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Name: University of Nottingham Archives


Postal address: University of Nottingham
Kings Meadow Campus
Lenton Lane
Town: Nottingham
Post code: NG7 2NR
Telephone: 0115 951 4565
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49 documents found for University of Nottingham Archives:

Code Description Date Keywords

includes letter from the Duke of Portland to Charles Mellish with advice to accept a place on the Victualling Board, 1785

1785   correspondence
Dr D, 122/2e

draft letter of attorney and abstract of title referring to a plantation in the parish of St Andrew in the island of Granada, 1779-86

1779 - 1786 Colonies
Dr E, 42

shipping book for merchandise, inlcuding coffee and cotton, from Grenada, 1773-7

1773 - 1777 cargo trade commerce Colonies
Dr F, 107/24

journal.  Also Dr F 17-27, eleven diaries of Robert Holden, 1821-35; Dr F 30-67, thirty-eight diaries of William Drury Holden, 1833-9, 1845-74, 1876; Dr F 68-80, thirteen pocket diaries of William Drury Holden/Lowe, 1840-63, may also contain maritime references of W.D.N. Lowe on a tour of Canada and north America,  1853, including voyage

1821 - 1876 journals
Ga 24/8-12

correspondence concerning the hiring of a villa at Biarritz by Lord Galway, 1908

1908   Europe travel leisure
Ga M

papers of General Robert Monckton recording military events in north America, 1755-63, including naval activity in the Bay of Fundy, 1758; proposed expedition against Martinique, 1761

1755 - 1763 navy
Ga, 12386

J. Smythe's journal to France, 1786-90

1786 - 1790 diary Europe travel
Ga, 12720

`A relation of a sea fight with the Dutch by the General and the Hinest Prince Rupert', seventeenth century

1600 - 1699
Ga, 12756

letter to Sir Philip Monckton regarding the deaths of the crew of the London, 29 December 1670

1670   correspondence ships
Ga, 12831

five letters from Sir George Savile to Sir Philip Monckton, 1667, including references to the burning of the English ships by the Dutch at Chatham

1667   correspondence wrecks
Ga, 12832-3

letter from Colonel Richard Abbot, with an account of the taking of the island of Nevis, 3 June 1706, and conditions given to English officers by French commander, 1706

1706   correspondence Americas
Ga, 12836-41

papers of Robert Monckton, Commissioner, Commission for Trade and Plantations, 1707-14, including minutes and report of the French fishing rights at Newfoundland, 4 April 1712, report on British fisheries, including Newfoundland and Greenland, early eighteenth century; report on the herring fishery of north Scotland and on the salting of fish, 1714

1707 - 1714
Me 2 C.2

letters from Thomas Goddard at Madrid to Edward Mellish, including reference to a law suit about the William and Eliza, 16 November 1665, 15 January 1666/7

1665 - 1667 correspondence Europe ships dispute
Me 2 C.31-6

six letters of Tobias Stapleton to Charles Mellish mostly concerned with the progress of the war at sea, August 1780

1780   correspondence battles
Me 2 C.37-47 letters of William Mellish to Charles Mellish, 1778-9, including one reference to disapproval of obtaining place in the Victualling Office, 6 July 1785, 1778 - 1785 correspondence
Me 2 L.4/1

small travel notebook of journey from England to Rome, 1621-2 & /2/1, small travel notebook of journey from Dover to Rome, 1763

1763   Europe
Me E 82/1-24

bundle of papers concerning Tobias Harvey of Barbados and his estate, 1657-86

1657 - 1686 Colonies
Me J3

journal of a tour to Gibraltar, 1793

1793   diary travel Europe
Me J4

journal with description of the journey of the Hope from Oporto and subsequent capture by the French, 1794-5

1794 - 1795 diary travel ships europe
Me X 1/1

`Reasons for the determination of the present East India Company and for the constituting of a new one with a larger joint stock', 1684

Me X 1/4

diagram of the battle between the English and the French at Martinique, 30 April 1781

1781   Colonies
Me X 1/8-10

printed timetables of the Cunard Mail Steamers, 1862, (North America) Mail Steamers, 1861, Transatlantic Steamers, 1862

1861 - 1862 sailings ships
Me X 5/3-4

verses, directions to a painter at Harrogate Spa & South Sea Ballad, early eighteenth century

1700 - 1750
Me X 6/8

two Navy 5% Annuity vouchers in favour of Mrs Anne Chambers, 3-4 May 1819

Mi 4 F/170-90

letters of Henry Ernest Digby Hugh Willoughby who served onboard HMS Canopus and HMS Indefatigable, 1900-1916

1900 - 1916 correspondence navy ships
Mi c, 33/1

`The true demonstration of the Spanish Armada', being a list of troops, ships and supplies, 1639 printed

1639   navy
Mi Da, 57

papers concerning the Munster plantation, c.1580-c.1590 and 57/1, papers concerning Sir Percival and Sir Francis Willoughby's lands in the Ulster plantation, county Tyrone, involving Sir Thomas Ridgeway and others, 1600-c.1630

1580 - 1630 Colonies
Mi Da, 84

includes, printed list of ships in Royal Navy, 1702


A voyage into the Levant: a brief relation of a journey lately performed by Mr Henry Blunt..., printed, 1650

