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Name: Gloucestershire Record Office
Postal address: Clarence Row
Alvin Street
Town: Gloucester
Post code: GL1 3DW
Telephone: 01452 425295
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222 documents found for Gloucestershire Record Office:

Code Description Date Keywords

notebook and diary of Maj. Gen. Francis Locker Whitmore regarding the Crimean campaign, 1854-6

1854 - 1856 war operations navy

papers of Gen. Sir George Whitmore, including letters relating to service in Gibraltar and the Caribbean, 1801 and notebook containing distances from various landmarks on Gibraltar and heights above sea level, c.1800

1800 - 1801 correspondence navy
SL 75

sale particulars of sailing smack, with sketch, 1838

1838   illustrations
Q/Y 5/7

Severn Bridge, tanker disaster, 1960

1960   wrecks
Q/SO 11

Michaelmas 1795, expenses of high constables for raising quotas and paying bounties

1795   navy
Q/RUm binder

public schemes, 1791-1888

1791 - 1888
photocopy 919/6

photocopy of order to fell trees in Lea Bailey to be used to build a `third rate frigate for his Majesty's service', 1670

1670   navy construction shipbuilding
Photocopy 842

photocopies of papers concerning courtmartial regarding loss of HMS Gloucester, 1682

1682   navy ships
Photocopy 415/3

photocopy of letter of John Shepherd regarding collection of ship money in Gloucestershire, 1640

1640   correspondence
Photocopy 17

distribution of ship money throughout counties including Gloucester (Banckes Papers)

  navy payments
Photocopy 1060

advertisement for the sailing vessel Industry, from London to Gloucester, c.1840

1840   ships illustrations

photocopy of diary kept by a stoker onboard HMS Gloucester, 1913-19 with related papers to 1923

1913 - 1923 journal navy ships service
Parsons Letters, no.113, D214

account of successful engagement with privateer, 1790

1790   navy
PA 283/1

notes on ships built by Mr Miller at Sandfield Bridge, Saul in the 1860s (1966)

1860 - 1966 construction
P77 VE 3/1

assisted emigration to America for Chedworth paupers, 1830s

P69 OV 2/3

paupers sent to the Cape of Good Hope, 1820

1820   emigration America
P55 VE 2/2

minute of agreement to send families to America, 1830, and York Town, Upper Canada, 1833

1830 - 1833 emigration
P47a/OV8/1 (photocopy 808)

papers concerning emigration from Bisley to Australia, 1837-9

1837 - 1839
P47a/OV 8/1

names of ships sailing between London, Plymouth and Sydney, Australia, 1838

1838   leisure travel
P47 OV 8/1

expenses incurred in organizing emigration to Australia, ??date

P47 OV 5/7

notes of emigration, transportation, imprisonment and joining of army of fathers of bastard children, 1828-31

1828 - 1831
P374 MI 2

facsimilie of The Times reporting battle of Trafalgar, 1805

1805   newspapers war navy

exchange visits between members of North Cotswold Rural District Council and crew of HMS Cotswold, 1943

1943   navy ships
P345 OV 7/2

assisted emigration for paupers, c.1834

P344 IN 1/3

death of vagrant `dressed somewhat like a sailor having trousers on', 1779

P335 OV 2/2

payment in churchwardens' accounts relating to emigration payment, 1844


death at sea of ship's surgeon from Thornbury, 1766

1766   medical doctors mariners
P330 IN1/4

death at sea of ship's surgeon, 1766

1766   medical doctor
P30 IN 1/1

shipping accidents on the Severn, including shipwreck of the trow New Newnham, 1731, c.1538-1812

1538 - 1812 waterways
P244 VE2/18

financial help given to emigrants from Painswick to New South Wales, 1837

1837   emigration payments

burial at Oldbury-on-Severn of 3 ship-wrecked mariners, 1736

1736   deaths
P237 IN1/2

burial of three shipwrecked mariners, 1736

1736   deaths
P236 IN 1/4

of William Bowlds, c.1840

P193 MI 5

letter concerning emigrants from Kingswood parish, 1837

1837   emigration
P181 VE 3/1

volume containing list of intending emigrants from Horsley to Australia, 1854

1854   emigration
P154/16 OV1/2

Gloucester, St Owen navy rate, 1796

1796   payments
P154/14 VE2/4

collections donated to relief of widows and orphans of Titantic, St Michael's parish church, Gloucester, 1912

