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Name: University of Durham
Postal address: Special Collections and Archives
Palace Green
Town: Durham
Post code: DH1 3RN
Telephone: 0191 334 2972
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113 documents found for University of Durham:

Code Description Date Keywords
Papers of Gen. Charles Grey/IV/9

39 letters to Caroline Grey, 1869-89, including from Albert Grey whilst on a Mediterranean cruise with the Duke of St Albans, 1871-2

1869 - 1889 correspondence Europe leisure
Papers of Gen. Charles Grey/XIV/II

letter from Lieut. Colonel J. Wodford regarding a naval cadetship for a friend's son, 19 July 1855

1855   correspondence navy training
Papers of Gen. Charles Grey/VI/4

letters of Sir George Grey, 1852-66, including relating to the naval defence of England; memorandum concerning letter of Capt. C. Coles' on naval defences, n.d.

1852 - 1866 correspondence navy security
CC.Dep./Durham Bishopric Estates/plan 121

plan of the townships of Ryhope & Bishopswearmouth, co. Durham, being a coastal strip with quays and railway lines, c.1850

Additional papers of Gen. Charles Grey

eight letters from Admiral Frederick William Grey, 1850-6, including regarding office as Admiral

1850 - 1856 correspondence navy
Pons 19

copy letter of Arthur Anderson regarding opening of sea canal between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, 16 March 1841

1841   correspondence
Pons 155

letter from officer of HMS Revenge  regarding Candia, 25 March 1841

1841   correspondence navy ships
Pons 452

two letters from Admiral Sir John Acworth Ommanney concerning provision of a steamer to convey him from Turkey, 30 August - 26 October 1841

1841   correspondence ships
Pons 521

letter of Sir Robert Spencer Robinson regarding HMS Hydra, c.1840

1840   correspondence navy ships
Pons 596

letter of Capt. William Fisher regarding poor state of the Turkish ships and lack of arms and men, 14 August 1840

1840   correspondence navy
Pons 290

letters from Sir Edward Harvey regarding movement of British naval vessels at Basika Bay, 21-4 August 1840

1840   correspondence navy ships
Pons 299

letter from Edward Hickey requesting passage on a steamer to Syria, 12 October 1840

1840   correspondence ship
Pons 346

diagram showing disposition of Turkish and Egyptian ships in line of battle, c.1840

1840   navy
Pons 368

five letters from Rear Admiral Sir John Louis regarding disposition of ships, 17 March - 12 July 1840

1840   correspondence navy
Pons 631

draft note regarding a squadron of Russian warships allowed to pass into the Black Sea, January 1839

1839   navy
Pons 190

letters of General Sir Howard Douglas including petition of Antonio Petala Stathato on behalf of the widow and orphans of his brother who perished in the wreck of a brig, 31 January 1839

1839   correspondence deaths
Pons 373

four letters of Durham Lyster regarding service in Turkish navy, 1839-40

1839 - 1840 correspondence
Pons 120

extracts from 3 letters of regarding arrest of alleged pirates, including from the vice-consul of Scala Nova, 7 December 1838

1838   correspondence piracy
Pons 95

letter of William Brown regarding seizure of ship by HMS Brazen, 30 July 1838

1838   correspondence navy
Pons 166

three letters of Capt. Lewis Davies of HMS Dido, 1838-40

1838 - 1840 correspondence navy ships
Pons 483

French trans. of article in the Turkish Gazette on the repair and construction of lighthouses at the entrance of the Black Sea, 27 December 1837

1837   newspapers navigation
Pons 216

paper concerning a steam boat service between Marseilles and the Levant, 3 May 1837

Pons 434

four lists of British ships, 1838, 1840; paper in French on the alleged weakness of the British navy, c.1837

Pons 435

copy depatch from Karl Robert Neselrode regarding the Vixen, 22 May 1837

1837   ships
Pons 474

copy letter to Pertrev Pasha on the need of British warships in the Black Sea, 21 February 1837

1837   correspondence navy weapons
Pons 514

thirteen letters of Admiral Sir Peter Richards, 1836-41, including relating to movements of the Russian fleet

1836 - 1841 correspondence
Pons 657

copy letter to N.W. Werry regarding efforts to refloat the Tigris, 15 October 1836

