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Name: Birmingham Archives and Heritage Service
Postal address: Floor 6
Central Library
Chamberlain Square
Town: Birmingham
Post code: B3 3HQ
Telephone: 0121 303 4549
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48 documents found for Birmingham Archives and Heritage Service:

Code Description Date Keywords
174641 [HR 53]

journal by Thomas Clark Jun. of a tour, with Rowland Hill and William Matthews, through North Wales to Liverpool, 1817

1817   travel diary
386806 [HR 21]

journal of a voyage to Lisbon by William Withering, 1793-4

1793 - 1794 Europe Portugal travel
Baker 2/13

certificate from J. Baker, vice-admiral, that Strijnsham Master, son of James Master, deceased, was alive 27 March 1712

1712   navy
Baker 2/15

five papers concerning Vice-Admiral Sir Henry Loraine Baker including references to his career in Barbadoes and Guadaloupe, 1814-40

1814 - 1840 navy Americas
Baker 2/20

receipt from Francis Furbshir to William Coles of 13 for part of the Seaventure, 18 August 1683

1683   ships shipping payments
Baker 2/22

letter from W. Baker to Earl Spencer, First Lord of the Admiralty, concerning the character of Admiral Sir John Thomas Duckworth, 9 December 1799

1799   navy correspondence Royalty
Baker 2/6

three Office of Ordnance accounts of Thomas Baker, storekeeper at Chatham justifying his having expended stores, 1753

1753   finances navy
Baker 2/8

letter from Richard Baker to the Board of Ordnance regarding wages due to his late son, William, carpenter onboard the Thunder Bomb, for work on the Grenade Bomb at Barbadoes, 1763

1763   correspondence navy pay ships
Baker 2/9

letter from Lieut. Lee regarding visit by William Baker's father concerning his unpaid wages from the Admiralty, 1763

1763   navy correspondence pay
Baker fo.21 no.2/5

three papers being duplicate copies of resolutions made at councils of war held onboard HMS Ranelagh, at Port Mahon, Minorca, 1710

1710   ships navy Europe
Crowder 125

papers regarding wine trade with Lisbon, nineteenth - twentieth centuries

1800 - 1999 commerce alcohol Europe Portugal
Digby 108

letter concerning the collection of ship money, 9 October 1636

1636   correspondence cash
Digby B 102-3

two letters from Kenelm Digby, Madras, India, to Wriothesley Digby, concerning loss of his packets in the Severn Packet, 3 October 1786

1786   ships correspondence
Digby B 185

`abstract of the ordinary of the navy for 1746'

Digby B 186

account of a naval engagement between the English and French fleets, 17 October 1747

1747   Europe war
Duke 345

lists of company of the St Hiago, taken by the Ambuscade, 3 May 1711

1711   navy ships crew
Duke 346

certificate of John Milner, consul general for Portugal, to the Principal Officers and Commissioners of her Majesty's Navy, concerning the capture of the St James by the Ambuscade, 7 August 1711

1711   Europe ships battles privateering
Duke 347

list of the company of the Ambuscade at the time of her taking the St James, 14 August 1712

1712   navy ships crew privateering
Galton 137

account by Nathaniel Alloway of the capture of his ship by a Spanish privateer, San Sebastian, 1740

1740   navy privateering
Galton 142

address of Archibald Dalzel, governor-in-chief of the settlements on the west coast of Africa, to his officers at Cape Coast Castle, on his departure for Europe, 1798

1798   colonies
Galton 554

bond for the performance of covenants regarding the fitting of the Duke, with the parties being Richard Farr, John Galton and Hannah Galton (widow of Robert), 1757

1757   ships shipping
Galton 555 & 625

two copies of arbitration award by Christoper Devonshire, John Lidderdale, Samuel Munckley and Isaac Elton in a dispute between John Galton, Hannah Galton (widow of Robert) and John Page regarding the Duke, 1758

1758   ships shipping
Galton 556

assignment of shares in the Snow Farmer and the Kingston Gally, 1763, with the parties being Joseph Farmer and Samuel Galton

1763   ships ownership
Galton 557-8

two bundles of papers, including letters, bills and accounts, including charge of piracy, concerning Archibald Douglas of Plymouth, Devon, Capt. James Verco of Cawsand, Cornwall, John Jago and owners of the Fox, privateer,  .1770-90, 1