1912   welfare ships wrecks
P137 IN 4/1 & P341 IN 1/2

abstract of acts of parliament relating to payment of wages to Royal Navy Seamen, eighteenth century

1700 - 1799 Laws
P131a PC 39/1

adoption of HMS Cotswold during Warship Week, 1942

1942   navy ships

expenses for sending Dursely family to America in overseas accounts, 1832

1832   emigration
P124/CW 4/4

papers concerning emigration from Dursely to North British America, Australia, 1840

P124 VE2/3

emigration of paupers to Cape of Good Hope, 1819

1819   America
P124 CW3/13/24

?? of ship's bell of HMS Trident, 1986

1986   navy ships
P1 VE 2/1

assisted passage to America for wife and five children, Abenhall, 1832

1832   emigration
P.77a/OV 2/4-5

references to emigration to America from Chedworth, 1833 & 1836

1833 - 1836
O File/National Maritime Museum

June 1967, comprehensive list of all log-books and shipping records in Gloucester Record Office


letter to Mr J.H. Wright of Prescott Hill farm from his father, regarding sending money to family in Australia, 1844

1844   correspondence emigration
MS 84

brochure for White Star passenger steamers, Liverpool to New York and Boston, 1903

1903   emigration ships
MA 10/40

printed plan of Sharpness New Docks, 1 May 1897

Hyett pamphlets

description and draught of a newly invented machine for carrying vessels or ships out of, or into any harbour, port or river, against wind and tide, or in a calm, by Jonathan Hulls, 1737

1737   navy engineers
GMS 147

port of Gloucester and brief particulars of the Severn route to the Midlands, c.1930, with map

1930   harbour waterways
GMS 145

the Midlands to the Sea via the Severn Navigation. proposed improvement of the Severn Navigation and the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal. a diagramatic plan, Severn Commission, 1944.

1944   development waterways illustrations
GE 143

list of passengers on the Bussarah Merchant to New South Wales, 1839

1839   ships emigration Australia
EN/Dr Richard H. Boulind

1985, correspondence about shipbuilders and shipowners in British Isles, 1340-1815

1340 - 1985 construction

letters, papers and newscuttings of naval career of Capt. C.S.B. Swinley of Newnham, 1916-54

1916 - 1954 correspondence navy service
DA28 132/41

Lydney RDC papers concerning future of Lydney Docks, 1971-4

1971 - 1974
D9259 Geoffrey Groves, consultant marine engineer, Lydney: corresp., notebooks, design drawings and other papers 1930 - 1979 construction shipwrights illustrations

letter relating to a visit to Bristol to see the Great Britain, 1843

1843   correspondence navy ships

registers of notarial acts and protests 1885-92, including entries from foreign ships' captains concerning storm damage suffered on their way to port of Gloucester

1885 - 1892 harbours weather

registers of ships' protests, 1885-92

1885 - 1892
D678 (see printed calendar, p.202)

papers of Hon. Edward Legge, 4th son of the 2nd Lord Dartmouth, Commodore R.N., comprising log-books, 1726-36 and 1741-6 (2 vols, partly in shorthand); incoming letters, 1738-40, while in command of various ships (1 volume); incoming and outgoing

1726 - 1747 navy correspondence service
D6666 3/5

emigration of boy to Australia under auspices of Salvation Army, 1922-3

1922 - 1923

passenger certificate for the steamship Wave plying on the Gloucester-Sharpness canal, 1866