1836   correspondence ships
Pons 131

letters of General Francis Rawdon Chesney, 1835-55, including relating to steam ship communication to Malta, Constantinople and Trebizond

1835 - 1855 correspondence Europe Turkey
Pons 192

letters of Percy William Doyle, 1835-53, including relating to the Vixen

1835 - 1853 correspondence ships
Pons 483

paper on Russian naval and military preparations in the Black Sea area, 16 October 1834

1834   navy
Pons 398

thirteen letters from George Bohun Martin concerning naval support for Ponsonby, 1834-5

1834 - 1835 correspondence navy
Pons 465

three letters regarding captured pirates, 20 April 1833 - 8 March 1834

1834   correspondence piracy
Pons 562

copy letter to Josias Rowley regarding state of the Egyptian fleet at Alexandria, 7 September 1834

1834   correspondence Africa
Pons 631

memorandum by Turkish diplomat regarding Russian and British fleets, 31 December 1833

1833   navy
Pons 207

letter from Sir George Eliot regarding methods of preserving timber for ships, 23 May 1833

1833   correspondence wood construction shipbuilding
Pons 261

letter from Sir James Robert George Graham regarding naval matters, 1 November 1833

1833   correspondence navy
Pons 349

letter of Thomas W. Langford regarding naval patronage, 25 January 1832

1832   correspondence navy
Papers of Gen. Charles Grey/D1

including personal journals including 1A, account of Gibraltar and voyage to Turkey, 7 April - 1 November 1831; 6/1-5, various travels including voyage to Canada, 1838, Newfoundland and Boston, 1840, the Mediterranean, 1840

1831 - 1840 diaries travel Americas Europe
Pons 481

copy letter to Mr Backhouse regarding loss of the Manning, 14 April 1831

1831   correspondence ships
Pons 283

letter from J.M. Hanchett regarding his reorganizing the Turkish navy, 7 December 1830

1830   correspondence
Pons 32/19 & 25-31

papers concerning British ships captured by the Brazilians, 1828

1828   navy
Pons 259

despatch from the Earl of Aberdeen regarding the case of the Nestor, 28 September 1828

1828   ships
Pons 308

letter from Thomas Samuel Hood regarding the Nesto, 17 November 1828

1828   correspondence ships
CC.Dep./Durham Bishopric Estates/Misc.1800 onwards/A.18.1

four papers regarding debt from John Goodchild to Philip Laint, 29 May 1827, with descriptions of two impounded sloops

Pons 496

particulars of the strength of the Brazilian navy, 5 June 1827

Pons 35

extract of letter from John Backhouse regarding attacks by Buenos Aires privateers, 29 December 1827

1827   correspondence Americas navy
Pons 607

list of ships allegeded to have been taken by Capt. J.J. Coste, 19 June 1827

1827   captured
Pons 259

extract of reply to the Marquis of Queluz regarding the carriage of coffee in British ships, 30 September 1827

1827   cargo trade commerce
Pons 667

English trans. of extract from a letter from the Portugeuse consul at Gibraltar regarding capture of a ship, 3 September 1827

1827   correspondence
Pons 87/1-11

misc. papers relating to imports and exports of Brazil and the naval blockade, 1826-9

1826 - 1829 commerce trade navy
Pons 607 extract of circular to commanders of HM packets Falmouth, 7 June 1826


1826   navy ships
GP/2nd earl Grey/correspondence with Earl St Vincent

66 letters, 9 February 1806 - October 1806, May - June 1822

1806 - 1822 correspondence
GP/2nd earl Grey/ B1-3b

four Admiralty letter books of 2nd Earl Grey, 1806

1806   navy correspondence
Pons 90

letter of William, 1rst Baron Ponsonby regarding development of Carrick as a port, 6 May 1806

1806   correspondence harbours
Baker Baker/L&P5/540

letter from George Dodds to George Baker concerning valuation of the Fox and Lively  and sale of their shares, 13 April 1804

1804   correspondence ships ownership
Plomer Mss/section iv

twelve typescript volumes of memoirs of Admiral John Godfrey, incuding two volumes of quotations, mid-nineteenth century