1650   travel
Mi X, 1 papers

Some of these papers were edited by Gillian Cell in Newfoundland Discovered: English Attempts at Colonisation, 1610-30 (Hakluyt Society, Series II, volume 160, 1982) and others by David Quinn in New American World, volume IV, 157-78 connected with a trading venture to Newfoundland, 1610-31, including 1/1, notebook, 1610-13, n.d.; 1/2-62, correspondence between Thomas Willoughby and John Browne, Mrs Browne, Elizabeth Cowper, Henry Crout, Edward Garton, John Guy, Nicholas Guy, John Harrington, William Hatton, Bartholomew Pearson, Robert Rossell, Thomas Rowley, Humphrey Slany, John Slany, lady Bridget Willoughby and Sir Percival Willoughby, with estimates for fitting out a fishing ships, inventories of stores, etc.; 1/63-5, grants to Sir Percival Willoughby and others of land in Newfoundland, 1617-18; 1/66, journal of a voyage to Newfoundland, 1612-13

1610 - 1631 commerce trade

papers of Admiral Sir Nesbit Josiah Willoughby, 1803-49, papers of Capt. Francis Digby Willoughby, 1833-48

1803 - 1849 navy
Mo 1/71

letter from unknown writer to William Challand, includes a description of the spa house, wells and wharf at Scarborough, 24 January 1737

1737   correspondence
Mo 1/82

letter of Piscilla Digby to Mrs Molyneux, 12 September 1745, with reference to the arrival of two prize ships at Bristol

1745   correspondence

logbooks, of Midshipman George Ross Divett, 1863-9, onboard HMS Columbine from Spithead to Rio de Janeiro (1863-4), HMS Sutlej in the Pacific and return to Spithead (1864-6, 1866-7), HMS Victory at Portsmouth (1867), HMS Gladiator Spithead to Portsmouth (1867-8), HMS Duke of Wellington at Portsmouth (1868-9), HMS Martin(r)MDBU on the south coast (1869)

1863 - 1869 navy ships Brazil

papers of the earls of Newcastle, notably diplomatic papers especially those of the Colonial Office 9,552-10,884 (1852-5) and 10,885-11,653 (1859-65)

1852 - 1865
Ne 2F/10

journal of the 5th duke of Newcastle written during his tour to and in the Crimea, June - October 1855

1855   diary travel
Ne C 1,957-60 & 2,041-62

includes papers relating to the Tobacco Trade, 1747-8, n.d., 1751-2

1747 - 1752 cargo commerce
Ne C 12981-5

log books of Lord Lincoln's tour in the Mediterranean and of the Duke of Newcastle onboard R.Y.S. Schooner Gitana, 1850

1850   Europe travel boats
Ne C 13,294/1-4

papers regarding Mr Gladstone and the Russian attack on the Turkish fleet at Sinope, 1886

1886   navy
Ne C 2,041-198

misc. papers relating to HM Customs in Scotland, in particular Aberdeen and Inverness, 1751-2

1751 - 1752
Ne C 2,226-9

paper relating to the governership of New York held by the Hon. George Clinton, notably orders and instructions relating to Trade and Navigation, 1741

1741   Americas commerce
Ne C 8,990-9,018

misc. correspondence including reference to monument to Capt. Cook, 1844

Ne C74-8

correspondence relating to Spain and the West Indies, including reference to H.M. Squadron in the West Indies, 1732

1732   Europe Caribbean navy
Ne P/40

sketch of a schooner to sail with three masts designed for an easy draft of water, proposed for the Duke of Newcastle by Linn Ratsey, Cowes, 16 November 1812

1812   illustrations yachts

the Portland Collection comprising the Cavendish and Holles manuscripts

Pw A/

letters to 1rst earl of Portsmouth, including 1082-4, three from Admiral Sir George Rooke, 1695-7; 1086-96, from Admiral Edward Russell, 1692-5, including naval orders and investigation into Russell's naval activities; 1407-26, from Sir John Trenchard, 1693-4, including list of English and Dutch ships, 1694, project regarding the destruction of Dunkirk harbour, 1694; 1667, naval order from William III, n.d.; correspondence with the Dutch state, includes, 1872, list of ships and men, 1692, 1878-9, plan and drawing of Le Havre, n.d., 1880, drawing of ships, n.d.; 2188-262, papers regarding the fleet of the Prince of Orange, 1688; 2523-4, instructions to Sir Cloudisley Shovell, Commander-in-Chief, of the Mediterranean fleet, 13 October 1696; 2597-600, papers relating to the navy, 1689-97

1688 - 1880 correspondence King illustrations
Pw C/310

letter to 3rd Duke of Portland from Jean Jacques Grand regarding Fleet under command of Admiral Matthews, 10 March n.y.

  correspondence navy
Pw F/ letters to 3rd earl of Portsmouth, 673-716

from Captain John Albert Bentinck, 1763-75, including copy of a report regarding a new pump invented by Capt. Bentinck, 1768, report on the condition of HMS Centaur, 1770, copies of letters from Board of Admiralty, 1770; 1265-70, from Vice-Admiral Count William Bentinck, including copy of an account of Lord Howe's victory over the French fleet, 2 June 1794

1763 - 1794 navy ships correspondence operations

copy petition of the `proprietors of very considerable plantations' on Barbados, n.d. (?early eighteenth century)

1700 - 1750 Caribbean Colonies