1866   travel leisure waterways

customs letter book of the Port of Gloucester, 1736-66

1736 - 1766
D6464 3/4

addresses of shipping agents, c.1881-4

1881 - 1884 trade commerce
D6375 1/2/3-4, 10 & 1/3/5-6, 54

trade union activities in the water transport industry, 1974-85

1974 - 1985 docks labour

Sharpness Docks, 1978


Gloucester Docks and Gloucester-Sharpness Canal, 1972-81

1972 - 1981
D6163 2/4

Sharpness New Docks and Gloucester and Birmingham Navigation Company, 1879-80

1879 - 1880

day book recording dockage for sloops and trows, c.1781-1882

1781 - 1882 ports harbours

records of W. Sisson & Co. Ltd, engineers of Gloucester specialising in design of high speed marine engines and vessel design, 1904-69

1904 - 1969 Companies construction

observations on opening of Gloucester and Berkeley canal, and vessels known as `Back Doormen', 1864

1864   waterways

brochures and timetables of Queen Mary and other steamers from Bristol, Sharpness and elsewhere, 1908 - c.1925

1908 - 1925 illustrations ships travel leisure

slide rule tests for Royal Navy, 1915-20

1915 - 1920 service
D6035/1/16, 8/4, D2091/F9-11

forty-nine letters from G.G. and J. Duracel describing voyage to India, 1764


1764   correspondence travel
D5922 acc8617 H.H. Martyn & Co.Ltd., architectural metal workers, joinery manufacturers and ship furnishers (addnl): records. 1900 - 1999 Companies construction craftsmen
D5922 (see list)

ship interiors, 1907-c.49

1907   construction

??, records of Ashbee, Sons & Co., timber importers of Gloucester, 1872-1922

1872 - 1922 Companies trade commerce construction

records of the Gloucester Pilotage Authority, 1861-1984 & of the Gloucester Harbour Trustees, 1889-1979

1861 - 1984 docks
D5748 3/1

construction of the Great Eastern steam ship, c.1857

1857   shipbuilders
D5748 (accs 5748, 5859, 6190)

see list, design and engineering of steam vessels, c.1878-1962

1878 - 1962 construction ships

prize money for the Kotali, c.1862

1862   navy ships

twentieth century notes on career of Andrew Shilling, commander of the fleet, 1618-12??

1618 - 1999 navy service

sale of one eighth part of ship, 1653

1653   ownership

shipping register entry for the Emma of Chepstow, 1828

1828   ships

notes on ship-building at Cone Pill, Woolaston, late seventeenth century

1600 - 1699 construction

postcard showing HMS Woolaston, with notes on the `ton' clas, n.d.

  illustrations ships navy

includes the journal of G.E. Stranger of Fleet, Linc., surgeon, during voyage to Australia and whaling expeditions, 1836-41

1836 - 1841 medical doctor fishing travel
D5355/4/4/1-4 & D5355/4/5/1

Amalgamated Gloucester Pilots' accounts, 1960-72; Gloucester-Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters Company Ltd's accounts, 1960-72; Gloucester  Harbour Trustees' accounts and other records, 1941-80; Gloucester Pilotage Authority accounts and other re

1941 - 1980 finances

record of Fox Elms Ltd (grain transporters by barge from Avonmouth to Gloucester), 1935-1970s

1935 - 1970 trade commerce Companies cargo waterways

references to foreign wheat purchased by Priday Metford & Co. Ltd, flour millers of Gloucester, 1940s-70s

1940 - 1970 trade commerce grain

references to people leaving Felmersham, Bedfordshire, for America, nineteenth century

1800 - 1899 emigration

service certificate, conduct record, related papers and photographs of a serviceman in the Royal Navy, 1930-52

1930 - 1952 illustrations

Gloucester Port Registration Committee minutes, 1941-7

1941 - 1947

business records of James Smart, barge owner and coal merchant at Chalford Wharf, 1881-1905

1881 - 1905 accounts trade commerce
D4828 (see list)

references to vessels carrying grain and seeds to Gloucester docks, c.1900-57

1900 - 1957 cargo trade commerce ships

references to rates of pay, working conditions, strikes and negotiations involving Sharpness and Gloucester dockers' union members, c1900-57