1800 - 1899 journals navy
GP/2nd earl Grey/ 2250a-b

journals of the Duke of York's expeditions to Holland, 1799

1799   diaries Europe travel
GP 1259a

copy letter from William Marsden to Brownrigg concerning need for lamps outside naval hospital at Deal, 1 December 1797

1797   correspondence navy medical
GP/2nd earl Grey/ 2247-9

three journals of Lieut. Col. Thomas Grey on the Garland 23 August - 26 September 1795; unnamed vessel, 8 June - 30 August 1796; the Auley Castle, 29 June - 6 September 1796

1795 - 1796 diaries ships
Baker Baker/L&P/7/562

photocopies of accounts relating to the Violet, 1787, and the Lively, 1794

1787 - 1794 ships
Baker Baker L&P/3/364

copy of petition of Robert Rayne of Newcastle to HM Customs regarding the Flora of Whitby, n.d., with letter to Mrs Judith Baker, 1785

1785   ships correspondence
Baker Baker L&P/16/15

account for building and fitting out the Fox, 1783

1783   construction ships
Baker Baker L&P/2/248 & 262

letters from George Dodds to Mrs Judith Baker regarding a new sloop, 12 July & 11 October 1783

1783   correspondence construction shipbuilding
Baker Baker L&P/2/260

bargain and sale of the Fox, 1 October 1783

1783   ships
Baker Baker L&P/2/264-6, 267b, 276, 280 & 282b

letters and minute from George Baker to Mrs Judith Baker, 1783-4, regarding the Fox and Violet

1783 - 1784 correspondence ships
GP 61

letter from third Duke of Richmond regarding the defence of Plymouth, 27 April 1782

1782   correspondence security coastal
GP 56

paper by Admiral Graves regarding his battle with the French off the Chesapeake, 5 September 1781

1781   navy operations
GP 57

extract of a letter from Captain Jarvis to Vice Admiral Darby regarding attack on the French, September 1781

1781   correspondence navy
CC.Dep./Durham Bishopric Estates/Box 11/30, 43, 51-5

includes reports on beaconage and anchorage dues at Sunderland, 1780-1878

1780 - 1878
Baker Baker L&P/83/47

letter from George Dodds regarding the arming of the Violet, June 1780

1780   correspondence ships weapons
CC.Dep./Durham Bishopric Estates/221212-3

orders for collecting and impressment of seamen, 30 June 1779, 21 June 1782

1779 - 1782 navy recruitment pressganging
Cookson/BoxII/Deeds 23-30

bills of sale and bond of the Brittania, Greenland whaler, and later known as the Heart of Oak privateer, 1778-9

1778 - 1779 ships fishing ownership
Baker Baker L&P/15/25

letter regarding the Violet, 1778

1778   correspondence ships
Baker Baker L&P/3/436

book of misc. items including memorandum and minutes regarding the Fox and  Violet 1777, 1791

1777 - 1791 ships
GP/2nd earl Grey/ 2239a

journal of Viscount Cantelupe of a voyage to America and return, 1777-8

1777 - 1778 diary travel
Wharton 108-69

letters of Robert Wharton on Grand Tour, 1775-6, including voyage across the Channel

1775 - 1776 correspondence travel Europe
Baker Baker/L&P/60/141

Northumberland estate rent ledger, 1774-87, including particulars of the Violet and Fox, alum sloops

1774 - 1787 ships
Baker Baker/L&P/5/553 & 555

memoranda books of Mrs Judith Baker, 1774-87, including cost and profit of George Baker's shares in the Violet, 1774-86 and Fox, 1783-6

1774 - 1787 ships ownership
Baker Baker L&P/1/122 & 124

letters from George Dodd regarding the Darling, 16 April & 14 May 1774

1774   correspondence ships
Baker Baker L&P/1/123

bargain and sale of part of the Violet, 11 May 1774

1774   ships ownership
Baker Baker L&P/1/127a

memoranda regarding Violet and the Darling26 June 1774

1774   ships
Baker Baker L&P/1/133

letter from George Dodds to Mrs Judith Baker regarding the Darling, sloop, 22 October 1774