1770 - 1790 navy correspondence finances ships privateering
Galton 559

letters of marque and reprisal to Capt. James Verco, commander of the Fox, for the taking of French prizes, 1780

1780   navy correspondence ships
Galton 560

case on behalf of the King in the High Court of Admiralty for appeals in prize cases between James Verco, appellant, and James Pentreath, respondent, regarding prizes taken from the Dutch ship Jonge Juffrouw Anna, 1785, with the affadavit o

1785   navy Royalty ships European privateering
Galton 561

release from Henry Ley, James Beale, John Ovagan and others, late `marines', of the Fox to Archibald Douglas, merchant, of Stoke Damerel, Devon, of all their interest in five Dutch ships, 1785

1785   navy privateering European
Galton 564

account of expenses of the Perserverence on a return voyage from Liverpool to Africa and the West Indies, c.1800, with brief details of the sale of slaves

1800   ships costs trade
Galton, 562-3

probate copy of the will of Capt. James Verco of Cawsand, Cornwall, 1781, proved 1789 and authenticated copy of his burial register entry of 5 July 1785

1781 - 1789 mariners deaths captains
Homer 53/19

deed regarding cargo of herring at Leghorn, Italy and Ghent, Belgium, in the Concord, 1672

1672 - 1673 trade commerce Europe ships fish
JWP correspondence and other papers of James Watt and family, 1754-, comprising many hundreds of individual documents, notably including papers on steam navigation and including W/8, letters from James Watt junior on his travels in Europe, 1784-7, includ 1754 - 1822 collections ships America
MS 1120/2

letter regarding estate in West Indies, including reference to Negro slaves, 1792

1792   correspondence colonies trade
MS 1233

George Wright & Sons, ship's log manufacturers, including stock book, 1868 - c.1910, letter books, 1877-1901 and order books, 1888-1929

1868 - 1929 Companies engineers
MS 128/6

bill of lading of the Adventure, 1683

1683   ships trade
MS 1432/H/3 & W/11

correspondence regarding William IV, steamship, supplied by Boulton & Watt to Australia, 1986, and regarding the Beaver, steamship, supplied to the Hudson Bay Company, 1987

1986 - 1987 shipping ships Companies
MS 1509/4/56-8

diary letters of A.B. Albright describing his travels around India, Australia, New Zealand, America, West Indies, 1882-1901

1882 - 1901 travel
MS 1509/4/65

diary describing journey to the Friends' Industrial Mission Station, Chake-Chake, Pemba, Zanzibar, 1910-11

1910 - 1911 travel journal Africa
MS 1509/4/66-7

diary letters describing journey to Quaker Mission Centre, Madagascar, 1924

1924   travel correspondence Africa
MS 1565

autobiography of Dr William B. Ullathorne, Roman Catholic priest and former sailor, missionary to Australia, c.1850

1850   religion
MS 1671

letters from John W. Armstrong of USA to Thomas Ross, Birmingham, including references to use of steamships in America, 1843-59

1843 - 1859 America correspondence
MS 1708

Beliss & Morcom Ltd records, general engineers, including of Royal Navy boat engines, including minutes, patents, note books and photographs including design and construction of steam, gas and diesel turbines, c.1890-1950

1890 - 1950 Companies engineering
MS 1717

records of Scholefield, Goodman & Sons Ltd, export merchants, including shipping journal, 1801-3

1801 - 1803 Companies accounts
MS 1762

letter concerning recruitment of ex-servicemen into the Post Office, 1936

1936   navy correspondence
MS 1765

advertising scrapbook of Henry Hope & Sons Ltd of Smethwick, metal window manufacturers including cuttings regarding application of window designs to ships, 1938-56

1938 - 1956 Companies designers shipping
MS 1799

reminiscences of George Sydney Ford, including details of journey by The Margaret Evans to New York, c.1850

1850   travel ships America
MS 1823

journal of James Bevan Chantrill of a sea voyage to Argentina, 1888

1888   travel Americas diary
MS 39/115

account book of John Darbyshire, Daniel Ruston and other owners of the Darbyshire, 1765-75

1765 - 1775 trade ships ownership
Muir lead I boxes 3-4

Boulton & Watt collection, including plans, surveys and notes regarding Port Glasgow Harbour, Harbour of the City of Aberdeen, Cambeltown Harbour, and rivers and canals, 1770s

1770 - 1779 maps charts