1900 - 1957 labour docks

songs, including of the sea, nineteenth century

1800 - 1899 music entertainment leisure
D48/C2, C4, C7-9, C10

correspondence to Capt. H and Anne Huntley regarding his `patent purchase dead eye' (a nautical rigging device) regarding its advantages establishment of an agency for the sale of it, including some from Mr Henwood, the patentee, 1821-59

1821 - 1859 navy

details of trade patterns, pilotage, etc on the river Severn, compiled in the 1920s

1920   commerce waterways

shipwreck of the Prince Victor, near Woolaston, 1887


advertisement for excursion on a smack from Oldbury to Portishead, 1851

1851   leisure
D4733 7/1

Dursley Tabernacle Sunday School register notes of scholars having gone to Australia, 1886-99

1886 - 1899 emigration
D4644 8/5, 6, 11-13

overseas sales of billiard cloth, 1898-1967

1898 - 1967 trade commerce
D4644 2/101 (acc.6408)

sales of Spanish and German wool, 1823-8; large cloth order by East India company, 1820-1

1820 - 1828 cargo trade commerce
D4582/5/14 & D4582/6/6, 7 & 12

letters home from English naval officers engaged on overseas duties, nineteenth century

1800 - 1899 correspondence navy service

scrapbook of Mrs `Sia' Whitmore, containing watercolours of views including of Dover, Purfleet, East Cowes and Shanklin, 1852-5; Dieppe, Rouen, c.1850

1850 - 1855 illustrations

scrapbook of Mrs Kate Whitmore containing watercolours and sketches, including of Italy, Brighton and Hastings, 1850-5; Southsea, Clifton, Gloucester Docks, Ilfracombe, Bideford, Clovelly, St Michael's Mount, 1872-81

1850 - 1881 illustrations

scrapbook containing sketches, landscapes, cartoons of military colleagues and general street scenes by Gen. George Whitmore whilst serving in the Mediterranean, particularly Malta, and the West Indies, late eighteenth century

1700 - 1799 illustrations navy

sketchbooks of Gen. George Whitmore, containing watercolours of views around Woolwich, Torbay, Cornwall and Gibraltar, late eighteenth century; Portsmouth, Portugal, Martinique and Spain, 1794; Essex, Norfolk and Malta, 1803

1794 - 1803 navy illustrations
D45 F41-3

reminiscences and anecdotes written by General Sir George Whitmore largely concerning his service in Malta and Corfu, 1789-1841

1789 - 1841 diary navy
D45 F21

`Lisbon' journal written by Mary Whitmore during sea voyage with her mother to England, 1798

1798   diary Portugal travel

deed referring to `proposed harbour' at Sharpness, 1825

1825   docks ports development

illustrations from The Naval and Military Almanac, 1840

1840   navy
D4432/4 (see list)

commissions, certificates of service, etc., relating to naval career, 1829-61

1829 - 1861 navy
D4380 2/5

`The Forest of Dean and the British Navy', reprint of lecture to the British Women's Patriotic League, by Miss M.G. Jones of Cheltenham College, 1911

1911   environment shipbuilding

plans for the construction of swimming pool on training ship Arethusa, 1894

1894   navy ships
D4325 (see)

plans, blueprints, correspondence and papers, including photograph, relating to the building of the Creterock and other concrete barges at Hempstead, 1917-20

1917 - 1920 ships construction illustrations

registers of British ships, 1824-55

1824 - 1855 registration
D4292 Port of Gloucester: shipping registers 1855 - 1944

Severn & Canal Carrying Company, wharf warehouses, 1908

1908   waterways

advertisement for passage to Natal, c.1850

1850   emigration Africa
D421/X1 MF214

naval ordinance accounts of Admiral William Wynter, 1561-9

1561 - 1569 navy

appointment of William Wintour as master of ordnance and surveyor of ships, 1557

1557   navy recruitment
D4180 (for details see cat.)

sinking of ships and submarines, including the Lusitania, 1915, and other passenger or hospital ships, 1914-18