1774   correspondence ships
Baker Baker L&P/1/148

minute regarding the profit of the Violet, 1774-6

1774 - 1776 ships
CC.Dep/Durham Bishopric Estates/221627

general account for salvage and wrecked goods sold, 21 October 1773

Baker Baker L&P/1/105

letter from George Dodds to George Baker regarding the Darling, 4 February 1773

1773   correspondence ships
CC.Dep./Durham Bishopric Estates/220669

expenses of preserving and carrying etc. wreck of the sea at Ryhope, 1772

CC.Dep/Durham Bishopric Estates/220669

expenses of preserving and carrying etc. wreck of the sea at Ryhope, 1772

GP/2nd earl Grey/ 2252-6

papers on the defences of the French coasts and possiblities of attacks, 1771, 1799-1800

1771 - 1800 security
CC.Dep./Durham Bishopric Estates/220677/723

papers concerning a whale cast ashore at Seaton Carew, 1766-74

1766 - 1774
Baker Baker L&P/1/80

letter from Thomas Wardell to George Baker regarding capture of Anthony Jefferson and family by French privateer and cargo on the Darling, 9 June 1760

1760   correspondence ships
GP/2nd earl Grey/ 2245-6

maps of the West Indies, 1758-94

1758 - 1794 illustrations Caribbean
CC.Dep./Durham Bishopric Estates/221211

file of misc. papers, 1734-8, with references to impressment

1734 - 1738 navy recruitment pressganging

papers of the first Earl Grey, 1725-c.1800, including letters, plans, officers' journals, etc., notably regarding naval affairs with the French and North America and the West Indies, expedition to Ostend, prize money, Guernsey and other Channel Islands, fears of the invasion of England, attack on Flushing, etc. [see The Papers of 1st Earl Grey (Durham, 1974, 2 vols]

1725 - 1974 correspondence navy battles Caribbean

agreement concerning the division of debts and property of Timothy Davison of Newcastle, 3 September 1693, including a ship

CC.Dep./Durham Bishopric Estates/Misc.Accts/221417

account by Cuthbert Hilton regarding raising money for building navy vessels, 30 May 1683


letters regarding possible attack of the Dutch Navy on the coast with papers regarding impressment, 1663-7

1663 - 1667 correspondence recruitment pressganging

letter from Mr Ettrick to the Bishop of Durham regarding receipts for the port of Sunderland, court of Admiralty, etc., 12 May 1662

1662   correspondence navy

list of ships and captains under the command of the Earl of Northumberland, May 1640

1640   navy

assessment and other papers for the borough of Elvet for Ship Money, 1639

M&S/9/Book1/284-6 & Book2/98-104

assessment on the borough of Elvet for setting forth a ship, 1639


`the several arguments of the 12 judges in the Exchequer Chamber concerning Ship Money', 1638


letter from Corporation of Master Pilots and Seamen to the Bishop of Durham requesting a licensed preacher for a sermon in their chapel in Newcastle on specified days, 1 April 1636

1636   correspondence mariners religion ministers

letter of Bishop of Durham regarding clergy providing a ship for the navy, 10 February 1634

1634   correspondence religion

survey of the royal navy by Sir Thomas Smyth, Sir Lionel Cranfield and others, 1619


misc. volume relating to the County Palatine of Durham, c.1569-76, including Vice-Admiralty cases and Newcastle Vice-Admiralty court suits

1569 - 1576 navy
CC.Dep./Durham Bishopric Estates/Clerk of Works accounts

1421-1587, include references to Stockton horse ferry boat

1421 - 1587
Coroner's Accounts for Sunderland

Stockton and Bishop Wearmouth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, include some anchorage dues

1400 - 1599

Cell accounts for the Master of Farne, 1357-1537, and Prior of Holy Island, 1308-1537, with references to fishing and ferry crossings

1308 - 1537
CC.Dep./Durham Bishopric Estates/221318

memorandum on Bishop's right to wreck of the sea, n.d.

Pons 631

queries for Mr Cumberbatch regarding British shipping and trade in the Black Sea and to and from Constantinople, n.d.

  commerce Turkey
Pons 389

copy letter from Capt. John Prissaik regarding unseaworthy state of the Egyptian navy

Pons 402

copy letter of John Mavrojeni regarding movement of British fleet from Malta and activity of the Russian fleet, n.d.

  correspondence navy Europe
Pons 687

information on Russian military and naval preparations, n.d.