for market at ??Dicks of Winchester in and of merchant navy??, c.1940s

1940   leisure

Hayling Island Coastguard Station: permanent station record, incident book, 1940-56.

1940 - 1956 coastguard

of Marwell Shipping Company Ltd, Marwell Hall, 1941

1941   Companies

Household Brigade Yacht Club, with sale particulars inc. plan and illustrations, Hook with Warsash??, 1942

1942   yachting leisure

printed minutes of the Southampton Harbour Board, 1944-68

1944 - 1968 ports

papers regarding appeal in Winchester for the King George fund for sailors, 1945-7

1945 - 1947 welfare mariners

printed map of Southampton water compiled for the US navy and showing landmarks inc. submarine anchorage, 1947

1947   illustrations

printed map of Southampton water compiled for the US navy and
showing landmarks inc. submarine anchorage, 1947

1947   illustrations

records of the Winchester branch of the Fairbridge Society (formerly the Child Emigration Society), 1948-83

1948 - 1983

Hythe Pier Company Ltd, 1948-61;112, Hythe Pier Company Ltd, 1962-9

1948 - 1969 leisure entertainment

papers regarding ball held in Winchester in aid of King George fund for sailors, 1948

1948   leisure welfare mariners

?? of transport services in Hythe and Dibden, inc. ferry services, 1949-73; PX6, papers of a conference of local authorities in Southampton with a plan, 1959; PX15, ?? yacht marina at Hythe, 1968; PX11, coastal survey of Solent sailing facilities, 1964

1949 - 1973

RN Airship Station, Bude, mid 20th century

1950 - 1999 navy bases

admission ticket for Coronation review of the fleet, 1953

1953   navy leisre

documents regarding affiliation between HMS Dresford and Dresford village, 1955-79

1955 - 1979 navy ships

illustrated leaflet regarding West Bay Holiday Camp, Watchet, Somerset, c.1956

1956   advertisements accommodation leisure

accounts of the Hythe Pier Company, 1956-70

1956 - 1970 leisure entertainment

? of yacht marina at Hythe, 1968

1968   leisure

sale particulars of the P.S. Princess Elizabeth, illustrated, 15 July 1983

1983   ships ownership

sale particulars of the P.S. Princess Elizabeth, Swan Pier, Swan Lane, London Bridge, 1983

1983   ships ownership

notes on Pierre Garnier, one of Napoleon's officers and later a prisoner of war, 1989

1989   navy mariners

Camper & Nicholsons Ltd, yacht builders, Gosport and Southampton: research papers of Ian Dear in writing company history, including correspondence, images and copy documents, c. 2000-2008.

2000 - 2008 yacht shipbuildes shipwright