1914 - 1918 navy wrecks
D4084 Box 40

prospectuses for investment in the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company and Cunard Steamship Company Ltd, 1912-14

1912 - 1914 finances shipping
D3921 II/33

photocopies of letters concerning felling of timber in the Forest of Dean for the navy, 1660

1660   correspondence shipbuilding
D3921 II/20

photographs of Lydney Docks, 1869-1967

1869 - 1967

 papers of Captain Henry Berkeley, R.N., 1849-98

1849 - 1898 navy service

licensed pilots' earnings in the port of Gloucester, 1941-2

1941 - 1942 wages ships

correspondence from Dorothy Kendall Pearson, and printed material, regarding the service for the Officers and Ratings of HM Gloucester, sunk 1941, including programme and admit, 1986

1941 - 1986 navy ships shipwrecks deaths

dietary and fares list for persons emigrating to Port Natal, c.1850

1850   Africa

shipping line brochures etc. for a world cruise, 1967

1967   travel leisure
D340a X.17

naval orders, 1779-80

1779 - 1780 navy
D340a C.32

correspondence of Captain Francis Reynolds, 1761-1804

1761 - 1804 navy
D340a C.31

letters to Captain Francis Reynolds from Samuel, first Viscount Hood, 1782-3

1782 - 1783 correspondence navy
D340a C.30

letters to Captain Francis Reynolds, 1765-85

1765 - 1785 correspondence navy
D340a C.28

letters from Captain Francis Reynolds, R.N., 1781

1781   correspondence navy
D340a C.27

correspondence of Thomas Reynolds, with various naval correspondents, 1704-7

1704 - 1707 navy
D340 Acc 8203 HMS Raleigh: log book 1875 - 1876 navy ships

advertisement for steamship Europa from Liverpool to Halifax and Boston, USA, 1857

1857   illustrations travel leisure America
D3291 II/33

the warships of Gloucester, 1654-1941, by V.F.L. Millard and T. Hannam-Clark, Gloucester, 1943

1654 - 1943 navy
D3080 (see list)

crew lists for vessels registered in the port of Gloucester, 1863-1913

1863 - 1913

shipwreck off south coast of Ireland, 1804


share in barge and coal working called Turn Brook in the forest of Dean, 1762

1762   ownership shipping trade commerce

marriage settlement includes brigantine, 1740


articles of agreement to share in coastal carrying trade, 1767

Pc 1220 (negative), sale poster for schooner at Gloucester docks, auctioned by Bruton and Knowles, 1870

1767 - 1870 commerce

photographs of vessels built by Abdela and Mitchell of Brimscombe, c.1900-35

1900 - 1935 illustrations ships construction shipbuilders

emigration from Wotton-under-Edge to America, Australia and New Zealand, 1833-9

1833 - 1839

wool books with details of imports and shipping, 1933-63

1933 - 1963 trade commerce

reference to depot provided by local Bible Society for Severn and Wye trow and bargemen, 1825

1825   mariners
D269B B10

printed letter to incumbents from the Navy Pay Office about assistance to seamens' families, 1807

1807   correspondence welfare

Lydney dues and bye-laws, 1885

1885   levies

regulations for fishing Britain and Ireland, 1633


lease of Mill End Mill, Eastington, including boats Florence, Caroline, and George and the lighter Emily, 1885


records of the Severn Commission, deposited by the British Waterways Board, including committee minutes, `scrip book', register of shareholders, ledger, cashbook and correspondence of the Severn Navigation Company, 1835-41; letter book and clerk's

1835 - 1949
D2375 X1

assessment for building 30 ships, Swindon, 1677

1677   navy construction

correspondence concerning the difficulty in selling cottage property in Horsley and Southwood due to mass emigration to Australia, 1838, 1840

