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Name: Durham County Record Office
Postal address: County Hall

Town: Durham
Post code: DH1 5UL
Telephone: 0191 383 3253
Web address:

131 documents found for Durham County Record Office:

Code Description Date Keywords
D/X 1087

misc. correspondence including of the Royal Naval Association Club, Ltd, 1986

1986   navy
John Cyril Armstrong Papers of John Cyril Armstrong, R.N., leading stoker, killed on HMS Hood, 20th cent. 1941   royal navy ships deaths seamen

photograph of the deck of the Queen Mary, passenger liner, 1938

1938   illustrations ships tourism travel
D/Wa 5/9/40

advertisement for the Orient Line Cruises with price list, c.1937

1937   tourism travel leisure
D/X 714/60 & 62

rules of the National Amal. Society of Operative House and Ships Painters and Decorators, 1935, 1960

1935 - 1960 maintenance repairs
D/Wa 5/4/323

travel brochures for the Royal Mail, Pacific and White Star shipping lines, 1924

1924   voyages tourism leisure
A.M. Chambers A.M. Chambers, ships chandlers, Seaham: records 1920 - 1969 merchants
D/HH 10/15

papers of E.R. Hanby Holmes, Hon. Secretary of the Barnard castle Division of the Soldiers', Sailors' and Airmens' Families' Assoc., 1919-51, notably including minutes and correspondence of the National Association of Discharged Sailors and Soldie

1919 - 1951 services mariners Forces

correspondence between Trinity House and the secretary of the Seaham Harbour Dock Company regarding discontinuance of the use of a fog bell at the north pier lighthouse at Seaham Harbour, 1919

1919   navigation signalling
D/X 832/184

letter from John Fleming to J.H.B. Forster regarding death of Dr Steel on ship sunk by a submarine, 11 June 1917

1917   correspondence wrecks

certificate of service of Alfred Bone, R.N., 1915-23

1915 - 1923 navy

correspondence relating to accounts of naval activities during the war, 1914-16

1914 - 1916 navy operations

papers relating to Strangford Yacht Club, 1913

D/X 411/56

photograph of Hartlepool's Model Yacht Club, 1907-8

1907 - 1908 illustrations

typescript copies of papers relating to the `Sir Percy Scott Incident', a case of alleged insubordination by the Commander of the First Cruiser Squadron, Grand Fleet, on the occasion of the Kaiser's visit, 1907-8

1907 - 1908 navy

papers relating to Taylor and Sanderson Steamship Co. Ltd of Sunderland, 1907-30, including wages account of SS Universal

1907 - 1930 Companies ships

photocopy of hold plan of steel screw steamer Thornhope  of c.1900

1900   ships construction
D/HH 9/2/1-16

papers of Vice Admiral Alister F. Beal including 1-2, two printed naval allotments, 1899, 1903; 5-7, correspondence at R.N. Barracks,

Chatham, concerning money due to Mr Smith, 1910-11

1899 - 1911 navy
D/Wa 3/7/28

watercolours of George F. Mounsey, 1896-9, including South Gare lighthouse

1896 - 1899 illustrations
D/X 436/10

account of naval action at Oporto, 1892

1892   navy operations Portugal

ship's plan by D. Wawn for William Allan and Co. of Sunderland, 1892

1892   Companies construction
D/X 479/49

diary of voyage on the SS J.M. Smith to Constantinople, 1891

1891   travel ships Turkey

plan of ship's engine of William Allan and Co., Scotia Engine Works, 1891

1891   construction engineering Companies
D/X903/33-5 & 59-61

papers regarding shares in the Rondo, Sinloo and Tempo, ships of the Pelton Steamship Company, 1890-9

1890 - 1899 ownership

descriptions of voyages to Norway and along the Norwegian coast, 1887

1887   travel

Board of Trade fishing boat records comprising A, Hartlepool returns, 1884; B, applications for exemption for South Shields and Sunderland, 1888-96; C, running agreements, accounts of voyages and crew and official log books for Hartlepool and Sund

1884 - 1896

diary by John Harker of a journey with his family from Darlington to New Zealand on the Rangitiki, 1883-4

1883 - 1884 travel ships voyages
D/Wa 3/6/47

postcard of Henry Hood, ex-coxswain of Seaton crew lifeboat, 1883

1883   illustrations rescue

bill of sale of the Cilurnum of Newcastle, 1882

1882   ships ownership
D/AP 1-15

ships plans of the William Pickersgill and sons, c.1880-1900

1880 - 1900 Companies construction
D/AP 16-22

ships plans of Sir John Priestman and Co., c.1880-90

1880 - 1890 construction Companies
Ropner & Co. Sir R.Ropner & Co. (Management) Ltd., shipowners and shipping agents, Darlington: records. 1880 - 1960 Companies trade commerce

plans of ships' engines by John Dickinson of Sunderland for Short Brothers, c.1879-86

