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Name: Yorkshire Archaeological Society
Postal address: Claremont
23 Clarendon Road
Town: Leeds
County: Yorkshire
Post code: LS2 9NZ
Telephone: 0113 245 7910
Web address:

6 documents found for Yorkshire Archaeological Society:

Code Description Date Keywords
MS 745 papers of W.A. Atkinson, consisting of mss articles and notes on various topics, including shipbuilding works and British ships,   shipbuilding
MS 194  list of names of ship for the fourteenth - seventeenth centuries by Mr Hunter, 1300 - 1600 ships
MD 33

Papers regarding building of sailing vessel Rodney for Major Lister, 1780; letters regarding Lord Ribblesdale's yacht, 1803-4, letters, accounts, etc., regarding the Semiramis, brigantine, 1783, 1791, extract from letter from commodo

1780 - 1804 accounts shipbuilding
MD 335

Bradffer-Lawrence Collection, Ribblesdale papers: business and industrial records including shipping, late eighteenth - early nineteenth centuries

1800 - 1920 commerce
DD 66

Beswick of Gristhorpe collection, papers relating to wreck rights, etc., nineteenth century

1800 - 1899 wreck law

 Rickaby family of Wakefield and Bridlington, woollen shippers, letter book, 1804-36, account book, 1805-38

1804 - 1838 commerce accounts