1838 - 1840

note on an iron used for branding trees required by the navy, Coleford, c.1950


valuation of boats, Crrome D'Abitot, 1809

D2080/5-7, 97, 110, 116, 327, 368, 385, 401, 408, 448, 450, 458-9, 470-1

inventories, valuations and sales of barges, boats, etc at Tewksbury, 1802-34

1802 - 1834
D2080/431, 460, 465, 470, 475

valuations of business records and equipment, including boats, of Humphrey Brown and Son, George Brown and Company, Bradley, Brown and Harris, at Birmingham, Worcester, Gloucester and Tweksbury, 1832-6

1832 - 1836
D2080/287, 318

sale of boats, Upton-on-Severn, 1822-4

1822 - 1824 waterways
D2078 (acc.4835) box 59/3

estate of James Simmonds, shipbuilder, dealer and chapman, late of Berkeley, 1818

1818   construction
D2078 (Acc.4311), box 24/5

captain's expenses on the Eleanor from Bristol to Africa and America, 1730-2

1730 - 1732 navy ships finances travel
D2026 X38-41, 43, 44

papers concerning transit of recruits from England to Gibraltar and Minorca, 1744-6

1744 - 1746 navy service
D2026 F10

list of ships in the Royal Navy with the names of their captains and the numbers of their men and guns, 1672


Privy Council letter regarding purveyance in Sussex, 1619


soundings of depth of water between Jersey and Cape Farrell, n.d. (c.1700)

1700   navy recordings

commissions, letters and orders from the Admiralty and Secretaries of State to Admiral Sir George Rooke, 1694-6

1694 - 1696 navy service
D1833/X1 (nos 190-3) & D1833/X2 (no.84)

letters regarding appointment of Lord Berkeley as Admiral of Mediterranean fleet, 1696

1696   correspondence recruitment navy
D1833/X1 (no.65)

Admiralty order regarding deserters, 1695

1695   navy service

certificate from the Commissioners for Taking Care of Sick and Wounded Seamen of fitness to resume service, 1782

1782   navy welfare health

letter regarding naval and military affairs, 1758

1758   correspondence navy operations

instructions regarding how to conduct a sea journey, eighteenth century

1700 - 1799 navy
D1815 Box 20/5 (acc.6324)

plan of Bombay-built ship Herefordshire, 1843

1843   Indian construction
D1799a 2

2, draft and copy diplomatic correspondence, 1659-82, including references to naval convoy to Florida, 1659

1659 - 1682 navy America

letter referring to shipments of sugar from Montserrat, 1700

1700   correspondence cargo trade commerce

correspondence relating to shipping movements, 1683-1704

1683 - 1704 trade cargo routes

declaration by executors of acquittal of charges of piracy by the Portuguese against John Wynter during Francis Drake's circumnavigation, 1582

1582   pirates navy

letters referring to Royal Naval College, Portsmouth, 1865

1865   correspondence navy education

letters referring to engagements against Japan, 1864

1864   correspondence navy operations East

correspondence from A. Phelps relating to leases, repair of Porlock mill and dredging Porlock harbour, 1780-8

1780 - 1788 drainage environment

correspondence from H. Poole, 1766-74, including reference to storm damage at Porlock and Minehead quays, 16 March 1770, and letter from George Deverell with rough plan of drainage or sea-wall improvements, 1768

1766 - 1774 weather harbours development coastal environment

lading certificates for coals aboard ship at Porlock, 1769

1769   cargo trade

invoice for silk aboard ship in Siam, 1686

1686   accounts Thailand shipping cargo manufacturing

accounts of an Eastern merchant, 1666

1666   finances
D1799 3

diplomatic correspondence, 1656-1710, includes naval affairs, 1688, Algerian corsairs' attacks on the French, 1681

1656 - 1710 navy operations

 account of a voyage to Australia by a member of the Austin family, 1852

1852   travel
D177 Box 55

Mersey Dock bonds, c.1860

D177 Box 49 uncat.

draft leases, etc., of warehouse on west side of Dock basin, 1917


accounts of prize money paid to crew of HMS Phoenix during Seven Years' War, 1763-5

1763 - 1765 navy ships payments

papers concerning recovery of Turkish fleet sunk at battle of Navarino (1828), 1925-7