1879 - 1886 construction engineering Companies
D/Pe 11/144

letter from Norman Henry Pease concerning a ship to Naples, March 1879

1879   correspondence Europe travel

reports on the Cornelia, 1878-80

1878 - 1880 yachts

plans of ships engines by George Clarke, Southwick Engine Works, Sunderland, 1878

1878   construction Companies engineering

papers of Sunderland Deep-Sea Fishing Company comprising 1-2, account books, 1877-9, 1878-9; 3, order book, 1878

1877 - 1879
D/X 108

journal of James Brown Yeoman of South Shields of voyages to the Mediterranean, Bombay, Boston, etc. on the Cervin, Albula and James Barrass, 1877-80

1877 - 1880 travel Europe India America ships
D/AP 23-7

ships plans of Short Brothers, c.1876-89

1876 - 1889 construction

mortgage of the Great Northern, steam ship, 1876

1876   finances ownership

share certificates including of Royal Dorset Yacht Club, 1875

1875   ownership

misc. papers including part of log of the Auld Reekie, pre-1875

1875   ships

letter from John Brett Eminson to George White, master of the Cornelia, yacht, concerning the fitting out of the vessel, with accounts, etc., 1870-4

1870 - 1874 correspondence

letter of William Warham regarding RNLI and the Seaham boat, 1870-81

1870 - 1881 correspondence lifeboats rescue

accounts for the Cornelia, 1869-81

1869 - 1881 yachts

log of the Philia of Sunderland from Cardiff to Syra, 1869

1869   ships

letters of John Brett Eminson with news of steam yachts, 1867-8; storm damage to Londonderry steamers, 1868

1867 - 1868 correspondence weather boats

ships passport for Capt. Connolly to sail in Turkish waters, 21 November 1867


file of 21 papers relating to proposed purchase & steam yacht Corra Linn, with a report on capabilities and inventory, 1866

D/Wa 1/4/6-7

illustrated journals of Edward Backhouse on the Nereid to Scandanavia, Scotland, 1866, 1869

1866 - 1869 yachts

financial papers relating to Londonderry estate steamships, 1866-80, including contract with Palmers' Shipbuilding and Iron Co. Ltd and Lord Londonderry, 1879, insurance policies, inventories, wages accounts

1866 - 1880 accounts Companies
D/X 332/231

letter from Francis James Raine on the Canterbury for New Zealand to his brother describing conditions, March 1865

1865   correspondence ships

papers regarding Palmer's shipbuilding Company, Jarrow, 1865-76

1865 - 1876 construction
D/Pe 2/184

letter from Sophia Pease to Henry Fell regarding a ship's launch at Stockton, 28 January 1863

1863   correspondence
D/XD 105/1

letter from Thomas Byers of Melbourne to his brother with news of the wreck of the Admilla, steamer, off Adelaide, 16 August 1859

1859   correspondence Australia ships
D/Pe 11/29

letter from James I. Levick at Philadelphia to Henry Fell and Edwin L. Pease with news of the capture of a slave ship, 28 September 1858

1858   correspondence America slavery

financial papers relating to Londonderry estate steamships and steamers, 1857-1903, including mortgages, insurance policies, bills of sale, accounts, misc. papers

1857 - 1903 accounts shipping trade
NCB I/RS56 correspondence and other papers regarding purchase and sale of the Palestine, 1857-68


1857 - 1868 ships ownership

misc. papers relating to Sunderland Docks, 1855-60

1855 - 1860
NCB I/X141

colliery fitters' ledger with named ships, 1855-64

1855 - 1864 construction
D/X555/2 & 4

letters from Matthew John Wilson regarding life on the Eleanor Dixon voyaging to Valparaiso, 1854 and from South America requesting Mr Proctor of Liverpool to send birds and animals to his family, 1855

1854 - 1855 correspondence ships travel
D/Wa 3/7/15-25

pen and ink drawings by Edward B. Mounsey of sailing ships and shipwrecks, 1854-5

1854 - 1855 illustrations
D/Pe 2/151

letter from John Fell to Henry Fell Pease relating that Sir John Franklin's ship was struck by an iceberg, 18 April 1852

1852   correspondence wreck
D/Lo/File 15/9

letter from John Henry Manners to Frances Anne, Marchinoess of Londonderry with news of arrival of American yacht at Cowes, 3 August 1851

1851   correspondence
D/Pe 11

travel letters of the Pease family including relating to trips to 4, Brighton, c. 1844; 6, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, 1847; 7, Torquay 1854; 8, Dover, 1854; 9, Scarborough, 1856; 11-61, trips to America, c.1845-1904, notably 25, 30-7 and 53 relating

1844 - 1904 holidays tourism leisure Europe ships
D/Pe 6/4

essay by Henry Fell Pease on his life and holidays at Brighton, c.1843

1843   leisure tourism

bills and conditions of sale for the Saladin of Stockton, Isabella Wood, William Broderick, Glenmore and Thomas Burdon of Sunderland, 1842-5

1842 - 1845 ships ownership

account to John Buddle for repairing the Mary and Ann, 1842

1842   invoices finances ships maintenance

circular of the Stockton and London Shipping Co., 11 December 1840

1840   Companies ships
NCB I/X188

misc. papers including accounts for the Telemachus, 1838

1838   ships
NCB I/JB/1354

account of money due to Captain Spence from Buddle for four voyages of the Lord Seaham from Portsmouth and Plymouth and regarding sea damage to ships in the South Harbour, 1833

1833   ships wages wrecks
NCB I/JB/173

letter from Thomas Brown regarding sale of the Jane and Robert, 1833

1833   correspondence ships ownership
NCBI/JB/1351-4 letters regarding insurance and voyages of the Lord Seaham, 1832


1832   correspondence ships

insurance policy of the Lord Seaham, 1832

1832   ships

accounts for cargo and freight for the Wansbeck, 1831

1831   trade commerce finances

 posters and notices, 1826-74, including for impressment of sailors

1826 - 1874 illustrations recruitment navy

estate correspondence of the Marquess of Londonderry, including relating to Seaham Harbour management notably 154, misc. letters, 1826-53, including orders concerning the entry of screw steamers to Seaham Harbour, 1853; 163, correspondence of Rich

1826 - 1864 ships development transport trains
D/HH 2/7/732-40 probate papers concerning Margaret Coatsworth, 1826-8, including relating to her share in the Ramble


1826 - 1828 ships ownership Wills
D/Wa 1/7/15

sketch book of ships wrecked off the North East coast, 1825-7

1825 - 1827 illustrations
NCBI/JB/1093-5 & 1105

letter and accounts regarding freight of coal in the Delight from the North East to Weymouth, 1825, and return

1825   ships shipping cargo
NCB I/JB/1101

letters of William Morton Pitt with news of wrecks on North East coast, 1824

1824   correspondence

shipping insurance policies, including for voyage of the Alliance, notices and accounts, 1824-6

1824 - 1826 ships

bill of sale of the Isabellas of Sunderland, 1823, 1825

1823 - 1825 ships ownership

papers relating to Seaham Harbour including 1, relating to the early development of the harbour, 1822-4; 2, trade statistics, 1849-76; 3, harbour management, 1856-80

1822 - 1880

papers of the Seaham Harbour Dock Company comprising Acts, agreements, reports and accounts relating to central administration, 1898-1964; correspondence and agreements relating to expansion and building, 1898-1964; financial ledgers, journals, co

1820 - 1979

 brokerage bonds for ships trading between the Tyne and London, including the Chance, Vigilant and Pallion, 1820

1820   commerce ships

bill of sale of the Apollo of Sunderland, brigantine, 1820

1820   ships ownership
D/HH 2/7/382

letter from Roger Watson at Sunderland regarding arrival of the Mutal from Rotterdam with a cargo of apples, 1817

1817   correspondence ships trade commerce food

draft letters of Charles William, 1816-17, with news of an English ship at Venice being detained

1816 - 1817 correspondence Europe

apprenticeship indenture, 1814

1814   yachts recruitment
NCBI/JB 173, 329-30, 370-3, 1863, 2663

misc. letters regarding shipbuilding, 1814-42

1814 - 1842 correspondence construction
D/X 307/30

letter of Thomas Smith to R. Carr regarding wages due of deceased son who had served on the Isis in the West Indies, 1810

1810   correspondence death ships Caribbean service

letter from John Doyle with news of five French ships at Rosas Bay, 15 May 1809

1809   correspondence navy operations

letter from Cintra with news that Russian ships still flew their flags, 10 September 1808

1808   correspondence navy operations

petition of Hadge Abdelmzid Bouhalel to Lord Castlereagh against the seizure of the Danish brig Frieden by the Unicorn, with Castlereagh's memorandum on the case, 1808

1808   ships capture
D/X 107/148

declaration of Thomas Galley, midshipman of HMS Melpomene regarding pay and prize money, 1807

1807   navy ships wages

letter from Thomas Bumble at Washington Blue House to Matthew Russell at Edinburgh concerning the possibility of more trade when the light ships arrive, 26 September 1807

1807   correspondence commerce
D/X 436/11

letter to Thomas Grenville, first Lord of the Admiralty requesting command of a ship with references to service at Trafalgar, 1806