1828 - 1927 navy war wrecks

letters and papers of Wiltshire Emigration Society, 1850-2

1850 - 1852 correspondence

correspondence, diaries and papers of Frank Sotheron, admiral, 1789-1839

1789 - 1839 navy service

correspondence, journals and papers of Walter G.B. Estcourt, naval captain, 1819-45

1819 - 1845 navy service

papers and journals regarding navigation of river Euphrates, 1835-8

1835 - 1838 navy
D1559 ZI

photocopy of diary of mariner on Newnham-on-Severn, 1783

1783   journal

letter, Harnage to uncle William Bromley, concerning possibilities of command and advancement in Navy, 8 May 1750

1750   correspondence service

petition of fishermen to House of Commons opposing Severn Navigation Bill, n.d. (?1836)

1836   Parliament

four certificates of Arlington and Frampton-on-Severn men as Sea-Fencibles, 1803

1803   navy

advertisement of Newnham ship-owners, c.1795

1795   illustrations

letter relating to Act for improving the navy and for tax commissioners in Gloucester, 1677

1677   correspondence Law
D149 F2

mss copy of an Act of Parliament, 1661, for raising money for `speedy building 30 ships of warr' with names of the commissioners for Gloucestershire and the city of Gloucester.  Sent to Nathaniel Clutterbuck by son Richard.

1661   Laws navy construction
D149 A34

engraved bill-head showing trow Harriet, 1845

1845   ships

including dissolution of partnership, Devonport, 1865

D1302 10/1

scrap book of Capt Charles Allen, 1830-1962, including reports on performances of submarines, 1923-9

1830 - 1962 navy ships

including memoranda concerning a tour in northern England, c.1825

1825   travel
D1241, box 12, bdl.5

letters of Lieutenant J.W. Brown serving on HMS Myrmidon in Mediterranean, 1816-17

1816 - 1817 correspondence navy ships Europe service

receipt for wages and prize money, 1802

1802   navy payments

agreement for freightage of cargo carried to Turkey, 1703

1703   navy

papers regarding emigration sponsored by Fairford parish, 1848-9

1848 - 1849

legal papers regarding case of fraud at Chedworth by pretending to be intended emigrant to North America, 1832

1832   crime emigration

letter from Capt. James Cook about his voyage in the `Great South Sea' and search for the `so much talked of southern continent', 1771

1771   correspondence travel exploration

request for release of French captain captured by the Hero, man of war, 1761

1761   navy ships
D1021 7/12

??letter of thanks from Chief and Warrant Officers of the Royal Navy for E.J.C. Morton's efforts for them in Parliament, 1702

1702   correspondence
CMS 151

typescript of `Trade on Severn' by John W. Fryer, Gloucestershire local history competition, 1987-8

1987 - 1988 commerce waterways

the waterway service between the Midlands and Bristol Channel ports, c.1930, Severn and Canal Carrying Company, ??printed

1930   routes
2025, Boxex 75-7

papers of James Webster of Liverpool and Cheltenham, West Indies merchant, 1737-1853, including personal papers, travelling expenses, and business papers including ledgers, business accounts with shippers, including details of cargoes, letter book

1737 - 1853 commerce finances Caribbean
2025, Boxes 79-80

papers of Joshua Williams, merchant of Dacca, India and Shifnal, Shropshire and Exeter, Devon, 1775-1857, including personal papers and Dacca business papers, comprising account and letter books, statement of accounts, bills of exchange, legal and

1775 - 1857 trade commerce finances correspondence
2025, box 67

papers of Aldborough Richardson of Egham, Surrey, including inventory of rigging and effects of yacht Zebra, early nineteenth century; admission to Guild of Trinity House, 1783; vouchers for yacht repairs, early nineteenth century

1783 - 1899
2025, box 119

papers of the Mackey family of Cheltenham, including probate will, executorship papers, accounts, vouchers, inventories and legal papers of Captain Donald Mcleod of the East India Company, part owner of the East Indiaman Marquis of Huntly,

1822 - 1839 finances merchant trade commerce