1806   correspondence navy operations service

bill of sale of the Minor of Sunderland, brigantine, 10 January 1805

1805   ships ownership

informations of the British Consul at Tangiers on the size and dispositions of the French and Spanish fleets, 1804-5, with abstract of the relative strengths of the British and enemy naval forces

1804 - 1805 Africa navy operations

depositions regarding loss of the Nancy of Workington on voyage to Virginia, 1803

1803   ships wrecks America
NCB 2/349

section of strata at Eston Nab, Cleveland, showing Eaton lighthouse, mid-nineteenth century

1800 - 1899 rescue
D/Wa 3/1/1

assignment of the Adamant of Whitby, brig, 1800

1800   ships
Seaham Harbour Co. Seaham Harbour Dock co. (addnl): records 19th-20th cent. 1800 - 1999 ports

joint stock certificate of Mrs Elizabeth Stephenson regarding annuities to satisfy navy victualling and transport bills, 1798

1798   navy food costs

letter from Capt. Thomas Pearson to Mary Eleanor concerning her orders for the Mary and his report of the history of the vessel, 1789

1789   correspondence ships
D/X 991/1

receipt from Trinity House for the Eddystone Lighthouse duly issued to Capt. William Smith of the Jesmond, 1784, with printed map of the environs of Fowey

1784   ships charts
D/X 456/40

conveyance of Robert Hill's share in a ship and its cargo to Christopher Hill of Blackwell, 1783

1783   ownership
NCB 2/370/1-4

printed naval architects drawings for 1781 to 1805

1781 - 1805 illustrations designs navy
D/X 513/13

letter of Lieut. George Ormsby in Jamaica to his brother in Darlington with news of the capture of the St Ann, 1761

1761   correspondence colonies Caribbean ships

copy account of Mrs Janes Bowes with William Leaton relating to insurance of the Resolution, shares and unspecified debts, 6 May 1760 - 21 January 1762

1760 - 1762 ships ownership

letter from Jacob Wilson, Whitburn, to George Bowes, Gibside, regarding Bowes' offer to provide for Wilson's grandson to go to sea, 18 August 1759

1759   correspondence

letter from Henry Beamson, Gateshead to George Bowes requesting assistance to avoid naval impressment, 10 October 1759

1759   correspondence navy recruitment

papers relating to Jane Bowes' interest in the whale fishery, 1754-7, including accounts of dividends and insurance

1754 - 1757 whaling

copy letter from Anthony Bacon, John Preswick, Henry Bird, jun., and Richard Liddell, London to committee appointed for the Greenland fishery urging them to petition Parliament for act to promote whaling, 8 November 1753

1753   correspondence government Laws

letters from George Bowes to George Vane, 1707-60, including news of naval activities of Sir John Norris, 1744

1744   correspondence navy operations

monthly accounts of salt shipped and retailed from the River Tyne, with details of pan owners, ships and cargoes, 1744-55

1744 - 1755 finances cargo trade commerce

cargo bond for Marmaduke Allison of Stockton for voyage of the Maundsley, 1737

1737   ships shipping

cases, letters to MPs and related papers of George Bowes concerning the war with Spain and the loss of British ships, 1729-42

1729 - 1742 correspondence parliament navy operations
D/St/B1/23/1-13 & 24/1-9

misc. papers of Lord Strathmore relating to prices of shipping coals to London and organisation of trade, 1729-57

1729 - 1757 cargo commerce

letters from John Robinson to Thomas Hall regarding shipment of coals to London and loss of ships in the Gunfleet, 1726

1726   correspondence cargo trade commerce wrecks

misc. shipping papers of Lord Strathmore relating to coal, comprising 1, list of deeds and writings relating to the shipping interests of the Bowe family, 1772; 2-34, bills of sales, bonds, accounts, etc. relating to the Charles and Henr

1725 - 1772 trade mining commerce

letter of Nathaniel Payter to Dr Prescott at York describing medicinal bathing at Scarborough, 1719

1719   correspondence health leisure beaches

papers collected to support the claims of the Lord of the Manor of Seaham to wreck, etc. 1699-1748

1699 - 1748 ownership
D/X 411/83

photograph of a ship at Blyth, n.d.


photograph of Fr. Mulligan blessing a ship prior to its launch, n.d.

  illustrations ministers
D/Pe 5/60

diary of a member of the Pease family at Ramsgate, n.d.

D/X 411/74/10

postcard showing Mr Carr and the Riva, yacht, n.d.


account of naval action between the English and French Fleets, n.d.

  navy operations war
D/Wa 3/7/23

drawing of a lighthouse, n.d.

D/XD 5/317

memorandum regarding payment of George Pease's board until shares in ships company pay dividends, n.d.

  ownership finances